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Global Conscience Initiative

Member of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court Salus populi suprema lex – The welfare of the people is the supreme law

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December 4, 2007 News Release For immediate use Contact: 33030613 Student killings in Kumba: Meme Administration demonstrates ineptitude, takes to witch-hunting Global Conscience Initiative has expressed serious disappointed with the declaration of the Meme Administration to traditional rulers of the division that striking students in Kumba were shot and killed by bandits. The First Deputy Chief Executive for Meme thunderstruck Southwest Chiefs, during their recent assembly, and challenged them to prove that the students were shot and killed by police and gendarmes. Global Conscience Chief Executive, Samba Churchill has said the challenging declaration of the administrator is bad-mannered, most provocative and intended to ridicule the Chiefs, who are very aware about what happened, and adds insult to their injuries. According to Mr. Samba, the statement of the first Assistant SDO, speaking on behalf of his boss, must be seriously followed up as it demonstrates, absolutely, the kind of sit-tight, high handed and dictatorial administration we have in Meme Division. He urged the Chiefs to take their responsibilities and press for thorough investigations and sanctioning of the ruthless killings, at least in the interest of posterity. Mr. Samba said the declaration also makes clear whose interest the administration is defending. The Global Conscience Director also observed that since the shooting of peacefully demonstrating students by forces in Kumba, the Meme administration has been very verbose, threatening parents, and now Chiefs, that the administration knows those of them who incited the students into striking. The human rights activist, cum Journalist, said the administration has completely failed to manage the students’ crisis and has resulted to witch-hunting to cover-up its ineptitude. He said the administration is continuing to produce more violence in Kumba by its unconsidered and imprudent declarations. Global Conscience Initiative is therefore calling on Yaounde authorities to intervene to resolve the crises in Kumba, and take well calculated measures to put in the local administration persons worthy enough to conduct unfettered respect for constituted authority.

Ngala Elvis Tawe Communication Department Media Centre, Global Conscience Initiative

Global Conscience is a non-governmental not-for-profit making organisation registered No. G39/D14/5/1006 for the promotion of peace, human rights and democracy. Bankers: Union Bank of Cameroon Plc. Kumba Branch Account No. SAAD 0015006400107 or CONFINEST – KUMBA Acc. No: 37 109 0000 66-00