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How to Review and Update Your Applicant Profile

The My Profile tab on the main navigation bar allows you to view and edit your profile information. This includes the background and education information that you entered during your OSCAR account registration. Judges and staff attorney offices can view your profile as they review your application materials (resume, cover letter, writing sample, grade sheets, and letters of recommendation), so it is important to keep it updated and correct.

Note: Whenever updating your profile information, you must click Yes in the Verification of Data field at the bottom of the screen to verify that all the information you have submitted is true and correct by.

1. Go to the website, enter your OSCAR username and password, and click the Go button:

Figure 1. Login Prompt

2. Place your mouse cursor over the My Profile tab in the main navigation bar, and click on Profile in the menu that appears.

Figure 2. My Profile/Profile Tabs

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3. OSCAR will display the Profile sub-tab, which contains your personal data, education information, and OSCAR preferences. Click the Edit Profile button to make changes to your profile information.

Figure 3. Edit Profile Button

4. The Profile sub-tab is broken up into four headings: General Information, Education, Prior Judicial Experience, and Professional Organization. OSCAR provides a convenient Completion Status box on the right of the screen that lets you know at a glance what areas of your profile you have filled out. The icon indicates a field is complete, and the icon indicates that the field is not yet completed.

Figure 4. Completion Status Box

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5. The following fields are available under the Contact Information heading: Last Name, Middle Initial, First Name. Citizenship Status Email Address.

Figure 5. Name, Citizenship, and Email

Address. Contact Phone Number & Other Phone Number.

Figure 6. Address and Phone Numbers

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Email FrequencyChoose whether and how frequently to receive automated emails informing you of new clerkship opportunities. Preferred TypesCheck the box next to a judge type to limit notifications to clerkships with those judges. Check the box next to Staff Attorney Offices to receive notifications for these positions. You can check more than one box. Preferred StatesTo limit notifications to specific states, select from the pull down menu. Selected states will appear in the box below. Click the button to remove a selected state or click the Clear button to remove all selections from the box.

Receive RemindersChoose whether and how frequently to receive reminders when you have applications in Draft status.

Figure 7. Notification Preferences

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6. The following fields are available under the Education heading: BA/BS FromChoose your undergraduate school from the pull-down list. To narrow your search, enter a keyword (i.e. part of your schools name) in the provided field and click Go. If your undergraduate school is not listed, please email the OSCAR help desk at Remember to indicate your date of graduation. JD/LLB FromChoose your law school from the pull down list. If you did not attend an ABA approved law school, you must choose Other. LLM FromIf you have an LLM degree, choose an ABA approved law school from the pull-down list or choose other. Remember to select your graduation date.

Figure 8. BA/BS, JD/LLB, and LLM From Fields

Class RankYour law school administrator certifies class rank for your law school. Based on this certification, the class rank that is applicable for your school will be available to you. For schools that rank, applicants can select one of the following class rank criteria: 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 33%, 50%, and below 50%. For schools that do not rank, OSCAR will automatically display

School Does

Not Rank in their applicants profiles. To ensure equitable treatment of


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applicants from those schools, OSCAR has been configured so that a search on any percentage ranking will return all applicants from those schools. These applicants will be identified in a search result by the words School does not

rank in the class rank column.

For schools that partially rank, applicants may select 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 33%, 50%, below 50%, and I am not ranked. Ranked students from those schools will be returned with a search on a percentage ranking; unranked students will not (although they will show up in other searches, e.g. by law school). Unranked students from those schools will be identified in a search result by the words Student is not ranked in the law school column

Select your class rank from the pull-down menu.

Figure 9. Class Rank Field

Law Review/JournalIndicate whether you have published in your school's Law Review or Journal. If you click Yes, OSCAR will prompt you to enter the name of the journal(s). If you click No, OSCAR gives you the opportunity to indicate whether you school has a Law Review/Journal.

Figure 10. Law Review/Journal Field

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Moot Court ParticipationIndicate whether you participated in any Moot Courts, and if so, the names of the Moot Courts.

Figure 11. Moot Court Participation Field

7. The following fields are included under the Prior Judicial Experience Heading: Judicial Internships/Externships (Y/N) Post-graduate Judicial Law Clerk (Y/N)

Figure 12. Judicial Internships/ Externships and Post-graduate Judicial Law Clerk Fields

8. In the Professional Organization section, you can enter specific information regarding professional organizations. Do this when a judge or staff attorney office specifically requests it.

Figure 13. Professional Organizations

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9. Whenever you make an update to your profile, you must click Yes in the Verification of Data box at the bottom of the screen. This indicates that you are confirming that all data entered in the profile and any application packets is true and correct. You will not be able to update your profile unless you do this.

Figure 14. Verification of Data

10. Click Update Profile to finalize your changes.

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