Ishikawa Fish Bone

Priority <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> Method List potential causes Sub cause List sub-causes Priority <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> Materials

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Sub cause


Man/Operator – Was the document properly interpreted? – Was the information properly circulated to all th Was too much judgment required to perform the task? – Were guidelines for judgment available? – Did the e efficiency acceptable? - Is he responsible/accountable? - Is he qualified? - Is he experienced? - Is he medically

Machines – Was the correct tool/tooling used? - Does it meet production requirements? - Does it meet proce equipment being properly maintained (i.e., daily/weekly/monthly preventative maintenance schedule) – Doe machine properly maintained? – Was the machine properly programmed? – Is the tooling/fixturing adequate including emergency stop button clearly labeled and/or color coded or size differentiated? – Is the equipmen

Measurement – Does the gauge have a valid calibration date? – Was the proper gauge used to measure the p to operator? - Do operators have a tough time using the prescribed gauge? - Is the gauge fixturing adequate?

Material (Includes Raw Material, Consumables and Information ) – Is all needed information available and ac information up to date? – What happens if we don't have all of the information we need? – Is a Material Safe defined and controlled? - Was the raw material defective? - was the raw material the wrong type for the job? (stored, dispensed, used & disposed)?

Method – Was the canister, barrel, etc. labeled properly? – Were the workers trained properly in the proced “approximately” phrases are found in this process? – Was this a process generated by an Integrated Product performed for this process? – Is the process under Statistical Process Control (SPC)? – Are the work instructio upgraded and to current revision? – Is the tooling adequately designed and controlled? – Is handling/packagi Failure Modes Effects Analysis (FMEA) ever performed? – Was adequate sampling done? – Are features of th

Environment – Is the process affected by temperature changes over the course of a day? – Is the process affe uncomfortable temperatures, fluorescent lighting, etc.?

Management - Is management involvement seen? – Inattention to task – Task hazards not guarded properly recognition of hazard – Previously identified hazards were not eliminated


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Does it meet process capabilities? – Are files saved with the correct extension to the correct location? – Is the equipment affect maintenance schedule) – Does the software or hardware need to be updated? – Does the equipment or software have the features to sup e tooling/fixturing adequate for the job? – Does the machine have an adequate guard? – Was the equipment used within its capabilities a entiated? – Is the equipment the right application for the given job? gauge used to measure the part. process.Is he medically fit and healthy? – How much experience does the individual have in performing this task? . etc.can he carry out ements? .com Sub cause Priority <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> Machine Sub cause Priority <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> Sub cause Management Sub cause n properly circulated to all the functions? – Did the recipient understand the information? – Was the proper training to perform the task a gment available? – Did the environment influence the actions of the individual? – Are there distractions in the workplace? – Is fatigue a m xperienced? .02 d by www.Do measurements he gauge fixturing adequate? – Does the gauge have proper measurement resolution? – Did the environment influence the measurement nformation available and accurate? – Can information be verified or cross-checked? – Has any information changed recently / do we have we need? – Is a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) readily available? – Was the material properly tested? – Was the material substituted? l the wrong type for the job? – Were quality requirements adequate for the part's function? – Was the material contaminated? – Was the . compound.AdaptiveBMS. chemical.? – Was a gauge capability study ever performed? .awa Fish Bone Tool Issue 2.

. lighting.ained properly in the procedure? – Was the testing performed statistically significant? – Was data tested for true root cause? – How many ed by an Integrated Product Development (IPD) Team? – Did the IPD Team employ Design for Environmental (DFE) principles? – Has a cap C)? – Are the work instructions clearly written? – Are mistake-proofing devices/techniques employed? – Are the work instructions comple olled? – Is handling/packaging adequately specified? – Was the process changed? – Was the design changed? ..? – Does the process run in a controlled environment? – Are a azards not guarded properly – Other (horseplay. vibration. noise.) – Stress demands – Lack of Process – Training or education lacking – Poor Home rvice running . inattention.Are the lighting and ventil g done? – Are features of the process critical to safety clearly spelled out to the Operator? of a day? – Is the process affected by humidity. etc..

Was the t used within its capabilities and limitations? – Are all controls rformed? .Do measurements vary significantly from operator influence the measurements taken? hanged recently / do we have a way of keeping the Was the material substituted? – Is the supplier’s process rial contaminated? – Was the material handled properly .can he carry out the operation without error? on? – Is the equipment affected by the environment? – Is the ware have the features to support our needs/usage? .Is his work this task? .Man Sub cause Problem <State Problem> Maintenance Sub cause training to perform the task administered to the person? – he workplace? – Is fatigue a mitigating factor? .

true root cause? – How many “if necessary” and (DFE) principles? – Has a capability study ever been the work instructions complete? . or education lacking – Poor employee involvement – Poor .Are the lighting and ventilation adequate? – Was a process ntrolled environment? – Are associates distracted by noise.Is the work standard ? .

Ishikawa Fish Bone Priority <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> Place List potential causes Sub cause List sub-causes Priority <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> Process provided by www.AdaptiveBM Promotion Sub cause People .

com Sub cause Physical Evidence Sub cause .AdaptiveBMS.awa Fish Bone Tool Sub cause Priority <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> Price Sub cause Priority <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> d by www.

Product/Service Sub cause Defects <State Problem> Productivity Sub cause .

Systems Sub cause Skills .AdaptiveBMS.Ishikawa Fish Bone To Priority <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> Suppliers List potential causes Sub cause List sub-causes Priority <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> Surroundings provided by www.

com Sub cause Defects <State Problem> Sub cause .AdaptiveBMS.a Fish Bone Tool www.

Ishikaw Priority <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> Sub cause List sub-causes Priority <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> provided b List potental cuases Sub cause .

Ishikawa Fish Bone Tool provided by Sub cause Priority <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> <select> Sub cause Sub cause Sub cause .AdaptiveBMS.

What? <State Problem> .

AdaptiveBMS. Automated Manual Reliability Correctness Consistency Systems Sub cause Skills .Ishikawa Fish Bone To Priority 1 1 3 <select> <select> 2 4 <select> <select> <select> Communication Picking slips Sales Staff Telephone orders Sub cause legibility Details Order details Lack of knowledge lack of information Priority 1 <select> 1 <select> <select> 2 3 <select> <select> <select> Knowledge Literacy Transport Information provided by www.

a Fish Bone Tool Sub cause Incorrect address incorrect person information Procedures Products Defects Incorrect Deliveries Sub cause .

Common uses to identify these sources of variation. Consumables and Information. Suggestions Measurement (Inspection) Milieu/Mother Nature (Environment) Management/Money Power Maintenance The 8 Ps (used in service industry) Product/Service Price Place Promotion/Entertainment People(key person) Process Physical Evidence Productivity & Quality The 4 Ss (used in service industry) Surroundings Suppliers Systems Skills .) Man Power (physical work)/Mind Power (brain work): Kaizens. The 8 Ms (used in manufacturing) Machine (technology) Method (process) Material (Includes Raw Material.

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