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It is a beginning of a new hope, a new life and a beginning of a story of love. Magic indeed happens when you don’t ask for it. It happened to William. He was shattered by the curse of loneliness over a period of 120 years. He believed himself to be a devil but an angelic baby’s birth changed everything and yet nothing. She is brightness of his life and he is the darkness on her existence. It’s a fight of Survival and Discovery of love and Agony of separation. Their Love demands separation and their closeness is DEATH.

The Beginning
Maciana, The place my life got its meaning. I was a stranger today, a strange stranger indeed. As I passed the market all eyes were staring at me with different questions. My answering stare was a scaring one. It wasn’t anger for them, it was my natural state. My face always had a mask of anger that scared everyone. I am William Francis. I was born in a small town Roberto. My father Bennett Francis was a silk trader. My mother Cassandra was a house wife. She was a true portrait of love and passion and an excellent cook. She gave me all her virtues and taught me all right things. She made me capable of justifying and choosing between the Good and the ‘EVIL’. We were a small happy family but life never goes on a smooth road. William, A loyal son, an honest student, a great music lover, a good person is now what? A Curse, a Devil.... I could hear every thought, I had enormous powers. I can know anything about anybody. I was capable of performing the act called ‘IMPOSSIBLE’. Yet with all the powers I could never help anybody in their pain and grief. I could never help myself. I was all alone, always alone and alone forever. Darkness of my life grew stronger with each passing decade. I had nothing to do except to just wander. I saw whole world, everything but still unaware of what this small town had for me. Maciana, a small town with a population of approximately 2500 people. I cannot say if it was the most beautiful place I have ever seen but there was something underlying beneath the calm and

I heard a baby crying and a women writhing in pain.witch unfamiliar to anybody in her family. It made me curious. I just wanted to chop her head off in the same instant. their companion. her prosperity and her happiness. white with grey roof. “Such a pure soul was left in such a miserable condition. I tried to focus on her past t find out the reason behind her misery. She was blessed by god for her purity and gentleness. There was a lake in the valley near which a small river was flowing. After a few seconds the whole picture of her life flashed before me. A pale lady in her mid 20s. She was indeed looking like she was dying. Big blue eyes covered with dark circles. The town was situated on a small hill and with ancient house made of stones and small bricks. A well known trader of the town. I was in forest making a flute out of a piece of wood. Forest had a little of wildlife. I was never touched by any human emotions in last 120 years. She is kind and loving. There was a graveyard near the forest. There was an old church in the middle of town. Her legs were tied with chains at the end of the bed. I started pacing near the house slowly. I can feel a silver shine across her which indicates her special aspects. She was a beautiful baby girl with her mother’s feature . What’s the meaning of your so called blessings?” I was truly angry and snapped my face to sky furiously. But john loved her wife too much he did not agree to Lima. It made me jealous and I envied their happiness. and she envied Marie from the beginning of the day when she got married to John. Marie Hamilton (Marie Anne Wilson before marriage). The baby was smiling at me. her face had bright features. Why she was left for dying while everybody was celebrating. I saw a new born baby in a beautifully decorated crib. The valley was full of various flowers and herbs. There was a small forest cover on the northern side. In the corner was her mother. She used her power at Marie and Marie lost her mental balance. This thought made me more attached to her. She is wife of John Hamilton. Then what’s the meaning of your existence.peaceful environment of this place. The reason of her misery other than god’s ignorance was her own sister Lima Hudson. I felt a strange emotion build inside my chest moving to my heart slowly. Suddenly my eyes flickered to the baby. She was a Black. She was there in the same house in a small room at the back side. But just then. People in a small hall were celebrating the eve of New Year. She envied her beauty. she was married to a poor porter whom she loved. dancing and singing. She is daughter of a priest at church in Promania. I was really angry at this inhuman act of Lima. It was around midnight. I saw a small house. She tried to persuade john to abort her child and send her to asylum. It was another example of god’s blindness besides me. Lima convinced everyone that Marie was a danger to her child and family. She did not have the capability of being a mother and when Marie got pregnant she was burned out of jealousy.

But then he felt even the darkest monster cannot hate such an angelic child. He was crying again with pain and joy. It was John. No charm in her appearance. PAMPER HER AS A MOTHER.. She forced it down her throat and then Marie was still she could not sense anything. Rose pink lips and a very dazzling smile which left dimple on her right cheek. He held his daughter in his arms and touched her cheeks with his lips and kissed her lightly. The most dangerous poison which do not even leave a mark of death by poison. I was so lost in her eyes that I forgot everything even Marie who was still crying out of pain. LOVE HER. EVAAA. “OH.”I thought and I was confused with the sudden rush of emotions. DEVILS DON’T LOVE. He gently kissed his wife’s forehead and then turned towards my Angel. A Tall lady came inside the room with a cup in her hand. NO. “EVA.” I was amused by the situation. EVA. Said a cracking voice in whisper.exactly placed in her. He was happy to have her in his arms. She had a dark violet glow around her body invisible to human eyes. She had a light brown skin and deep black eyes. She was the only hope in his life. . It was the last gift from his beloved wife. “My angel ?” WHAT IS IT? HOW CAN I CLAIM HER TO BE MINE? BUT I WISH I CAN STAY WITH HER. I was lost in justifying my thoughts again.. Pretty round face.. It was poison. William turned to the sound. Blue Eyes.. MY ANGEL’ S NAME. Lima left the room as John arrived. “Eva”. I was unable to take his eyes from her face. He had tears in his eyes... THEY JUST HATE AND KILL. It just stopped the heart in a few minutes.. She was Lima and she came here to give medicine to Marie to relieve her from the pain. I AM LOSING MYSELF AGAIN. She had some force of attraction. LOVE HER? NO. PROTECT HER. but I could sense evil in her. in true sense t relieve her from this life.

I just wanted to protect but I can’t love afford to love her because I just don’t want to lose her. “AM I GOING MAD?” “IS IT THAT WITCH’S POWER?” “OH NO WILLIAM GETOUT OF THIS PLACE BEFORE YOU GET TOTALLY MAD” I was unable to understand what was happening to him. An old man of around seventy five years with a wrinkled smile opened the door. Please open your eyes. I started to run towards the forest. She is not big enough to love me though it is impossible to love a devil. I knocked on the door and was waiting for somebody to open the door. I stopped when I reached near graveyard. Lima. I was young and beautiful as a human too. One was a small house with red bricks and same old ancient architecture as other houses in the town. I was burning with anger. I want you. YOU KILLED MY ANGEL’S MOTHER”. She was celebrating her success. I sat at on the ground taking support from a grave’s headstone. So. John was crying sitting on the floor next to his wife’s body. I decide to skip the thought of my human life as it worsens my pain and agony. Oh Marie my dear open your eyes. I was unable to control myself. “YOU CRUEL WITCH. She want you. Marie’s situation was just like mine but she was lucky enough that her soul was free. . Everybody came rushing to the small room after hearing John’s cry except one person. but this human world is all about good looks and though I don’t require them still I have an attraction of beauty in me and that are also part of my cursed life. Eva’s house was the last and the farthest near the woods and there were only four houses in the street which gave a clear view to Hamilton Villa. She was happily dancing in the hall. This was first time after so many years that I felt so shattered and broken. I spent whole night sitting there thinking different ways to protect the girl from all the problems including myself. See our baby. “Marie. Please open your eyes. She needs you love. I went to the bell street where Hamilton Villa was situated and decided to search a rental room. I had enough money with me to afford to build a house for myself but that didn’t serve my purpose.AAH? CRAP??? AM I SINGING HER NAME?” I wondered. I decided that I will stay here and look after the baby. Sun started to rise and I decided I will search for a place to stay and a job that can help me watch over the baby.

my name is William Francis. I followed him slowly trying to match the pace. He took his walking stick and started leading the way to the Sherriff’s house. “Hello Uncle Richie. You can have police verification and a contract note signed before allowing me in your house. you could have called me. Just for a safety purpose we will have a brief meeting with Sherriff Jonathon. It was so difficult to resist her aura. Surely it is not safe to keep a stranger as a tenant. I agree with you. . “Well young man I am pleased with your sincerity. I am Richard Sean. “Yes sir. We can sit and have a talk. Do you have any vacant room that can be rented?” I asked the old man. I was standing a few feet back near the main gate. Sherriff Jonathon’s house was just opposite to Eva’s house. “Hello young man.” Jonathon was surprised to see him early morning at his place. I just wanted to introduce you to my new tenant. William. “Ok sir.” Jonathon gestured towards the hall. “Well. Mr. No Jonathon nothing wrong and it is good to have a walk early morning in the blissful air. “I am a musician and I am searching for a place to reside. I am new to this place.“Hello sir.” Old man said calmly. I am an Old man and it is not safe for me to allow a complete stranger at home. “Please come inside Uncle and you too Mr.” I suggested in a genuine manner understanding the reason for hesitation. as you wish. Old man knocked the door and a tall man with russet brown skin opened the door.” Old man told him pointing in my side. William Francis. Good Morning” Old man replied in his same friendly tone.” I replied with same pleasant tone. He lives in the fourth house down the street. “Anything wrong Uncle Richie. I felt a strange magnetic pull from her house. He was in police uniform and I understood he is Sherriff Jonathon. Good Morning” Jonathon greeted the old man with a warm gesture. How can I help you?” He said in a very friendly manner. “No.” I said in a pleasant voice. I would have come to your place. “Hello Jonathon.” He hesitated.

“Ok sir I will provide you with all these things by tomorrow. Just a few formalities as a Sherriff I must ensure the safety of this place and people.We entered inside the house and sat on sofa in the Hall. I was given the last room in the series of six rooms. I travel around the world to learn Music and Teach Music. Which didn’t exist but I said it was in a motel. “Take Care Uncle Richie. I have no crave for money but I am crazy about music. you are welcome to Maciana. Helena will be awake by now. William. which is no more than a broken haunted house now.” I replied trying to be a little friendly and open. William you are welcome home. It looked more like a hotel then a house. My father was a Rich businessman. Uncle Richie is a great man. Maciana is my new and the first residence after my own house in Roberto. I had to go and shop few things to show him at least. “Hello Mr. Please let me know if I am of any help to you. It was very difficult to evade the expression of anger which was forced on my face. I went to a shop with music instrument and purchased a guitar. 12. After finishing shopping for a couple of clothes and other few necessary items.” Jonathon informed me. . You will be comfortable at his place. Hall was painted in cream with a hue of olive green on the pillars. I am Sherriff Jonathon Herd. I decided to get fresh and go to market. I entered the room. “Yes Sir. There was a huge window at the back side of the room. We came to old man’s house back. I am a musician and I like travelling around the world. I think you are new to Maciana?” Jonathon questioned just like a cop. Come on Mr. “Can I know the purpose of coming to Maciana?” Jonathon questioned. I just nodded with a smile. “Ok Jonathon I take your leave now. So you have to submit the copy of your Identity and passport at the Maciana Police station. William” Jonathon greeted.” Old man said pleasingly. it was big and bright. Once again welcome Mr. I came here last night from Venice. It’s my passion that brought me here. He asked for my luggage. I went near the window and glanced outside at the forest and then I saw Hamilton Villa.” I replied. It made me smile and my heartfelt lighter. “Well. harmonica and a flute.” I replied. Old man showed me way to a room in a corridor upstairs. Bell Street. “Yes Sir. Sherlin’s Villa. The house was not big but it was gracefully decorated. The house was big and beautiful.

The old man was sitting in hall on his rocking chair and watching television. please come in. Yesterday night his wife Marie passed away while giving birth to child. “As you like it. William. A young girl of almost 19 or 20 years came from kitchen with a big bowl and served the food. Is it right?” “Yes.” I smiled at the girl and greeted. Actually Mr. It’s sad to know but are you sure they won’t mind a stranger at their place. If you don’t mind can you play violin at Marie’s last prayers?” “Well Helena.I went back home around the time of lunch.” We had our lunch together and I went back to my room. I went near the window and tried to hear her sound but it was completely silent there.” Old man said. She was beautiful and her face was very innocent.” Her voice was so velvety soft and musical. “Yes. “William. you need not worry about that. So I came back and sat on the edge of my bed. “Hello Mr. I was too eager to see Eva again. Madam. this is Helena my granddaughter. “May I come in William?” Helena said. ” . We are lucky to have you. John Hamilton is one of our neighbours and he lives just at the end of the street. “Hello. There was knock on my door. Glad to meet you and thanks for the food. I came downstairs. You can also call me William. Today evening they are doing the Funeral ceremony and the only person here who can play a violin at the prayer is not in town. I went to my room and dropped the items. you can call me Helena as grandpa do. I went and joined him.” “My grandpa said you are a musician. The lunch was ready and old man was waiting at the dining table.” “Oh.” “Can you play a violin?” “Yes but I don’t have one. In fact Sheriff Jonathon is here downstairs with Mr. John to request you to come at the church for the last prayers.” “No not at all.

William.” We went downstairs.” “Hello Mr. William.“Ok. He was holding Eva. If anytime I lost my temper she will be in the close danger. I hope Helena told you everything.” Uncle Richie said. I am very sorry for you Mr. But I want my daughter here with me. “Yes Mr. “No Uncle. I need to get ready for Marie’s funeral. I went back upstairs. I am sure you can take care of Eva better than Lima.” “Thank You.” The baby started crying. I can sense it but I couldn’t find out the source. I felt like jumping and dancing as I saw her just a few feet away from me. I would love to take care of her. . They left talking with Uncle Richie. John took her from Uncle and tried to console her.” He looked like he will burst in tears any moment.” John said. “Thank you Helena. All the time I was there in the Hall I had a strange feeling that something evil is nearby but not in a recognizable form. Helena took the baby and started singing to her softly. Hamilton. “No Uncle John. I came here to seek your help for the funeral. I don’ want to burden you both with my responsibility. She wanted to take Eva to her house. It’s nice to see you again.” “Yes. Sheriff was there with Eva’s father. She did tell me.” John was very upset about that thought and I was happy that he didn’t trust Lima enough to give Eva to her. Marie loved violin and it was her wish to have her last prayers with music of violin. It was good news for me but soon it became a biggest danger for Eva. Only very strong and ancient power can hide itself.” “Thank you Mr. “Good Afternoon Sheriff. I will surely play violin for your wife. After a few minutes Eva stopped crying. Will you please come and join us at the funeral. Hamilton. This is Mr. May be I was just imagining. “John if you don’t mind Helena can take care of Eva while you go at work. God knows what she will do with the poor baby.” Helena said to john. It is second good thing I am going to do in so many decades. John Hamilton. I wish god give you strength and peace. Uncle Richie was there at the front door and he was cooing some song. Helena is like my little sister. Let’s go then Helena. John was looking like he will fall down any moment his eyes were bright red of crying and he looked as pale as me.

She was wearing a black gown having a lacy border and a Hat her eyes were looking beautiful under net. I just hope I will be strong enough to sense it before it takes over me. “mm.” Even though I wanted to go something pulled me towards her making me go near her but I broke the temptation and left the room very fast. It’s better to recognise less people to control the evil instincts. Her beauty and innocence made my whole body pain for her lose. I just need to wear Tie. I was so dissolved in her eyes and her voice made it worse. I think we are getting late. It was . if you don’t mind?” she asked me in the same tone. “Uh.” I wanted to say no but I couldn’t. we shall move now. Helena was there at the door step.” She commented. I can’t allow this to happen. Please give me few minutes. All the time she was tying Tie She held my eyes in her and it was like she was controlling me. It was somewhat a forced temptation but I was getting lost.I was getting ready when I heard a slight knock and door opened. William. I am impressed with your personality. Marie was lying there in the coffin she was looking the true holy angel in her white wedding gown. She came inside and came closer to me. One single moment of negligence on my part can cost so many precious lives of this place. Ok. “You look perfect. We went to the church. “Thanks. She smelt so good. the night of darkness is not near anytime now. She really has some magic in her tone but she looks just an ordinary girl.” I managed to speak but my mind was not helping. She was worth worshiping. “Shall I help you. I was already doing wrong to think about Eva in that way and now it was worse that I liked Helena and wanted her near me. I played Violin and performed my duty and left for home as it was not safe to be among so many people. Yes. Poor child she was so unlucky to lose her mother when she needed her most and then she was even more unlucky to have me here. When it gets stronger nobody can control it. “Are you ready William?” She asked and her voice was even more deliciously sweet than a dessert. But who knows Evil supremacy. Eva was there in John’s arms. I just turned back a little to see the person. I had an urge to fight back but I was not able to do anything. No. At first I felt it was someone just walking behind casually. she was looking very pretty and I felt something strange which I felt when I saw Eva but it was impossible to feel love for anyone other than her. Though. I was on my way to house when I felt somebody’s approaching step. You look lovely Helena.

After my mom and dad died in accident she was the one who helped me to get over it. Everything is fine over there but I was just feeling too depressed. Please be calm and control your emotions. I understand but it will be better if you keep quite distance from me. I was surprised that I could control but again I felt strange very strange. I ran to my room. Why are you running? Is there any problem at church?” I was confused to see her like this. It took every ounce of self control for me to not to kill her then and there. I am a stranger and I owe to your grandfather for his trust. I was the only thing she must be afraid of and yet she was feeling safe with me.” She realised what she was doing and she broke apart. ” If she knew she had just escaped her death she would have never came near me again. “Helena. “No. So tightly that I couldn’t even break her hold on me. Aunt Marie was quite close to me.” Helena was standing at the door step with a confused look because of my abrupt action. He may not feel as good if he saw you with me like this.” Tears fell from her eyes and I felt like I will start crying too and this was another impossible feeling and I know there is something wrong with this place.Helena. “No. “William. It was a spell that made me kill anyone who touched my heart. Helena turned back and walked away without a single word and I realised I had hurt her feelings but it was better than killing her. She had too much strength considering her size. I slowed down and she caught up with me soon. When she was normal. Her breathing was hard from running or walking too fast and then I realized I forgot to keep my speed at human level.” She said these words with so much trust and affection and I had very difficult time controlling myself from snapping at her foolishness. she was my mentor in many ways. It’s alright Helena. “What’s the matter Helena. I am sorry I was quite shocked and couldn’t decide what to do. . please it’s going to be alright. We reached home and she was still crying. I was so relieved. I tried to confront her and she hugged me. I know we don’t know anything about each other but still I feel very safe when I am around you. “I just feel calm around you.” It was a lame excuse to be used near by a man in a normal condition to avoid a girl falling for him but it was matter of life and death of this stupid human girl. I am so sorry for that. She caught my gaze and lifted her hand as a gesture to me to wait for her. “It’s ok.

After that she didn’t tried to talk to me for days except for asking for lunch and dinner. All the other teachers were nice and informed me about all the rules and events of school. I have the power to summon the spirits but they hate me. I got myself a job in school as music teacher with the help of john and Sheriff Jonathon. I even touched Eva and crooned her without any effort of controlling myself. I used to join them when I was back from school. It was amazing to be with her. Most of them were weak and broken due to loneliness and lack of self control which made them savage and they opted to stay in forest and wilderness hidden from the world but We were most dangerous in our cursed form which showed on night of eclipse when the darkness of inside matched the outside darkness of moonless night. Little Saint’s School. But it was quite early to judge because I have heard Maciana was a holy place where white magic and spirit of goodness overpowered the wrong and evil but it cannot finish the ancient curse. It was better to see her with closed eyes having that lovely smile and affectionate eyes. I started it with teaching the prayers to students as it was the most convenient thing to teach regarding the hip hops that will not b approved. Blossoms were starting to bloom and the hot air was filled with sweet fragrances. It was nice climate the onset of spring. She has just started crawling around and recognizing people. Animals were scared of me but she was not. . I didn’t know when the first six months got over. May be it was my self control that was helping me but I was enjoying every moment of this renewed life which does not force me to turn into my real spelled shape. It was amazing to know that the darkness of my soul was reducing and I started to feel that may be the power of curse is fading after the death of that witch. Helena used to spend most of her time with Eva. My job was quite easy. I felt a soothing effect whenever I kept her in my arms. I always thought of summoning my mother but I cannot afford see her if she is going to want to kill me and the hatred in those lovely eyes will make this eternity even worse. It felt like having a nightmare which I wanted to end at any cost. Helena was still maintaining her distance but I saw her watching me when I was not seeing but my powers of reading her thoughts told me. One day I came back from the school after taking classes. Helena was sitting on the porch with Eva playing. I always thought of my days with my family when we were together and happy. this was the first time they were having a music teacher and I can feel all the students were excited about it. I touched Eva’ cheek lightly and as usual she smiled her cutest smile with reached to her eyes and lit those blue crystals with magic and also sent a very calm emotion within me. Staying with kids made me forget my original identity. I was lost in the happiness and with growing relation to Eva’s father I was on the top of the world. Only once in a while I have met people of my own kind. It made me feel good she was happy to see me because children are god’s messenger and I have heard they can identify the bad just as animals do. I felt bad for her and even I missed her smile. It was like she was reducing the power of spell. I hate to think that I was not a normal human anymore.

Yes. There was a small herd of deer drinking water and as soon as I saw them the savage demon broke out of me. There was no from address. WILLIAM FRANCIS. All the time I was feeling that I am under control but because of just one word and I lost my temper. SHERLIN’S VILLA. This anger was uncontrollable and I killed a deer and ate it raw. Even a few people I know of my kind don’t know my address. I was covered in blood from top to bottom.” I wanted to ask her who sent it but I left to my room. I opened the letter. After a few hours I was finally able to control myself.I was lost in Eva’s smile and didn’t notice when Helena called my name at first. I helped me forget the letter and control myself. May be it is something from school regarding any assignment because who else is there in this world to send me a letter. 12. SCOTLAND. Helena was startled to see me and tried to stop but failed. “JINXED” It was a shock and couldn’t think what is happening. All other animals ran away. Who will send me letter? “Ok thanks.” There is a letter for me. “Um. I went upstairs and found an envelope on the top of table. I came to halt when I was near the lake. “There was letter for you this morning. I was not sure what will happen now. “William?” She said very softly and again I was dragged out of Eva’s magic and pulled to Helena. MACIANA. I have kept it on your table. BELL STREET. . It was almost midnight I decided to go back before anybody came searching for me. MR. I ran out of house in almost maximum speed I can. I washed myself in the lake water and sat under a tree playing flute. How can anybody know about it and send me a letter without meaning. My address was written very legibly. It was only one word. But I couldn’t afford the outburst in this house there are humans and most of all Eva is here.” I replied still confused by the mixed emotions.

” She was still holding me and now she was looking deep inside my eyes.” She was almost crying and it hurt me to see her like that. There is _ _” before I could finish Helena came and hugged me again and I was not able to break her embrace instead I melted in her arms and It was like I was under her control and helpless.” “No.” “You are lying. The next morning when I woke up it was even worse than reading those words in the letter. No matter what is wrong with me being close to you but I can’t be away from you William. innocence and her mystical voice. . “I love you too Helena. Helena was sleeping next to me. Wake up. I closed the door and went inside. “I love you.” No. “Helena. You like me. I went inside slowly and went to my room. “What’s the matter William?” She asked me in a soothing voice. “Nothing” My replying tone was bit hard despite of all the efforts. I have seen it but you try to hide your feelings and you are very good at it.” I said it in a neutral voice but I knew it stung. I flipped on the lights and saw Helena was standing near the window. Please leave me alone. I have seen it in your eyes. I don’t love anybody and I am not meant for all this. You don’t understand it is wrong and it can never happen.” I almost shouted at her but I kept my voice was low for sake of her. You don’t and even if you do then I can’t and it is impossible. This is wrong and this is not me but my internal battle were dissolved somewhere and I couldn’t remember anything after that. William I really love you. She was controlling me with her beauty.When I reached home it was dark and silent. I can’t stop thinking about you. “No. It was horrible. “But I care about you. “But why? You don’t think I am good for you or you already love somebody?” “No. I was dazzled and couldn’t think what I was saying. There is no point in wasting your time and feelings for me.” There were tears in her eyes. “You don’t need to and I don’t want you think about me. What the hell you are doing in my bed?” She woke up smiling and kissed my cheek. I love you. “I was worried about you. This can never happen.

Here’s your letter. Please open the door let me see you once and everything will be alright. I got ready and left for school without a single word to Helena or Uncle Richard. I will be waiting for you at dinner table.” “I said just GO AWAY. Take your time but please come. When I returned back I just locked up myself in my room. I opened it and this time it was more than one word. You were so happy with me yesterday then what happened now. I am very upset with you. I will write you soon. What’s the name of that pretty doll? Ah. You never tried to meet me. Don’t be so offended with me. “Dearest William.” “Don’t wait. “William.” Another letter? “Slip it inside under the door and leave. Go away. Just leave me alone. I will be pleased to meet you soon.” I snapped. Everything was blurry. “What did I do. Enjoy your present my dear friend. Well one more thing. What’s wrong with you? Please open the door.” I couldn’t remember anything except shouting at her for staying away. I wanted to stay to protect Eva but now I am going to kill everybody one by one. There’s a letter for you. It’s me Helena. I was a savage but now I am even worse I have spoiled life of a girl and she is probably my next victim. “It is love William. please open the door. EVA. I am not going to come.” “Ok. I was confused and unable to decide what is happening with me.“What the hell is going on Helena? Are you out of your mind” I was on verge of exploding out of anger and she was smiling at me. Don’t make me do anything wrong. Just go for her. I don’t want to see you. Helena is really beautiful. There was a small knock on door. It was kind of envelope with same handwriting and only my name and address. It was like someone has erased my memory of last night. next time when you are angry never go for a deer they are not as delicious as humans and specially babies. Helena came many times but I didn’t respond at all. You forgot last night you stopped me from going. Till then enjoy your newly blossomed love. I am your friend. Your only friend living or you can say strolling on the earth like you.” .” And she left without another word after slipping the letter inside.

Will you stay here till the time I come back and take care of Helena?” his voice was pleading. “William?” It was Uncle Richard’s voice. are you alright?” “Uh. Are you ok now? You were so angry with me from morning. “It will take a week or two. I feel disgusting. He was standing there in a suit and with a suitcase near his foot. My already troubled life was becoming whole lot worse and all because of that stupid attraction which is not even genuine now. “If it is not urgent then can you stay here a little longer as a favour for me? I need to go to my sister’s house urgently.” He nodded and left. I started unpacking the half packed bag again. “Are you going somewhere?” he asked in a puzzled tone. Again an emotional rush but I knew it was not her it was that unknown messenger’s trick. I just want to go somewhere else.“I cannot afford to lose my temper now. She didn’t seem to notice me. It made my heart ache out of sympathy and care for her. She was sitting on the couch in living room staring at TV but not actually watching it. Helena will be safe. What did I do? I love you and you too accepted it yesterday night but in morning you were just some other person. I am behaving like a normal human man who can love each and every girl at same time. After half an hour I went downstairs to see Helena. Have a safe journey. “ I started packing my things just then I heard a knock on my door. How can I tell her she is being controlled and I am not a normal man who can be love of her life or her husband? .” “Ok. I wanted to tell I am leaving so that Helena is safe but I was stuck and couldn’t say no to him. I need to leave this place now.” I couldn’t make out any excuse at the moment. She was sad and her eyes were red from crying probably. “Helena. Was your love only for that night?” I was speechless. “Helena?” I said softly. “Ok. I am fine. “Yes Uncle I am leaving this place. Hi eyes went to my bed where my bag was lying half packed.” “But why? Any problem with house or anything wrong with your family?” he looked worried. I opened the door and saw him. Her husband has passed away because of heart attack. I will come back as soon as possible. Someone is there who know about me. Yes. Helena is a victim. Uncle but when will you be back?” I just prayed it should be as less time as possible. “No. You don’t worry. I cannot take Helena with me but I cannot leave her alone.

this girl has some disease for hugging. It will result in opposite reaction for you. I kissed her forehead and left for the school after getting dressed.” “Ok.” “Please Helena don’t do this. “Ok William. When I went back she was sitting in hall with Eva. I can’t resist your presence. Again Helena was there beside me wrapped in the bed sheet looking very beautiful. I want you. With every touch I lost a part of my memory and I don’t know when I fell asleep because the next time when I opened my eyes I saw it was 10 o’clock of the next day. Please don’t leave me or else I die.” “No.“I am sorry Helena. I lost 12 hours of my life and didn’t know anything about it.” She was so happy that it made me feel guilty to trick her like that. If you need anything just tell me. I gave me utmost pleasure and broke my resolve to stay away from her. Don’t just fall over me every time I talk to you.” I started moving towards the stairs when she called me.”I turned back and saw she was standing just an inch from my face almost touching me. I am going to my room. “Ok. You are nice but I am not good for you. Listen. Whole day I was feeling very light and my every thought was consumed with Helena and her voice. I don’t know what urged me to do what I did next but it was just same as last night everything was a blur I was just aware of her presence with me in my room in my bed. When we broke apart she hugged me again. Staring straight into my eyes and then she kissed my lips. I just wanted to go back in her arms and feel her warmth. I was happy to see her. You will regret later if you don’t stop now. I will try to think about it but for now you need to give me some space. . Each time I try to put sense in her brain she will just hug me and my strength is shattered like a glass. It was soft and warm. “I love you William. I want to live with you forever. I was just upset and I am not sure if I love you.” Oh man.” “You are meant only for me. I responded back and we kept kissing for a longer time.” I threatened her and used her emotions against her but it was worth to use for her own good. I will regret it forever if I don’t listen to my heart now. Please understand and trust me for it. I kissed Helena on cheek and asked her to give Eva to me. I am not meant to be with you. Please think about it soon. “William?” “Yes. And then it happened.

Helena seemed to notice the change in my mood and she asked me what’s wrong I just said nothing and gave Eva back to her and left for my room. If this time I snapped at Helena she probably will do something wrong so I have to wait till Uncle come back and then leave this horrible place forever. For next two days I just faked illness to keep Helena away.It was like I came out of a long sleep. Few times she doubted and asked if anything is troubling me but I refused it as nothing. I was able to remember everything that happened between me and Helena and also that I was forced to do all that. .