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EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETING April 12, 2012 Steinbrenner Metro Service Center 1307 North MacDill Avenue AGENDA

1. Welcome Members & Guests..........Greg Hearing a. Tony DiBenedetto, Tribridge b. Keith Lawless, Cox Media c. Koni Cassini, Airport Authority 2. Consent Items (No discussion is planned unless requested) a. February 9, 2012 Meeting Minutes (Attachment 1) b. March, 2012 Financial Report (Attachment 2) c. 2011 Year End Financials (DRAFT) 3. New Business a. Foundation Distribution Policy b. 2010 1011 Distribution 4. Strategy Report a. Strengthening the Board.....Scott Jacobsen 5. 85th Anniversary Breakfast.Vic Holcomb & Anne Carney 6. Reports a. Community Relations....................Ricky Gallon b. Development.....Cassandra Thomas c. Yankees Luncheon..Brenda Browning d. Pasco County/Grants...................................Chris Letsos 7. Presidents Report......Brad Baumgardner 8. Executive Session 9. Adjorn

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Impact . Hope. Opportunity.


Members Present: Karl Brandes, Lynn Dumais, Luis Garcia, Eddie Gomez, Scott Jacobsen, Shelley Kolseth, Marc Spencer. Others Present: Brad Baumgardner, Brenda Browning, Ricky Gallon, Chris Letsos, Debbie McCarthy. Board Chair Lynn Dumais called the meeting to order at 12:05 pm. Consent Items: Minutes of the December 8, 2011 meeting and the January 2012 Financial Report were provided to the members for their review prior to the meeting. Debbie McCarthy reported that the Year End Financials books were left opened on purpose and that by the end of tomorrow, they should finish preparing the audit and have final numbers in the next week or so. Motion to approve the Minutes, January Financial Report and Draft of the Year End Financials by Luis, second by Eddie. Motion passed. New Business Board Resolution: The following were discussed and voted on to join the Foundation Board. Bill Winters, Bob Blanchard, Dennis Alvarez, Allen Brinkman, II, Tara Mitchell, Russ Hunt. As members, they have a $15K give or get requirement. Motion to approve by Scott, second by Eddie. Motion carried. Strategy Report: Scott spoke about strengthening the board. Scott, Luis, Lynn & Brad met last month regarding end of the year board expectations, give or get, committee involvement, attendance and where were at currently. Some members are not engaged any longer so they are making phone calls to see if their situation has changed and try to get them reengaged again. Luis stated were trying to get them back by having them join a committee. They are trying to wrap this up before the Annual Meeting in March. Scott stated we have a recruitment process this year and we need new members in the marketing and technology fields. Brad reported that Manny Alvarez would like to rejoin the Corporate Board again. He is currently with USAmeriBank. Scott made a motion to add Manny as a new member, Shelley second. Motion passed. It was suggested to bring people in by having them join in committee levels to see how involved they are before coming onto the board.

Executive Committee Meeting February 9, 2012 Page Two Shelley asked if we have a list of companies we have in mind with people to target. Scott reported that Lisa compiled a list about a year ago. We dont have that many big hitters in town anymore. Lynn suggested we get any suggestions to Scott. Community Relations Report: Ricky reported on events that are going on or coming up at our clubs. We started a new basketball league. We are reaching out to teens and they want to have one teen event per month. First one is 2/15 at Smith Salesian that will be Club Chef. ProCamps reached out to us for our kids to participate in their summer camp at no cost to us. Don Smith has reached out to difference basketball opportunities and camps for us. Busch Gardens held classes for our Creating Lifetime Leaders program on 2/4, 2/11 & 2/17 for youth 14 to 17 years. NY Yankees Charity Night will be held on March 12th at 7:05 pm for Liberty Mompierre. Approximately 50 kids and some parents will be going to the Yankees game that evening. The Urban Land Institute/Rose Center for Public Leadership held a meeting with Construction Services Center on February 8th regarding making a path to the river in the West Tampa area that will affect the Boulevard Homes. This will be a long term project. Eddie asked for a Liberty update. Ricky reported that all kids have been placed at either our club or Anderson Elementary. We had no requests for scholarship. There has been some interest in the building from a church and a charter school. Range for selling Interbay, from $240K to $850K. Not an official appraisal. Eddie made a motion for Brad to figure out and go about selling Interbay. Debbie stated that our insurance doesnt want to insure the Interbay building due to its state of disrepair. We do have liability insurance on the property, just not property insurance. Marc made a motion to move forward in finding a buyer, Eddie second, motion passed. Development Report: Luis suggested that Glenns son would be a good addition to the board. Something to think about. Development report was handed out to the members. Brad thanked Eddie for the Tampa New Auto Dealers donation of $10K. We lost the Smithers Foundation as our lead sponsor for the Yankees Luncheon. Brad asked Brenda to take the lead on the luncheon. Other upcoming events are the East Pasco Round Up on March 8th, Annual Meeting/Dinner on March 13th, Yankees Luncheon on March 29th and Brandon Clay Shoot on March 31st. Luis will reach out to the Bank of Tampa for the Annual Dinner sponsorship. Pasco County/Grants Report: Chris Letsos reported that in Tallahassee, we were written in on the Senate and House side for a bill for a $1M pushed by Speaker Elect Weatherford in building a Stanley Park/Boys & Girls Club Community Center. Weve raised $300K so far. If we receive the $1M, his goal is to use the government money to building it, and our dollars for operation. The Sheriff is pushing for our cause in Tallahassee. The board has grown to 15.

Executive Committee Meeting February 9, 2012 Page Three Chris had a meeting about Sulpher Springs with YMCA, JPMorgan Chase, and the school district has reached out for us to run a program and Sligh Middle School. We have funding from the Triad, Community Foundation and Conn Foundation. Spring Hill may not be ready for us until next summer. Our 21st Century sites are reaching their goals. Bad news, subsidized care, the Senate & House and Governor wants to take after school dollars and move it to school care. We would lose $1.5M in subsidized care so we are looking at the future of it. Good news is our Youth of the Year has been named, Jenny Qui from the Liberty Club. Presidents Report: Brad Baumgardner reported on Riverview Grand Opening that went very well with over 125 attending. The Riverview community is really supporting us. Brad has hired a Director of Development, Cassandra Thomas, that has Boys & Girls Clubs experience. She starts on Monday. She has graphic and social media skills. Capitano Club is dwindling in numbers and not sure how long they will have the school. We bus 45-50 kids to St. Peter Claver. We own the Capitano property. The Foundation is putting together a Great Futures Breakfast, trying to tie in our 85th year. Looking at late or middle December. Vic and Anne are co-chairing the event. We have 35-40 alumni confirmed to host a table at the event. This is free of charge but we will ask for donations. Shelley spoke about an event for Corporal Michael Nicholson, wounded in Afghanistan, hes be rehabbing and flying home on Sunday, the 19th, will have a motorcade from airport to downtown and down Bayshore. Asked to show youre support if youre in the South Tampa area. Lynn closed the meeting to the Staff at 1:00 pm and an Executive Session was held.

Brenda Browning, Recorder _____________________________ ____________ Shelley Kolseth, Secretary Date

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