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Meeting  With  Chief  Sanchez  Re:    Officer  Involved  Shooting  of  Kendrec  McDade    -­‐    4/7/12   In  attendance:    Carol  Hunt-­‐Hernandez

,  Ishmael  Trone,  German  Barrero,  Cheryl  Hubbard,  Scott   Sudduth,  Greg  Mosely,  Michelle  Bailey,  Dallas  Baker,  James  Smith,  Chief  Sanchez,  Lt.  Phlunte   Riddle,  Mr.  Riddle,  and  Deputy  Chief  Quarrals     The  facts  of  the  incident  as  reported  by  Chief  Sanchez:    The  incident  took  place  on  March  24,   2012  @  11:04  p.m.  at  the  taco  truck  locating  in  the  parking  lot  of  the  Azteca  restaurant  on   Orange  Grove  and  Summit  and  concluded  with  the  officer  involved  shooting  of  19  year  old,   Kendrec  McDade  @  11:08  p.m.  near  the  intersection  of  Sunset  and  Orange  Grove.      An   emergency  call  was  made  @  11:04  p.m.  by  Mr.  Carillo  stating  that  his  back  pack  and  computer   had  been  stolen  from  him  at  gunpoint  from  McDade  and  a  17  year  old  accomplice.    Carillo  told   the  operator  that  both  were  armed.    McDade  and  the  minor  accomplice  fled  the  scene  of  the   alleged  robbery,  McDade  on  foot  and  the  minor  via  car,  west  bound  on  Orange  Grove.    Carillo   followed  the  2  men  in  his  car  while  on  the  phone  with  the  911  operator.    Upon  arriving  on  the   scene,  a  marked  PPD  officer  with  an  additional  officer  in  the  passenger  followed  McDade  as  he   ran  towards  Raymond,  then  through  the  Church’s  chicken  parking  lot  and  continuing  on   through  an  alley/easement  behind  the  Chinese  food  restaurant  on  the  NW  corner  of  Fair  Oaks   and  Orange  Grove  during  which  time  the  passenger  officer  exited  the  squad  car  and  continued   the  chase  on  foot  while  the  driver  resumed  the  chase  in  the  car  ending  up  around  the  700  block   of  Sunset  north  of  Orange  Grove  where  both  officers  fired  their  guns  subsequently  shooting   and  killing  Kendrec    McDade.   A  question  was  asked:    Did  McDade  know  that  that  he  was  being  followed  by  officers  and  not   Carillo?    The  assumption  is  that  he  was  aware  that  the  chase  at  that  point  was  by  PPD  officers.   The  officer  in  the  vehicle  quickly  exited  the  vehicle  and  called  for  a  paramedic  after  the  shots   were  fired.    The  minor  accomplice  was  soon  found  behind  a  trash  compactor  east  of  Orange   Grove  and  Fair  Oaks,  south  side.   Chief  Sanchez,  Deputy  Chief  Quarrals,  Lt.  Riddle  and  Commander  C.  Russ  were  all  on  the  scene   within  90  minutes.    Within  the  next  few  hours,  Chief  Sanchez  made  calls  to  the  following:   Pasadena  Star  News,  LA  Dist.  Atty.,  LA  Coroner.    This  was  in  accordance  with  a  procedure  that   followed  another  officer  involved  shooting  in  2009.    The  scene  was  cordoned  off.    Due  to  the   scene  being  so  close  to  New  Revelation  church,  the  chief  made  a  call  to  Pastor  Turner  to  inform   him  of  the  incident.    On  the  following  morning,  Sunday,  the  chief  also  phoned  the  Pasadena   NAACP  president  to  inform  him  of  the  incident.  

In  the  days  following  the  incident  the  Chief  reported  that  the  videotape  stills  from  the  scene   and  the  911  call  were  being  reviewed  for  evidence  and  that  the  video  stills  confirmed  that  there   was  at  least  interaction  and  engagement  between  McDade.  2012.   The  chief  added  some  additional  facts  including  that  over  the  past  several  years  the  PPD  had   made  roughly  8600  arrests  with  less  than  1%  use  of  force  incidents.  Carillo  and  the  minor  accomplice   but  could  not  verify  that  there  was  conflict.           On  April  3.  the  chief  requested  the  involvement  of  the  FBI  Civil  Rights  Division  which  they   accepted  and  that  he  met  with  the  OIR  group  to  begin  the  process.    In  the  interview  officers  asked  Carillo  to  re-­‐tell  his  story  of  events  and  he   repeated  what  he  had  previously  stated.  2012.  Carillo  recanted  his  story   and  confessed  that  he  had  lied  about  the  two  men  being  armed  –  in  fact  there  were  no  guns   but  that  there  was  a  theft.    On  Wednesday.    The  search  for  weapons  also  turned  up  negative.     Officers  and  detectives  soon  realized  that  the  Carillo’s  story  was  not  adding  up  and  decided  to   call  Carillo  in  for  a  noncustodial  interview  in  which  Carillo  returned  to  the  PPD  voluntarily  for   further  questioning.  the  PPD  took  Carillo  into  custody   for  involuntary  manslaughter.   .  March  28.    When  the  officers  disclosed  that  they  had  reviewed   the  video  stills  and  had  concluded  that  the  story  wasn’t  adding  up.