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Associate in Arts (Total Credit Hours 64)

FOUNDATION STUDIES Written Communications (6 credit hours minimum) ENGL 1204 English Composition I ENGL 1206 English Composition II Oral Communications (3 credit hours minimum) Interpersonal Communication OR 1200 Organizational Communications OR COMM 1220 Public Speaking 1230 College-level Mathematics MATH 1828 College Algebra Computer Literacy BSTC 1036 Computer Concepts & Apps TOTAL 3 3 NATURAL SCIENCE At least one 5-credit lab science course Fundamental of Chemistry (no lab) CHEM 1802 College Chemistry I w/ Lab CHEM 1806 1402 Principles of Biology w/ Lab LIFE 1413/ Environmental Science w/ Lab LIFE 1414 Physical Science w/ Lab PHSC 1400 TOTAL (5 credit hours minimum w/ at least one Lab Course) 5 5 5 5 5 5

3 3 15

HUMANITIES 3 credits from 2 of the 3 subject areas At least 3 credits from "breadth" courses identified by an asterisk* Fine Arts ARTS 1200 Art Appreciation* 3 MUSI 1002 Introduction to Music* 3 XXXX 1xxx Advisor approved course substitute 3 Language Arts COMM 1220 Organizational Communications* 3 ENGL 1210 Introduction to Literature* 3 LANG 1908 Elementary Spanish I 5 XXXX 1xxx Advisor approved course substitute 3 Philosophy / History / Religion PHIL 1602 Introduction to Philosophy* 3 PHIL 1604 Systematic Ethics 3 PHIL 1605 Argument & Reason 3 HIST 1400 American History to 1877* 3 HIST 1402 American History 1877 to Present* 3 HIST 1408 Western Civilization to 1500* 3 HIST 1410 Western Civilization 1500-Present* 3 HIST 1416 American Military History* 3 RELI 1311 World Religions* 3 XXXX 1xxx Advisor approved course substitute 3 TOTAL (9 credit hours minimum) 9 SOCIAL and BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES 3 credits from 2 of the 3 subject areas At least 3 credits from the "breadth" courses identified by an asterisk* Social Science ANTH 1819 World and Regional Geography* SOCI 1100 Introduction to Sociology* SOCI 1129 Cross Cultural Awareness* Behavioral Science PSYC 1000 General Psychology* PSYC 1012 Introduction to Counseling Economics / Political Science ECON 1610 Principles of Macroeconomics* ECON 1612 Principles of Microeconomics* POLS 1801 Introduction to Political Science* POLS 1804 International Relations* TOTAL (9 credit hours minimum)

PHYSICAL EDUCATION, HEALTH, and PERFORMANCE Only one credit from Performance course allowed HLTH 1248 Personal and Community Health 3 XXXX 1xxx Advisor approved course substitute 2-3 TOTAL (2 credit hours minimum) 2 Military Schools may cover the Health Requirement. Confirm with your academic advisor. ELECTIVES 24 hours of classes from the college catalog or courses that have been approved for transfer by your advisor. Hours listed below are suggested classes they are not required. It is required to complete at least 24 hours of elective credit. Elective credit can include classes previously listed in this template. For example if you use COMM 1230 to complete the Oral Communications Foundation Studies requirement, you could use COM 1200 and/or COM 1220 as electives. BUSI 1780 Total Quality Management 3 BUSI 1783 Process Management 3 3 COMM 1217 Non Verbal Communication ECON 1615 Personal Finance 3 HIST 1463 Military History of the Second World War 3 LEAD 1000 Introduction to Leadership Concepts 3 POLS 1800 Government of the United States 3 3 PSYC 1130 Death and Dying PSYC 1016 Social Psychology 3 SOCI 1102 Marriage & Family 3 XXXX 1xxx Advisor approved courses 24 TOTAL (24 hours minimum from the list above) 24 es.html Link to Course Transferability Kansas Four Year Schools Link to the College Online Catalog. See page 35 of the catalog for list of courses that are defined as breadth and depth. Check the catalog for course prerequisites. The template above is a guide to completion of the Associate of Arts degree it is not all inclusive. It is possible to substitute classes not listed above and still complete the degree requirements. Students may transfer classes from other schools and/or receive military credit for some classes. Student should contact an advisor to determine if deviation from the template is valid. Link to contact an advisor or call 1-877-620-6606. Rev.10/20/10

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