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Dominican Republic It is uncertain to many people if the country of the Dominican Republic is completely unstable or just facing poverty

in certain areas. It is evident that the Dominican Republic does include wealthier people, but majority is low-income poor families, who are facing the very extreme poverty. These people are particularly vulnerable, and they suffer not only from low incomes and poor living conditions but also from social exclusion. It is evident that this extent of poverty could have been avoided, but at this point addressing the issues and developing possible solutions is all that can be done, with hopes of saving the struggling country and citizens. The economic background of the Dominican Republic is very important to understanding the amount of poverty that the country is imposed with. The per capita income in the country is $3,180.89. That means the amount of money an adult citizen of the Dominican Republic earns is very little compared to the average amount an American citizen earns, which is $44,155.00 per capita. In comparison to a citizen of the United States, a Dominican only makes about 7 % of what an average American makes annually. The Gross National Income, GNI, is $18,954,900.00. Much of the national income is received through the agricultural exports that the country depends on. The country is known for many exports such as, sugarcane, coffee, cotton, cocoa, tobacco, rice, beans, potatoes, corn, bananas, cattle, pigs, dairy products, beef and eggs. The three main exports are sugar, coffee, and tobacco. Most of the nation’s wealth comes from exporting these products to other nations across the world. According to, “The country suffers from marked income inequality; the poorest half of the population receives less than one-fifth of GNP, while the richest 10%

which is shared with the country Haiti. songs. Unemployment is a major issue in the Dominican Republic as well because there is not a sufficient amount of wealth to be distributed to the rest of the population because the rich are dominating the economy. but impractical as well. However. The rich are typically white descendants of Spanish settlers and own most of the land. many of them being there is an extremely large amount of people sharing only a small percentage of the nation’s wealth. they remain one of the poorest countries in the Caribbean. The most common ethnicities on this island are mostly mixed with European and African origins. This island is a major tourist destination and attracts many to visit due to its warm weather and surroundings by water. It was also reported by nationmaster. Although the government has carried out mass deportations. the tourism and exports are not enough help for the Dominican Republic. Not everyone on this island is suffering of severe poverty but there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor. Another factor that does not help with the citizens struggling in this country are the many Haitians that come to live and work in the Dominican Republic. that 42.” This is the reason for the major gap between the poor population and the rich population. Dominican Republic also The most common ethnicities on this island are mostly mixed with European and African origins. and dance. Because the wealth is unevenly distributed. The poorest citizens are generally compromising people of the African descent. This is not only unfair. The country of the Dominican Republic was once ruled by Spain and is located on an island named Hispaniola.2 % of the population of the Dominican Republic is living below the poverty line. it still remains to be a consistent issue (BBC . This African heritage is openly reflected through music.enjoys nearly 40% of national income.

This government is almost identical to the government system of the United States (Dominican Today. 1). The Democratically represented government is divided into three branches which include executive. The Dominican Republic elects their president via an election. This pact was made in 1996 and is an agreement called for electoral reform and new elections. legislative.News. is from the Dominican Liberation party. and judicial. Therefore. which is distinct and separate from elections for representatives of the legislature. This ensures an electoral environment in which presidential or congressional elections are held every two years. Having the citizens play a role in the decisions making of important aspects such as their president is always very important. In the country of the Dominican Republic they possess what is called a “Pact for Democracy”. The president is the official head of state and is commander and chief of the armed forces. The president also appoints a cabinet of ministers to handle certain affairs or direct certain government policies. The democratically elected legislative branch consists of congress which is split between the Senate and Chamber of Deputies. Leonel Fernandez. The Dominican Republic does hold a steady government and political system that tries to do what they can for this poverty issue. Their president. this government is run in a reasonable way by having a fair election for their president and having one leader to work towards their political system. It appears that with this large gap of poverty and illegal Haitians taking away job opportunities that helping the poor in this country will continue to be a big struggle. 1). After the president is democratically elected they hold one term for four years. Having this pact keeps the citizens of the country satisfied .

The government has made plans and many donation programs have worked toward helping the poverty. It may be hard to believe because the country is still struggling. political negotiation. adult education. outreach to underrepresented sectors. The NDI absolutely keeps everyone involved in the country in a fair way and gives the most opportunities to every person. youth and volunteer mobilization.and assures them that they will remain involved and be able to have input to decisions for the nation. All citizens have the chance to be involved in their nation and it is not left for one person to have total control. The NDI is the National Democratic Institute. In August of 2008 the government launched a developmental plan for 2008. Having these two programs in the Dominican Republic really helps eliminate any issues of leadership and allows all individuals to play a role and contribute. fundraising. but a lot has already been done to address their crisis. Although the Dominican Republic has a steady and fair government and obtain programs to keep citizens involved with the country. they still face the huge issue of poverty. media relations. 1). Having the NDI involved has assisted in included trainings on strategic planning.2012 which aims at further reducing poverty and social . women’s participation. and community organizing (Dominican Today. Many donor organizations donated large amounts of money. and constructing more than 50 water projects. The NDI is also involved in conducting programs for the Dominican Republic. There have also been projects such as “Food for the Poor” projects which has people actually coming to the country and building more than 900 homes. more than 50 tilapia ponds. and this helps strengthen the electoral process and build confidence in the democratic system.

Something that the country could have done differently so this would not be such an issue could have been incorporating or taking into account aspects such as education. Working towards strengthening these areas will really benefit the country and help prevent the problem from worsening. it is obviously too late to prevent the poverty issues that are already here. cultural elements. Unfortunately. it is easy to see what could have been done differently from the start. which are home to the poorest of the poor. exclusion from political power mechanisms.” which is a school food program on incentives for school attendance and on a program for facilitating provision of birth certificates and identity documents to poor families.inequality in the country (Ribando. 3). which focused on “Eating First. Many areas have been addressed by the government to reduce the extreme poverty among the Dominicans and the need to improve living conditions in the slums. and participation in the decisions that affect people. 6). Now seeing the state that some of the citizens of the Dominican Republic are living in. education. The government will also implement an aggressive employment program which will consolidate the social security system and improve its operations and benefits (Jiminez. but they are in collaboration with other donors trying to help. gender. The government plan will be expanded between 2008 and 2012 to increase the number of people benefited from it. and water supply. health. All of these plans and programs by the government to tackle the crisis of poverty are not the only contributions to the help. Their plan continues their existing “Solidaridad social development program”. This plan is also implementing a balanced expansion of social expeditions for service such as health. Another possibility could have been expanding the options for the poor .

11). and opportunities could have been made available to help the citizens of the Dominican Republic to be more successful so they are not struggling. all boys and girls should have access to preschool as a basis for their future in education. From the start.through education. the issue of poverty may not have been the crisis that it is now. regardless of their socioeconomic status. Many promotions. With good available educations the children could grow to hold valuable jobs and be successful and not struggling for survival. especially aimed at rural and border areas and schools in the urban slums. . Promotions for work would keep more people receiving money and less people remaining poor and living in slums. and evaluation system for social policy management. Promotions of programs that allow the temporary movement of workers under contractual conditions clearly stating the rights and duties of the parties could have also helped this country. the country would not have gotten to the point of such low poverty that it has today (Mora. Not only focusing on young children but also older citizens could be very beneficial and significant to the country’s development. programs. Another idea that government could have put into effect could have been developing an adequate monitoring. as well as the adoption of strategies targeted to the over age groups. supervision. Also. which are of significant importance to the country. The country could have adopted positive discrimination strategies targeted to the poorest areas. Enforcing that children go to school at such a young age and having many educational opportunities will only benefit their futures. If these ideas of protecting the country were put into effect before hand. if the government monitored and supervised the country’s economic status.Baez.

com/country/dr-dominican-republic .org/NEWS/Resources/WBGVulnerableCountriesBrief. Poverty in the Dominican Republic is a huge struggle for many people. 20 April 2010. they are still not out of the financial crisis. (2011)”.d. 20 April 2011. http://www. from nationmaster. it is too late now.>. and more tough to try and receive an education in. 14 Jan 2010. CHILDREN OF THE NATIONS® INTERNATIONAL. and hopefully one day all of the help being asserted to the country will pay off and begin to build the country back up. This country has faced unfortunate events out of their control that they now have to live with everyday.worldbank. "Children of the Nations. <http://www. It is sad to know that it could have possibly been prevented from getting to this point by obtaining simple steps. Dominican Republic has been lucky enough to receive the donations and programs trying to help support their poverty. however. Too many people are living in unfair living situations and consistently face common hardships. or especially try to maintain a job in. 2011. Retrieved April 20. <http://news." Global Economic Crisis (2009):>. References "Assessing Vulnerability with a Poverty BBC. 20 April 2011.stm>. “Dominican Republic.nationmaster. however." Dominican Republic. "BBC News. Some of the locations left available to the poor citizens are tough to live in.It seems hard to understand how the Dominican Republic reached this point of poverty although they have a stable government and fair opportunities for getting involved. <http://siteresources. Web." Dominican Republic country profile.cotni.

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