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APPLICATION NO. Application form for Servo Stockist – Auto at ____________________________ (Pl.

mention Location applied for) (To be submitted in duplicate) Important: Candidates are requested to read the enclosed guidelines carefully before filling up the application form and attach certificates/documents as required. From: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(Passport size, not more than 6 months old)

State Retail Sales Manager (Lubes), …………………………..State Office, Indian Oil Corporation Limited (MD), ………………………………………. ………………………………………. Dear Sir, Sub: Request for Appointment as SERVO STOCKIST – Auto I/We hereby apply to be considered as a Servo Stockist – Auto for the location ______________ in _____________ State as an Individual or firm/co-operative society/ limited Company in the name of _______________________________________________________. I/We hereby certify that I/We qualify for appointment based on the selection criteria placed by your organization and submit the following information along with supporting documents in support of our candidature (use separate sheets if necessary):

Name (in block letters) Age, Date of Birth (Refer point no.1 in Enclosed Guidelines) Education Qualification (Refer point No. 2 in Enclosed Guidelines)

2. 3.

4. 3 in Enclosed Guidelines) Address (Refer point No. Details of experience in Lubes / Related retail distributorship of products like Tyres/Batteries/ Auto spares etc. Ft. Nationality (Refer point No. Nature of firm: Proprietorship / Partnership / Limited Company/ Registered Co-operative Society / Others (Please attach Documentary evidence as specified below in Note) c. Whether owned / leased f. Address b. Total area Sq. . 7 in Enclosed Guidelines) Details of Sales Personal on rolls (Name. f. 6 in Enclosed Guidelines) Details of Delivery Vehicles: a. Open area Sq. 5 in Enclosed Guidelines) Details of warehouse space available: a. c. Ft. 9. 4 is Enclosed Guidelines) Present Occupation / Business Details a. Qualifications. (Refer point no. e. Age. 6. Applicants with no business experience may enclose a detailed project report on their plans for the operation of Servo Stockist in case allotted. Latest Copy of IT return enclosed: Yes / No g. Details of capital employed in the business. the period of validity of lease. d. Owned / leased (Refer point no. Nature of Business d. Covered area (as above) Sq. Length of Service etc) 7. Name of the Firm b. 8. Annual turnover of last 2 years: (Please attach audited copies of balance sheet of last 2 financial years) e. Ft. 5. Make / Model / Year of registration / Capacity b. If leased. (Enclose separate sheet if necessary) (Refer point no.

working as Stockist. DECLARATION: I/We_________________________________________________ hereby certify that the information furnished above is true to my/our knowledge. (Refer point no. Mobile c. Lakhs Please tick whichever applicable. The following documents /copies of documents are attached to this application form: 1) 2) 3) 4) Total number of pages enclosed_________. Any wrong information/suppression of facts will disqualify me/us from being considered for the Servo Stockistship. Place: Date: Address: Tel. I/We have read and fully understood the Terms and Conditions contained in the agreement governing my/ our appointment as Servo Stockist.: Signature: Name in Block Letters: Rubber Stamp: . I/We enclose all pages of the agreement containing the Terms and Conditions duly signed along with rubber stamp. Capital in Rs. PC (Configuration. As a token of our acceptance. 9 in Enclosed Guidelines) 11 Availability of Working 45-50 . 50-70 (Refer point No. 8 in Enclosed Guidelines) 10 Availability of Infrastructure: . Make / Brand) d. E-mail address. Fixed line telephone (Yes / No) b.(Refer point no.Auto and agree to abide by them. 10 in Enclosed Guidelines) Above 70 Tel No. Proof of documents attached or information furnished with the application to be produced in original whenever asked for. a. No. Mob No: 14 Any other information related to your .

I shall have to resign from the service and produce proof of acceptance of my resignation by my employer to Indian Oil Corporation Limited before issuance of letter of Intent for appointment as Servo Stockist._______________________________________________ son/ daughter/ wife of ________________________________________________ residing at _________________________________ do hereby solemnly affirm and say as under:1. I hereby verify that what has been stated above is true to my knowledge and nothing has been concealed therefrom. 2. That I am an Indian National. Indian Oil Corporation Limited would be within its rights to withdraw the letter of intent. 4. That I am fully aware that Indian Oil Corporation Limited under its policy will not appoint me as Servo Stockist. (b) That there are no proceedings now pending against me for any such criminal and/or economic offence. if I am employed.Annexure -1 (To be typed on non-judicial stamp paper of Rs. terminate the stockist (if already appointed) and that I would have no claim whatsoever against Indian Oil Corporation Limited for such withdrawal / termination. and/or I have never been convicted or being tried for any criminal offence involving moral turpitude and/or economic offence (Other than freedom struggle) punishable under law. (a) That there are no charges framed against me by Court of Law (other than freedom struggle). 3. 100/Or as prescribed in the respective state ) I. That if any information / declaration given by me in application or in any document submitted by me in support of my application for the award of Servo Stockistship or in this affidavit shall be found to be untrue or incorrect or false. Solemnly affirmed and declared before me This_______day of___________200_ Signature & seal of Magistrate/Judge/Notary Public Signature of person making affidavit (Name in block letters) .

____________________________ having capacity _________________ MT bearing engine no. . 3. ______________ chassis no. DEPONENT VERIFICATION Verified that the contents of the above affidavit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.Annexure -2 (On non-judicial stamp paper of Rs. M/s. ____________ in favour of M/s. _________________ make and model ________________________. __________________________________ (Name of the tenderer) __________________. Verified at ____________________ on _________________________ Notary Public. 2. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. That I / We are the owners of vehicle No. That during above period. _________________(Name of the tenderer) _____________________ alone shall have all the rights of operating the said vehicle and receiving consideration for such operation. No part of it is false and nothing has been concealed therein. _________________________ (name of the tenderer) _________ till the validity of Servo Stockist Contract awarded by M/s. That I/We have attached / shall keep attached the above mentioned vehicle with M/s. 100/or as prescribed in the respective state) AFFIDAVIT I/We __________________________S/O Shri ________________________________ Resident of _________________________ do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under: 1.

/ M/s. from a Schedule Bank / Financial Institution to be obtained on their Letterhead in the following format and enclosed with the application. we will be willing to extend a loan of Rs. the dealings of Shri / Ms / M/s ________________________ with the bank and his/her/their conduct has been satisfactory. In case. ______________________ During the above period. TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN Shri. a dealership is allotted to him/her/them. ______________________ c.ANNEXURE .3 Credit worthiness certificate from the Bankers. ________________. Office seal Date Signature Name and Designation . / Ms. ______________________ b. ______________________________________________________ is a customer of this bank for last ____ years and he/she/they is/are enjoying the following facilities from our bank / institution: a.

Dealers / Distributors of other companies to attach copies of Letter of Appointment. Passport. Nature of Business with sales performance of the previous financial year. Voters Identity card etc or through copies of Business records like Sales Tax Registration certificate. 1. documents indicating sales performance of . IT Clearance Certificate etc. Proof of residence is to be established by the candidate through copies of personal residence records like Telephone Bill. Constitution of the firm with documentary evidence as prescribed in the application form. 2. An Affidavit on stamp paper of appropriate value deposed before Magistrate / Judge / Notary Public (Format Prescribed in Annexure 1) is to be enclosed to the application form. Certificates / Documents as required are to be enclosed to the Application form. Nationality: Candidates should be Indian by Nationality. 5. Bank Passbook. b. I O C Dealers / Resellers to attach copies of sales performance certified by their respective sales officers. 4. Education Qualifications: Candidates should be minimum Matriculate or Equivalent. 3. Other things being equal preference would be given to Graduates. Firm’s Details: The applicant is required to provide complete details on the following: a.Enclosure to Application Form Guidelines to Candidates Candidates are requested to read the following guidelines in respect of the various criteria before filling up the Application Form. Recognized Institutions / Universities proving the educations qualification claimed by the candidate are to be enclosed. Age: Candidate should not be less than 21 years of age and not more than 60 years of age on the date of application. Proof of Residence: Candidates should be Resident or having established business in the concerned or adjacent districts. Candidates have to enclosed copy of the School Leaving Certificate / Relevant Educational Board certificate as proof of age. Copies of Certificates from Govt.

in their own name or in the name of their firm should provide copies of documents / approved layout drawing etc to prove the ownership. If it is a Registered Co-operative Society.c. In case the godown / land is in the name of a Family member (Family is defined as spouse and unmarried children only) a willingness letter. Candidate having godown/land for constructing the godown. Any other documents to prove their exceptional performance in their existing business may also be attached. In case of Company. The requirement of godown space will be assessed by IOC and the same will be provided by the appointed Stockist. along with the list of Directors. A Resolution passed by Society authorizing the signatory of the application to apply for the Servo Stockship to be enclosed. The godown should meet statutory requirements for storage and sale of lubricants. for making available the godown/land for the use of the servo Stockist. A Certificate of Registration. is to be enclosed along with copies of land documents/approved layout drawings. Candidates with no prior business experience may enclose a detailed project report on their plans for the successful operation of the business if appointed. b. c. Documentary Evidence favouring Nature of the Firm In case of partnership firm: Please attach partnership deed. e. previous financial year. d. from the members(s) of the family in whose name the godown / land is available. whether Public / or Private Limited. Copies of latest Income Tax returns with all enclosures disclosing the details of their income from business operations Balance sheet of the last 2 financial years. Also each partner should fill & submit the photocopies of application form in duplicate with individual details along with original applications. The godown should preferably not be situated in a residential area and should be easily approachable by heavy trucks. Godown Requirements: Depending on the sales potential of the location advertised the selected servo Stockist would be required to provide a godown to stock minimum 15 days of targeted sales volume as paid stock with adequate free space for easy entry and departure of trucks. a. giving full details of all partners. Details of capital employed in their current business with details of Bank limits sanctioned. g. Memorandum of Association and latest Balance Sheet. In case the candidate takes a godown/land for constructing a godown on long lease preferable from more than 5 yrs then a copy of the registered lease agreement is to be enclosed along with copies of land documents/approved layout drawing of the godown. Only co-operative societies making net profit in 3 consecutive previous financial years as certified by a Chartered Accountant can apply. The requirement of godown space is Minimum 1000 sq ft with a covered enclosed space of minimum 600 sq ft for 50 KL of sales volume. duly certified by Chartered Accountant. Articles of Association. 6. f. . duly signed by the Registrar of Co-operative Societies.

10. In the case of Personal computer copy of the purchase invoice of the PC in the name of the candidate or his firm is to be enclosed to the applications as proof of availability. clerk. Payment register or such suitable documents to provide proof of employment of the sales persons in their firm. Infrastructure: Candidates are required to provide details of Fixed Landline Telephone and Personal Computer available with them and which will be available for use in the Servo Stockist operations. Working Capital: The candidate should be willing to invest atleast Rs. For sales target beyond 75 KL per month one additional sales person shall be provided by the SSA for every 25 KL increase of targeted sale beyond 75 KL. Candidates are required to provide complete details of the vehicle in their possession in the application form. an Affidavit from the third party. In case of partnership the partners have to . a willingness letter to offer the vehicle for the use of the Servo Stockists is to be enclosed along with copy of the RC.50 lacs in the business. Candidates are required to provide complete details of the sales personnel (Name. 8. qualification. The telephone should necessarily be in the name of the candidate or his firm and a copy of the latest paid telephone bill is to be enclosed to the application as proof. Sales Personnel: The selected Servo Stockist is required to appoint at his cost atleast 3 sales personnel (preferably graduates but with a miniumum qualification of 10+2 or equivalent from recognized institutions) exclusively to service the market. In case the candidate takes a vehicle on contract from a third party.7. 9. expressing willingness to offer the vehicle. Details of storekeeper. Candidates are also required to provide copies of the Muster Roll. Age. Candidates should enclose with the application form one or more of the following to establish their financial standing: A. experience etc) in their employment in the application form. Candidates possessing vehicles in their own name are required to produce copies of the RC to establish their ownership. In case the ownership is in the name of their Family members (only Family members as defined earlier). in the prescribed format (Annexure 2) on stamp paper of appropriate value and duly Notarized is to be enclosed along with the copy of the RC of the vehicle. driver etc if provided will not be considered for evaluation as part of the sales force. A solvency certificate form a schedule bank clearly mentioning the amount for which the candidate is solvent. Delivery Vehicle: The Selected Servo Stockist is required to provide a suitable vehicle (only LCV/HCV with carrying capacity capacity of minimum 2 MT and not more than 3 yrs old) for effecting deliveries to the customers in his sales area. accountant.

c. Details of Unencumbered Fixed assets which the candidate proposes to use for raising loan for the business. No additional documents whatsoever will be accepted or considered after the cut-off date for receipt of completed applications forms. General a. f. Existing Servo Stockist and CFA operation of IOC are not eligible to apply. Details of liquid assets in the form of Unencumbered Bank Balances. D. Candidates to note that originals of all documents/certificates enclosed by them in support of various claims made in the application form is to be produced at the time of Interview. e. C. E. b. the sum of which would be considered to establish their financial standing. 11. Sources of Income with complete details along with IT returns of previous financial year. Applications received after the cut-off date including postal delay and those without valid supporting documents or incomplete in the any respect will not be considered. g. All enclosures to the Applications forms are to be serially numbered by the candidate and the number of enclosures are to be indicated in the Application form. No additions / deletions / corrections will be permitted in the Application form once it is submitted. d. Candidates should be of sound Physical and Mental Health. ------------- . Candidates with debilitating illness like Total Paralysis. Securities in the name of the Candidate or his Family (as defined earlier). mentally unsound etc will not be considered for appointment. enclose individual solvency certificates. FD/NSC/other Govt. Creditworthiness certificate from the party’s bankers (scheduled banks only) in prescribed format – Annexure – 3. Candidates to note that they should fulfill all eligibility criteria specified in the Advertisement.B.