Our daughter Gabriela is a quiet and serene girl, yet she has a strong and decisive character.

She also has well defined interests, although, like any teenager, she may have uncertainties. Gaby, as we lovingly call her, is a good student, responsible and respectful. She has a good relationship with us and obeys our rules; she is reasonable and when one explains things to her, she accepts them, even though she doesn’t always agree with them. She is the youngest of three, with whom she gets along pretty well, Valery (23 years old, graduated industrial engineer, currently employed) and Johncito (20 years old, civil engineering student). We are a catholic family, as a couple, I and my husband belong in a community. Gabriela has never been apart from us. Even though she claims to be very confident and, participating in this program was her idea, we don’t know how she might react emotionally to been far away for so long. These are the concerns that all parents have. What is certain is that we have decided to support her, and give her this so desired opportunity. In general, she enjoys good health. Nevertheless, there are two important things to consider. Each month, on the first day of her period, she presents strong pain, and tends to feel dizzy as if she had low blood pressure. For this, she takes pain killers (ponstan or ibuprofen). The second thing is that she gets frequent nasal congestion, especially in cold weather, but even if it snows, I trust God that it won’t affect her. She is a good administrator or her money and time, but a little unorganized in her room, although, when she sets her mind to keep it organized, she can do it. She is independent and enjoys spaces of loneliness, but also has a great time sharing with friends. She has very good social skills that have allowed her to develop really good friends. She is sensitive to the needs of others, solidary, sympathetic. She is able to feel emotion, even when she can’t express them clearly. She likes languages, speaks Spanish and English perfectly, some French, and a little Italian. Enjoys painting a lot, she has taken painting classes and is actually a very good painter, also enjoys all art crafts and reading. She doesn’t like to dance a lot, but has taken salsa lessons. She feels comfortable in contact with nature whether its mountain or sea. She has practiced sailing and football. Here in Dominican Republic, Gabriela is finishing high school. When she returns, she would like to study architecture, like her mother, although she is mostly dedicated to education, in her small school of arts. Her dad is a business administrator, owner of a metallurgy industry, dedicated the production of iron tanks for fuel storage. We have our hopes in God, that Gaby will get an excellent family that will help her live an unforgettable experience, presenting her with all the love, comprehension, and emotional support that she needs.

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