Proposal for Internship Report on

“Customer Service”
Submitted to

Samira Nuzhat
Assistant Professor Faculty of BBA Department

Proposed by:

Md. Nafees Imtiaz
ID # 06-06808-2
Major: Marketing

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American International University Bangladesh (AIUB)

He comes with an idea of banking in May 20. . employees deal with their customers and they will be able to differentiate it with the other banks. He is a former minister of Bangladesh Government and the member of Central Committee of Bangladesh Awami League and current general secretary of Awami League. It is relevant to me as my major is marketing and the customer service is a big part of this. He is the founder Chairman of Mercantile Bank Limited expressed his satisfaction at the achievement of the bank during the year 2002 and advised the executives and officers to come forward with new banking products and innovative ideas.2 Profile of the organization or business establishment: Abdul Jolil is a Bangladeshi politician.” is to know how the employees of this bank behave with their customers. The faculty of business administration will know specifically how Mercantile Bank Ltd. through the incorporation of the bank. It will help me to build up the knowledge about the customer service as well as the marketing of banking sector.3 Rationale of the study: The reason for proposing the topic “Customer Service of Mercantile Bank Ltd. 1. 1999.1 Title of the study: “Analyzing the Customer Service of Mercantile Bank Limited” 1.0 Brief introduction of the study This study represents how the employees deal with the customers of their bank.1. 1.

analytical techniques used by Mercantile Bank Ltd for the promotion of their bank.0 Statement of the problem • • • • Analyzing the benefits and problems faced by customers while using the service from the employees of Mercantile Bank Ltd.0 Objective of the study . for promoting their bank. Identifying the strategies used by Mercantile Bank Ltd. Identifying and analyzing the different types of promotional strategies undertaken by Mercantile Bank Ltd. to increase their account holders. As I am working only in one branch.0 Scope and limitation of the study The report mainly analyzes Mercantile Bank Ltd practices about their marketing activities among various sectors and individual customers. I do not know what procedures other branches are following and how they are managing their customers. Management/officials are not always that much helpful. Identifying the reasons for increase in popularity of tractors. 3.2. 4. The main limitation of this report is time frame because the internship course is only for three months. The report emphasizes the sequential activities involved in marketing process. It consists of the writer’s observations and on the job experiences during the internship period in Dilkusha Branch of Mercantile Bank Ltd.

4. • To know about the management style and organization structure of Mercantile Bank Ltd.4. 6. As the secondary source. organizational supervisor. In addition. I will make use of organizational brochure. in respect to other banks. To suggest necessary measures for the development of the bank. To identify and focus the problems of general banking of Mercantile Bank Ltd.0 Schedule of activities . • To identify the major strength and weakness of Mercantile Bank Ltd.1 Broad objective To know the general banking of Mercantile Bank Ltd. 5. To discuss the services offered by Mercantile Bank Ltd.0 Methodology of the study Information will be collected from primary sources such as telephone conversation as well as questionnaire survey with various customers. and other staffs of Mercantile Bank Ltd. MS Excel will be used to analyze the various data. annual report and the official website of Mercantile Bank Ltd.2 Specific objective • • To develop knowledge and a clear understanding about the general banking of Mercantile Bank Ltd. in relation to the marketing policy.

It will take 12 weeks to finish the intended study. Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Topic selection Activity Visit the selected company Proposal submission and approval Data collection Note findings Data analysis Report writing Report writing Draft submission Revision and correction Report submission .

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