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F/W 2012



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Myriam Laroche
President of EFW

elcome, Bienvenue to the fourth edition of Eco Fashion Week (EFW). This time were bringing you the latest responsible fashion and trends for the 2012 Fall/Winter season. After a fruitful fall show, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom again, and it is our ever growing belief that Vancouver - where I planted the first seeds - remains the ideal city to host EFW and the fresh springboard from which to sow a renewed societal fabric. As a leading proponent of the eco-movement, EFW strives to fashion the industry towards more responsible modes of designing, manufacturing, distributing, and marketing clothes, in the hope that adjacent industries might also follow in its footsteps. Now our team has once again put together an engaging event showcasing eco-conscious collections. EFW also seeks to educate consumers on how to buy, use and dispose of garments sustainably. So for our pivotal fourth season, we are proud to announce the birth of our donation centre at Robson Square, where during the event you can hand over your old clothes for a new lease of life. The time has come to change our ways while we still have a choice, to ensure a healthy planet. Thanks to all of our fabulous sponsors, partners, designers, buyers, speakers, and media. We appreciate you for being open to the change and believing in us. You are the apples of our eyes! Our last words go to our talented team. We are grateful to be surrounded by such strong, passionate people that care and share in our mission - to be part of the eco-revolution! Yours truly,

Myriam Laroche, President of Eco Fashion Week

Responsibility towards human rights, reasonable work hours, no child labour, the right to unionize, a fair living wage, higher environmental and social standards. No direct environmental influences that impact on people in the workplace in the form of vapours, gases, dust particles, noise, temperature, etc.


Vintage is a generic term for new or second hand garments created in the period from the 1920s to 1980s. However, the term is often used more generally for second-hand clothes or up-cycled clothes. Articles of clothing that has been given a new life through some sort of customization).



Designed and constructed in your local community.

In the production cycle, less fabric wastage as possible in cutting and sewing process


Also called demi-couture or made-to-order. This is a way of encouraging quality and slow fashion over massproduced disposable fashion. Craft / Artisan: products that have been crafted using artisan skills such as embroidery, which preserve the perpetuation of ancestral traditions.


Use of environmentally responsible printing process



Created with reclaimed, recycled or repurposed materials. Anything that has been made from already existing materials, fabrics, metals or fibers. These are often reclaimed from previously made clothing and accessories and reworked into new ones. Fibers can also be repurposed from pre-existing fabric, re-spun and reused for new garments.

Involving no animal testing or unjust labour practices. Products that have been made without the use of leather or animal tissue products e.g. fur, milk fibers, silk and low impact/natural/vegetable dying. Dyes are made from a class of colorants extracted from vegetative matter and animal residues: berries, seeds, vegetables, leaves, plants.


Offsets, Packaging, labeling, promotion, business cards.


Promoting an awareness of environmental and/or social issues. Participating in eco program like 1% for the planet.



Woven/fabric from natural sources like bamboo, SeaCell (seaweed) Ingeo (corn), milk fiber , hemp, nettle, wool, peace silk, soy silk, wood, rubber, cork ,cupro and other exotic sustaining plants. Natural fibers that have been grown without any pesticides and other toxic materials, preserving the health of humans and the environment. The process of organic growth can be certified by various organizations.

Generate the greatest possible benefit using the smallest possible quantity of natural resources. Water-efficient closed loop, no substances that enter the waste water path via a wet process.


Is your brand granted with an Eco Certification?

April 10, 2012
4 5 pm 5 7 pm 7 pm 8 pm prESS CONFErENCE OpENiNG COCKTAil SOirE OpENiNG rUNWAY SHOW Vintage Fashion Show Presented by Value Village Styled by Sarah La Greca, Deanna Palkowski and Myriam Laroche rUNWAY SHOW Eason Wang + F AS IN FRANK + Bitru Fariel

April 12, 2012

3 4 pm 6 7 pm 7 8 pm 8 9 pm 9 10 pm ECO FASHiON pANEl Jeff garner + nicole Bridger + anny Leclerc + myriam Laroche rUNWAY SHOW Indigenous + Kreati-ka + Arm Candy rUNWAY SHOW La Isla & Mala Imports + SVENSK + Standing Armed rUNWAY SHOW Adhesif + fiveleft + LRMA rUNWAY SHOW Jeff Garners Prophetik Presented by Ebay Canada

April 12, 2012

3 4 pm SEMiNAr ctre (Canadian Textile Recovery Effort) with Drew De Panicis, Project Manager, CTRE and Manager of Innovation & Environment debrand Services with Amelia Ufford, Co-Founder & Director of Business Services, debrand 4 5 pm 5 6 pm 6 7 pm 7 pm SEMiNAr re-LoVe with Myriam Laroche, Founder of Eco Fashion Week VaLue ViLLage with Anny Leclerc, Value Village SEMiNAr Social media tools for Sustainable Business with Dave Olson, Hootsuite SEMiNAr The Worth of Fashion with Laura Lalonde, Indigenous ClOSiNG COCKTAil SOirE

April 12, 2012 | 3:00pm 4:00pm
CTRE (Canadian Textile Recovery Effort)
SPeaker: drew de PaniciS, Project

April 12, 2012 | 4:00pm 5:00pm

SPeaker: myriam Laroche,

Founder of Eco Fashion Week To give a new life to what already exists, being proud of wearing second hand clothing or of bringing your own bag to your favourite boutique, to read hang tags, labels... It's all about making educated decisions and to be conscious of our choices.
SPeaker: anny LecLerc,

Manager, CTRE and Manager of Innovation & Environment, debrand

The CTRE is a not-for-profit organization established out of the need to generate awareness for and drive action towards the recovery of textiles from Canadian landfills/incinerators. For the purpose of the CTRE, textiles refer to pre and postconsumer garments, fabrics and piece goods. In Canada, textile waste accounts for approximately 4% of landfills equating to hundreds of thousands of pounds every year. With the introduction of synthetic fabrics, coupled with mass consumption and low-cost disposal clothing, the world has found itself in a clothing surplus crisis. The CTRE will bring together all segments of the clothing industry including manufacturers, retailers, consumers, charities, and recyclers working towards the creation of a more sustainable future.

Director, North America Supply Chain, Value Village

SPeaker: ameLia uFFord, Co-Founder & Director of Business Services, debrand

debrand Services

debrand is a Vancouver-based business specializing in end-of-life product management. Through design for environment planning and clear allocation streams, we reduce waste and maximize the value of our resources . Innovation and creativity are at the heart of debrands operations. We understand that environmental disposal methods are constantly evolving as society learns of better, more efficient ways to use our existing resources. The best alternative today is likely not the best alternative tomorrow. Therefore, debrand diligently seeks out local partners in a constant effort to achieve closed-loop systems. We continually work with industry leaders to develop the best long-term end-of-life solutions for all of the materials we process. Finally, we share our learnings with our clients so that they can make informed purchasing decisions that will ultimately result in less waste.

Anny Leclerc is responsible for managing all inventory, logistics and distribution of goods in the Value Village/Savers North America sourcing and supply chain to expand product availability and optimize inventory to meet customer needs. In addition, Ms. Leclerc provides strategic sourcing direction while maintaining the companys commitment to providing local communities with social benefits and its partnerships with more than 140 non-profit organizations. She is charged with ensuring that each nonprofit partners donation collection business is successful in not only supplying Value Village stores with great merchandise, but ensuring a sustainable and much-needed revenue stream for nonprofits important community programs and services. Prior to working with Value Village, Ms. Leclerc served as director, Central Canada for the Canadian Diabetes Association, the largest Partner for Value Village Canada.

April 12, 2012 | 5:00pm 6:00pm

Social Media Tools for Sustainable Business
SPeaker: daVe oLSon, Hootsuite

April 12, 2012 | 6:00pm 7:00pm

The Worth of Fashion
SPeaker: Laura LaLonde,


Learn practical tips and examples about how eco-minded fashion designers, buyers and media can use social media tools to share their story, build audience, and increase brand affection. HootSuite's VP of Community, Dave Olson will share his 15 years experience including helping dozens of sustainable businesses ramp up, making a documentary film about early organic entrepreneurs, and making a line of eco-bags and clothes. Tactics discussed will include: understanding audience motivations, providing incentives and rewards, setting boundaries and, creating participatory campaigns to produce content and assets.

Laura Lalonde is the Canadian Distributor/Importer of INDIGENOUS. In the early years, INDIGENOUS was a very small company built on a very big idea to create clothing that truly honoured both people and planet. That idea became a promise a promise to use only eco-friendly materials; to pay fair wages and create opportunities for artisans in the developing world; and to help change the way the world looks at fashion. Today, INDIGENOUS employs over 1500 artisans, providing them with great income, opportunities to learn new skills and real economic growth opportunity for them and their families. Also, we support them in the preservation of their cultural traditions, the protection of their land and the development of their communities. As a pioneer in eco fashion, since 1994 INDIGENOUS, has been redefining the WORTH OF FASHION and Laura will outline the growing trend and acceptance of organic fashion into mainstream fashion. YOUR WORLD, YOUR WORTH.


Launched in 2002, Prophetik is an all-sustainable fashion lifestyle brand designed by, Jeff

Garner from Leipers Fork, Tennessee. Jeffs mission is to bring awareness to the principles of how clothing is produced, dyed, and distributed and the effect these processes have on the planet, and to challenge the design practice known as planned obsolescence. Prophetik is stocked in over 40 high-end boutiques throughout fifteen states including Fred Segal in America; Eco Age and My Sugarland in London; and in Japan and Switzerland. A media favourite and a prominent voice in the ethical fashion arena, Jeff dresses Sheryl Crow, Taylor Swift, Kings of Leon, and the Jonas Brothers, and recently dressed film producer and prominent VOGUE.COM UK contributor, Livia Firth for the 2011 Golden Globes.

icole Bridger was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. She obtained her BAA in fashion design from Ryerson University in Toronto ON. She then went to London, UK to intern at Vivienne Westwood where she learned the art of sculpting fabric and returned with an understanding of doing more than just making clothes. Bridger came back to Vancouver looking to learn some of the business side of things and paired up with the owner of Lululemon Athletica to co-create Oqoqo, a casual eco clothing line. She was then ready to put her design and business sides together to create her own label of socially conscious contemporary womens wear, Nicole Bridger.


Anny Leclerc is responsible for managing all inventory, logistics and distribution of goods
in the Value Village/Savers North America sourcing and supply chain to expand product availability and optimize inventory to meet customer needs. In addition, Ms. Leclerc provides strategic sourcing direction while maintaining the companys commitment to providing local communities with social benefits and its partnerships with more than 140 non-profit organizations. She is charged with ensuring that each nonprofit partners donation collection business is successful in not only supplying Value Village stores with great merchandise, but ensuring a sustainable and much-needed revenue stream for nonprofit important community programs and services.

yriam Laroche wants to take the world of fashion and make it green, responsible, respectful. With more than 17 years of experience in the fashion industry as a Creative Director, Buyer, Product Developer and Journalist, she knows fashion from the drawing board, to runway, to salesroom. She sees just how far-from-green it can be. In fact, many have started referring to the $ 300 billion-a-year fashion industry as waste couture.


with style

Every time you shop or donate at Value Village you are helping to protect the planet. Value Village is one of the largest recyclers of used goods in the world, saving more than 600 million pounds of quality reusable merchandise from landfills each year.

proudly supports:

Rooted in Organic Winemaking

At Cono Sur, we do things the natural way.

is proud to support the Spring/Summer 2012 Eco Fashion Week

To learn more about our environmental policy, please visit us at

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aPriL 11 | 8 9:00 pm

F as in Frank

aPriL 10 | 8:00 pm


aPriL 11 | 7 8:00 pm

ARM CANDY by Nahui Ollin

aPriL 11 | 6 7:00 pm


aPriL 10 | 8 9:00 pm

LRMA x London Alexander

aPriL 11 | 8 9:00 pm


aPriL 10 | 8:00 pm


aPriL 11 | 6 7:00 pm


aPriL 11 | 7 8:00 pm

Deanna Palkowski
aPriL 10 | 7:00 pm


aPriL 11 | 6 7:00 pm

Myriam Laroche
aPriL 10 | 7:00 pm


aPriL 11 | 9 10:00 pm


aPriL 11 | 7 8:00 pm

Sarah La Greca

aPriL 10 | 7:00 pm

aPriL 10 | 8:00 pm


aPriL 11 | 7 8:00 pm

1 Radiant Offset = 1.2 tonnes reduced + for each one we donate a solar lantern + you get a 20% discount on your next purchase All for the same price as other offsets





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