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QUOTE COMPARISON SUMMARY- Simulation Software Packages

ARENA- Systems Modeling Corporation / Rockwell Automation: Software: $8,500.00 Training: $2,000.00 Total: $10,500

GOLDSIM- GoldSim Technology Group LLC: Software: $3,950.00 Training: $1,500.00 Total $5,450.00 PROMODEL- Promodel Corporation: Software: $4,200.00 Training: $6,000.00 Total $10,200.00 SIMUL8- Simul8 Corporation: Software: $5,919.00 Training: $4,195.00 Total $10,114.00 WITNESS12- Lanner Group: Software: $21,800.00 Training: $3,200.00 Total $25,000.00

using Arena's built-in material handling system constructs. you will have achieved your first successful application of simulation. maps.Animate entity travel on imported AutoCAD drawings. front and back office procedures in insurance. Days 2 and 3 -." Training $2.00 Examples of applications include: . you'll build a graphically animated model. and/or material handling devices. objects.Systems Modeling Corporation / Rockwell Automation Software Pricing Arena Basic Edition Plus (suggested version) $8. Using Arena's integrated tools and one-step modeling environment.500.Arena Basic Edition Plus can simulate discrete processes.The fundamentals presented on Day 1 are extended into areas such as modeling complex decision logic. animating. Animation and analysis concepts are incorporated throughout the course to reinforce the importance of these aspects of successful use of simulation. or custom pictures.Documenting. . . Day 4 -. Next you'll apply these fundamentals to a mini-project.QUOTE COMPARISON DETAILS: ARENA.00 . .com Total Cost $10. and demonstrating the variability and dynamics of a process map such as those done in VISIO or other static drawing packages . menu-driven models.Application-focused consulting and project jump start.Animate the movement of people. .500.000.Begins with an introduction to simulation and the Arena modeling methodology.ArenaSimulation.Analysis of simple (non-material handling intensive) manufacturing process flows. and perform a statistical analysis of model results. finance. select appropriate random distributions from empirical data. Website: www. . so that by the end of a single day. and creating interactive.00 The 4-day course on Arena is taught by experienced Arena Simulation Consultants and consists of an even balance of lectures and hands-on workshops. Here's how it breaks down: (Cost Per Person) Day 1 -. or banking industries .Analyzing business processes typically related to customer or paperwork handling. Begin to map out your own modeling efforts with the expert advice of our consulting staff.

00 . Navigating and Exploring a Model.500. The first day will cover basic GoldSim topics.GoldSim. . Dashboard Authoring. including the following: Spreadsheets and Databases. . GoldSim Quick Tour.Save your models as player files that anyone can view and run using GoldSim Player. Here's how it breaks down: (Cost Per Person) Day 1 -.Insert graphics. and Objectives: GoldSim Approach and Philosophy. . Splitters and Allocators. Basic GoldSim Concepts. Defining Materials (Species and Media). The Script Element (an advanced element for building custom elements) Day 3 -.On the final day.QUOTE COMPARISON DETAILS: GOLDSIM.Dynamically link external programs or spreadsheets directly into your GoldSim model. This will focus on the following topics: Overview of Contaminant Transport Modeling in GoldSim.950. . Introductions.GoldSim can simulate both discrete and continuous processes simultaneously.Quantitatively address the inherent variability and uncertainty that is present in real-world systems (using Monte Carlo simulation). Introduction to GoldSim User Interface. Localizing Containers. Training $1. The workshop involves “hands-on” use of the software.Advanced Topics and Examples During the second day.00 The 3-day GoldSim workshop provides an introduction to the use of the GoldSim software. Group Model Building. Day 2 -.00 Examples of applications include: . .com Total Cost $5. This is a distinct advantage when the system includes continuous flows or dynamics.450. notes and hyperlinks (to documents.Optimize your dynamic simulation models by finding the values of decision variables that produce the optimal results. Defining Source Terms. Representing Time Series Data. Transport Pathways. and presentations) in order clearly explain your model to diverse audiences.GoldSim Technology Group LLC Software Pricing GoldSim Pro (suggested version) $3.Basic GoldSim Concepts. we will cover a number of advanced topics. websites." Website: www. we will introduce the GoldSim Contaminant Transport Module.

Complete run-time debugging . demand driven arrivals.Capture system randomness and variability utilizing over 20 statistical distribution types.000. and use submodel capabilities . Website: www. intensive training seminar.200.Conduct Quick-start modeling—creating models graphically.Distribute models to other divisions and departments with run-time licensing . Includes tips for determining the shortest queue length.000 per day) On-Site Training Will Include: Arrival PatternsExternal arrival files.promodel. ($2.Automatically create output reports developed in the latest Microsoft WPF Technology . merge models. Conveyors and QueuesLearn to model specific types of conveyors such as bucket and Total Cost $10.200. or textile production. with instant animation . and gain more understanding of traditional conveyors. Continuous flow modelingModel continuous systems with a discrete event simulator. fluid production. random individual arrivals.00 .QUOTE COMPARISON DETAILS: PROMODEL. directly import your own data .00 Examples of applications include: . The basics of how to model continuous flow systems such as petroleum refinement plants. Understand the differences between using queues and conveyors.Employ 3D Animation (via post processor) Training $6.00 On-Site Training Up to ten of your staff can become proficient in any of the ProModel software packages. appointment arrivals. We will send one of our instructors to your location for a three-day. cycle arrivals.Reuse code.Direct data import and export with Microsoft® Excel® 2010 .Promodel Corporation Software Pricing ProModel Simulation $4.Develop independent ""what if"" scenarios with no risk .

you can have many more ideas.Through identification of the bottleneck by means of simulation it is possible to quickly evaluate methods for addressing that issue.00 The SIMUL8 Starter program is designed specifically for new users of SIMUL8.SIMUL8.Applying SIMUL8 to your process .Experiment. Training $4.00 QUOTE COMPARISON DETAILS: . or the day-to-day operation of a bank.195. Here's how it breaks down: (Cost Per Person) Session 1 -. This means that the model really can match reality and behaves the same way as the system would in real life.Bottleneck Analysis.00 Examples of applications include: . Session 3 -. This results in less time spent trying to remedy the symptoms of a problem instead of solving the problem itself.No two processes are the same.SIMUL8 also allows for real-life randomness.We’ll show you how to apply everything you’ve learned to create a simulation of your process. Only by understanding all of the interdependent variables is it possible to identify the true source of the Total Cost $10. the staff assignment of a hospital or call center.114. such as the running of a factory assembly line. The program is online and gives you hands on access to SIMUL8. With Simul8 you can quickly try out your ideas at a fraction of the cost of trying them in real life.Problem identification. for example: it doesn't always take exactly 5 minutes for a customer to be served and a customer doesn't always arrive every 15 minutes. . .Simul8 Corporation Software Pricing SIMUL8 Professional 2011 $5. Simulation provides a place to explore these systems for the identification of problems.Adding complexity to your simulation .QUOTE COMPARISON DETAILS: SIMUL8.Learn about the basic building blocks of SIMUL8 and start building simulations straight away. .Getting to know SIMUL8 .Mimic the operation of a business system. and gain many insights into how to run the organization more effectively. so in this session we’ll show you how to add the detail you need to replicate your system.919. As a result of being able to try ideas quickly. . Most modern systems are complex in nature. Session 2 -. Website: www. *Plus 5 hours of direct modeling support.

utilization. etc. Define your own KPI's. Statistics such as element counts.3D Simulation & Process Optimization WITNESS 12 Quick3D™ allows the creation of a 3D view of a model with just a single click. etc.00 Duration : 4 days Designed for new users within manufacturing environments. .Comprehensive Reporting and Experimentation WITNESS 12 delivers comprehensive reporting facilities as standard. Within the context of a manufacturing environment.lanner. .Connectivity WITNESS 12 supports CAD and XML imports and includes linkage options to and from a wide range of platforms.800.000.200. These features allow processes to be designed and manipulated to take advantage of sustainability benefits and cost savings. These courses are available in Houston or on-site at your premises.Lanner Corporation Software Pricing Witness12 Modeling Software$21. steam. the learning outcomes are: • Methodology for simulation project management • Understanding WITNESS simulation fundamentals • Building and running basic WITNESS models • Configuring experiments and Interpretation of results Website: www. Wizards enable easy connections with Excel and a wide range of databases such as Oracle. Training $3. Included is 1 year of tech support and online support. .00 . Contact us for further information. * Witness would retain the license and there would be automatic upgrades.WITNESS12. queue limits are all shown at the touch of a button in a variety of configurable tabular and chart formats. SQL Server.Costing and Sustainability Support WITNESS 12 can provide complete cost and revenue analysis for models and supports the measurement of sustainability factors such as energy consumption. this course equips the student to undertake simulation projects that validate a process design. publish with HTML output options and explore model results in the powerful Scenario Manager that saves experiments in a robust database.00 Examples of applications include: . assure target throughput and support continuous process improvement. Access. carbon emissions and the use of Total Cost $25.