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The term Arudha Pada is also commonly called PADA.

Arudha means "MOUNT" and refers to the IMAGE of a sign falling on another due to "reflection of the rays emanating from it and being reflected by its lord Keeping the reflection in view, the Karaka (Significator) can be taken to be the Moon. Lagna is satya peetha or the seat of truth. Arudha lagna is maya peetha or the seat of illusion. Both stand for self, but they stand for different shades of self. Lagna stands for true self and arudha lagna stands for perceived self. Arudha lagna stands for "self, as peceived by this maya world". Lagna is satya peetha (Truth) and arudha lagna is maayaa peetha (illusion). Your status (e.g. powerful, weak, boss, servant) is an illusion, but your nature (nice, dominating, scholarly) is the truth. Influences on lagna in D-10 show your nature and influences on AL in D-10 show your status This difference between the darapada and the Upapada is to be examined in the Divisions as well. For example, the Darapada indicates all PARTNERS. The first is spouse your spouse for life and the second is Your bed partner (s) depending on the level of promiscuity in the chart. The third is the Business and partners. Thus, the first two are seen from the Navamsa whereas the last is seen from the Dasamsa in addition to the Rasi chart. If the readings of the rasi and Navamsa/ dasamsa as the case maybe are the same, then the event will surely happen. If there is a doubt, then the reading of the divisional chart shall prevail. Along the same lines, one can say that darapada (arudha pada of 7th house) in D-24 (chart of learning and intellect) shows one's partners in intellectual activities and darapada in D-20 (chart of religious and spiritual activities) shows one's partners in religious activities. You have darapada in Pisces in D-24 and D-20. It is occupied by Jupiter in D-24. These may be the reasons for your association with ISKCON swamis and other religious people in the matter of intellectual and religious activities. Darapada in Pisces with Jupiter in it, in D-24, can show intellectual association with religious

SANJAY RATH That is truly brilliant.he was nominated for the Pulitzer once .people or people learned in traditional sastras or people with Pisces lagna or people with a strong Jupiter. Rahu in Gemini) and look at where Gemini is in Divisional charts or do I find the Darapada in each Divisional charts individually and judge them? ANSWER BY MR. Do you find Darapada in the Rashi chart (in my case it would be my 10th House with Saturn. I am a Brahmin from Puri and Jupiter will represent My Guru's. A client who is a journalist by profession . Darapada Could you please clarify this fine point.NARASIMHA RAO . I traveled to Puri and had many beautiful days at Puri. Nehru had Venus (with 5 bindus in a sign with 35 bindus!!) in darapada in D-24 and hence he had intellectual association with refined. Sri Jagannatha (Ista Devata) and Sri Somanath (Shiva) (Kula devata) when considered with the Devata karaka. Do you recall that once i mentioned that Jupiter in my chart represents Sri Jagannath Mahaprabhu. You have again proved your mettle. diplomatic and cultured people represented by Venus. (We two havelagna and 3 planets in same rasis in D-24 and I also have the same combination in D-24. Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka respectively.) To give another example.has Sun with 6 bindus in Cancer in darapada in D-24! This shows intellectual association with art loving politicians and people in the high society. So I may also have intellectual association with similar people. I thought that none would ever get that about the D-20 Chart of mine. During Leo Dasa Pisces antardasa. The problem is that most people take Jupiter to mean Lord Siva or Indra blindly. REPLY BY PT. This is not correct. Jupiter represents the Kula and Ista devata first.

This is with reference to your mail saying that retrograde Saturn in the 10th from AL cause hindrances to material success. it can show bed partners. ANSWER BY PT. He was assassinated while strolling in the garden with a bullet . Jaimini gives a lot of details about this. Darapada shows partners in general.You find darapada in EACH divisional chart treating it as a rasi chart. In the case of a minister of the Delhi Government having Kanya (Virgo) lagna with Saturn in exaltation in the second.e. 8th from the 8th and will give the place of death. Murli manohar Joshi present Minister (Cabinet-HRD) in GOI. In dasamsa.) in it. When Sanjay mentioned these points. This is seen from Audha Lagna.SANJAY RATH Not with a malefic. it can show business partners and colleagues in career. whereas I predicted that he will become a senior minister and will also have an excellent reputation due to Jupiter being in the 10th house from Arudha lagna (in Sagittarius). In the case of Dr. even if he is the lord of Arudha Lagna. and the AL in Capricorn. He also broke his leg. Jupiter is in the 8th house in Virgo (Lagna is Aquarius). For example the AL of Mahatma Gandhi was in Cancer and the third from this is Virgo (Garden) with the Sun (Small firearms etc. In rasi/navamsa. Isn't this true with their placement in the 10th from Arudha lagna. I was saying that darapada in D-24 shows partners in the pursuit of knowledge and darapada in D-20 shows partners in spiritual progress. with the advent of Saturn dasa he was accused of having illicit relations and a child from a servant. Everybody said that bad days were ahead. 3rd from Arudha lagna 3rd is the Pada for the 8th i. I advised Rudrabhishek and pacification with the Mritunjaya mantra (Parasara) and he came out of the mess. These predictions have become true and the reasons are also clear. 10th house from Arudha Lagna I know that any planet in the 10th from Lagna is good for the native in giving material success.

an IQ score or the likes. Thus the teachings of Parasara and Jaimini are right All houses from Arudha Lagna is how your inner circle is supporting you and how you act within it. it helps us to time the event and causes. he left his family and renounced. But then this related to the material plane and grants success in this plane. Is thisgood for spiritual advancement? Definitely not. Prabhupada: Mercury & venus in 6th from AL with Venus in debility (Bhoga) & mercury in exaltation (Tyaga-renounce). Parakrama enhances the image no doubt.from a gun. he married (Venus) and suffered in this karmic world. thus. Similarly A5. Vivekananda: Mercury & Venus are in 6th from AL with venus in exalted Navamsa showing that this renunciation will happen exactly around the time of marriage & path shall be Shakti (Venus) patha. So. If the natural benefic is exalted in Rasi or amsa. We cannot judge intellect from the A5 unless it has manifested as something. The malefics in these houses will surely give parakrama and success in war. etc. From the A5 we can see what type of Mantras the person tends to like because for the native the Arudha is also an image they like to cling to. A4. All houses from the Arudha of the Sixth house shows the enemies inner circle and how they act within it (towards you). 2. the spiritualist will surely renounce these things and prefer Ahimsa in the place of parakrama and compromise in the face of war as he is looking for success in spiritual plane. Natural benefics out here shall help him. are separate individuals or objects. fear (saturn) or fraud (rahu) to gain material objectives and success. say the image of President Bush has increased many fold after his parakrama and yuddha against terrorism. 5th house from any Arudha shows the ashraya or shelter to that Arudha. . i. The 3 & 6 are houses of Parakrama & Yuddha and it is for us to decide as to whether we are prepared to eat the fruits of this in this life. Some examples that really inspire: 1. However specifically being famous for ones intellect is associated with the AL itself.e. Visti: Arudha means 'mount' or something that has risen. When the time came for writing /trnaslation (Mercury) of the Bhagavatam. and not the A5. they also make a person corruptible and one who can use force (mars). In the sixth house. The path chosen was Vaishnava (Mercury). Malefics here can really ruin the stability of the same.