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Geeta Pasrija

Senior Staff Systems Engineer at Broadcom

- MS in EE. Experience in research, design, and development of communication systems. -Worked on various stages of a product lifecycle including architecture and C-model development, Pre-silicon verification, chip bring-up, firmware development, and performance tuning for interoperability. -Experience with DSL, Satellite Communication, and Optical Communication technologies. -Strong understanding of DSP Architectures, hardware software co-design. -Experience in design, simulation, and implementation of signal processing algorithms. -Extensive implementation experience in C and Assembly. Proficient in MATLAB. -Experience in design and implementation of multi-threaded software on a Real Time Operating System (RTOS). -Hands-On lab experience. -Self-motivated; work with minimal supervision. Work well with team members to improve overall team productivity. -Excellent communication skills demonstrated through several publications.

- Languages: C, C++, MATLAB, Maple, Assembly ((TMS320C62x, ADSP-21161, Freescale DSP56321) - Operating Systems, RTOS: Unix (Linux, Solaris), Windows, CMX-RTOS for DSP563xx. - DSP Processors: TI TMS320C62x DSP, Freescale DSP56321, ADSP-21161 SHARC DSP. - DSP Tools: Code Composer, Tasking DSP56xxx Suite, VisualDSP++, Code Composer, SIA-Smaart. - Lab Equipment: Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzer, Logic Analyzer, Signal Generator, Power Meter, DSLAMs, Line Simulators.

Senior Staff Systems Engineer at Broadcom August 2009 - Present (2 years 9 months) Senior Software Engineer at Intel October 2008 - August 2009 (11 months) Systems Software Engineer at Infineon Technologies August 2007 - September 2008 (1 year 2 months) 1) Architecture/C-models for Next Generation DSL Chipsets. -C-models for Convolutional Interleaver and DeInterleaver, RS Decoder with Erasure Decoding, RX-PMD including Boxing, Trellis Decoder, and Constellation Demapper.


Development of a diagnostic tool to determine if a non-linear noise source is present in the channel.September 2005 (1 year 1 month) Embedded System Design and Development for Satellite Communications. Convolutional encoding and Viterbi decoding. Software implementation to exercise the test plans. Performance analysis in the presence of Impulse Noise. 2) Firmware Development for ADSL1/2/2+ including implementation of DSP algorithms and Control Software including ISRs. hardware timers and LEDs. 3) Diagnostic Tool Development . 1 recommendation available upon request DSP Engineer at SR Technologies September 2004 . ISRs and thread priorities. . Erasure performance analysis in the presence of Impulse Noise of varying widths and frequency. 2) Porting and optimization of the baseband encoding/decoding algorithms including CRC.-Erasure Decoder Architecture Specification: Algorithm development and optimization for Erasure decoding on the DSL chipset. or increasing the data rate without increasing the Impulse Noise Protection. Interleaving. resources. DMA Management in C and Assembly. 2 recommendations available upon request DSP Engineer at Texas Instruments. Algorithm tuning to improving the Impulse Noise Protection (factor of 2 improvement) without changing the data rate. Cache/Overlay Management.August 2007 (2 years) 1) Erasure decoder Contribution for the DSL standard commitee. Created a thread-tracer and profiler using GPIOs.Development of AFE Diagnostics for the CPEs analog chip. 2) Pre-Silicon Verification for Next Generation DSL chipsets: Development of Test Plans for verifying various hardware blocks. 3) Firmware Development for ADSL1/2/2+ including implementation of DSP algorithms and Control Software in C and Assembly. 1) Design and implementation of multi-threaded transceiver software on the DSP on CMX-RTOS. signals. Proposed enhancements in the RS Decoder and Erasure algorithm for the next-generation chipset. 3) Transceiver Bring-Up Page2 . Used RTOS features such as memory pools. 4) Performance tuning for interoperability with multiple DSLAMs. Scrambling and Multiplexing. semaphores. mailboxes. Inc September 2005 .

aspx?doi=10. Manufacturing and Automation Engineering.2005. Electrical Engineering. Page3 .hindawi.Awarded the annual best paper award by the European Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP) for paper published in the Journal on Advances in Signal Processing (JASP).1155/ASP.Awarded the University Teaching Assistantship award for teaching Real Time DSP systems and Signals & Systems courses at the University of Utah.2001 Springdales DK Honors and Awards . 2005. 1997 .2004 1 recommendation available upon request Delhi University BE. 2001 .1485 .4) AGC Algorithm Development 1 recommendation available upon request Education University of Utah MS. http://www.

In addition to her strong engineering skills. together with her persistence and insight. Inc "While at SR Technologies Geeta was a member of the engineering team responsible for the design. Geeta has been consistently thorough and speedy in her work. Geeta was able to come up to speed and focus on the main issues shortly after she started. Infineon Technologies. Her contributions at TI as a junior engineer were impressive and on par with those with much more experience. and be influenced by her optimism. Texas Instruments. During this time period. satellite communications device. her reliable judgment on engineering tradeoffs.. I was amazed by the her extraordinary speed in developing and debugging software/firmware programs. worked directly with Geeta at Texas Instruments. Working with her is really fun." — Dragan L. In addition to verifying the algorithm in hardware. or interoperability of existing CPE platforms. Sr. She was a member of the DSP development team and responsible for the development of software based modem functions. portable. as well as important enhancement for our next generation product. It was truly a joy for me to work with her.Geeta Pasrija Senior Staff Systems Engineer at Broadcom 5 people have recommended Geeta "I hired Geeta three years ago into a team of very experienced systems and software engineers. managed Geeta indirectly at Infineon Technologies "Geeta is very sharp and easy going engineer. Infineon Technologies. Her perseverance in difficult assignments.. From the start. Digital Systems Architecture. It was a challenging and complex task. Signal Processing Group. Geeta’s drive and always-positive attitude make it a pleasure to work with her. on performance simulations. have led to quick resolution of the problem at hand. Geeta proved to be a fast learner who quickly gained the skills and trust to take on the most difficult assignments in our team. In short – Geeta has become the rising star in our team and I am happy to give her my strongest recommendations!" — Konrad K. DSP Software engineer. This. as well as her ability to break down complex problems into smaller more manageable parts." — Po T. Manager. Geeta was able to put together quickly a software model of the algorithm and hardware. development and testing of an L-band base. managed Geeta at Infineon Technologies "I had the opportunity to work closely with Geeta during the past 10 months to verify and fine tune an important DSP/channel coding algorithm in an existing platform and to enhance the algorithm for our next generation platform. Geeta Page4 . Whether she worked on the architecture and algorithms for a new CPE platform. and the clarity of her documentation have all earned her the respect of the most senior engineers in our team. Manager.. pre-silicon verification.

SR Technologies. Even though she didn't start with a strong background in optics." — Luis L. University of Utah. Her work produced all or part of three journal publications. advised Geeta at University of Utah Contact Geeta on LinkedIn Page5 . Associate Professor. one of which won the best paper award for the journal.was dependable and self motivated.." — Steve B. I would welcome her back for a PhD anytime. She required minimum supervision and was an excellent team member.. Director of Engineering. managed Geeta at SR Technologies "Geeta may have been my best Master's research student to date. she quickly got up to speed and became quite productive with her project involving DSP and nonlinear optical filters.