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EFFECTIVE PEOPLE COMMUNICATION & INFORMATION Understanding The Importance Of Employing suitable people as well as communicating & Presenting Information at Brookside


temporary agencies and human resource departments. including newspapers. and all the specifics of the job. The temporary agency representative will administer any test that the employer requires with the employees. they can then apply to Brookside directly. or goes to a pool of applicants on file. by filling out an application. Company Website Brookside Ltd may recruit employees by posting a job search or listing on the company website. George Banda Page 1 . Temporary Agency A temporary agency helps employers recruit. The use of outside agencies and recruiting companies allow HR professionals and managers to handle more in-office business. retention process and documentation Brookseide Ltd will use to recruit new staff Recruitment There are various types of recruitment options. Employers will tell the temporary agency the type of employees they prefer. cover letter or any other required documentation. The temporary agency rep will send over the employee she feels will best suit the position to either work or conduct an in-house interview. without having to take time out of their busy schedules. This saves companies a lot of time and money in their search for star candidates.Task 1A Describe what recruitment. The temporary agency then posts for the position. Some employers give a contact person versus allowing the recruit to apply online. This will allow the recruits to read the job descriptions of each job before they apply for the position. and conduct interviews. job fairs. If potential candidates feel they can do the job. and attaching a resume. The contact personnel can then contact the recruit and go into more depth on the vacant position. recruitment websites.

Newspapers Newspapers play a significant role in recruiting employees. in newspapers and online. and employers can view these profiles without conducting interviews. then conduct interviews when they find the best suitable candidates. Indeed and Monster. allow companies to post job listings for vacant positions. Employers will advertise open positions. Web Recruitment The Internet is playing a major role in employee recruitment. because prospective candidates will be given a contact email or address to send their credentials. such as Career Builder. and pass out business cards to prospective employees. This helps keep the interviewing process down. usually in a venue that holds a large capacity of people. Hot Jobs. Employers set up booths or tables and have pamphlets and other company information. This helps the employers find the best possible candidate for the position. These job fairs are advertised on the radio. Some sites even allow the recruits to create their own profile. and recruiters can weed through the resumes. Job Fairs Job fairs allow businesses to send company recruiters to the event. where they will post their resume and other employment specifics online. George Banda Page 2 . and find employees to come on board with their company. Sites.

If you run a large organization with many employees. If you do this. you are setting yourself up for problems. don't be surprised if they begin disappearing. There is room for diversity of styles within a company but only up to a certain point. you need to take the time to know your employees. This doesn't only apply to education or technical skills. Greet your employees by name. Treat Employees as Individuals Nobody likes to be treated like a number." both professionally and personally. as well. Employees might leave a company for a number of reasons. George Banda Page 3 . but also to personality. unsafe working conditions or a better offer from another company. do what you can to customize the work environment to their preferences and assign tasks that are appropriate to individual strengths and interests. a demoralized work environment.Retention Process Companies always are trying to increase their rates of employee retention. to fit in with the existing way of doing things at the company. you might be pressured by work and time pressures to neglect the individual needs and preferences of your employees. and your efforts to do this as an employer will not go unnoticed. hiring and training new employees can become a drain on company profits if it happens too frequently. A new employee needs to have the right "fit. including bad management. An extensive hiring process that involves multiple interviews can help to ensure that you are hiring the right people. If you hire someone who is not right for your organization. People appreciate being treated as people. Hire the Right People Problems with employees can begin the day they are hired. because finding. To do any of these things.

George Banda Page 4 . set a good example by being open and friendly with everyone and encourage the importance of a positive and welcoming workplace. highly paid employees will tend to be more motivated and productive.Offer Good Pay and Benefits However much an employee might love her job. she might make the jump. This can be a drain on company resources and obviously cannot be taken to extremes. a workplace can be an unpleasant place to spend 40 hours a week if it gets overrun with negativity. If she is offered a position elsewhere with substantially higher pay or benefits. Employees who enjoy their workplace and their coworkers will be more likely to stick out the tough times at a company rather than looking for a better offer somewhere else. The best way to avoid this is to pay your employees enough that your competitors are not likely to outbid you. thus creating more wealth for the company that can be put into high wages. unhealthy competitiveness or backstabbing. Create a Positive Corporate Culture Many employees who leave their job cite incompetent management and a stressful work environment as their main reasons for jumping ship. Even with good pay and benefits. At the same time. chances are that she is there primarily for the money. If you manage a workplace.

George Banda Page 5 . training. Documentation is essential to this process--taking notes during personal interviews is practically a requirement to help make a wise hiring decision. Interview notes contain your personal assessments and opinions. informal feedback. Importantly. this type of documentation does not usually become part of the personnel file. unless notes from the recruitment and interview process contain test scores or restate certain facts about the candidate's skill set. Lack of documentation is close to lack of communication in this area. retirement or termination. Employee Training and Development Documenting employee performance is important for maintaining job satisfaction. when prepared carefully. Your performance management system includes a number of components. from recruitment and selection to resignation. if you want to pass along a candidate's qualifications to another hiring manager. All of these components require documentation for your performance management system to stay on track.Documentation Employee documentation is important for several reasons. it helps to share your interview notes. the hiring process includes preliminary telephone screenings. such as job descriptions. confidentially and according to company policies. Recruitment and Selection Even if your recruitment and selection process starts with online application submission via an applicant tracking system. such as succession planning and promoting from within. Therefore. Training and development and compensation and benefits are parts of employee documentation as well. productivity and engagement. is the backbone of a human resources department. face-to-face interviews and interviewer evaluations. employee documentation also substantiates employment eligibility. documentation is still an important component of the hiring process. At a minimum. In addition. Employee documentation. Documentation justifies employment actions. disciplinary action and annual performance evaluations. Maintaining accurate and complete documentation supports human resources objectives.

documentation can protect your company assets if the complaint escalates to litigation.Employees depend on feedback to inspire motivation and raise employee morale. however. documentation will justify your decision. Employment End When an employee's tenure with the company comes to an end. it is impossible to track employee wages. dependent care and flexible spending accounts. George Banda Page 6 . policy violations or gross misconduct require documentation to support the involuntary termination. If an employee retires or resigns. such as health care options. you must prepare and file paperwork that documents this employment action. documentation is necessary for continuing health and income benefits. Without documentation. merit increases. employees lack the tools necessary to meet the employer's expectations. Employee discharge related to poor performance. Should the employee decide to file a complaint for wrongful discharge. The payroll division records much of the employee documentation in this area. Compensation and Benefits Employee documentation is an essential element of your compensation and benefits structure. Regardless of the reason. year-end bonuses and mandatory and voluntary deductions. documentation is extremely important. Documentation also maintains employee benefits status. If you terminate an employee. Without this type of documentation. your privacy officer has exclusive access to all medical-related documentation to preserve the confidential nature of employee information.

The department will be responsible for developing and managing employment programs such as defining the work responsibilities and tasks for various job positions. and must be able to work well independently and as part of a team. they supervise subordinate workers in the department. An HR manager should be able to identify her company's needs and recruit and hire accordingly. The human resource department may also come up with reward and retention strategies to help the Brookside Ltd retain top performing employees.Task 1B Describe the main employability. She frequently interacts with upper management. developing job evaluation programs and developing tests for employee assessments. highly organized and an accomplished problem solver. The department may also be responsible for orientation and training programs to help new employees integrate well and settle within Brookside Ltd. This means that the human resource department must work in close association with other departments in Brookside Ltd in order to assess personnel needs. communication and personal skills required for the people applying for a Human Resource Management job role at Brookside Ltd. Human resource managers oversee the human resource department and in larger companies such as Brookside Ltd. A worker with strong time management skills may be able to speed up the pace of progress in the workplace and avoid lost productivity due to wasted time or poor prioritization. George Banda Page 7 . Compensation and benefits packages may also fall under the purview of human resources Effective oral and written communication skills. The employee should be able to communicate with colleagues effectively and there should be an understanding between them. Skills A human resource manager needs to possess strong verbal and written communication skills. She should be motivated.

Email Email has been developed into a prime form of business communication and allows for a fairly swift issuance of information. It also allows you to maintain a copy of the information sent and received for reference and records. With the increased use of cellular phones. but it also allows you to see and interact with your caller as if he were in the room. It allows you to send and receive documents. it is safe to assume that your client will have access to a phone. Whether making the sale or scheduling a follow-up. It also allows for more productive meetings and conferences with multiple callers who need to provide immediate responses to the matters at hand. Businesses use email as a way to George Banda Page 8 . Not only does Internet calling allow for a more clear call sound. Internet Calls and Conferencing The advances of the Internet now allow businesses to take the telephone call one step further with webcams and Internet calling. proposals and presentations in a timely fashion. even when other types of communication are unavailable. Landline and Cellular Phones Telephone communication remains primary in business communication. This technology allows immediate interactions when you need to show or present your caller with something you are unable to send electronically.Task 2A Outline electronic and non-electronic methods for communicating business information using examples for different types of audience. Even options such as scanning and imaging allow businesses to send signatures and contract information in light speed. the phone conversation has the ability to reaffirm confidence that other types of communication cannot. Webcams.

especially customers. Blogging. service and confirm. instant and text messaging will find itself in the forefront of business communication. Faxing allows for a swift sending of documents and is readily available throughout businesses of all sizes. Social Pages and Virtual Worlds Internet options have branched to include blogging. social pages and virtual worlds. market. it provides the recipients with original hard copies and tangible products. It is used to communicate. Strong marketing and service analysis shows that new products and services to customers. businesses use mail to send products and documents to other businesses and customers throughout the world. sale. Emerging as an ideal interaction for customers seeking service or answers to questions. it is used as a form of communication with customers for service and sales. Although this form of communication eliminates immediate responses and results in a substandard appearance. it is a clear option for sending signature documents and forms. Internet chatting. Analysis shows that people are participating in these online communication forms in record numbers. These types of communications are emerging as a successful and inexpensive branding option. In addition. Businesses now recognize that there is a void that their responses. provide clear opinions on products and services online. Faxing Although faxing is not the most selected form of communication. Internet Chat. products and advertising can fill. these forms of communication are ideal for interoffice communication and business travel instances. Although delivery and receipt cannot be immediate. Unlike other types of business communication. Instant Messenger and Text Messaging Instant messenger and text messaging have emerged as strong and reliable types of communication. George Banda Page 9 . it remains a solid force of communication in the business world. both current and prospective. Mail Mail carriers are of great important in the business world. Providing instant connections and real-time responses.

This can be used to communicate with a certain individual/individuals.Whether standard or electronic. the types of business communication are flourishing. interest and their experiences. Here the problem is that is limited to the literate people so the illiterate ones will not understand. Age & The attention span of people. Weighing the pros and cons of their use as it applies to your company is important. whereas older people can read for a long time such as reports etc. Special needs of audience Accessibility Large fonts in leaflet should be used for people who are partially sighted and colors like green and yellow should be avoided due to visually impaired people. Each company must establish communications to fit the company and its customers. gender and ethnicity to illustrate your explanations This a good way to interact with the audience by reflecting on their ethnic background. Successful companies will also recognize changes in communication and adapt as needed. Age. Younger people respond more to videos. images and PowerPoint presentations. such as wheel chairs need to have enough space to come so therefore chairs along the side should be removed. Newspapers are another way communicating non electronically and a wide range of people can access and communicate. People who need to lip read should be sat at the front so the speakers can face towards them. Some people who have mobility problems. Most people who are younger can concentrate for less time whereas older or more educated people can focus or listen for a longer period of time. George Banda Page 10 . This is a good way of communicating as the information being communicated can be stored even for future reference. Memo and letters This is a good way communication to people. Also draws from the experiences of men and women in a positive ways.

The importance of staff retention Although a moderate level of staff turnover can be good for a business. The cost of not doing so can be severe. adhering to legislation for business purposes. However. It lowers internal morale and it could harm an organisation's external reputation and cost it business. It's essential to try to understand more about the reasons why people are resigning. Main reasons people leave a job According to research the most common negative reasons for leaving a job are: Poor salary and benefits A lack of training and development opportunities Dissatisfaction with management Unfriendly colleagues Horrendous journey Lack of work/life balance George Banda Page 11 . every organisation needs to have a strategy in place to retain the high performers that give it a competitive edge. There may be positive reasons such as an attractive new job or a chance to reshape their lifestyle by working on projects outside of mainstream work.Task 2B Provide information selected on staff retention from three sources and manipulate it. more likely is that their departure signifies some dissatisfaction with the present job. as high employee turnover can be very costly.

grievance proceeding and so on. analysing the data can provide valuable feedback to improve staff retention. because of the necessity to obtain a decent reference.While companies do conduct 'exit' interviews to try and ascertain the reasons behind a departure. A mechanism for staff to register dissatisfaction. Questionnaires sent to former employees around six months after their departure. A practicable means of dealing with bullying. Methods to find out why staff are leaving include: Confidential attitude surveys. George Banda Page 12 . Exit interviews Ways to improve staff retention Improved staff retention should be the result of adopting a mix of the following: Ensure those being recruited have a more realist idea of what the job entails. Leadership training for managers. A good work/life balance. Improved career development opportunities. However. people often tone down or completely fabricate their reasons for leaving. whether it be appraisals. Effective appraisals Strong diversity policies.

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