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International Degree and Education Abroad Oregon State University, 2900 SW Jefferson Way Corvallis, Oregon 97331-1102


International Degree 2012-2013 Scholarships
The International Degree Research Award
The International Degree Research Award was established in 2004 to provide annual awards to support International Degree students planning to conduct international research projects that will ultimately lead to the development of a senior thesis for the International Degree. This award is funded by the OSU Research Office through the Undergraduate Research, Innovation, Scholarship, Creativity (URISC) Program. PROVISIONS: The scholarship awards will vary in amount between $1000-$2000 in an academic year. Students may apply for one to three terms of research support. The ID Committee will decide individual awards. A maximum of 12 scholarships of $1000 each will be awarded annually.

Recipients will be selected by the International Degree Committee in recognition of the students’ interest and commitment to international programs. Applications will be evaluated on relevance of the planned experience to student’s academic and career goals; originality; and feasibility of research design. Financial need may be a consideration.
• Applicants must be fully admitted to the International Degree program at the time of the proposed experience and/or research activity. Research Award applicants must have at least junior standing at the time of the proposed research activity. Depending on the proposed research and destination, language proficiency may be required for Research Award recipients. Research Award applications will be developed in conjunction with faculty advisors, who must be tenure-track or fixedterm teaching faculty who are, or will be, supervising an ID student’s senior thesis. Wartman and Verzasconi applicants are encouraged (but not required) to do so as well. Funds must be used to support costs associated with an international experience and international research activities that meets International Degree Program guidelines. Funds must be expended between summer term 2012 and the end of spring term 2013.

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Mary Alice Wartman Memorial Scholarship
The Mary Alice Wartman Memorial Scholarship was established in 1998 to provide annual awards to International Degree students who demonstrate the potential for promising college careers. This scholarship honors a woman who was born Mary Alice Christy in Phoenix, Arizona, before the territory became a state. She graduated from the University of Arizona, and taught school before marrying Charles Wartman. During the 1950s, their son, Jim, was an Oregon State student and the Wartmans were frequent visitors to Corvallis. Later in life, the Wartmans also enjoyed frequent travel to other places, including Europe, Mrs. Wartman’s favorite destination. Following her death, her goddaughter endowed a scholarship for ID students at OSU, in recognition of the investment and support Mary Alice provided to her and to her family over her lifetime. PROVISIONS: Scholarship awards in range from $500 $2000. The total amount awarded will be determined by endowment income. The ID Committee will decide individual awards.

Upon return to OSU, recipients will submit a report on the overseas experience as well as the research experience, suitable for use in publicity used by the Office of International Degree and Education Abroad (i.e. web, newsletter, display board, PowerPoint presentation).

Application Submission
Applications will be submitted by the student, but prepared jointly by the student and the advisor (both parties must sign the thesis proposal form). Applications will consist of an Application form, an International Degree Thesis Proposal and Timetable form, Transcripts of all college-level work, and a letter of support from Faculty Thesis Advisor.

Ray A. Verzasconi Scholarship
The Ray A. Versasconi Scholarship was established in 2000 by Spanish faculty emeritus Dr. Verzasconi to provide annual awards to International Degree students who demonstrate the potential for promising college careers to assist with the costs of their international experience required for the International Degree. PROVISIONS: One scholarship is awarded annually in the amount of $500.

Nick Fleury, Head Advisor - International Degree tel: 541.737.3729 email:

Verzasconi Term(s) Abroad (check all that apply): Summer Fall Winter Spring Year(s) 1. and your long-term career and personal goals • Essay (250-500 words) describing your definition of intercultural competence and your plans for becoming interculturally competent • Reference Form from faculty thesis advisor or professor in major Research Award Applicants must also submit • International Degree Thesis Proposal and Timetable Form.OSU’s International Degree Application for OSU International Degree Scholarships • • • Submit 1 original (single-sided) application packet. April 9. OR 97331-1102 Packets should be sent or delivered to: Applications are due by 5pm on Monday. your international interests. Scholarships for which you wish to be considered (check all that apply): Research Award Mary Alice Wartman Ray A. It is understood that the research topic may change. reviewed and signed by thesis advisor Wartman and Verzasconi applicants must also submit • Brief (one paragraph) narrative of possible research ideas. PERSONAL INFORMATION Student Name: Local Mailing Address: Local Phone: Permanent Mailing Address: Permanent Phone: Citizenship: Date of Birth: Hometown: Email (ONID): OSU Student ID #: . This narrative will give the Scholarship Committee additional information concerning your reasons for enrolling in the International Degree Program International Degree Program Oregon State University 2900 SW Jefferson Way Corvallis. typed or printed Unofficial transcripts of all college-level work Essay (approx 500 words) describing the relationship between your academic major. The narrative should include a general description of proposed research. 2012.

OSU’s International Degree 2.) Signature: Date: . (Do not sign if you wish to retain your right to see the completed form. native. ACADEMIC INFORMATION Majors: College: Expected Graduation (mm/yy): Languages and level of proficiency: Minors/Options: Credits Completed: Cumulative GPA: (For example: Spanish. I hereby waive all rights to inspect and review the reference form and other confidential letters and statements of recommendation relating to my application for a scholarship. Italian. 1 year of university study) 3. INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM INFORMATION Country: Study Abroad International Internship International Research Project Other (specify): Is this an OSU-sponsored program? 4. FINANCIAL INFORMATION FOR TIME ABROAD Will you receive OSU financial aid for the period abroad? Please list the amount of awards or resources you expect to receive for the term(s) abroad: Scholarships/Grants Loans Family/jobs/savings Other Total Financial Resources Program/Institution: Please check one for the type of program: Yes No Yes No Expected costs for experience abroad: Tuition/Program Fee Room/Board Health Insurance Books/Supplies Clothing/Personal Research Expenses Total Program Costs Transportation/Visa By signing below.

I hereby waive all rights to inspect and review this Reference Form and other confidential letters and statements of recommendation relating to my application for an international program. 2900 SW Jefferson Way by 04/09/12. STRENGTHS: _______________________________________________________________________ WEAKNESSES: _____________________________________________________________________ Signed: _____________________________________________________________ Address _____________________________________________________________ Date: ______________________ Phone: _____________________ Please return this form to the International Degree Program.Oregon State University International Degree Program REFERENCE FORM THIS SECTION TO BE COMPLETED BY APPLICANT NAME OF APPLICANT: ________________________________ _ REFERENCE REQUESTED FROM: ___________________________ (Name) ____________________________ (Title/Dept) By signing below. Please provide a brief description of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. The student named above is applying for an award for the International Degree Program. Recipients of the award must be highly motivated.) ______________________________________ (Signature) _____________________ (Date) THIS SECTION TO BE COMPLETED BY REFEREE This reference is prepared with the understanding that this form is a confidential education record to be used by OSU and cooperating host organizations. and able to adapt easily to people with different cultural and social backgrounds. . 2. How long and in what capacity have you known the applicant? __________________________________________________ Please indicate applicant's competence in the following areas in comparison with other individuals you have known at similar stages in their careers. (Do not sign if you wish to retain your right to see the completed form. Below Average Average Above Average Very Good Outstanding Inadequate opportunity to observe Comments Intellectually Curious Socially Mature Self-reliant Emotionally Mature Self-motivated Self-assured Articulate Perceptive Adaptable Cooperative Well-mannered Poised Writing Skills 3. This record can be seen by the student requesting the recommendation unless the waiver above is signed. emotionally mature. We would greatly appreciate your thoughtful and candid appraisal of this applicant. Supplemental letter(s) of support is accepted but not required. 1.

Components for which financial support is requested should be clearly identified and justified. Oregon State University. planned information-gathering exercises) and how data will be analyzed? How do you feel this will benefit your future career and contribute to your academic field? Proposed Timetable Advisor’s name and department: Date of first contact with Advisor: Proposed frequency of meeting with Advisor: Date to initiate IRB process (if required): Dates dedicated to data collection or research: Projected date to begin writing rough draft: Projected date for completing rough draft: Time required to complete changes to rough draft: Expected credits for thesis: Proposal and Timetable Approvals I have reviewed the attached thesis proposal (see description above) and proposed timetable. An extensive bibliography is not necessary. Thesis Advisor signature/date: ID student signature/date: International Degree Program signature/date: Additional UHC/dept signature/date: Please return form to: International Degree Program. • • • • What is your hypothesis or research question? What is your rationale? Why does this topic warrant attention? What research methods will you use? Please describe your experimental design (ie. Corvallis.OSU’s International Degree ID Thesis Proposal and Timetable Candidate Information Name: ID Major: OSU Student ID Number: Expected Graduation Date: Thesis Proposal Thesis title: Please provide a brief (two pages maximum) narrative of the proposed research addressing the following questions. 2900 SW Jefferson Way. OR 97331-1102 .