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“The upgrade provides us with a stable version for the next three to four years. It moves us into the most advanced and promising service-oriented and Java-based architecture, which we will now explore in order to maximize the benefits from it.”
Jean-Luc Henrie Vice president, application solutions alcatel-lucent

Company • name: alcatel-lucent • location: paris, france • industry: Telecommunications • products and services: communications solutions • revenue: €17.8 billion • employees: 77,000 • web site: • implementation partners: accenture ltd., sap® consulting Challenges and Opportunities • update a critical business management solution • support the alignment of enterprise-wide processes Objectives • perform a unicode conversion • implement swift issue resolution • provide timely access to specialist expertise • enable project completion within the specified time frame • minimize disruption to day-to-day operations SAP Solution and Services • sap active Global support (sap aGs) organization • sap safeguarding services • Global delivery group of sap consulting • sap erp application

Implementation Highlights • achieved simultaneous switchover for 6,000 users in 30 countries • completed upgrade on schedule in 7.5 months • performed upgrade within the limited 4-day downtime window • supported testing for 450 users across 170 business scenarios • converted 1.8 terabytes of data in a multidisplay, multiprocessing (mdmp) database to unicode Why SAP fast access to specialist expertise Benefits • responsive service, thanks to on-site presence of sap experts and optimal collaboration between teams • swift issue resolution – 6 fixes provided within 1 day • short stabilization period – all issues resolved within 2 weeks after the software went live • rapid access to expertise within sap aGs • 15% reduction in disk space used on servers • faster and more-efficient processing due to performance gains of 20% to 30% Existing Environment sap r/3® software (functionality now found in the sap erp application) Third-Party Integration • database: oracle • hardware: hewlett-packard • operating systems: hp-uX, linux

SAP Customer Success Story Telecommunications

” Jean-Philippe Dolle. in 30 countries across europe – as well as india. earning annual revenues of €17. failure simply wasn’t an option.” comments imbs. Brazil. If any issues should arise. when the time came to upgrade this mission-critical tool.following the merger of two telecommunication titans. during the upgrade process.” running. as would future deployment across the newly merged company. the company decided to upgrade to the latest version of sap erp.000 employees in more than 130 countries. with a strong internal organization and Pivotal Role To manage business-critical functions across the company. alcatel-lucent relied heavily on Blue planet. paris-based alcatel-lucent became one of the biggest players in the telecommunications industry. “The existing software was no longer supported. with as little disruption to day-to-day activities as possible. a critical step was the upgrade of “Blue planet” – the sap® software–based enterprise resource planning (erp) solution in use prior to the merger. and this will make the solution much more scalable worldwide in the future. it was critical that the upgrade took place smoothly and quickly. and Venezuela – staff use the solution to carry out core business activities.” says dolle. hardware. accounts receivable. following this decision. staff in some countries would be unable to carry out basic operational functions – with a significant impact on business. the company turned to sap safeguarding services to have access to experts when and where it was needed. erp solution manager at alcatel-lucent. alcatel-lucent chose Blue planet to be the foundation of a common solution to support activities across the newly merged organizations. the new version of sap erp supports unicode. “it’s important that people feel they can rely on the solution. alcatel-lucent . erp solution manager. each day. and warehouse management. This enabled a successful upgrade while minimizing disruption to the business. accounts payable.8 billion.” says Jean-philippe dolle. The implementation team faced the additional pressure of an unmissable deadline. project manager at alcatel-lucent. Eliminating Risk with Blue planet performing such a key role across the organization. the perception of Blue planet among employees was a key consideration. including general ledger. “we produce software for our telecom devices. “in addition. as the largest and most advanced erp solution within the new organization. sales and distribution. so we have to be efficient and responsive in administering our own solution infrastructure. “if we missed the downtime window. alcatel-lucent’s external image was at stake. we needed to know we could solve them quickly – SAP Safeguarding gave us that peace of mind. an erp solution based on sap r/3® software (functionality now found in the sap erp application).” The experienced alcatel-lucent team. in a wide-ranging program to align enterprise processes in order to unify and integrate key business activities in the new organization. “users understand that issues can sometimes arise – but they don’t understand if we don’t resolve them quickly. the project would be delayed for months.” in addition. with 77. “The switchover was scheduled for a period in between key financial disclosures. invoicing. purchasing.” explains Gilles imbs. without the solution up and “We wanted to have direct access to SAP expertise both before and after going live. it offers a range of software. and services to carriers and enterprise customers worldwide.

“we wanted to have direct access to sap expertise both before and after going live.” Gilles Imbs project manager alcatel-lucent methodology. and we could not afford to halt the process. Unicode Conversion alcatel-lucent collaborated with sap to convert its existing data to conform to the unicode standard. when . The team more than fulfilled our expectations.000 users in 30 countries switched over simultaneously within an on-target downtime window of four days. we needed to know we could solve them quickly – sap safeguarding gave us that peace of mind. which helped us compress unicode conversion timelines significantly.” says imbs. and sap consulting. which was made up of alcatel-lucent iT staff as well as experts from accenture ltd.” says dolle. To mitigate these risks and to minimize the possibility of disruption to operations – and the adverse effect on the business that would entail – alcatel-lucent turned to sap safeguarding. ensured a short stabilization period following the switchover. project manager. it’s an extremely complex process. we will involve SAP Safeguarding again. with all 6. alcatel-lucent experience. almost all of which were resolved before the solution went live. “with sap safeguarding. rapid responses from sap safeguarding were critical as well. ensured on-time delivery with minimal disruption to our users.” explains dolle. which ensured that project milestones were reached on time. you consider that we have over 1. sap safeguarding helped the implementation team to address 750 open issues. “Technically. we needed a contribution from specialists. we were able to resolve them within one day. The speed of response by sap safeguarding and the reactivity of the team were key elements of the project’s success and strengthened user confidence in the solution.8 terabytes in total. including its immovable deadline. according to dolle. using downtime optimization tools to reduce the duration of the process from 72 to just 17 hours. conducted just prior to going live and involving 450 users across 170 business scenarios.5 months and on schedule. “every single byte of information needed to be modified.” Swift Issue Resolution The alcatel-lucent project team completed the upgrade to the latest version of sap erp in 7.” confirms dolle. This.“The speed of response by SAP Safeguarding and the reactivity of the team were key elements of the project’s success and strengthened user confidence in the solution. Thanks to his physical presence on-site.” during the user testing phase. “That’s where “For sure. swift issue resolution – both before and after the switchover – was key to this achievement.” alcatel-lucent and experts from sap consulting performed the data conversion jointly. in turn.” Gilles Imbs. “if any issues should arise. the technical quality manager was able to liaise tightly between the implementation team and colleagues within the sap active Global support organization. “The stabilization phase took only two weeks – much shorter than my experience with past upgrade projects.” a technical quality manager from sap joined the implementation team. Improved Performance during the five-month testing phase. if we have another big technical project like this one. “it was an enormous test group.” imbs remarks. were primarily related to the technical aspects of the unicode conversion. you understand what a huge task it was. “sap consulting and its global delivery organization provided great upgrade detected six issues.” comments imbs. The project team followed a template approach that. coupled with the remote delivery model from sap consulting. quickly recognized that the main risks to the project. This enabled fast and efficient access to specialist expertise during critical phases. we Rapid Stabilization. the capacity for quick reaction within the teams was crucial. “during the upgrade itself.

” concludes imbs. data contained in this document serves informational purposes only. web intelligence. finance activities is in progress. all other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.” says imbs. “we have reduced disk space used on the servers by 15%. which we will now explore in order to maximize the benefits from it. Business objects and the Business objects logo. “it will take some time. “it moves us into the most advanced and promising service-oriented and Java-based architecture.” comments dolle. “for sure. due to new hardware and the software upgrade.www. crystal reports. if we have another big technical project like this one. all european business units are plugged into the solution. Xcelsius. “within a couple of years it will probably support almost all of alcatel-lucent’s business. the plan is to move all global operations to the Blue planet solution. “The team more than fulfilled our expectations. over the long term. and a migration of u. alcatellucent will continue to look to sap for support. we will involve sap safeguarding again. if any. The only warranties for sap Group products and services are those that are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services.” sums up Jean-luc /contactsap with the new version of sap erp up and running quickly and on schedule.” The successful upgrade is paving the way for future worldwide deployment of the company’s erp solution. and other Business objects products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Business objects s. . These materials are provided by sap aG and its affiliated companies (“sap Group”) for informational purposes only. vice president of application solutions at alcatel-lucent. partneredge. Bydesign. and other sap products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of sap aG in Germany and in several other countries all over the world. Business objects is an sap company. r/3. xapp. and sap Group shall not be liable for errors or omissions with respect to the materials. “we have also noted performance gains of between 20% and 30%. the unicode migration. in the united states and in several other countries all over the world. but the sap software will eventually help us align our enterprise-wide processes – enabling us to be more efficient and competitive.” as it works toward this goal. sap. Businessobjects.” Business Alignment however. ©20YY by sap aG. national product specifications may vary. and the availability of standard features that eliminate the need to write custom code. all rights reserved.” 50 xxx xxx (YY/MM) 092 540 (08/11) ©2008 by sap aG. helping different parts of the company to work together as a unified enterprise. xapps.” confirms imbs. thanks to increased performance. crystal decisions. nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. enabling users to work faster and more efficiently. These materials are subject to change without notice. duet. dolle stresses that some of the most significant benefits are still to come. alcatel-lucent is already reaping the rewards. sap netweaver. sap Business “Blue planet has a fundamental role to play in our process alignment. without representation or warranty of any kind. “The upgrade provides us with a stable version for the next three to four years.