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The persons and events in this work are fictional. I don't know if you'd exactly call this a story. It's just something I wrote one day after watching George Romero's "Dawn of the Dead" too many times. The science is all pseudo-science, though I did try to background myself before I took a stab at this. The 'viroids' mentioned in the story are quite real; they're thought to be the culprits behind mad cow (Creutzfeldt-Jakob) disease. If you can think of anything for me to do with it, I'd be happy to hear from you. If you surfed in from the Homepage of the Dead, welcome! Check out some of my other stories. If you're interested in viruses and virology for real and don't want to sound like an idiot when lecturing your friends, I highly recommend The Big Picture Book of Viruses. You also might want to check out the excellent World Wide Web Epidemiology Virtual Library.

Alomal-137 Epidemiology Case Study
CDC Center for Infectious Diseases Field Office #201G Anchorage, Alaska July 25th, 1998

Final Status Report
When the people lack a proper sense of awe, then some awful visitation will descend upon them. Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Table of Contents
1.        INTRODUCTION 2.        ALOMAL-137 2.1      A-137 Human Positive (A-137HP) 2.2      A-137 Human Negative (A-137HN) 2.3      Symptoms 2.4      Destruction of A-137HN Subjects 3.        HISTOLOGY 3.1      Pre-necrosis 3.2      Post-necrosis 4.        EPIDEMIOLOGY 4.1      Viral Genesis 4.2       Propagation and Mutation 4.3      A-137HN Genesis and Spread 5.        PROJECTIONS 5.1      Future Population Trends

Table of Figures
Figure 1. A-137 Infection Physiology - Head Figure 2. A-137 HP Viral Slide Figure 3. A137HN Viral Slide Figure 4. Attack Patterns - A-137HN Populations Figure 5. A-137HN Propagation - USA Figure 6. A-137 Projected Epidemiology

Centers for Disease Control -------------------------------The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is a federal agency that is a part of the United States Public Health Service. It was originally established (1946) as the Communicable Disease Center and acquired its present title in 1970. Its headquarters and main laboratories are in Atlanta, GA.

The purpose of this document is to provide a final, comprehensive study of the contributing factors and epidemiology of the Alomal-137 (A-137) pandemic. CDC Page 1 / 11 Anchorage will continue to update this report at Internet and Skynet locations as long as our facility remains operational. As we are the only American facility still online in the Northern Hemisphere (other operational pandemic investigations facilities include several Scandinavian installations, McMurdo Sound in Antarctica, and CDC-

as would occur in a living body. during which time all blood products and secretions from the individual are extremely infectious. We can also be reached by most telephone exchanges. This was due both to the unremittingly fatal nature of exposure to A-137HN (by biting from an infected individual) and the edema and suppuration always found at the location of these bites. As the cells undergo these morphological changes. including ultraviolet. adrenal gland. We maintain continuous updates and informational broadcasts on BBC World Service. we have taken responsibility for providing all currently known information to any accessible electronic distribution medium. although not well observed under clinical conditions. As the A-137HP viroids activate. to contact us by any means available. they interact with free-floating nuclei shards inside the cell and seem to form their own replicator strands. Typical time between biting and somatic death is 3-6 days. and activating other cells in a heretofore unseen fashion. Detailed enzymological workups have not been fully accomplished at this stage. and CDCGuam). The true nature and genesis of this disease will never be truly known. A137HP is insusceptible to inactivation by all forms of radiation. non-virulent strain which has achieved 100% infection of all human samples. due to A-137HN's extremely delicate nature outside a living organism. comprehensive study of the contributing factors and epidemiology of the Alomal-137 (A-137) pandemic. they multiply both in the dying tissue and in the lymphatic system. followed closely by somatic death and subsequent reactivation. four times that generated by a typical human) are injected into the bite location and immediately begin to devour cells. bathed in a variety of enzymes and proteins that A-137HN cells seem to constantly emit. perhaps related to that of the allergic reaction which usually occurs in victims of human-human subdural bites. Once a host is infected (apparently. seem to cluster together in the classic appearance of a virus. A-137HN's infection rate is several levels of magnitude superior to that of anaerobic bacteria. Do not approach our facility. short-wave radio and commercial television broadcast at one of the numbers/frequencies printed on the last sheet of this document. Observation indicates levels of lactic dehydrogenase and glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase substantially below that normally found in necrotic tissue.un. The reproduction rate is extremely high. We encourage anyone who reads this report. A-137 manifests in a two-stage form affecting humans: A-137 Human Positive (A-137HP) A-137 Human Positive (A-137HP) is a gram-positive. heat.The purpose of this document is to provide a final. our electronic address is cdcalaska@cdc. time between death and reactivation is 8-12 minutes. cerebellum and pineal body. There are also extremely high concentrations of A-137HN generated in the cranium. primary infection vector is respiratory and contact-oriented) progress is inexorable. we cannot accept refugees at our location. A-137 Human Negative (A-137HN) A-137 Human Negative (A-137HN) is a gram-negative. and changed from a agent acting on the body's behalf to one that assures its destruction.000 normal human cells will devour 900 of them in 15 minutes. Coagulation takes approximately 8-12 minutes upon cessation of EKG function.htm 137HN enzymes also seem to activate the A-137HP infected cells in the host body. and ionizing (gamma rays). The 100 remaining cells are somehow 'captivated' by A-137HN. creating 450 additional A-137HN cells. airborne vectored. secretion vectored. . Without a protein shell. Phagocytes arriving at the bite area to consume the invading A-137HN cells are captured themselves. however. especially the thalamus. When a living human is bitten by a A-137HN subject. massive quantities of saliva ( reproducing themselves by a seemingly morphologically impossible form of cellular meiosis. as they carry intact A-137HN cells to the lymph glands. Our facility guards are authorized to use lethal force in turning away refugees. Anyone who does read this report is encouraged to contact our facility. with some hard factual data provided by many government and civilian agencies from around the world. with the exception of general feelings of lassitude and fatigue. a new cellular morphology begins to populate the non-circulating blood. as they continue to reproduce (at a drastically reduced rate) and operate semi-normally. highly virulent strain responsible for the reanimation phenomenon.mercy-limited. This is the A-137HN cell. but the multiplication of A137HP is extremely rapid and almost completely undetectable without detailed clinical enzymological analysis. all the principal persons involved have been dead for over a year. Upon cellular necrosis. 100 cells exposed to a population of 1. McMurdo Sound in Antarctica. Certain atypical individuals already under close enzymological observation (specifically those suffering from immunological disorders such as Epstein-Barr. ALOMAL-137 A-137 is a polymorphic mutation of the Panacea-8 megavaccine developed by Peregrine Biomedical Corporation. Culture samples predict A-137HP cellular assimilation in an average-sized human seems to be complete in less than 27 hours. which makes it non-immunogenic and therefore asymptomatic. the initial theory was that A-137HN was caused by a virulent somatotype of bacteria. CDCAnchorage will continue to update this report at Internet and Skynet locations as long as our facility remains operational. When the world scientific community (or what was left of it) first began to approach the phenomenon as idiopathic instead of being caused by toxins or radiation. Approximately 15-20 minutes after somatic death. The cells in this area. Following the process described above which seems to generate the A-137HN cells. AIDS. operating out of Bush House in London on standard BBC WS frequencies at twenty minutes past every hour. apparently moving. WHO and IRADC research This report is not a definitive version of the history of this epidemic. The process of viroid replication is not currently understood. indicating probable subduction of those enzymes. where A-137HN repeats the process of accumulation and consuming of dead cells. and Hodgkin's Disease) briefly indicate elevated serotonin levels upon initial infection.worldnet. As we are the only American facility still online in the Northern Hemisphere (other operational pandemic investigations facilities include several Scandinavian installations. based on direct analysis by CDC #201G and information transmitted by other operational CDC. historical narrative provided in this report is purely the work of this office based on largely anecdotal evidence. lytic enzymes and the process of cellular degeneration combine to activate the A-137HP viroids by an as-yet undetermined morphosis. some of them are taken by still-functioning leukocytes to areas in the lymph glands for disposal. Post A-137HN brain tissue has a parboiled appearance. Ahttp://www. The end result is these 'activated' A-137HP cells accrete and interact in the lymph nodes with dead cells and various immunilogical components such as phagocytes. especially on the cerebrum and areas of higher brain function. cell phone. typically subsiding after 2-4 hours and not inducing significant distress in the subjects. This report replaces all previous A137 notices originating from this facility. especially persons living in North America. with the ordinarily spongy brain mass showing extreme liquefaction and large areas of general necrosis. A-137HP is actually a viroid form low-molecular weight naked RNA strand. consuming. resulting in complete breakdown of normal body function and eventual cellular 11 Page 2 / death.

hence. as high concentrations of A-137HP already exist in the above mentioned areas (particularly the brain and specifically the cerebellum) and quickly transform to A-137HN. Although they seem to gravitate toward certain places or objects (most often possessions they had when alive. The body should be destroyed following deactivation and not simply buried. Subjects are non-homeothermic and cannot adjust to warmer/colder environments. and blood pressure. A137HN enzymes also seem to activate the A-137HP infected cells in the host body. Typical time between biting and somatic death is 3-6 days. However. Culture testing indicates viroids initially infect the hemocytoblasts ('stem' cells) and from that starting point propagate through the blood cells. resulting in complete cellular disintegration and final somatic death of the affected individual. as their hearts do not seem to function. The only realistic way of accomplishing deactivation of a subject is to destroy the brain or sever the brain from the rest of the body. salivary glands. All reanimated subjects show drastically decreased intellectual capacity. core CNS areas. and limited cognitive forms. How this happens without functioning pump organs is an ongoing mystery. they cannot seem to recall how to reload those firearms or close a door they have just opened.and immunotropic. wind. suffocation. They remain in a sessile state until a suitable source of prey comes within their sensing range (see section 2. and changed from a agent acting on the body's behalf to one that assures its destruction. Senses seem to be more or less the same as a normal human. To destroy the area of the brain responsible for reanimation. where A-137HN repeats the process of accumulation and consuming of dead cells. http://www.Phagocytes arriving at the bite area to consume the invading A-137HN cells are captured themselves. resulting in complete breakdown of normal body function and eventual cellular death. kill and consume the flesh of somatically alive individuals. Destruction of A-137HN Subjects Although this topic has been exhaustively discussed in the popular and scientific literature. and the A-137HN-emitted enzymes will attack the nuclei cores of the A-137HN cells themselves. Rare subjects (5-10% of the population) are capable of using tools. etc. reanimated subjects seem incapable of any problem-solving or intuitive ability. Restrained A-137HN subjects show a limited ability to respond to motor commands and demonstrate some degree of object permanence. motive. they  do not die in this state. the outlined area in Figure 1 must be penetrated and physically mutilated. as well as intracranial pressure and CNS fluid circulation per a normal human subject. attacking from different directions. time between death and reactivation is 8-12 minutes. Physiologically. other behavioral characteristics seem to vary by individual. although certain individuals are capable of discharging firearms or opening doors. A-137HN infected subjects will become sessile in 2-3 weeks as described above. Reanimated individuals share one universal trait. principal points are reproduced here for clarity. They will also retreat from fire. explosives. This topic will be fully detailed in the next revision of this report. an unremitting urge to attack. Testing at CDC-Anchorage and other locations have shown parallel results. A-137HN subjects which do not feed for a prolonged period (2-3 weeks) will go into a dormancy phase. A-137HN causes the bodies of the recent somatically dead to return to a form of activity which includes muscular. Cognitively. The body may also be completely destroyed using fire. up to and including discharging firearms. This can be attributed to the deposition of A-137HN cells in vital areas of the cerebellum (see Figure 1) as well as the endocrine system. and the lymph glands. A-137HN subjects cannot be deactivated by any of the following means: ¡ Poison. Reactivation usually takes a matter of minutes. They walk with a random. although they have an extraordinary awareness of the proximity of other A-137HN subjects and living humans. 3. including internal bleeding.. pressure changes (blast overpressure effect generated by explosives) ¡ Gunshot wounding to anywhere but the region outlined in Figure 1 (also see below) ¡ Blood loss of any type. autoimmune system.g. gases. although the difficulty of working in close proximity with A-137HN subjects impedes the interview process. and survive 10-15 years as they gradually consume the captivated cells in their own bodies. as they carry intact A-137HN cells to the lymph glands. They will literally freeze solid at sustained temperatures of 0°C however. and eventually the majority of body tissue. and are capable of avoiding obstacles and manipulating objects around them. Computer modeling indicates that with no source of food. Once thawed. although nearly all cells are affected to some degree. they will resume attacking immediately.) they seem unable to remember why these objects and places were so important to them. usually finding a location inside and away from sources of incoming sunlight. or moisture. the feeding behavior of the affected subject. These areas of the formerly dead individuals are essential to A-137HN function and propagation. Aside from that base function. they do have fluid circulation. etc. However. Why the feeding is so limited.htm Page 3 / 11 .3 for more on this). followed closely by somatic death and subsequent reactivation. Physiological studies have shown that A-137HN consumes the captivated cells faster than they can reproduce. Eventually. Maze testing with human subjects has demonstrated extreme homing talents and an ability to coordinate attacks (in terms of covering escape impalement. A-137HN subjects seem to function at the approximate level of a pre-verbal infant. drowning ¡ Electrocution (shocks applied to head of >20KV will sometimes stun/kill subject) ¡ Broken neck or non-severe blunt force head trauma 2. or manual implements. during which time all blood products and secretions from the individual are extremely infectious. They are able to detect and track 'living' humans across open ground at ranges claimed to be as great as one-half mile (approximately 804 meters). places they'd been. or dismemberment short of decapitation ¡ Hypoxia: e. The viroid seems to be neuro. and then move to the attack. It is the opinion of CDC-Anchorage that the A-137HN consumption of living human cells and the preponderance of A-137HN in the most primitive areas of the brain are the primary causes for the behavior exhibited by A-137HN infected subjects. A137HN subjects are non-homeothermic and have no pulse rate to speak of. shuffling gait. and precisely how the ingested cells are transferred to the host in any kind of an efficient manner are still unresolved. all the living cells will be consumed.) without any communication of any form. with additional information based on CDC-Anchorage testing: 1. the subjects do not seem to operate in biologically normal ways. Symptoms A-137HP is asymptomatic.mercy-limited.

htm Figure 3. Figure 2. The viriod can be seen as the dark oval in the right half of the slide. Pre-necrosis Pre-necrotic A-137 (A-137HP) is a pandemic manifestation. http://www. A137HP activation occurs initially in the brain and brain stem cells. the white blossom is a indeterminate collection of enzymes and proteins. as the enzymes responsible for cell destruction activate latent A-137HP infected cells. HISTOLOGY A-137 is a binary infection with two distinct phases: pre-necrosis and post-necrosis.Figure Post-necrosis Post-necrotic A-137 (A-137HN) manifests itself following cellular death. A-137 Infection Physiology . Page 4 / 11 . A137HN Viral Slide. with activation spreading throughout the body as cellular death due to hypoxia spreads across the organism. especially mammalians. are affected by various non-intraspecies capable A-137 mutations.mercy-limited. Most species. All samples of species tissue examined by CDC field offices and other world medical institutions show A137HP infestation. A-137 HP Viral Slide.Head. The A137HN cell is the dark circle in the center.

whether by bite or A-137HP transformation. also started core infections in their host populations. wolves. Georgia during an online satellite teleconference with world disease experts. A-137HN Genesis and Spread First reported cases of A-137HN reanimation occurred in Greensboro. cross-hybridization with forms of influenza-A and B strains was inexorable. Additionally. at seven o' clock on the evening of Sunday.and therefore carried humanattenuated samples of .Figure 3. the population had never been exposed to anything even remotely similar. 3. with 137 being the culture serial number of the sample in which the viral cells were first identified.mercy-limited. Area of high population density. the Georgia State Patrol responded to 25 calls from motorists who reported seeing 'dazed' persons wandering on Interstate 20 and its / 11 Page 5 associated county roads. Propagation was facilitated by the asymptomatic nature of the infection. Furthermore. Police reports from the scene. as the motorists would drive on to the first location with a pay telephone. The A137HN cell is the dark circle in the center. A-137 contagion seems to meet many important characteristics for pandemic initiation. and polymutation with the segmented nucleus of the influenza virus increased the flexibility. This development was part of a program to create a viral 'bus' which could deliver an entire sequence of crippled viral cores to a patient. squirrels and almost all other rodents with the exception of the weasel) have shown similar traits of revivification following somatic death. which then returned to the United States via the Mississippi. 1997. A-137HN's anaerobic nature and close resemblance to human-attenuated vacilla ensured it would spread quickly and completely once introduced into a human host. From that location. http://www.htm In the hours that followed. when the bus was discovered 4 hours later. all having died of severe head trauma. Fish feeding on the bodies of those victims ingested the proto-viroidal. 1997 by an armor unit of the Missouri National Guard working in conjunction with the Cole County Sheriff's Department and a Army Medical Command/CDC/FBI investigative team. cats. The original 'Romero-137' was deleted on concurrence of CDC and WHO and should no longer be used. but not limited to. as postulated by Dr. Atlantic and West Coast flyways and reintroduced the A-137 viroid along with a mild late February/early March influenza epidemic) was another opportunity for cross-hybridization of the A-137HP strain. political representatives and journalists present at the meetings. The end result of this research path was a preliminary (non-human certified) panimmunic termed Panacea-8 (for the number of contagions it was to inoculate the patient against). pigs. Their operation was conducted due to the large numbers (approximately 1500) of A-137HN subjects found near the site. A Greyhound bus crashed into a ravine on Interstate 20 just outside of that town earlier in the day. From the documentation reviewed by CDC. The population density of New York City in particular and the US Eastern Seaboard in general meant that A-137HP was passed back and forth between literally millions of people in the weeks between 2/19 and 4/7/97. Opportunity for infection and re-infection. The symposium scientists. The 21 persons not at the scene are assumed to be the first A-137HN subjects.various diseases in the course of their research. the crash of Flight 227 and the subsequent introduction of A-137 bearing human cells into the ichthyoid and avian food chain. Propagation and Mutation Large-scale infection was assured when a chartered 737 aircraft bound for the Antilles with 105 passengers. Methodology of A-137HN development is unknown. delegates returned to the United Nations building in New York City. There were 1600 scientists and unknown numbers of support personnel. 2. coincided in less than three and one-half weeks. Re-integration of that cross-hybridized strain with the human-attenuated strain already spreading pandemically among the human population caused the inevitable result. on or about April 6. the reintroduction of A-137HP with a mild "Hong Kong" influenza-A epidemic started a new infection wave in the human population. but salvaged documentation provided by the Cole County Sheriff's Department indicates experimentation with recombinant segmented viroids to cause post-infection formation of a vaccinia (smallpox) virus. Since this viroid was deliberately developed to be all of whom had been exposed to . Finally at approximately 11:30 PM. PARF was destroyed on May 11th. April 6th. Most of the time. contagious outbreak seems to have occurred immediately prior to or during a tour of the PARF facility by a delegation from the World Health Organization in that same timeframe. and when they were subsequently consumed by birds. which would have provoked a detailed scientific investigation. CDC computer models shown in Figure 6 indicate that propagation waves. Missouri in February 1997. the African Ivory Coast and Spain. literally. Mexican Yucatan Peninsula. reanimation of a recently somatically dead human. provided a excellent cross-hybridization source for A-137HN. 1997. EPIDEMIOLOGY The term 'Alomal-137' was applied to the phenomenon in May 1997 by the CDC central office in Atlanta. domestic dogs. The United Nations International Infectious Disease Symposium was an ideal place for the A-137 viroid to gain an initial human acclimation. It is assumed that PARF was keeping large numbers of A-137HN population on its grounds prior to and after the initial outbreak. Infectious disease specialists from around the world. 4. Unexposed population. life-death-life. most of which were held in large open-air auditoriums. indicated that 17 bodies had been found on the bus. a elderly man whose car had developed a flat tire on Highway 20 12 miles west of Greensboro used his cellular . adding a vector. complexity. Furthermore. GSP was unable to locate those persons after arrival on the scene. Alomal is an almagam of 'Alpha-Omega-Alpha'. Viral Genesis Investigation by several US Government cross-functional teams indicates that the pre-mutated form of A-137 originated at the Peregrine Arbovirus Research Facility (PARF) in Jefferson City. most of whom returned to their home countries immediately afterward to share their findings. all leaving that conference. the white blossom is a indeterminate collection of enzymes and proteins. Spread of the highly durable and contagious viroid was rapid and completely uncontrolled. In most respects. the asymptomatic nature of the infection resulted in no unusual outbreak of illness. The viroid inserted itself into the protein sheath of the influenza virii. killing all 38 persons aboard. lost power and crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on February 21. Cross-hybridization. and amino acid RNA replicase activity of the original A-137 sample. They had wandered away in search of food. killing all aboard (see Figure 6 for specific location). This vector is also a likely explanation of why other species of mammal (including. originating at the United States Eastern Seaboard. Georgia. A137HN Viral Slide. Richard Shope of the Rockefeller Institute of Comparative Pathology: 1. (specifically the influenza A viruses in the lower gut of several species of waterfowl. interacted with hundreds of international representatives and spread the infection among all of them.

When it seemed to the public that attacks to the head were ineffective. it is suspected by this office that there were many other similar. l l l Another factor which contributed to the slow response in determining the best method of combating the reanimated was popular culture. or whether they simply reflexively cease their attack after a certain period. Before he could do that. specifically a series of horror films which featured a threat quite similar to the A-137HN population. As he spoke on the phone to the service operator (such calls are routinely monitored). the public was generally suspicious of rescue stations and very suspicious of the Army in the wake of events like the Roanoke Massacre (see below) and public support for the stations was nonexistent. were part of the group of at least 25 persons which swarmed the arriving police as they exited their cars. there was a short-term panic among the population that the reanimated individuals were completely unstoppable. The service operator advised him to stay in the car and lock his doors. which were buildings commandeered by FEMA and the Red Cross. as they were most often in direct contact with the A-137HN population. Following the initial reports in Georgia. contributed greatly to propagation of A-137HN during April and May 1997.. Virginia l l http://www. allowing for a larger spread of the infection. After 10 April 1997 (when a secret United Nations Security Council emergency conference concluded that this was an international. It is not known if the attack procedure ends because the attackers are satiated (which seems unlikely. New York l Evans City. the clearing of Cabrini Green in Chicago. although seemingly without intelligence or cognitive ability. typically from the intestines. artillery barrages or (as was concluded in the Helms Act) nuclear bombardment. This enabled A-137HN attacks to occur on individual persons and families. This initial (documented. Such stations claimed to offer food. more reports of groups of apparently deranged humans attacking other humans. official policy changed to that of ordering the public to enter 'rescue stations'. those films depicted any sort of damage to the head area as destroying the reanimated individual: in reality. if they have consumed all relevant parts of the victim. The first GSP cruiser and ambulance unit which responded to the area were not heard from again. GSP was unable to locate those persons after arrival on the scene. was to order persons to stay in their homes while the facts were determined. outside of airstrikes. extremities and renal system (see Figure 4) during the attack. another factor contributing to the rise in background death rate. There were many stories in the first weeks of the pandemic about A-137HN individuals being shot several times (especially in inner-city neighborhoods. or if the revived population has not fed for some time (e. all having died of severe head trauma. Such unexpected reanimations. low-income areas. seemed to have four distinct centers with subsequent reports spreading out and overlapping from those areas: l Greensboro. shelter.mercy-limited. Even then. Most of the time. The Georgia State Patrol lost 50% of its field officers in the first three weeks of the pandemic. Pennsylvania Wytheville. contributed greatly to the A-137HN population. as they typically immediately move off to attack new prey). long-term pandemic). especially in high-density. when the Army took over administration of rescue stations. Concerted attacks on responding emergency personnel or fleeing civilians are a common story. initial entry into PARF. The chaos that resulted from a general public rush to poorlysituated. With the small amount of tissue lost. Exceptions to this seem to be in the cases of large numbers of A-137HN population and few somatically alive humans. nurses and police officers were most frequently attacked. and even wild animals began to stream in at an accelerating pace. firefighters. a large amount of damage had to be inflicted on a specific area to destroy A-137HN subjects. There have been no documented cases of A-137HN population consumption of any region of the human brain or spinal cord. Finally at approximately 11:30 PM. Initial reaction of emergency management authorities. the highly mobile and adaptable A-137HN cells were sometimes able to reconfigure themselves inside the surviving brain tissue and 'restart' an apparently destroyed individual 1-3 hours after brain injury. indicated that 17 bodies had been found on the bus. Georgia Albion. a elderly man whose car had developed a flat tire on Highway 20 12 miles west of Greensboro used his cellular phone to call AAA. See Figure 5 for detailed descriptions.especially in groups of 10-50.discovered 4 hours later. the consumed body is usually intact enough to be mobile when it revives. the Beantown Sweep in Boston. smashed the windows. reanimated individuals were seen as 'unstoppable' (explained in next paragraph). Doctors. The entire event was clearly recorded on the AAA monitoring tape. but less spectacular incidents on 6 Apr 1997) incident demonstrates three aspects of A-137HN which held up in the spread of the infection: l l Law enforcement and medical personnel bore the highest casualty rates during the breakout stage of the infection. This knowledge took several days to realize and several weeks to become widely known. ill-equipped. The reasons for this are unclear. underdefended rescue stations (along with battles between looter gangs roaming deserted neighborhoods). state and federal forces. which were (until 4/17/97) confined to the continental United States east of the Mississippi River. they reported that the two troopers in the first car. the group fell upon the car. as well as the EMT crew. Humans consumed by A-137HN population generally lose only about 5-10% of their body mass. which usually occurred at collecting points and in areas with high concentrations of A137HN persons and many lightly armed humans. injuring by bite six GSP officers and several paramedics. morgue and corpse disposal workers to carry sidearms. as the motorists would drive on to the first location with a pay telephone. when the human has recently died from another means. A human which has been consumed typically transitions to A-137HN in eight to twelve minutes. how they organize such attacks is unknown. Since the A-137HN population seems incapable of communication. Unfortunately. the A-137HN attackers seem to spontaneously cease feeding and move off in search of new prey. They had wandered away in search of food.g. hauled the elderly man outside and consumed him. High numbers of firearms in the United States meant that the most popular method for private individuals to defend themselves against A-137HN population was by gunshot wounding. army reservists and vehicle operators were also decimated. The only way to neutralize a reanimated human is by destroying the brain or severing the brain from the rest of the body (specifically the brain stem area indicated in Figure 1). were the major contributive factor to provisions in the Helms Act which required burning of the dead and also required all hospital. before that. The 21 persons not at the scene are assumed to be the first A-137HN subjects. medicine and protection by armed local. Federal attempts at forced relocation. By the time additional units arrived 15 minutes later. The initial series of reports. the Georgia State Patrol responded to 25 calls from motorists who reported seeing 'dazed' persons wandering on Interstate 20 and its associated county roads. In the hours that followed.htm Page 6 / 11 . specifically FEMA and state/local civil defense agencies. etc). cattle. After this time. nonetheless have a capacity to act in concert . where automatic weapons combined with the close quarters of dense housing) and continuing to attack without seeming to notice. Reanimated humans. which usually lasts only 5-10 minutes. By June. he reported a small group of people walking through the forest towards him.

l There could have been some environmental commonality among the locations (though the Helms Act nuclear strikes along the Eastern Seaboard make that possibility impossible to verify) which facilitated the final A-137 mutation.USA." l .Figure 4. as one immunologist stated at the May CDC telecon: "most people in big cities deliberately Maybe the smaller towns simply noticed what was happening earlier than big places like Atlanta or Philadelphia.A-137HN Populations. A-137HN Propagation . Page 7 / 11 l Or.htm ignore what's going on around them. especially if it's unpleasant. or even if.mercy-limited. Figure 5. Attack Patterns . allowing for rapid attenuation (basic principles of epidemiology seem to contradict this).com/johnian/rant_cds/rant_pages/scripts-fiction/Alomal_137/alomal. http://www. A-137HN first manifested itself near smaller towns is unresolved. Why. with the result that the viroid had more transferences among a small community of humans. Several factors could be involved: Rural communities tend to be more socially and physically closed.

Miami. the large numbers of A-137HN subjects discovered by police and military units in the sewers and ghettos of New York. Arkansas and Louisiana blocked all east-west crossings of the Mississippi with National Guard units and commandeered all federal military assets in their states. and therefore the large number of subsequent attacks upon the living. and support people were attacked and devoured on live television by a group of 250 A-137HN subjects. A-137HN subjects would attack any living human. sparking the Third Mexican War). The reaction among law enforcement and civil authorities. Maybe the smaller towns simply noticed what was happening earlier than big places like Atlanta or Philadelphia. Even China. Iowa. it was the complete breakdown in law and order occurring in large cities and suburban areas once the pandemic nature of the phenomenon was understood and reported. which were specifically composed of large groups of armed refugees and deserting US militia and Regular Army units. and finally close their borders to all incoming foreign traffic. narrated their own demise as the planes came in) raised questions among Americans about the United States Government agenda and concern for the general safety of the population. tear gas. Dallas. attacked citizens who tried to claim a Safeway or a Piggly Wiggly for their own. were undoubtedly the seed population for growth of A-137HN west of the Mississippi.Those riots. but all humans. "ringing the goddamn dinner bell and setting out a plate of beef for those things". as one immunologist stated at the May CDC telecon: "most people in big cities deliberately ignore what's going on around them. Missouri. Or. especially those from local stations (which were usually the first to issue such news bulletins and were therefore providing primary information for local. US/Mexican. Finnish/CIS. Pennsylvania. forested areas was. Exceptions to this include the Canadian/US. evacuation of the survivors. maintained a relatively low level of A-137HN until the July 14th border skirmishes between Canadian Army and US forces attempting to enter Canada. Soldiers. which did nothing to help the situation in their own country). German/Polish. Louis. Case example: As huge numbers of refugees tried to escape the accelerating A-137HN population to the east. Most television stations began broadcasting news reports on eight-second delay after a large scale attack on 4/30/97 near Roanoke. as well as the bulletins which were quoted by national and international wire services) invariably attributed the attacks to criminals or motorcycle gangs. convinced most combatants that for live humans to kill each other was extremely counterproductive. more likely. shouting that he'd seen the dead walk and they were walking right towards all of them) added to the misdirection. and rubber bullets (all of which were completely ineffective against the revived humans) into heavily A-137HN populated. 1997) created far more casualties (and hence new A-137HN subjects) than would have otherwise occurred. An asylum escape in Rochester. North/South China and North/South Korean borders. government specialists. Colman of the CDC-CID stated on an April 26th episode of 'Crossfire'. ABC televised an experiment at the CDC which finally showed a bitten CDC immunologist expire and return to 'life'. l Secondary breakdowns began to occur after the first four weeks. equip them for crowd control. The primary cause of initial A-137HN population growth was not the spread of the disease itself. even in the face of evidence of cannibalism and revivification. Serbia. began to experience major riots beginning April 26th-30th in places such as Minneapolis. only once. A-137HP had become a pandemic manifestation and there was no way of stopping revivification. some with no real combat experience. onlookers. the Supreme Court and understandably every state east of the Mississippi) Minnesota. Almost every metropolis. Philadelphia.l l allowing for rapid attenuation (basic principles of epidemiology seem to contradict this).for eight to twelve minutes. That event. St. frequently segments of former military units (most often local militia or police) with a surrounding band of armed civilian refugees. China. Perhaps the decline was due to unpleasant conditions for walking and fear of catching cold." Although this observation is somewhat populist and cynical. under the provisions of the Mississippi River Embargo Act (which was unrecognized by the federal government. state and federal authorities to work from. fighting with other such groups over resources. carried live around the world. Page 8 / 11 .C. much of the secondary violence which occurred was not between operating. Most violence that occurred was between irregular units. the inevitable happened. Initial (until mid-April) news reports. Russia/Ukraine. Washington D.mercy-limited. it was too late. a youth retreat group from a nearby Christian camp. The images of young people clad in suits and dresses eating the flesh of national network news anchors was sufficient to induce meetings among the states straddling the Mississippi River. in the United States or elsewhere in the world (with the exception of the Korean peninsula. Texas (specifically starting in Brownsville when two armor units of the Texas National Guard fired on Mexican Army infantry attempting to force entry at Brownsville. An entire journalist corps of 160 reporters. as Dr. Sending large groups of humans armed with clubs. Missouri (it was Army attempts to clean up A137HN specimens from this event that led to the discovery of PARF on May 9th). which did not have the same rioting problems as the United States. and with several major news organizations based in Atlanta (CNN. After two hours of negotiation. it was because the actual population of exposed homeless persons was itself declining. and send them on sweeps of small towns and rural areas. eject all remaining American citizens (sometimes in a quite bloody fashion. of course. where riots were unheard of) and order mobilizations of the National Guard and Army Reserve units. Military actions usually occurred in an area. Canada. organized militia or national guard units. especially one which was physically intact. which instituted a policy of burning all corpses on April 27th.htm reports claimed it was 50. Although many nations began to fortify their borders following the April 12th WHO advisory stating that the phenomenon in the US was probably contagious. cameramen. usually police. even those mentioned above. and New Orleans. Two automatic cannons on the Missouri side fired. was to treat the situation as a riot (even in outlying rural areas. the Missouri reports stated 700) attempted to run across the bridge between the two groups. The subsequent Army reaction of calling in a napalm strike on the area without evacuating the 40-odd surviving journalists (most of whom. a group of refugees (the Illinois http://www. ordinarily a town of 2500. and Boston lend it some credence. grew to over 5300 people in less than 72 hours from April 6-April 9th. The resulting A-137HN congregation to and attacks on such a massed group. or even the infection by bite of the human population. a group of 3500 refugees traveling with two Illinois National Guard armor brigades were challenged by two divisions of Missouri NG infantry and one Regular Army armor group (which was ironically reinforced with the same Missouri brigade which had stormed PALF on May 11th) on the outskirts of St. Minnesota. There could have been some environmental commonality among the locations (though the Helms Act nuclear strikes along the Eastern Seaboard make that possibility impossible to verify) which facilitated the final A-137 mutation. New York on the night of the 6th (the subject was shot by an NYSP sniper as he approached reporters on the morning of the 8th. and most of the group died on the spot . where the fighting continues to this date and is due more to migration attempts than actual differences of political opinion). then proceed to attack and bite several journalists and immunologists before being destroyed. Israel. Soup kitchens and shelters in eastern metropolises reported record declines in attendance over March and early April 1997 at the same time as an influenza epidemic and cold pre-spring weather were making conditions extremely harsh for those who lived on the street. and other brief wars which erupted in the wake of world chaos). which culminated in the Mississippi River Embargo Act (see below). The large number of persons killed in these actions. and flight of the general population during the evening of the following day (4/7/97) is a microcosm of general reaction to the A-137 phenomenon in the Western industrialized countries: l l l l l l Initial reports (until roughly 5/1/97) were inevitably followed by a rush of personnel to the area. were positioned on bridges with M-60 machine guns and Claymore mines and told to shoot anything that tried to make its way across. especially if it's unpleasant. By then. a gun store. also caused most nations of the world to close their borders to American flights. Louis on June 15th. and the casualties from them. The subsequent slaughter of those journalists. or a shopping mall. The most dangerous place to be in the United States between the months of June 1997 and January 1998 was a supermarket. following the Roanoke massacre. which was typically staying in exposed conditions (Evans City. Louisiana. EMT and relief workers. with the end result that several US news organizations continued to attribute the phenomenon to such causes as disciples of the Branch Dividians and the Manson family as late as May 1st. News organizations immediately picked up on the massacre in Georgia. hiding in trees with their cameramen filming the milling A-137HN population below. On that date. South Africa and Zambia. even those west of the Mississippi River which were not affected until after April 28th. Reuters US) the area around Greensboro was quickly covered by journalists. On May 26th. alive or dead. and journalists in the greatest numbers of all. Virginia. experienced net A-137HN growth.

A preliminary model modelling the first six months of A-137 activity in the United States is provided as Table 1.mostly refugees who had thrown themselves into the river when the shooting started and floated downstream. The Illinois NG returned fire. there are between 2.506. There is also evidence that Dr. the soldiers and civilians who remained alive were attacked by those who had just died.098 169..106 241. which followed the discoveries made at PARF and was carried live by all major cable and broadcast networks.796 34. Figure 6.754. and most of the group died on the spot .htm Page 9 / 11 . to which the Illinoians responded with Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and ground cannon fire) going on in the midst of the refugees. explosions. The world telecon on May 15th. After two hours of negotiation. Reanimated A-137 subjects currently outnumber native subjects by approximately 40.000 to 1. We estimate there are approximately 50. 27 survived as live humans .097 35.000-100.mercy-limited. Note A . scavengers and insects. with corresponding increases in the population and aggressiveness of carrion eaters. and chemical leaks in many populated areas have rendered much of the settled area of the Earth uninhabitable.was ironically reinforced with the same Missouri brigade which had stormed PALF on May 11th) on the outskirts of St. a group of refugees (the Illinois reports claimed it was 50. Week 0 1 2 3 4 5 Living 262.133 Deathrate 0 37. no matter which side of the Mississippi they'd traveled from.Crash location. usually the people who had just fallen beside them. A-137 six-month initial model. After about twenty minutes of shooting.415 http://www. USA. Specific disease progression models will be included in the next revision of this document.264.925 262.225 61.000 262. agents of many world governments executed journalists who had begun guessing at the truth that A-137 was a worldwide phenomenon and not a strictly United States infection. Louis on June 15th. l Almost every national government worked to stop dissemination of information about the true nature of the infection to the general population until scientific agencies had pronounced the phenomenon unstoppable.803 262. the Missouri reports stated 700) attempted to run across the bridge between the two groups. air bombardments.795 38.718 Attacks 0 the inevitable happened. Out of approximately 4300 people involved.989 261. Colman's disappearance after the 'Crossfire' episode was carried out by agents of the United States Army Special Investigations Branch. In addition.464 35.303 131. and in seconds there was a pitched combined arms battle (as the Missourians called in AH-64 attack helicopters waiting on station.150 261. Missouri.877. USA Note B . many of whom were killed by shrapnel and area effect fire.318. was the first 'open-air' (non-classified) meeting held. Two automatic cannons on the Missouri side fired.775 56.Initial Contagion: Jefferson City.513 379.657. turning up at an Hannibal Red Cross rescue station. Table 1. A-137 Projected Epidemiology.for eight to twelve minutes. United Flight 227 Note C .902 275.Last Continent Reporting Infected Cases: Melbourne. 1997.872 92. Nuclear strikes. Australia PROJECTIONS Projections are largely irrelevant at this point.990 Dead 27. There is considerable evidence to suggest that during mid to late April of 1997. with approximately 2 billion A-137HN subject in various stages of dormancy around the world. Most Red Cross rescue stations treated anyone who came to them for aid.977 415.5-3 billion corpses scattered across the globe.000 living humans on the planet.

692.320.670 1.264.339.629.902 275. is still capable of sustaining itself on Earth.358 255. Rates of new case generations cannot be specifically depicted due to lack of a proper world population distribution model.3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 262.558 222.344. cold temperatures Lack of existing population.013. entire races have virtually vanished from the face of the earth.892 34.115 13.920 30.239 34.666 259.602 1.598. awareness of the surviving population regarding the A-137HN physiology will undoubtedly keep the number of new cases down.622 169.534.392 5.879 1.000 feet Small islands England Tierra del Fuego Deserts Australia Madagascar Inner Cities (very small numbers) Cold temperatures Rough terrain.598 154.106 241.164 32.849 257.706 26.772.775.991 13. it is assumed that the last of the cases which have occurred during previous 15 months will expire in approximately 2012.790.640.265.htm Page 10 / 11 .152 34.580 Future Population Trends Based on known physiology of the A-137HN population.898 31. Location Between 70¼-90¼ latitude Above elevations of 30.324 137.601.372.755. defensible Aggressive control of corpses.890 26.153.739 36.990 260.318. The implication of this sudden and drastic reduction in population is indeterminate.882 38.764.547.302 131. It is difficult to state with any weight of scientific or biological imperative that the human race.516.887 17. in its present form.888 252.515.169 249. heat.989 261. defensible structures.796 34.757 3.133 649.225 948.416 6.150 261.231 200. All rights reserved.470 36.052 31.629.977 415.598.745 30.723 35.839.658. scientific study is insufficient to determine the future viability of the human race. http://www.361 2.718 38.859 3.294 238.241.078 34.129 186.068 36.264 6.585.570 21. and the reasons for those areas.051 17.731 25.809.955. closed ports Defensibility Low population densities.350. aggressive control of corpses Aggressive blockading of immigrants and control of corpses Large.920.796.514.986 913. are summarized in the following table: Table 2. locations of known concentrations of surviving live humans.336.490.092.183.778 1.779 212.761. access to supplies   Reason for concentration END TRANSMISSION CDC FO #201-G 25 July 1998 04:42Z Copyright © 1996 by Lon Miller.986 244.415 610.110 26. Survivor Concentration Areas.930 11.464 35.942 31.253 8.876 28.977.185 11.184 29.292.315.497.892 231.516.441 2.540 28.030 21.331 8.mercy-limited. A huge amount of damage has been done to the human genetic pool. Based on current information.305.335 171.513 379.

htm Page 11 / 11 .com/johnian/rant_cds/rant_pages/scripts-fiction/Alomal_137/alomal.http://www.mercy-limited.