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Cloud computing is a technology that uses the internet and central remote servers to maintain data and applications. Cloud computing allows consumers and businesses to use applications without installation and access their personal files at any computer with internet access. This technology allows for much more efficient computing by centralizing storage, memory, processing and bandwidth. A simple example of cloud computing is Yahoo email, Gmail, or Hotmail etc. You dont need a software or a server to use them. All a consumer would need is just an internet connection and you can start sending emails. The server and email management software is all on the cloud ( internet) and is totally managed by the cloud service provider Yahoo , Google etc. The consumer gets to use the software alone and enjoy the benefits. The analogy is , 'If you need milk , would you buy a cow ?' All the users or consumers need is to get the benefits of using the software or hardware of the computer like sending emails etc. Just to get this benefit (milk) why should a consumer buy a (cow) software hardware ? Cloud computing is broken down into three segments: "application" "storage" and "connectivity." Each segment serves a different purpose and offers different products for businesses and individuals around the world. In June 2011, a study conducted by VersionOne found that 91% of senior IT professionals actually don't know what cloud computing is and two-thirds of senior finance professionals are clear by the concept,[1] highlighting the young nature of the technology. In Sept 2011, an Aberdeen Group study found that disciplined companies achieved on average an 68% increase in their IT expense because cloud computing and only a 10% reduction in data center power costs Cloud Computing or cloud is nothing but a concept that will stay and soon dominate the world and will change the way we use computers and the Internet. This concept basically is to make everything we use accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection. With the cloud you do not have to worry about the hardware configuration of your machine, or with the installation of software, file storage etc… Everything will be online! If we need to create a text document will no longer have to have an office suite installed on our computer, simply access via the Internet tool that will work in a 100% online, and time to store this file also will not have to save it in our computer, it will be saved to a web server where we can access files 24×7 from anywhere in the world via the Internet connectivity!

Cloud computing 2012
Cloud computing, made professional and personal lives easier, it is one of the best and effective way to make work be done efficiently and effectively on time each time. Recent developments of this technology made us think, what else can we do in the future, what other means of computing can be developed? There are several cloud computing companies out there, claiming they have the best and most advanced technology and the best business model that can effectively address all the cloud computing needs of their consumers and clients. But, who are these companies and what do they do? Are they the right fit for your business or just a mediocre provider? Let us list the top cloud computing companies worldwide and what they do. This list is not in any particular order, they are just the known best cloud computing companies today as observed by IT experts.

A fact that I think are some very curious modern notebooks most famous brands already have a button that when clicked opens a window independent of the operating system which lets you access the Internet without even turning on the operating system installed on the notebook, I believe that this fact has reflects what the future holds! The operating system of a computer, the physical configuration of the machine or the programs you have installed will no longer be important, because all you need is online and the only thing thatwill matter will have a simple Internet connection.
Cloud. The cloud or final phase provides a real--‐time consumption model that meets the

descriptions anddefinitions detailed previously. At this phase, business owners only pay for what they consume and can quickly provision and decommission resources as needed. Control shifts into the hands of the application owner, allowing for management of an extremely fluid environment that instantaneously responds to change across distributed resources regardless of whether they are owned or leased from/hosted by a third party. This entire process is completely transparent to the application and its administrators. This evolutionary process is just beginning. ESG believes that most organizations remain in the early stages of the cycle, caught between the consolidation and enterprise phases. What’s holding them back? Many things. Some organizations don’t have the IT skills needed to proceed to the enterprise phase and beyond. Many virtualization and cloud technologies are relatively new and immature. Finally, many firms are finding that virtualization, consolidation, web--‐based applications, and cloud services are a mismatch for their existing network infrastructure. Yes, cloud computing is the eventual destination, but a long journey lies ahead.


Cloud computing 2012
Cloud computing is a reality! For those who think that the cloud or cloud computing is something of a very distant future, pay attention to the tools that come out every day and often have used without realizing that it is a magic of cloud computing. Cloud Computing is a broad and ill-defined term, but in essence it amounts to virtualised third-party hosting. That is, rather than renting part or all of an actual physical server from a hosting company, you rent a certain amount of server resources. Your server runs inside a virtual container which can be moved from one physical server to another without interruption of service. Such a container is also capable of spanning multiple physical machines, giving it potentially limitless resources. A web server typically has three tiers to it: The physical infrastructure, the operating system platform, and the web application software being run. In brief, the options are these: • If you want a fully operational server with total control over the operating system and configuration, you want Infrastructure as a Service. • If you don’t want any configuration hassles at all, if you just want to upload your files and leave your website to run, you want Software as a Service. • For something in between, with a pre-configured operating system but a reasonable amount of control over the rest of the configuration, Platform as a Service is for you. It is important to understand that the requirement that drove the development of Cloud Computing was scalability. With dedicated or shared

servers, an increase in traffic can leave the site badly underpowered. This is a major obstacle to the development of new mass-market web applications, since upgrading to better hardware is a difficult and time-consuming process, but start-ups generally can’t afford powerful server farms from the start . For companies looking to host internal or specialist web applications, scalability is not as much of a priority; cost is a much bigger factor, and one that is not necessarily emphasised by cloud providers. Nevertheless, cloud options do exist that have very low baseline costs, which could mean savings for low-volume sites. In addition, because cloud systems are virtualised there are a number of natural advantages: backups are much easier to create and the risk associated with hardware failure is minimised. As a small business owner, one of your top goals is to reduce your expenses to the bare minimum,while providing the level of service of your larger competitors. To do this, you need to use the best tools available, and cloud computing services should be added to your toolbox .


lal. A fire or flood can take out many hard drives simultaneously. you can trust a company to have a backup strategy in place that outstrips yours by several orders of magnitude. Use a cloud service over a secure Web connection. on the other hand. though. ―internal network‖ means ―work my people can’t do unless they leave the client site or sales meeting and come back to the PAGE 4 . Store your data in the cloud. the software is mature and the Internet connections are faster.Cloud computing 2012 Cloud computing is simply the newest term for software and storage services that are delivered over the Internet rather than purchased off the shelf and installed on your in-house network. and everyone can work from the nearest wirelesshotspot as effectively as they can in the office. and you haven’t invested in endto-end virtual private networking (and 100 percent compliance with the use of this secure connection). Likewise. and all of that data is encrypted against both the criminal . therefore.‖ Invest your workflow into a cloud computing architecture. as a small business. your data might be getting picked up out of the air at the local Starbucks. have you implemented the security necessary to prevent your data from being eaves droppedor stolen? If you or your staff use wireless connections. and this problem is resolved for you. but Internet speeds and the quality of online software simply was not up to snuff the first time around. are you backing up your crucial business data as faithfully as you should be? Faithfulmeans regular backups. Finally. both to on-site storage for speed and off-site storage for disaster recovery. We tried this once with the craze for ―thin client services‖ back in the 1990s.priyanka02@gmail. do you find it difficult to provide the infrastructure to support your mobile staff or to allow for telecommuting? Too often for the small business. Answer truthfully. the quality of cloud computing services is now surpassing what you can do with the older models of doing business. Today.

and meets SLAs. automates routine tasks. 3. In this phase. Consolidation. The phases of the model include: 1. lal. The goal in this phase is a near 100% virtualized data center. This evolution hasalready begun as enterprise businesses take a ―crawl. Enterprise.priyanka02@gmail. This phase introduces cloud for proof--‐of--‐concept use.Cloud computing 2012 The Evolution of Cloud Computing Enterprise organizations will likely experiment with cloud computing. IT rapidly moves workloads that have been identified as viable candidates and gives them the green light for production usage on the virtualized infrastructure. run‖ approach that builds toward an eventual cloud implementation. IT becomes comfortable with server virtualization and gains experience with system performance. the virtualization platform responds automatically without manual interaction. This phase is a significant milestone where the business chooses a virtualization platform for mission critical applications. Dynamic. applicationresponse times. implements disaster recovery. 4. Asadministrators apply security. and finally advances to cloud computing. walk. 2. the IT infrastructure is tightly integrated with IT and business processes. and availability policies. Figure 1 depicts an IT progression that begins with basic use of server virtualization. At this point. This is the really the beginning of a true private cloud. This phase is highlighted by the migration of physical servers to virtual machines— typicallyreferred to as P2V. During this initial phase. carefully choosing projects that benefit from cloud’s features and cost benefits as they develop more formal cloud computing strategies. standardizes data protection.Test and development. PAGE 5 . evolves into responsive and dynamic internal IT. and technology stability.

Cloud computing 2012 PAGE 6 .priyanka02@gmail.

The network will also be essential in cloud migration as large organizations move TBs of internal information to public cloud providers or between private clouds for backup and disaster recovery. morethan 1. Flickr – This is a Yahoo service that lets you store all your photos and PAGE 7 . and mobile users who access browser--‐based applications on mobile PCs.e. They will also need robust network visibility to assess traffic. remember the chat to Google Talk? No more need to install the program on your computer. Why? Cloud computing includes IT resource consolidation. and can access them from anywhere in the world. etc… In addition to being able to store your files online. timeframe. PDAs. and network latency. less than 1.Google Docs – This is a google service that offers a complete office suite to create / edit text documents.Cloud computing 2012 The Cloud Depends Upon the Network Regardless of their plans. 2. In such a case. is the lack of infrastructure.000 employees) and enterprise (i. Yahoo Mail. And all come to the reality of cloud computing. ESG’s research indicates that this network investment is already underway—nearly half of mid‐sized (i.0 technologies like voice and video that demand high performance/low latency connections. and operations. Still most of the countries have a lot of places where the population has no access to broadband and even the places where coverage is broadband. As if this weren’t challenging enough. 3. presentations. lal. and a potpourri of innovative new devices. cloud computing also highlights Web 2. which is very complicated to do. application--‐level performance. equipment. cloud computing is completely synonymous with and dependent upon IP networks as a foundation. etc … – are e-mail servers that allow you to exchange email with other people without having to install anything on your computer. how people would want to exchange files and have your photos stored on their own computers at a distance of a few mouse clicks to have them hosted on web servers in the Internet accessible via the Internet do not always have the ability to provide speed and stability sufficient to give us all that this concept can offer us. spreadsheets. or maturity. simply enter your e-mail from Hotmail. Photoshop Express – This is a service from Adobe where you can edit all your images without having to have Photoshop installed. This also applies to the MSN which is already available online. HotMail.000 employees) will increase spending on network hardware in 2010 EXAMPLES OF CLOUD COMPUTING:1.priyanka02@gmail. 4.e. smart phones. Web--‐based applications. the service is one of the worst and most expensive in the world. In addition to lifestyle changes that people have to go. simply enter the Gmail Orkut and you’re already inside the Talk. The linkage between the cloud and the network means that large organizations building toward cloud computing must bolster network bandwidth. Gmail.

The NoSQL (―Not Only SQL‖) is a term used for a class of banks. The easiest way to understand PaaS is knowing the various ―PaaS vendors‖ already on the market. and quickly gained an impressive number of members who actively contributed to the community. In short. It became a phenomenon because of its architecture and comprehensive and innovative proposal. 5. chances are several solutions based on this emerging technology. are platforms that support the development and deployment of applications in many different languages. OpenStack It is a software suite for building and managing public and private clouds.priyanka02@gmail. are using the non-relational database. I completely agree that this confusion will still continue for 2012 as much as the players try to coin a definition. also the action of a professional who can programmatically create scripts and programs that can manage. The expectation is that many of these steps are available in the next release called Essex. If the goals are met. among others. following a pre-determined rule or the need to own real time application. and has already generated noise in 2011.Cloud computing 2012 The biggest trends of cloud computing 1. since October 2011 became an independent foundation. CouchDB. They are strong candidates to gain grip in this market. resources and provision of infrastructure. but it is a new project that has some steps to be completed. like Facebook. It becomes crucial. PaaS – Platform as a Service. the DevOps will be more high in 2012. Big Data– I dealing with the future of databases. The ―Big Data‖ is the solution to manage huge volumes of data. According to this need. speakers and influential people in the cloud computing market said DevOps is the future! The fact is that automation is fundamental in the cloud computing model. As the name implies it is the junction of the developer with the operator (SysAdmin). which is scheduled for the second quarter of 2012. Since the symbol has appeared thousands of definitions have been derived. There are already many players like Cassandra. 4. which is a framework for Big Data. scale. lal. and allow organizations to create data warehouses larger and more efficient to feed their business intelligence PAGE 8 .Already there are some offers available in the market based on OpenStack. and large applications. In several events that participated in 2011. As the what the market will consolidate. 2. creating a universe of knowledge that is transformed into competitive advantage. non-relational data. 3.The NoSQL is increasingly converging with the Big Data and solutions such as Hadoop from Apache. MongoDB.DevOps – It seems to be the profession’s future. some applications require. The OpenStack. certainly one the most controversial pillars of Cloud Computing. founded by Rackspace and NASA. Some of them are: Cloud Foundry. Windows Azure and OpenShift.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) describes cloud computing as having the following essential characteristics: PAGE 9 .The services model.The consumption model. The issue is that the open source alternatives were below expectations and there were no other..g. cloud computing provides flexible real--‐time access to a shared pool of computing resources (e. and PDAs). 2. with different physical and virtual resources dynamically assigned and reassigned lal. all of this hype has resulted in tremendous confusion. The Cloud Consumption Model At the most fundamental level.Cloud computing 2012 6. networks.g. or service provider support. system administration. offered commercially. This can happen automatically. The provider’s computing resources are pooled to serve multiple consumers using a multi--‐tenant model. and more complete account. De--‐mystifying Cloud Computing Pick up any technology magazine or go to any IT trade show. Cloud computing offers a unique way to consume compute. servers. Cloud computing can be used as a platform for different activities up and down the technology stack.On--‐demand self--‐service. If you ask ten IT professionals to define cloud computing.laptops. KVM and Hyper-V. everyone is talking about cloud computing. without human interaction. A consumer can unilaterally provision computing capabilities such as server time and network storage as needed. Companies and ISPs are increasingly seeking open source solutions or cheaper alternatives to the high tolls charged by the major players of business solutions such as VMware and Citrix.Hypervisors – In addition to the technologies mentioned above I believe that the market Hypervisors will also be well shaken in 2012. regardless of where you look.. one of the main attractions of cloudcomputing is its capability to provide on--‐demand IT resources and services offering rapid provision and de--‐provisioning as well as ―pay by the drink‖ pricing. and services). ESG believes that a detailed characterization of cloud computing must include three things: 1.Broad network access. mobile phones.priyanka02@gmail.In its definition of cloud computing. Rather. 3. there are numerous ways to deploy and utilize clouds. 2. and storage resources. 3. Capabilities are available over the network and accessed through standard mechanisms that promote use by heterogeneous thin or thick client platforms (e. Indeed. I am following two virtualization solutions that will likely make noise this year. Of course.. Clearly. The deployment model. storage. you may end up with ten different responses. Resource pooling. Cloud computing is not a one--‐size--‐fits--‐all platform. network. applications. there is a need for a baseline definition and a discussion of the many aspects comprising cloud computing.

deployment and management overhead. the IT industry has really rallied around three standard cloud computing services models: 1. with the swipe of a credit card.g. 4.Infrastructure--‐as--‐a--‐service (IaaS). Capabilities can be rapidly and elastically provisioned. storage. terabytes of storage can be available instantly. That said. network bandwidth. Measured PAGE 10 . state.Cloud computing 2012 according to consumer demand. in some cases automatically. processing.g. and virtual machines.Rapid elasticity. The Cloud Computing Services Model: Cloud--‐based IT resources can be consumed for various reasons in myriad ways.priyanka02@gmail. processing. and reported providing transparency for both the provider and consumer of the utilized service. but may be able to specify location at a higher level of abstraction (e. Need storage resources for the next 2 weeks? With cloud computing. to quickly scale out and then rapidly released to quickly scale in. bandwidth. To the consumer. Cloud systems automatically control and optimize resource use by leveraging a metering capability at some level of abstraction appropriate to the type of service (e. the capabilities available for provisioning often appear to be unlimited 5. controlled. or data center). Examples of resources include storage. After the two week period. memory. There is a sense of location independence in that the customer generally has no control or knowledge over the exact location of the provided resources. customers pay for time and capacity. From an enterprise IT perspective. Resource usage can be monitored.. lal.. the overwhelming benefit with cloud computing is flexible on--‐demand access to IT resources without the usual purchasing. and active user accounts). country.

priyanka02@gmail. all that is abstracted away is the hardware. CloudNine (Hosting. therefore.). Disadvantages One potential problem is that Virtual Private Servers are typically incapable of passing a PCI Security Audit. enterprise consumers pay for virtual machines (VMs). or to subdivide physical machines into multiple logical servers. In this way. enterprises have no control over the underlying cloud technology. storage capacity.Cloud computing 2012 This is really the most basic cloud service model. IaaS can be utilized as a temporary resource or used for years at a time. hosting services. storage arrays. this is possible through Virtual Private Servers. Providers like Amazon reserve the right to shut off the server without prior notice if it is behaving in a way that leads them to believe it has been compromised by hackers. The biggest player in the market. With a Virtual Private Server.e. there is a lot to be said for the control that comes with having access to the entire server. etc. use a VPS to host an e-commerce site. aligning the on demand resources of the cloud with tactical IT needs. In addition.. VPS is available through a number of companies. What makes IaaS interesting is that this limit no longer applies: a VPS can now be shared across multiple physical servers. and switches/routers on a contractual basis. In cloud computing. making them unsuitable for high-security functions like handling credit card information. lal. from the operating system on up. is Amazon. limited only by network For all the convenience of hosted web applications. including WebFusion. Developers have been using it for years to set up test platforms for new applications. Using a virtual machine to host a web application was uncommon. IaaS prices are based upon two factors: IaaS resource consumption and the duration of use. Typically. The primary difference is that cloud resources are virtual rather than physical and can be consumed on an as--‐needed basis. If you have a dedicated server in a hosting centre somewhere. or if they think we are using it for unethical activities like spamming. In other words. because the virtual server would by definition have to be less powerful than the physical server on which it was running. As described above. storage service providers (SSPs). Virtual Server technology is not new. Nirvanix and ParaScale. there is the issue of loss of PAGE 11 . One could not. IaaS is similar to managed services offerings of the Internet era (i. Joyent. however. though. and network bandwidth for a variable amount of time rather than servers. moving to VPS should leave you with an almost identical experience. Logging in to a VPS is practically indistinguishable from logging in to a remote server via Terminal Services.

As with all cloud solutions.5 GB of RAM. but its basic package – one processor. Simply stated. 850GB storage – works out to £2800 per year. The server’s capabilities will scale automatically according to conditions you define.priyanka02@gmail. which lets you keep track of the server’s resource usage (and therefore your running costs). whic h is very useful for anyone whose revenue stream depends on traffic. cost scales according to use. Example: Amazon EC2 With Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). which is free but excludes many features. and a larger instance – four processors. albeit one that would be difficult to test without incurring charges from the provider (the server image would be in a proprietary format. and data that you need.Platform--‐as--‐a--‐service (PaaS). PaaS provides the capability to build or deploy applications on top of IaaS. so costs come down if traffic level fall. libraries. which acts like an ordinary server. Typically. providing a very convenient backup procedure. This means that one effectively has a ―clean install‖ of the required environment available at all times as a rollback position in the even of a catastrophic failure. 1. The pricing of EC2 servers jumps significantly when SQL server is added. This makes EC2 platforms potentially very expensive if you need the full version of SQL server. may be an option in some cases.7GB of RAM. Moreover.Cloud computing 2012 This means that if you were to end up on a blacklist by mistake. these options do not include a SQL Server licence. a cloud computing provider offers multiple application components that align with lal. Amazon throw in a monitoring system. This means that you can effectively place an upper boundary on costs. 7. The basic cost of a VPS server appears to be slightly lower than that of an equivalent dedicated platform. SQL Server Express PAGE 12 . CloudWatch. 2. nearly doubling. You then create a running instance of the Image. the state of the running virtual server can be ―saved‖ at any time. you need to set up an Amazon Machine Image – a virtual machine running Windows (or Linux) onto which you install all the applications. 160GB of storage – is available for as little as £700 per year. Unfortunately. the consequences would be worse than with a non-cloud server. so the only way to test would be to pay them to launch an instance of it). The EC2 pricing model is incredibly complicated. You can log in via Terminal Services and administer the server in the same way as for a remote physical server. Advantages VPS machine images can be saved as a file which can be deployed as a virtual server later.

with Microsoft and Google going head-to-head. The real difference is that instead of having space on a Windows-based server. which allows you to write App Engine-compatible software. All PaaS platforms share the disadvantage that there is a limit to the options available in terms of third-party applications. Disadvantages Vendor lock-in is always a concern when it comes to PaaS.e. Both Microsoft Azure and the Google Application Engine require developers to port their software to the new platform. There is also an argument to be made that since the two biggest players in the industry – Microsoft and Google – are investing so heavily in PaaS cloud computing. and is likely to be the most fiercely competitive market.e. and you build your site using tools specific to that platform.priyanka02@gmail. etc. Advantages Any PaaS solution comes with the advantage of minimising the developer’s maintenance time while still providing a considerable amount of customisation and configuration. For the most part. Platform as a Service is a compromise between SaaS and IaaS. there is a certain inevitability to their emergence as a standard. which means very few developers have released compatible versions of their software at this stage.) or an open source--‐based stack (i. The major PaaS platforms also compare favourably to SaaS in terms of the extra services they offer – a variety of vendor-supplied tools and SDKs to assist in development and maintenance. it’s free for the first gigabyte of storage and 1. . SQL Server.Cloud computing 2012 specific development models and programming tools. PaaS is the newest category of cloud hosting options. and migrating an application out of that platform onto a standard dedicated server would be a problem. full compliance with security standards like PCI would be a problem. As with IaaS. but at the same time doesn’t require all of the maintenance and administration of a full IaaS VPS. and their pricing is extremely cheap – in fact. Windows. IIS. Apache. the ―LAMP‖ stack containing Linux. MySQL. PaaS offerings are built upon either a Microsoft--‐based stack (i. Example: Google App Engine Google App Engine is ideal for relatively simple public-facing websites. which you access through a web interface. This means that the odds of useful third party tools being developed for PaaS systems are very high... This platform is considerably more configurable than an SaaS site. and PHP).NET. lal.3 million HTTP requests. you set up an account and get access to the App Engine Software Development Kit (SDK). It will take some time before the full range of software currently available on a dedicated Windows Server becomes available on PaaS. To build a Google App Engine PAGE 13 . This is mainly caused by the relative novelty of the platforms. Google go to great lengths to make their systems easy to use. One would have to write applications to be tailored to the chosen platform. you use a specifically-written cloud platform.

A gigabyte of database space costs $120 per year. If you like to use Microsoft technologies. stretching it into the SaaS market.NET components (it natively supports ASP. Users typically access these applications over the Internet through a thin client interface such as a Web browser. look elsewhere. Example: Microsoft Windows Azure Azure is Microsoft’s equivalent of the GAE.Software--‐as--‐a--‐service (SaaS). they also intend to create a full Virtual Private Server (IaaS) version of In the long run. but if you’re technology-agnostic and have arelatively simple website. or just for a single database. lal. 3. you get access to many of the usual technologies. and salesforce. though Microsoft do not make it clear whether this is for a logical database server. charging 12c per hour plus 15c per gigabyte of data stored (per month)plus 15c per gigabyte transferred This pricing does not include the separate licensing for SQL server. Python or Java must be used.NET developers. It is also set up to support SQL Server databases (via the Azure Data Services system). Azure uses an entirely pay-as-you-go pricing system. but unlike other suppliersMicrosoft are able to offer this at very little extra cost. an entire business or set of IT applications runs in the cloud. the platform does not support Microsoft Technologies. which increases your options somewhat. which would significantly reduce the difficulty of migration for people used to Windows-based servers.priyanka02@gmail. Microsoft intends in the near future to offer SharePoint via Azure. The platform enforces hard limits on the amount of processing your application can do – any request that takes longer than 30 seconds to complete or that sends more than 10MB of data is immediately terminated. SaaS examples include Gmail from PAGE 14 . since Microsoft have apparently devoted a lot of time to ensuring that Azure deployment is possible ―at the click of a button‖ directly from Visual Studio. although this access would be via a web interface rather than Remote Desktop. In this model. Microsoft ―live‖ offerings.NET).Cloud computing 2012 Unfortunately (and unsurprisingly since this is Google). and as you’d expect it is slightly more focused on the use of . Using Azure would simplify the deployment process for ASP. Azure also supports non-Microsoft development languages including PHP and Python. GAE is unfortunately very clearly intended for quite small applications and simple websites. the GAE may be for you. The Azure platform appears to be a modified form of Windows Server 2008.Enterprise consumers outsource the entire underlying technology infrastructure to a SaaS provider and thus have no responsibility or management oversight for SaaS--‐based IT components. including Internet Information Services (IIS).

This is slightly mitigated by virtualisation. The second type is the simplest form of cloud computing: effectively virtualised shared-server space into which you put anything you want.Cloud computing 2012 There is no hierarchy in these service offerings. and poorly written software might have adverse effects on the stability of the operating PAGE 15 . you need multiple SaaS virtual sites. the relative severity of the disadvantages will of course depend on your specific circumstances.priyanka02@gmail. the website exists in a virtual container. but it could equally be a public-facing website. rather. but any changes to the platform or environment have to be handled by the hosting company. The host gives you access to a virtual directory to which you can upload a single website’s files. CIOs can choose any or all cloud service offerings that fit their needs. and is inevitably misused. This type. Advantages lal. The first is virtualisation of internal systems – a large company’s CRM or ERP is moved from intranet servers into the cloud and hosted on shared servers. each other application provides a potential point of entry for hackers.You would however be reliant upon them to monitor their systems closely and expedite the move. There are a number of companies that specialise in single-application hosting of this type. This applies both to custom-written systems and commercial applications like Microsoft SharePoint. and so on. This makes it much easier to transfer the site to more powerful hardware as the need arises. as well as the firewall controlling network security. you would have to configure your application to handle it internally. So how is SaaS better than an ordinary shared server? With SaaS. Much of the security burden falls on the hosting company. ―Software as a Service‖ has of late become something of a marketing buzzword. Disadvantages Most of the disadvantages of SaaS are the same as those that apply to ordinary shared hosting. since you would have no direct access to the system logs. which are charged separately but can all be managed though a single web console. works almost exactly the same way as regular shared server hosting. Audit trails and service monitoring are more difficult to achieve in a virtualised environment. no third-party software or background services. This may be an internal business application. the hosting company could easily transfer the site to a different server. For multiple web applications. You would have to trust them to properly secure the server(s) on which the virtualised application runs. You would have no control over what other applications are sharing the same server. but all of the other limitations of shared servers still apply: very limited configurability. If you need log access. in the event of server instability. and a useful directory to these is available here. but there seem to be two types of offering that fall into this category. which can be moved from physical server to physical server without interruption of service.

1c per compute cycle) is attractively low. Example: Rackspace Mosso Rackspace are one of the really big names in traditional hosting. however. a typical site would need tens of thousands of monthly visitors to get anywhere near the 500GB limit. portability.priyanka02@gmail. Example: WebFusion PAGE 16 . Virtualised applications can be moved onto different hardware extremely quickly in response to increased demand. and the incremental cost of going beyond the standard package (50c per GB of storage. and so on. there are better options out there. All the same. SaaS solutions also have the potential to be extremely cheap if you have simple requirements and don’t expect a huge amount of traffic. For this price. SaaS also shares the other standard advantages: easy backups. you get: • 500GB of bandwidth per month • 50GB of hard disk space • 10 000 compute cycles1 per month . $100 per month does look like good value if you are expecting high traffic volumes for your site. as with all cloud computing. Compared to other forms of cloud computing. flexible pricing. Their basic package (priced in US dollars) starts at $1200 per year. so it makes sense to consider their new cloud-based offering: Mosso. with the hosting company taking most of the maintenance burden. For basic starter sites. is its scalability. You can also get a 100MB SQL Server database for $5 per month extra.Cloud computing 2012 The biggest advantage of SaaS. It’s a little peculiar that this is their basic offering. so one might have thought there would be a more limited (and therefore cheaper) option available. SaaS is extremely user-friendly. 25c per GB of bandwidth.

The IT industry has outlined four cloud computing deployment models: 1. and network access. In this case.e.Community cloud lal. cloud computing can be deployed in a number of ways depending upon factorslike security requirements.NET 1. This is roughly equivalent to a 2.8GHz processor running 24 hours a day for a month. the cost would be a stillreasonable £180 per year.NET 2. the IT department) or external cloud computing provider. at the moment this offering only supports ASP. Their basic package is priced at just £48 per year.5 and a SQL server PAGE 17 .priyanka02@gmail. This includes 10GB of disk space and 150GB of traffic.. internal groups such as business units consume resources and services provided by a single internal (i. for which you get 1. Private cloud. 2. WebFusion seems a decent option.0/3. However. Rackspace claim that this is enough to serve up 11 million page views of their own website. For sites that require . IT skills.5GB of disk space and 20GB of traffic per month. The cloud infrastructure is operated within a single organization. Cloud Computing Deployment Models Just like the cloud services models.Cloud computing 2012 If you’re looking to host a small site.

priyanka02@gmail. organizations deploy a large high performance WAN optimization system in their data center and smaller versionsat the edge of each branch office network. but what about application performance to the growing army of remote users? This issue is concerning since today’s Web 2. Hybrid cloud.Private cloud The cloud infrastructure and services are available to the general public. WAN optimization technologies must respond with: lal. so it is logical that this will continue in parallel with the move to cloud computing. That said. This migration promises operational and cost benefits. multiple application elements per Web page. Again. In a typical implementation. Fortunately. The cloud support the needs of several or extended community of organizations. ESG research indicates that this trend will continue: 27% of large and small organization will make―significant investments‖ in WAN optimization technologies over the next 12 to 18 months. Google App Engine. 3. community clouds can be built and operated by members of the community or third--‐party providers . Today’s WAN optimization implementation is based primarily on physical devices. Many CIOs responded with strategic investments in WAN acceleration technologies to connect data centers together or link data centers to branch offices and remote workers. This deployment architecture will continue to be an effective way to accelerate application traffic for corporate--‐based private PAGE 18 . will cloud computing drive new WAN optimization services and innovation? Yes. or Terremark Cloud Computing services. In this case.0 applications depend upon ―chatty‖ protocols. 4. Microsoft Azure. large organizations have already faced a similar set of problems with their current efforts with data center consolidation and web application development. The cloud infrastructure amalgamates private or community clouds with public clouds. and low latency connections. private or community cloud services have the capability to extend or ―burst‖ to consume public cloud resources. Examples of public cloud include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). Will Cloud Computing Change WAN Optimization? WAN optimization offers clear benefits today. WAN Optimization is a Critical Underpinning of Cloud Computing Through this transition. business applications will continue to move from branch offices and even corporate data centers to dynamic cloud computing resources that live and move around the Internet. As cloud computing matures over time.Cloud computing 2012 A community cloud is a superset of a private cloud.

Increase. and inherit existing policies and configurations immediately.virtual applications must be supported and accompanied by virtual WAN optimization appliances as they move around the network. As large organizations move through the enterprise and dynamic phases. lal. but what happens to end-‐user performance when a virtual application hosted in New York City moves to Berlin? To address this type of dynamic IT in the future.priyanka02@gmail. These capabilities will provide traditional WAN optimization services and also let IT professionals easily fine--‐tune application performance. they will virtualize applications and not just servers. 49% Stay flat. N = 264) Edge services. This means that PAGE 19 .Cloud computing 2012 Virtualization options. and database servers will be grouped together as virtual applications that run as VMs and move around the cloud infrastructure in unison. virtual WAN optimization appliances will ―phone home‖ when they are deployed in the cloud. connect to command--‐and--‐control nodes. 16% To what extent will your organization's spending on network hardware change in 2010? (Percentage of respondents. Ideally. application. This could improve resource utilization. 35% Decrease .

Cloud computing is evolving in lockstep with increased mobility. cloud computing will demand a much more granular look at network traffic from Layer 2 through Layer 7. leading WAN optimization vendors with strong R&D resources have a distinct edge as they can develop. applications and low latency services will quickly multiply. and roll out new application and protocol support faster than either laggards or startups.Cloud computing 2012 With more and more network--‐based activities. services. Running these network services locally can help remote users gain network access and find resources regardless of whether they reside on the corporate network or dynamically move around the network cloud. and SSL. and protocols over time. More and more workers are telecommuting each day and many mobile workers access business applications with laptop computers. low latency network connections to business applications whether they are at the corporate headquarters or connecting wirelessly from the road. As this occurs. Okay. Meanwhile. WAN optimization solutions must accommodate this growing trend as mobile workers need high performance. test. Since throwing bandwidth at the problem is counterproductive. smart phones. wireless network technology bandwidth continues to increase with the deployment of WiMax and 4G. TCP/IP. As cloud computing takes hold. Advantages of cloud computing: lal. How much bandwidth does each application consume? What is the typical behavior of each network service? How are low latency applications affected by traffic spikes? To answer these questions. Network visibility. Additional protocol support. DHCP. This will present a profound challenge to network engineers. and PDAs. it may be advantageous to move some existing data center--‐based network services like DNS. Leading WAN optimization technology can already accelerate and compress common application and network protocols like CIFS. HTTP.priyanka02@gmail. Mobile device coverage. CIOs will need network traffic management solutions that provide extremely granular visibility and reporting into network utilization—in real time. but cloud computing growth promises an army of new PAGE 20 . and Active Directory domain controllers to the branch office edge.

priyanka02@gmail. But what if cloud crashes and your data is in the cloud ! SCARY ahh ? Cloud Computing Crash Certain sites or servers could be closed down. Disadvantages of cloud computing: While cloud computing and storage is a great innovation in the field of computing. but its practically impossible for the cloud as a whole to crash. For e. a great amount of data stored there could be destroyed. Cloud Computing Disadvantages Moreover. natural disaster. Make a second copy of your material inside some other provider’s infrastructure. earthquake. is cloud really safe? The biggest risk when using the cloud isn’t confidentiality. . but users should not depend too heavily on these PAGE 21 . But Ferguson says many of the larger and more reputable online companies will have their own mishap plan in such an event. if there was a flood at a computing centre. As long as we have access to internet. an online service is more prone to threats than your PC. Rik Ferguson from Trend Micro says: ―The cloud.Cloud computing 2012 The main advantage of Cloud Computing is we can access the files and data that we need even when we’re working remotely and/or outside office hours.g. For the whole cloud to disappear is pretty much inconceivable. One of the risks when you store your data in the cloud is that you’re trusting a third party with your precious files. there are certain things that you need to be cautious about too. One great example:-When Megaupload was taken down few months ago. lal. the good outweighs the bad. is not one single system reliant on one single connection. So. much like the internet. ―Any large enterprise has their own backup plans which are designed to cope with a flood. The wise step to play safe is to keep an eye on your cloud provider. however. Having said that. but the possibility of losing data.‖ he says. Some may say that there are no down sides to cloud computing. Although you may find all you need with a particular service. users around the world lost access to files they had uploaded. Also save important files locally on Hard Drives. If you’re relying on a single cloud provider. most would agree that with cloud computing. make sure they are backing up your data offline. However. it’s possible for individual cloud computing servers to fail as a result of physical damage to the hardware.‖ However. you have to consider the security and portability it offers and also make contingencies should the service be terminated abruptly.

the fact that it’s currently new and has to be researched and improved actually makes it more expensive. Especially backup. cloud hosting is a lot cheaper than traditional technologies. 1. Knowledge: More and deeper knowledge is required for implementing and managing SLA contracts with CSP’s . so they don’t really offer the flexibility they promise.g. Privacy is another issue with cloud servers. that’ll change in the future. This makes their initial cloud offers more expensive. 4. While most service vendors would ensure that their servers are kept free from viral infection and malware.Knowledge And Integration. it Is still a concern considering the fact that a number of users from around the world are accessing the server. PAGE 22 .Security & Privacy The biggest concerns about cloud computing are security and privacy. but some of the current users might have to deal with the facts that their cloud server is difficult or impossible to upgrade without losing some data.Cloud computing 2012 The main disadvantages are Security and Privacy. To make their servers more secure.Dependency (loss of control): Quality problems with CSP(Cloud Service Providers). security servers through which all data being transferred must pass and data encryption techniques. Like in all other industries. deployment) is concentrated at the CSP. No easy migration to an other CSP.No influence on maintenance levels and fix frequency when using cloud services from a CSP. virtualization. restore and disaster recovery. Data centers have to buy or develop the software that’ll run the cloud. the first customers pay a higher price and have to deal with more issues than those who switch later (although it would be very hard to create and improve new technologies without these initial adopters). While in the long run. it is hard to get grip on the CSP.Decreased flexibility . Users might not be comfortable handing over their data to a third party. but current technologies are still in the testing stages.Knowledge And Integration. and any sign of a security breach would result in a loss of clients and business. After all. cloud service vendors have developed password protected accounts. Measurement of resource usage and end user activities lies in the hands of the CSP Tied to the financial health of another Company. the success of a cloud service depends on its reputation. lal. Cost . . This is an even greater concern when it comes to companies that wish to keep their sensitive information on cloud servers.priyanka02@gmail. Of course. hardware.Decreased flexibility This is only a temporary problem (as the others on this list). No or little insight in CSP contingency procedures. Dependency (loss of control).Cost Higher costs.Since all knowledge about the working of the cloud (e. 3. rewire the machines and fix unforeseen problems (which are always there). 2. Ensuring that a client’s data is not accessed by any unauthorized users is of great importance for any cloud service. 5.

CRM software can easily run into thousands of dollars. possibly saving on up-front costs of software. The consumer can easily gain access to electricity or power by simply turning on an appliance. but which have no application for you.g. Or. and usually can include dozens of features that make sense for the larger enterprise businesses. access systems) is difficult to integrate. you can get by with less powerful PAGE 23 . But with Google Docs and Apps. Peripherals integration. But also (personal) USB devices or smart phones or groupware and email systems are difficult to integrate. Or you can start with a vendor that offers CRM applications through cloud computing. (Bulk)Printers and local security IT equipment (e. and many document generation projects can be completed online. take a look at the demonstration video for Google Wave. as well as outward-facing projects. Here are a few suggestions for how cloud computing services can cut your costs and improve your workflow: Up until now. if you’re willing to wait a few more months. which blows the doors off the task management systems in Outlook. Cloud computing can be compared to electricity and power grid. How Cloud computing benefits you Cloud computing is one of the fastest emerging technology being employed and used by big and small companies and businesses today. Need a groupware task and organizational management system. which go directly to meeting the needs of your customers and clients? Then you’ll probably be very happy with Basecamp. and Microsoft Office is the gateway to most work.priyanka02@gmail. or you can run off of Gmail and Google Calendar with most of the same functionality. you could install Outlook and invest lots of money into Exchange Server. although the lal. Considering a customer relationship management system? I hope you’re well capitalized. at the very least. Sure.Cloud computing 2012 Integration: Integration with equipment hosted in other data centers is difficult to achieve. every new employee meant an expense outlay on a new computer and a few hundred dollars on software. To define cloud computing one can say that is the use of ―outsourced‖ computing resources that can be employed or accessed through networking or the internet. which is scheduled for release later this year. incorporating communications within your company.

however since cloud computing is outsourced these phases are no longer required hence cutting down the number of days and hours for installation alone. involves it takes months and months of preparation and installation of servers. the only problem is not everyone is aware of what it is all about and how it can change our computing styles and resolve some of the complex computing issues we may have encountered. since cloud computing allows multiple users to use and access the valuable computer resources. this makes sure that all the software a company uses are instantly updated on time on the servers without affecting the subscribers. efficiency and technology. Several Cloud Computing Companies have addressed this by making sure that client is aware where their data and information will be located and how it is being accessed and who can access it. to ensure that businesses meet their requirements if tasks that involve computer use rises. this is understandable since not everyone is ready to migrate computing to vendors whose hardware and equipment location is not within the country where the business is headquartered. since cloud computing can be released or employed anytime needed. this technology is one of the greenest and most effective way to reduce your business’s carbon footprint. Cloud computing is designed for computing scalability. everything will be done and be provided by the vendor. Since these services are outsourced migration to cloud computing is fairly easy.priyanka02@gmail. most Cloud Computing Companies are locally available. Cloud Computing Companies: What Makes Them So Popular? Everyone of us may have heard of cloud computing at least PAGE 24 . How would these products and services help you grow your business? Most of the time.Cloud computing 2012 consumer does not involve in the manufacturing or know the location where electricity is produced accessing it is very simple. business processes and requirements are met all the time. These benefits and more are being enjoyed by several businesses at low cost. Data security is no longer a problem with cloud computing these days since. Conventional computing usually. Several Cloud computing companies around the globe offer good packages for the services they offer. environment issues are discussed each day. lal. Cloud computing companies today competes with their pricing and technology. Today. Cloud computing also allows instant software updates. companies and individuals are doubtful in migrating their computing needs to the cloud. consumers in turn gets the best price for the latest technology available in the market without sacrificing quality. Several cloud computing companies are making noise around the world and have revolutionized business processes for the better. What makes these cloud computing companies so popular? It’s the computing models they offer and what these models and how these models can resolve complex computing issues.

through Microsoft Azure. Programmers who ―outsource‖ their computing needs through cloud computing may now design and write their codes through Microsoft’s Azure in different programming protocol or platform even without a powerhouse system. To address all other issues like slow performance. most of these high caliber cloud computing companies use the ITIL model for management which includes the following: What Are The Best Cloud Computing Companies? At the present time of modern world. Many people show eagerness to earn extra money through online business.Cloud computing 2012 Computers are complicated machines and applications are full of restrictions. you don’t need to carry large amounts of documents with you during traveling from town to town or country to country. it strengthen its leverage on PAGE 25 . expensive and power hungry server seating there in that air-conditioned room staring at you.priyanka02@gmail. and a subscription from any of the cloud computing companies. Imagine all the applications and programs you can run without that ultra powerful. Nowadays. Microsoft being a famous in the programming field. lags and other known software issues a user’s computing requirements are outsourced to a vendor and this vendor in turn provides all the computing needs of the user. applications and programs he requires where ever a client is. Through the cloud computingtechnology the best of the best solutions are always at the clients finger tips. these cloud computing companies are popular because they are pioneers in the computing and other internet related types of business. Accessing files. These computing models are designed for multiple user access with different access level. Amazon and Microsoft. In a study conducted by NIST or National Institute of Standard and Technology businesses saves at least 15 percent of their revenues yearly by just migrating to cloud computing. They need to communicate with their large amount of target lal. online business is expanding day by day. programs and software through the cloud is one of the mainstream technology now. Cloud computing is one kind of web-based storage that permits you to store numerous information from everywhere. Besides from bringing these multitude of benefits cloud computing. To name a few of these cloud computing giants on top of the list we have Google. because a lot of cloud computing companies are available to serve you. By just simply turning on a device the client can access all the data. with everyone in the team where ever they are. You only you need to have an internet connection. Businesses may now host their virtual machines side by side without any conflicts and share your newly installed software. and takes space to run and install in computers. This also brings the question of management. Businesses who require large file storage may choose between Google or Amazon’s cloud computing models.

But who don’t know the cloud counting companies. They have to share their business policy with clients. cloud computing providers have provided many opportunities in business or online business. they will have to face a lot of problems in carrying the documents. pictures. If there is a good combination between commitment and services. From their speediness of working. Everything has been changed dramatically. Now. At earlier time. music files. video files from anyplace around the world. you can to see the support department. Modern science has offered new looks of the world.priyanka02@gmail. lal.Cloud computing 2012 audiences. people used memory cards or portable hard disks to store the data and carried it to access data. A good cloud computing company will ensure the best protection. you can know the support commitment. Cloud computing offered by cloud companies may be defined as a form of accessing different data such as documents. you can try to consult with former clients and partners of that company. Apart from this. Really. Nowadays. If it is not suitable for your company. You can check their service level agreements. If they have no cloud computing system. they are living without knowledge about modern world. You can check the suitability for performing well. applications. you are able to access any kind of information from anywhere. you will be able to access information easily and simply through cloud computing. Cloud computing companies are the newest buzz in the IT sector. By using the cloud computing services you can enjoy a flexible operation in your business or business related jobs from anywhere along with anytime.To know the reputation and trustworthiness of a cloud computing company. If you want to communicate with your clients. you should not hire it. But now with the help of cloud computing companies you don’t need to carry these documents with you. you can think it to rent for your use. But you have to check that what are the best cloud computing companies? You can check their reputation and trustworthiness. you are tension free to carry the data with you. How Cloud Computing Companies Can Easily Scam You Cloud computing may be a new term to anyone. It is very simple to maintain and store the information with a simple click of mouse. you can prefer them as best. They have to set several meetings with their partners PAGE 26 . If any company offers sound as well as safe infrastructure.

Cloud computing suppliers have to provide sufficient customer support. You can store data according to your needs and can access it anytime from anywhere. and so on from anywhere around the world without carrying these in memory cards. Only you have a net connection with your device. pictures. Before choosing. Then you can take in account its customer support. Only internet connection is needed to you. you have to represents some documents at any meetings with your target audiences. To store the additional data and information of company is a constant pain for IT department of any recognized company. Really. billing system is another factor to choose the best cloud computing provider. On the other hand.Cloud computing 2012 You can store any kind of data by cloud computing and can access these data anytime from anywhere. documents. It is also very helpful in business because it saves overall business costs. Nearly all business persons want to enjoy the cloud computing for its some advantages. cloud computing is useful for small business to large business. You can freely move to one place to another place. it is a question that. Flexibility is another benefit of cloud computing. The cloud computing provider with committed hosting services ought to be comprehensible. applications. Due to several advantages of cloud computing. you need to carry the data. You can easily attach all infrastructure and applications to the cloud. Using Cloud computing companies is very handy for any work including business and business like works. By getting a billing instruction. Again. music files. Cloud computing is very useful to any company because there is no need to purchase additional device for storing data. you have to know the total charge or billing system. you have to dial into your cloud. information etc. It saves the money along with energy. data or documents to computers as well as other devices on demand. For performing these tasks. by which you can share software. to know the customary level agreement or CLA is very essential. you have to share business related information with your partners. But if you are using cloud computing companies. Again.priyanka02@gmail. It doesn’t require installing on each computer. support devices and net connection. Nowadays. video files. flash cards or hard disks. Anyway. Finding the Best Cloud Computing Company for You Cloud computing is a new kind if storage technology. people are using this brilliant system. In your business. it can be said that cloud computing is one kind of form of accessing data including documents. The details about customer support should be listed in the customary level agreement (CLA). lal. documents and so forth with you. some factors are here for helping to choose the best cloud computing PAGE 27 . you don’t need to carry all these things with you. how do we be familiar with the best cloud computing companies? Ok! There are several things to take in account to choose the best cloud computing company. Cloud computing is very economical to any user. To access any item. Otherwise you may be scammed by them. For it you have to buy necessary infrastructure.

A lot of business companies don’t know the use of brilliant cloud computing technique and they have no cost saving technique in their hands. Cloud computing is the excellent way to save the money in any business policy and best medium to focus the objectives of the company.Cloud computing 2012 Why The Cloud Computing Market Is Always Growing Nowadays. A lot of cloud computing companies are offering this service. cloud computing service is one kind of cost-saving technique offered by the cloud computing companies. But some cloud computing companies allow using enough storage space for anyone. When you need to use more space online. This service reduces the cost in several ways and it is most economical lal. you have to pay additional fee for it. PAGE 28 . It is mainly helpful to store files online. clouding computing services eliminating the problem by allowing more storage space on various sites and it can be used by several users.priyanka02@gmail. only you have to pay for used space that is allowed to you. cloud computing is the effective way to minimize the cost as well as to maximize the efficiency of a company. However. For small software company embracing cloud computing will be best. There is no need to pay extra fee.

Really. Numerous cloud computing companies are available to provide this service. cloud computing is considered as a new and brilliant architecture. If you want to use this service for your company. It is really amazing service in IT sector. Moreover to know the reputation and reliability it will be better to consult with the partners and clients of that cloud computing provider. It is also very important to know the clients as well as partnerships of that cloud computing company.. you can get it online but you have to pay a small amount. then it can be considered the existing cloud computing company is exact for your business.priyanka02@gmail. but it is relatively difficult to choose the best one for your business purpose. By this way reputation and reliability of that company can be measured and evaluated. Most Popular Cloud Computing Providers There are a number of cloud computing companies on market now. Thus you can know the suitability of a company to run the business in a suitable cloud environment and how the company works before making an enduring commitment. cloud computing service is becoming excellent system to save extra cost for purchasing additional online space. you should check the criteria of that cloud provider. After all. Support along with Service Level Agreements lal. To understand the reputation and reliability it is very important to know how long it has been in industry.Cloud computing 2012 than any fixed size storage mode. This payment may be monthly or so on. it will be taken in account as more suitable for you. This service is more flexible in increasing and decreasing usages offered by the cloud computing companies. By adopting this service in your company you can minimize the compulsion of centralizing the storage. cloud computing service acts as a feasible option for saving cost for any Software as a Service (SaaS) companies. Suitability While the business runs through a suitable cloud environment. At the time of researching. Thus cloud computing market is growing day by day. If there is no-obligation for free trail offered by a company. Who is excellent cloud provider it is very important to know because it will be handy to fulfill your requirements. Whatever the PAGE 29 . Here are some basic requirements for identifying the excellent and popular cloud computing providers below: Reputation and Reliability Reputation and reliability of cloud computing companies will be essential to know its excellence.

A cloud computing provider will be excellent and most popular while aforementioned requirements will be content. good cloud computing companies ensures more security of the data center of the business. If there is far difference between their commitment and work PAGE 30 . it will be more suitable than other companies. you ought to request to see their support department. Support commitment of a cloud provider’s can be known from the speediness of doing work. Besides. lal.priyanka02@gmail. it will not be a good cloud provider. Finally.Cloud computing 2012 Support as well as service level agreements play an important role in making that provider or company popular. Safety of the Cloud If the company is excellent. If the company offers safe and sound infrastructure at different levels. If you go to the office of a cloud computing company. it will ensure a safety environment for the business. it will ensure the security of the environment including the business process along with system.