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WebDynpro for ABAP - Hello world

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My First ABAP WebDynpro - simple WebDynpro to display 'Hello world'
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Below are the steps for creating a simple ABAP WebDynpro wihich displays the message 'HelloWorld' to the user. Step 1 Execute transaction SE80 Step 2 – Create Web Dynpro component Select Web Dynpro component/application from drop down and create new Web Dynpro component. Give the window a name of your choice e.g. MAIN_WINDOW. Also depending on your version of SAP you may also have the option to enter the default view as well. Give the view a name of your choice, i will use 'VIEW1' for this example. This view will then be automatically embeded into the window. If you eneter a view here you can miss out steps 3 and 6.

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Step 3 – Create View This step is not required if you entered the view name during the creation of your ABAP web dynpro(step 1). Within the context menu of the WebDynpro component and choose Create->View (VIEW1)

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3/15/2012 3/15/2012 .com for ABAP .Hello world Page 2 of 10 Join the Mailing List Enter your name and email address below: Name: Email: i j k l m n Subscribe n Unsubscribe j k l m GO Get your Free Mailing List by Bravenet.

http://www.WebDynpro for ABAP . Press enter to see these changes appear in the layout preview! Step 6 – Make WebDynpro view part of the WebDynpro window This step is not required if you entered the view name during the creation of your ABAP web dynpro(step 1). Change its display text using the ‘text’ property to what ever you want e. ‘HELLO WORLD’. Enter a name for the element and select type CAPTION. Edit the Webdynpro window and select the window tab(MAIN_WINDOW). To do this right click on the ROOTUIELEMENTCONTAINER within the UI element hierarchy (top right corner) and select Insert Element.Hello world Page 3 of 10 Step 4 Within the layout tab of the view create a simple UI element of type CAPTION (VIEW1).sapdev.htm 3/15/2012 . In the window structure open the context menu for the Web Dynpro window and select ‘Embed View’.g. Step 5 Double click on the CAPTION to maintain it properties in which case go straight to step 7 otherwise follow instructions below.

WebDynpro for ABAP .htm 3/15/2012 .Hello world Page 4 of 10 Display list of views available to be embedded Click 'value help' button to display list of available views to Choose view to add to window Now select your view from the list. The embed view popup will now be populated with the appropriate detials The view has now been embeded to the window

htm 3/15/2012 .Hello world Page 5 of 10 Step 7 – Create web Dynpro application Step 8 .uk/webapps/webdynpro/ your WebDynpro (WDp) http://www.Save and activate everything Step 9 .WebDynpro for ABAP .

htm 3/15/2012 ..Result www.. Add to Add to My Yahoo! Ads by Google Share 0 tweet Login This blog post All blog posts Subscribe to this blog post's comments through.Hello world Page 6 of 10 Step 10 .uk/webapps/webdynpro/wdp_helloworld.sapdev.WebDynpro for ABAP .co.PDF-Tool.wiseconvert.