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A Cooperative Social Media Project Produced by Velidoxi 315-256-2237 PREFACE Listening to recordings from the classic catalogs of Atlantic, Stax, Sun, Parlophone, etc, it’s hard to believe that several of those immortal tracks were made in a single recording session. How could any one of those legendary recordings be made in just one day? Simple… They had an extremely talented crew, a killer studio, excellent gear, and, most importantly, great artists. They were the ‘masters from their day’. THE PLAN – A COOPERATIVE SOCIAL MEDIA PROJECT ‘’ is a web-TV series, produced by Velidoxi, as a cooperative social media project. In this video series, we reprise the spirit and work-flow model from the seminal days of record production. Each episode is a mini-documentary focusing on a group of extremely talented people producing one song in one day at a world-class recording studio - the entire track, from top to bottom, in just one recording session. The first part of each episodeis a mini-documentary about the creative processes of everyone involved in producing the song, and the episode ends with the complete song sync’d to video of the collaborative manifestation (musicians performing, mixers mixing, producers listening, etc). The episodes are uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo so that everyone (the featured participants as well as the general public) can freely embed and share the videos. The mastered track from each session (the ‘master from their day’, as it were) will also be posted online and available as a free download. WHO The series will feature the truly great artists and artisans of our time - the people and facilities that are shaping our musical era. The featured artist, producer, engineer, and studio will be different for each episode. All recordings will be mastered by 4-time Grammy winner Gavin Lurssen. The episodes are directed by Isaac Deitz, who has directed several music-related prime-time cable-TV shows and produced several successful internet viral videos for music artists.

It is a form of meta-art (art about art). which has manifested some of our most cherished musical recordings. Director Isaac Deitz has an amazing ability to evoke and display the best of his subjects’ personalities.. regarding the production of the musical recording.. This project is not only about documenting the process of creating art. In other words. I hope this series will similarly inspire current and future generations of musicians. rest assured knowing that one of the main goals of this series is to establish within the mind of the viewer a deep level of respect for all of the featured entities. With that said. Elias Gwinn) will not be telling anyone what to do or how to do it... Each ‘Masters From Their Day’ episode is the story of a group of incredibly talented people channelling their creative momentum (and foregoing any obsessive tendencies) to create something ‘in the moment’ .During the production and post-production. the video director and producer (Isaac Deitz and myself. The only instructions we will give will be related to the video. Ideally. inform. The video documentation of the talents of Tom Dowd and the artists he worked with is invaluable as it continues to inspire contemporary and up-and-coming craftspeople in the art of music productio. the goal of this series is to be a growing document of the artistry involved in music production. but is also an art piece in-and-of a real and sincere way. any 16-year-old can bury themselves in their bedroom with a laptop for a few months and emerge with their very own record. “Tom Dowd and the Language of Music”.even now. WHY This series serves multiple purposes: ● a video archive demonstrating the creative mechanisms of today’s artists and artisans in the world of music production ● a collaborative art piece whose goal is to entertain. Though this can yield some fascinating results. he will make you look good! . giving an interview that will be incorporated into the homage to the fundamentals. we’ve almost completely left behind the work-flow model from the seminal days of music production. This series was partially inspired by the documentary. each collaborator will have the authority to execute their respective tasks as they see fit. His 26episode web series featuring Family Force 5 cemented their fan-base with its endearing candor and infectious humor. producers. From a purely economical standpoint. The video director will have full authority over the shooting and editing of the video. whose artistic statement deals with the appreciation of the ‘moment’ by limiting the production process to one session. and inspire ● a cooperative promotional mechanism serving all the featured entities First and foremost. consider that these videos also serve as extremely . In other words.. e. the viewer will be left with a sense of awe for the level of artistry they just witnessed. well after his passing. In this day and age. and engineers.g.

what equipment will be needed. On the day of the session. 5. but it is certainly not a requirement. you have a career. This creates an exciting cross-pollination of audiences and fan-bases. it isn’t out of the question for the mix . We launch the new episode with great fanfare by contacting a Rolodex of journalists. proud of what we created . All participants post the video to their Facebook. the project’s cooperative nature means that each collaborator will be mutually catapulting the presence of all collaborators. However. the cross-pollination of the audience expands exponentially. etc. each collaborator will be projected in front of all the fans of the other collaborators simultaneously. studio.except me. exciting and intimate creative experience. what song will be recorded.effective and efficient promotional material with very little time-commitment and cost. engineer. and video director. At the end of that day. Although the recording session will occur in one day. or as an experiment with a specific artist/producer collaboration. as time permits. as I will be encouraging and participating in the ongoing dialog with the viewers. or advertising costs. 7. But more importantly. easy. the fans of the featured collaborators in newer episodes regularly watch the previous episodes. In those cases. In other words. when those new recordings are released. 2. you show up and produce sweet. we send a few emails back-and-forth discussing what you should expect. 8. the video can serve as a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at the environment the new recordings were made. blogs. we can also plan episodes as one-off collaborations. especially when the artist doesn’t have plans to record in the near future. as well as give short interviews about the process as requested by the director. etc (very simple. Ideally. Schedule a day that works for the artist. Gavin Lurssen masters the mixed song from the session. Social media has a perpetual life with zero maintenance. This project is a way for all collaborators to build their fan-base by offering the audience a free. you get fame. HOW The whole process looks like this: 1. sweet music (one song). Furthermore. who will tirelessly oversee the editing of the video so that it becomes as phenomenal as everything else he has done. and other related websites. official website. producer. everyone can move on and go about their other business. Twitter. Also. The video and mastered track will be widely disseminated via several internet outlets. but if you have a fan-base. Then. and other logistics. 6. Each of the collaborators will post the video to their Facebook. I would encourage all participants to do so. as well sending it to their respective email lists. except the video director. the episode can be shot while everyone is already ‘in the groove’ of working together in that studio. So as new episodes with new collaborators are posted. Twitter. 4. and quick). 3. this will occur at a time when the artist and producer are already in the studio working on new recordings together. inventory. Someone once said that if you have a hit. Everyone sits back and relaxes.

there are no additional expenses or commitments. and producer . but not including the audio from the cameras. but also be made available as a free download indefinitely ● Multi-track audio recordings. the artist may choose to further develop the recording at their own expense (overdub. which will be wholly owned by the artist. All featured collaborators have full rights (and are encouraged) to post the video and mastered audio track on their respective websites. session setup. In addition to the music. After the initial production costs are paid for. This gives the viewers an inside look at the recording and production process that resulted in the track they downloaded. Beyond this production. the cost will only be their time/services during production (one day or less).concluding with a music video of the song sync’d to the actual ‘performances’ by the musicians. engineers. sell. FEATURES AND BENEFITS OF COOPERATIVE SOCIAL MEDIA PROJECT Aside from the general benefit of building your brand. which will be wholly owned by the artist Each episode will be made from footage of the recording to re-mix the recordings if he/she is not comfortable with the mix from the day of the video shoot. Also. including footage of the producers and engineers as they work with the artists and equipment. there is no time-commitment or cost to propagate the media. etc). The collaborators are not required to actively promote their episode on an ongoing basis. including the final mastered recording. etc). the video will also feature some interviews and ‘B-roll’ footage from the session (‘B-roll’ would be candid interactions. all audio from the recording session.. etc. social networking page. as well as ventures to promote the series in pro-audio and music-consumer outlets (online and print). WHAT The resulting media products from each episode will be as follows: ● A documentary of the recording session . For all other featured collaborators. etc (which is a one-time process and quick and easy). The featured artist will choose the song to be recorded during their day in the studio (subject to agreement with the record producer and video producer). The artist/band will own all audio recordings from the session. re-master. re-mix.posted on YouTube and Vimeo ● A mixed and mastered recording of one song. COST Velidoxi will cover the costs of the video production. license. there are more tangible prospective . which provides an additional ‘safety net’. the track will be mastered by Gavin Lurssen. Beyond the initial posting. The band may freely distribute.

studio recordists.. entertaining media content while simultaneously promoting all involved Demonstrates talent. Each of the featured collaborators will be encouraged to embed the YouTube video on their website. Since each of the collaborators are extremely talented artists and craftspeople. It is important to take advantage of opportunities to build your brand. the collaborators receive an entertaining music video with superb-quality audio that will be seen by the fans of all the collaborators involved and countless others. Since the cost and commitment is ‘near-zero’. it can spread like wildfire. then it is a success regardless of ‘viral’ status. Furthermore. and/or email newsletter (all quick. blog. especially at a low cost-of-entry and with great potential for a high percentage of return-on-investment. COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS (. and free . studio. For the cost of one day of services. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Builds ‘buzz’ and fan-base for all collaborators Provides fresh content for the websites of all collaborators Drives traffic to website of all collaborators Develops healthy business relationships within the struggling music industry Offers valuable. video director. performance. simply for contributing their services to produce the media. social networking sites. and assets of all collaborators Turns prospects into customers at no-cost (no-cost customer acquisition) Differentiates collaborators from competitors Improves search engine results Develops/reinforces reputation as leading figures High return-to-risk ratio due to low capital requirements. In other words. the cost-benefit ratio of participating in this project is incredibly favorable..or. each collaborator receives a high-quality. viral potential Media has a perpetual life at no cost Media cross-pollinates through social networks to bring in new audiences Increases presence in respective markets Adds value to current marketing expenditures If people get excited and that excitement is stoked. musicians. the result will be an outstanding recording of great music coupled with an entertaining visual documentation of the process. In addition. engineers.returns from this project. MARKETING MUMBO-JUMBO) This project is a unique opportunity for all of the featured collaborators to expand and/or reinforce their fan-base. and the many fans of the featured collaborators (band. entertaining video and audio recording. record label. if the project is inexpensive and yields valuable web-content. representing their talents and assets. easy. their talents and assets will be mutually promoted by all collaborators. etc). These videos will appeal to music-lovers.

At the end. Twitter. This description also determines search results. including engagement in forum conversations discussing the production of these recordings (see the section titled “Case Studies”). which means that this video can be found with a search of any of the featured collaborators. Credits and links for the featured collaborators will be included in the YouTube/Vimeo ‘video description’. as opposed to traditional commercial advertisements. Twitter. closing credits and production logos of each of the featured collaborators will be shown (similar to a television show). This type of media provides real value to the viewer. forums. in email newsletters. credits for the collaborators will appear at the beginning of the video. blogs. website. on internet forums. etc.e. As a representative of Benchmark Media Systems (a manufacturer of high-end recording equipment). They allow viewer comments and discussion. VALUE-ADDED MARKETING Social media presents many advantages over traditional marketing.. and fans of the series. etc).0 venues for studio recording professionals and music aficionados. Social media videos (YouTube. ‘intrusion marketing’ or .). by appealing to such a large cross-section of fans. I am actively engaged in many Web 2. Velidoxi will also be publishing the series on multiple third-party websites (well-travelled sites related to music and music-production). The media content will be grass-roots social media that is entertainment-centric. The audiences of all collaborators will create an exciting cross-pollination of fan-bases amongst the collaborators. as well as actively promoting the series in several social-media venues and ventures (Facebook. These links will provide a bridge to the catalogs and services of the featured collaborators. including people not involved in the production . but to also interact with the viewers. Traditional marketing is often viewed negatively as an interruption to the ‘real’ content (i. which is displayed next to the video. Also. in blogs. the video has a higher chance of becoming viral.members of the press. It also encourages customer loyalty as viewers become fans of the featured collaborators. The videos will be accompanied by web-links to the websites of the featured collaborators. Our goal is to not only attract. Digg. The video and mastered audio track from each session will be freely distributed to induce viral success. and provide real value to the viewer. The videos will be promoted by an indefinite amount of people. etc) are free to access and easy to share (embeddable).processes) to promote their own brand. Several other strategic methods will be utilized to maximize search engine traffic. as opposed to advertising-centric. They embed the video on their social networking sites (Facebook. Similar to a typical music video. etc. I will be consistently using strategic methods to spread awareness of the project. fans of the featured collaborators.

It is viewed only briefly by the viewer. traditional advertising has a very short life. A television viewer must wait through commercials to watch the ‘real’ content (the program). -Elias Gwinn . Social media has an indefinite life. It is a destination. and recording production is gaining prominence as well.‘interruptive marketing’). but there is very little of that for music lovers and aspiring recordists. To re-run the advertisement. it is the content. A single viewer will listen to the song and watch the video again and again. It lasts only as long as the paid cycle. It is art. especially featuring those who are making influential records. entertainment. It is an impedance to the ‘true’ content of the media. there are very few high-quality visual documentations of the process. art. yet only incurs a one-time expense. just as with a typical recording and music video. However. the cost of the cycle must be incurred yet again. except the viewer actually appreciates and enjoys the experience! SUMMARY Musical recordings are ubiquitous in contemporary life. Movies usually come with a short ‘making-of’ video extra on the DVD. Thank you for your time. It’s like running a 9 minute commercial directly on someone’s iPhone. while simultaneously creating a lasting document for future generations to appreciate. bought and sold. unlike the experience of traditional advertisement where the viewer feels they are being manipulated. A magazine reader must flip through pages of advertisement to get to the ‘real’ content (articles. By offering media with ‘real’ content. The audience values the experience. etc). Internet ads are just ‘noise’ surrounding the real content on the webpage. Social media is consumed willingly and voluntarily by the audience. it is no longer an interruption. entertainment. ‘Masters From Their Day’ is filling that demand. Also. because it has real value – music.