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IP10 Overview

10- Aprl-2012

Ceragon’s Packet Microwave Technology • Native Carrier Ethernet for All-IP Packet Traffic • Native TDM (E1/DS1s) • Optional TDM Circuit Emulation support (PWE3) Native packet radio migration options Proprietary and Confidential .

FibeAir IP-10 Product Portfolio Ethernet + Optional TDM Ethernet Only IP-10G IP-10E IP-10C Compact All Outdoor Tail Tail Access & Aggregation Access & Aggregation IP-10Q Aggregation Nodal (Switch/Multiple Pipes) Nodal (Switch/Multiple Pipes) “Full GE” pipes Ultra-high density Optimized Solution for Any Network Proprietary and Confidential .

FibeAir ODUs/RFUs FibeAir Model 1500SP/HS Frequencies 6-8 GHz 1500P 11-38 GHz RFU-C 6-42 GHz 1500HP 6-11 GHz 4 Proprietary and Confidential .

5 -56 MHz channels 10-500 Mbps Capacity Same RFU for low/high cap.FibeAir RFU‐C Radio Unit • • • • • • • • 6-42 GHz 3. IP & TDM traffic XPIC support Very high reliability • Integrated circuits (No wire bonding) Improved manufacturability Compact and light 5 Proprietary and Confidential .

RFUs support IP-10 works with: FibeAir RFU-HP FibeAir RFU-HS FibeAir RFU-P FibeAir RFU-C High power Standard power Proprietary and Confidential .

Conversion to IP-10 and benefits 7 .

SDH migration to IP10 • For existing FibeAir 1500P: • Replace the IDU with IP10 IDU. No additional works are required! • System gain for 256QAM (All Packet) superior then SDH 128QAM 1500P (128QAM) 155Mbps ‐68 22 90 IP10 + RFU‐P  (256QAM) 242Mbps ‐71 21 92 Capacity  [Mbps] RSL [dBm] TX power [dBm] System Gain [dB] 8 Proprietary and Confidential .

antenna installation and realignment Minimal Service disruption 3rd party to RFU-C adapter Keeping 3rd party antenna and adapter RFU-C IP-10G Keeping existing IF Cable Proprietary and Confidential 9 .Upgrading 3rd Party Install Base Minimal HW Swap • • • No need to change Antenna • Saving the antennas cost No IF cable replacement.

NSN Direct Interface RFU-C can be mounted on the existing FlexiHopper antenna (NSN) via an adaptor The adaptor kit includes: Adaptor Ceragon-Nokia (freq. independent) WG Adaptor (freq. dependent) Sealing O-Ring WG Section CeragonNokia FlexiHopper antenna Adaptor CeragonNokia 1+0 Direct 1+1 Direct 10 Proprietary and Confidential .

Site deployment 11 Proprietary and Confidential .

Thank You 12 .