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Organ: Two hemisphere of the brain

Description: The right hemisphere is distorted by massive area of hemorrhage which is: In the lateral ventricle Dark brown in colour

Diagnosis: Intracerebral haemorrhage Page: 125

Organ: Heart

Description: The heart is within normal size The pulmonary artery is opened to show a large impacted embolus

Dianosis: Pulmonary artery embolism Page: 14

Organ: Spleen

Description: Cut surface of the spleen shows Well circumscribed wedge shaped pale areas with ; their base subcapsular and apex pointing towards the hilum The overlying capsule shows patches of fibrosis

Diagnosis: Healed splenic infarct Page: 130

Organ: Heart

Description: The heart affection is in the form of pancarditis The pericardium is dull opaque lustreless being covered by fibrinous exudative material The heart is enlarged and chambers are dilated due to myocardial affection The mitral cusps are swollen and show vegetations which: o Are located at the line of closure o Small and firmly adherent to underlying cusps

Diagnosis: Acute rheumatic carditis (mitral valve) Page: 9

Organ: Heart

Description: The mitral valve leaflets show large friable vegetations extending to the chorda tendinea

Diagnosis: Infective endocarditis, mitral valve Page: 12

Organ: A slice of liver

Description: The liver Firm in consistency having tense capsule Borders are rounded Cut surface: shows mottled appearance being formed of central dark red areas of congestion and pale yellow zones of fatty acid. ( Nut-meg appearance)

Diagnosis: Chronic venous congestion Page: 67

Organ: Part of abdominal aorta

Description: The intima shows numerous varying sized and shaped grayish white and occasionally yellowish interconnecting atheromatous plaques Some of the plaques are ulcerated with superadded thrombi In one area, a saccular aneurysm is seen, the cavity of which is filled with lamellated thrombus

Diagnosis: saccular aneurysm Page: 3

Organ: slice of brain

Description: The brain shows Cystic areas surrounded and tranversed by glial tissue that give it honey-comb appearance

Diagnosis: Healed brain infarct Page: 123

Organ: Heart

Description: The heart is enlarged and shows The mitral valve leaflets are irregular, thickened, fibrotic and interadherent The chorda tendinea are thickened and shortened The mitral orifice is stenosed and button hole in appearance The left atrial cavity is dilated and filled with a large rounded ball thrombus filling the atrial cavity

Diagnosis: Left atrial ball thrombus Page: 11

Organ: Kidney

Description: The kidney shows pale areas of infarction that are Sharply demarcated pale wedge shaped areas The base is directed to the cortical surface and the apex points towards the hilum The affected areas are depressed below the surface of the kidney

Diagnosis: Renal infarcts Page: 83

Organ: Lung

Description: Cut section of the lung shows: in one area a lesion which is o Wedge shaped (triangular). With the base subpleural in location and the apex directing towards the hilum of the lung o Colour: dark red The lung parenchyma: reddish brown and indurated The pleura overlying the lesion is dull opaque with patches of fibrinous exudate

Diagnosis: chronic venous congestion and hemorrhagic infarction of the lung Page: 35

Organ: Lung

Description: The lung is within normal size large impacted embolus inside pulmonary artery in the lung

Diagnosis: Pulmonary artery embolism in the lung