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Software Design Description Version 1.0
April 6, 20

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Table of Contents

1.0. Introduction 1.1. Purpose 1.2. Scope 1.3. Glossary 1.4. Overview of document 2.0. Architecture design 2.1. Class diagram 3.0. Data structure design 3.1. Data field types and sizes. 4.0. Use case diagram 5.0. Collaboration Diagram 6.0. Sequence Diagram 7.0 Activity Diagram 8.0 Collaboration Diagram 9.0 Deployment diagram 10.0 Interface design 10.1 Home page 10.2 Client login page 10.3 Online Form page 10.4 Applicant Submitted Information 10.5 Admin lo

fees to be paid for each passport type. and addition of certain facilities in the passport. architectures and entity-relationships involved in the development of the Passport Processing System. to model object interactions arranged in time sequence and to distribute use case behaviour to classes. to describe activities and flow of data or decisions between activities. and class diagrams. to provide a conceptual model of the system in terms of entities and their relationships. The designated administrator in charge of the Passport Processing System will have full access to make changes. 1. Purpose The purpose of Software Design Document (SDD) is to describe the design details. Nowadays it is also required at many places as a proof of identification. Design Specification includes activity diagrams. The several types of UML diagrams used for this purpose are included in this document. but not limited to. to describe structure and behaviour in the use cases. collaboration diagrams. Passport is necessary in case of a person has to travel outside his/her country. visa info and renewal of passport. changing the client details.1. The passport processing system shall provide the users with the facility to view his account details which includes passport status. Introduction Passport is an essential document for an individual in today’s world. The changes could include. The design of the passport processing system software could be done easily using the Unified Modelling Language (UML). to depict classes and their interrelationships. to map the object interactions to the object links. The basic pages will be in HTML .2. Scope This document contains a complete description of the design of Passport Processing System. The basic architecture is a web server from a client server paradigm. as per changing Government policies. 1. and for requirement capture and end-user interaction. The system ensures the clients about the use of the software with better GUI.1. The passport processing system software is the interface between applicant and authority responsible for issue the passport. . and for emphasizing the effect of the object structures on the interactions. as he/she deems necessary. sequence diagrams. CSS and PHP.

PHP MYSQL Hypertext Preprocessor. Collection of all information. Glossary Account Administrator A account contains information of registered client and their current Passport Status. For making the database. (Hyper Text Markup Language) Markup Language used for creating web pages.3. Police Applicant/Client Database Member HTML JSP The person who verifies the identity of applicant or client One who wishes to obtain the Passport.1. Users who have already registered for passport. . The person who manages and administrates the client database and can make required changes. (Java Server Pages) Java Technology for serving dynamically generated web pages.

 Section 8 component diagrams.  Section 6 contains sequence diagrams.  Section 7 activity diagrams.4 Overview The remaining chapters and overview of their contents is listed below:  Section 2 is the Architectural Design that specifies the design entities that collaborate to perform all the functions included in the system.  Section 5 contains collaboration diagram. and how it can be created with maximum user efficiency and ease of use. In turn. . Each of these entities has an Abstract description concerning the services that it provides to the rest of the system.  Section 9 deployment diagrams  Section 10 discusses the User Interface Design.  Section 4 concerns with use case diagram.1.  Section 3 concerns the Data Structure Design. each design entity is expanded into a set of lower-level design operations that collaborate to perform its services.

password Operations: Apply_form() Account_reg(uname. Attributes: first name. last name. bdate. There are following attributes in the online form . address.1 Class Diagram Passport Application Applicant +Name: String +Age: Number +Sex: Char +Address: String +Father's Name: String +Username: String +Password: String +Apply_form() +Account_reg(uname.0 Architectural Design 2. email-id. city. username. password) N Apples to 1 1 Administrator +Username: String +Password: String +Issue_Passport() +View_Details() +Send_to_Police() +Recv_from_Police() 1 Sends Client Information 1 1 Police +Username: String +Password: string +Recv_from_Admin() +Send_to_Admin() +Passport_status: String 1 +check_status() N N Recieved and updated by Views 1 Registered Client +Username: String +Password: String +Check_Status() +Renew() +View_Profile() +Visa_Info() issue passport to Recieve Verification Detals Text Figure1 Applicant Name: applicant Type: Web page Description: This is the online application form presented to the applicants upon clicking on the online form button . state.2.password) Arguments: None Pre-condition: Connected to site Post-condition: On another page Exceptions: None Flow of Events: . zip code. sex.

Can view status. 3. Police enter username and password. Logs in Returns: No return values . Operations: Login() Pre-condition: Connected to site Post-condition: details saved leads to welcome page Flow of Events: 1.password. Returns: No return values Police Type:form page Description: a login form appears where police inputs police id and password to go to police page. Operations: Login() Pre-condition: Connected to site Post-condition: details saved leads to welcome page Flow of Events: 1.1. member enter username and password.profile and visa information by selecting their respective tabs.a form occurs on screen asking for username and password. Police is presented with a login form 2. And then client logs in. 2.password. Logs in 4.Get his/her Passpord Id Registered Client Name: Member Page Type: Web page form Description: When the registered client clicks on client login button on home page. applicant visits the home page.goes to post page(display his/her datails) 5. Attributes: username.Fills the online form 4. Attributes: username. 3. selects online form 3. member is presented with a login form 2.

3.0 Data Structure Design The data is stored in a relational database using PHPMyAdmin (MySQL). Logs in Returns: No return values Passport Status Type:form page Description: a status form appears where registered client can view their passport status. The fields for transmitting to and from the database are given in the following table. Attributes: username. Attributes: password_status Operations: Check_status() Pre-condition: Connected to site Post-condition: display the status Flow of Events: 1. Clicks on view status button 3. Registered clients logs in 2. Operations: Login() Pre-condition: Connected to site Post-condition: details saved leads to welcome page Flow of Events: 1. The relations are described by the database administrator .password. Admin is presented with a login form 2. Admin enter username and password. views the status of the passport Returns: No return values 3. .Administrator Type:form page Description: a login form appears where admin inputs admin id and password to go to admin page.

1 Data field types and sizes ATTRIBUTE NAME fname lname bdate sex address city state zipcode email username password contact adminusername adminpassword policeusername policepassword ATTRIBUTE TYPE varchar varchar date varchar varchar varchar varchar varchar varchar varchar varchar int varchar varchar varchar varchar SIZE 30 30 30 10 50 30 30 10 20 30 30 10 30 30 30 30 .3.

2 Query 2.1Application 1.1 Fill Application Form 1.Passport Processing System 2.5.1 Username and Password 1.2Registered Client 1.0 Collaboration Diagram 5.1 Fetch Details 3.Applicant 2.Registered Client 1.1 Provide Applicant ID 2.Passport Processing System 2.Database .2 Provide Details 2.2 Store Details Database 5.

Police Figure 3 6.1 Send Applicant Details 2.0.1Client Subsystem (Status Check) client 1 : client login() 2 : verify login details() 3 : client logged in() 4 : enter application id() 5 : fetch details from application() system DataBase 6 : display status() .Administrator 1.5.1 Get Applicant Details 2.Passport Processing System 1.Database 5.1 Fetch Details 4.2 Send Verification Details 1.Applicant 4.1 Provide Passport 3.3 Administrator 1. Sequence Diagram 6.

1 Admin Subsystem admin 1 : admin login() 2 : verify login details() system Database client 3 : admin logged in() 4 : enter application id() 5 : check details() 6 : give details() 7 : dispatch eligible passport() 6.2 New User Application client system database 1 : request for registration() 2 : registration form() 3 : fill details() 4 : submit details() 5 : get application id() 6 : store client details() .6.

6.3 Police Verification police 1 : police login() 2 : verify login details() system database 3 : police logged in() 4 : get client details() 5 : send verification of client details() .

7.1Status Check Passport Processing System(Client Login) Enter Username and Password login Successful No Display Message Yes Check Status Display Status . Activity Diagrams 7.

7.2 Police Verification Passport Processing System(Police Login) Enter Username and Pssword Login Success Display Police Panel Yes NO Display Message Display Details Of Applicants To be Verified Reply To Admin .

3 Admin Subsystem Passport Processing System(Admin Login) Enter Username and Pssword Login Success Display Admin Panel Yes NO Display Message Display Details Of Applicants To be Processed Display Reply Of Police .7.

Component Diagram Applicant Takes details from applicant and verification from police Applies for the Passport Administrator Police Issues passport to applicants Verifies Details of Applicants 9. Deployment Diagram Takes details from applicant and verification from police Issues passport to applicants Administrator Police Applicant Verifies Details of Applicants Applies for the Passport .8.

ContactUs. Police and Admin login. .which gives contact detail of the administrators of the system.1 Home Page This is the main page of Passport Processing System. c. There are following options in this page: a. d. Provision for Registered clients. Online passport form that presents online application form. About us: Displays the details of passport offices.10. b.0 Interface Design 10.

.2 Client Login Page This page is login page for already registered users.10.

Details filled by the user is presented and if there is any error he can reset form filling by clicking on reset button and if details are correct he can click on submit.3 Online Form Page Online application form for passport. .10.

10.4 Applicant submitted Information .

10.5 Admin Login This is admin login page .