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Dileep Kumar Y

Mobile No: +91-9678423679


Personal Profile
Full name Date of Birth Gender Nationality Email Contact number Yeluvaka Dileep Kumar 14th April 1990 Male Indian +91-9678423679 Permanent Address
c/o Y.Shankaraiah St2-464, Centenary colony Kamanpur Karimnagar–505212 Andhra Pradesh, India

Temporary Address

D-213 Manas hostel IIT Guwahati Assam - 781039 Guwahati, India

Academic Record
Studying B.Tech 3nd year (6th semester) in Electronics and Communication Engineering at IIT Guwahati, Assam. Institution Cumulative Performance Index (Till 5 sem) Semester Performance Index (5th sem)

Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati. 6.94(on the scale of 10). 7.46(on the scale of 10).

Class XII Board of Intermediate Education, A.P.- 2008 College Name Percentage obtained Class X - State board - 2006 School Name Percentage obtained Pragathi High School,karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh. 85.0 % Sri Chaitanya Junior College, Vijayawada. 94.0 %

Verilog. Relevant Courses Undertaken Theoretical Courses C programming language OOP and Data Structures Signals.VHDL.B. Systems and Networks Probability and Random processes Principles of Communications Digital Signal Processing Introduction to VLSI Design Microprocessors and Embedded systems Semi Conductor Devices Control Systems Digital and Analog Electronic Devices Electronic Instrumentation Digital communication Communication networks Practical Courses Programming in C Lab OOP and Data Structures using C++ Communication Lab VLSI Design Lab Digital Circuits&Microprocessors Lab Instrumentation Lab Basic Electronics Lab Analog Circuits Lab Electric Machines Projects Undertaken  Campus wide (IITG) Public Addressing System via Ethernet.  Adaptive Fuzzy-PID Controller Of Vehicle Active Suspension System.Nemade. Project Guide: Dr. C++. Project Guide: Dipankar Deb.  Embedded Systems.Arduino. Microsoft Windows. 8085/8086 microprocessors. . Fedora). JAVA.Technical Skills Programming Languages Applications/Simulation softwares Operating Systems Kits worked upon C. Professor Dept of Electronics and Electrical Engg.  Communication Networks. Asst. Areas of Interest  Design Android apps using java eclipse.Simulink. Dept of Electronics and Electrical Engg. MATLAB. H. Associate Professor. NXP MCB 2148(ARM Processor).  Database. Linux (Ubuntu.

• Honest & self motivated. • Very consistent. • Have been an active member of NSO group activities for 2009/10. (DILEEP KUMAR Y) . DECLARATION: Here by solely declare that the above-furnished details are correct to my best knowledge and I take complete responsibility for any false information. good at analytical abilities & problem solving. • Secured All India Rank 3510(GE category) in the IIT-Joint Entrance Test (IIT-JEE 2009).Strengths And Achievements • Dedication and Hard working towards achieving the objective and goals.