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"chasing shadows" 15th Draft 4/10/12 By Joseph Eulo

loosely based on "The Waif of Ocean City" by Mark Soifer

(C) 2012 Joey Eulo NULL&Void Films In collaboration with the Dedicated Actors Group (DAG) & the Indie FILM Collective

Joseph Eulo 908-437-8565


INT. APARTMENT - ESTABLISHING - NIGHT The SOUND OF an unseen clock ticking. LONG SHOT of front door MEDIUM SHOT of a wall of FRAMED PHOTOGRAPHS. MEDIUM CLOSE UP of a half eaten bowl of cereal on coffee table. CLOSE UP of a BROKEN TOY TRUCK on hallway floor. MEDIUM SHOT of a Braided Leather Belt on chair.



INT. BEDROOM (1) - NIGHT CAMERA DOLLY RIGHT to Reveal ANTHONY HEAVENS, 9 years old, in bed awake, fully dressed in a short sleeved shirt, dirty blue jeans and a pair of faded Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers. Anthony clutches a old beat up FLASHLIGHT to his chest. His eyes are locked on the bedroom door. The CLOCK on the night stand behind him reads 4:59AM. A BROKEN TOY TRUCK and a TABLE LAMP occupy the space next to the clock. The TICKING of the clock fills in the silence. The numbers/hands on the clock slowly turn to 5:00AM.



INT. FRONT DOOR - NIGHT GLORIA, mid 30s, unlocks the front door and enters dressed in a WRINKLED AND SOILED WAITRESS UNIFORM complete with APRON. She stumbles inside fumbling with a large bag of groceries in one hand, and a bottle of whiskey wrapped in a brown paper bag in the other. A red leather handbag hangs from her shoulder. Keys dangle from her fingers. The grocery bag slips and smashes to the floor. Fruits and vegetables roll out in different directions. The bottle of whiskey settles on the floor next to her foot. GLORIA (putting her keys in her purse defeated) Great...just..Great!



a CIGAR BOX. Milk and bits of cereal fly into the air and land on her. Gloria awkwardly drops down on the sofa and takes another long drink from the paper bag. An old Black and white Orson Wells film plays on the TV. She wipes her face with her hand and kicks the door SHUT behind her. He moves to the closet. a SUPERMAN COMIC BOOK.NIGHT Gloria walks to the TV.CONTINUED: 2. kneels and checks the contents on the floor inside: A rolled up green SLEEPING BAG. She picks up the the bottle of whiskey. She removes her purse from her shoulder and tosses it on the table upending the bowl. bottle in hand. She stands up. Grabs the bottle of whiskey and takes another drink. A half eaten abandoned bowl of fruit loops sits on the coffee table in front of her. leans against the wall. and a half eaten bag of COOL RANCH DORITOS. GLORIA Damn it! CUT TO ON "DAMN IT" 6 5 4 . 5 INT. flashlight in hand. handbag on her shoulder. 6 INT. The bottle of whiskey falls to the floor and spills. and takes a long satisfying drink from the bottle.NIGHT Anthony. LIVING ROOM (1) . opens the door. removes the cap. BEDROOM (2) . sober for a brief moment. SOUND OF DOOR SLAM CUT TO ON DOOR SLAM 4 INT. KITCHEN . a CRUCIFIX. shocked. She looks at the ripped grocery bag on the floor and SIGHS. and turns the knob on the TV set. a King James BIBLE with the cover torn off.NIGHT Gloria drops the torn grocery bag on the counter. jumps out of bed.

(CONTINUED) .NIGHT Gloria picks up the bottle. Anthony looks up in regret at the door. HALLWAY (1) . BEDROOM (3) . Gloria slams the bottle down hard on the coffee table. Reaches for her belt and with one swift movement removes it from her waist.NIGHT Anthony.. 10 INT. GLORIA (Inebriated) Anthony!. two dead "D" batteries fall to the hardwood floor.. 7 INT. 8 INT. BEAT A slight smile fills her face. scrutinizes its contents.3. It captures her attention. 9 INT. Her eyes moisten.NIGHT 10 9 8 7 Gloria picks up the bottle from the table. Glares at the upended bowl of fruit loops. BEDROOM (5) .. many times do I have to tell you.NIGHT 12 Anthony unscrews the flashlight. BEDROOM (4) . 12 INT. THUMP. looks up from the closet and stares at the door.NIGHT 11 She trips over a broken toy truck on the floor and stumbles into a FRAMED FAMILY PHOTOGRAPH hung on the hallway wall. LIVING ROOM (3) . rips off the paper bag and like a jeweler examining a diamond. She curses under her breath and takes another drink. curses under her breath. He looks at the door in fear. quickly looks down into his flashlight.. LIVING ROOM (2) . Gloria gazes into the tilted FRAMED FAMILY PHOTOGRAPH. first with a look of confusion then with recognition. and steps toward the hallway.NIGHT Anthony. 11 INT. startled. She stares. He flips the switch.

yelling) Anthony!.CONTINUED: 4.Now! Anthony rushes to the dresser and opens the drawer.S..NIGHT 17 16 15 14 13 Light spilling out from the gap underneath Anthony’s door illuminates the broken glass in the hallway. GLORIA (Angry.. BEDROOM (6) ..NIGHT The sound from Anthony’s room brings Gloria back to the present.NIGHT Gloria.Anthony!..) GLORIA (O.NIGHT GLORIA (CONT’D O.. and flashlight parts. underwear. 15 INT.) . 17 INT. 16 INT.Get. CUT TO ON SECOND THUMP 13 INT. Gloria steps to avoid the shards. THUMP. reaches up to touch the faces in the FRAMED PHOTO. Her smile fades. HALLWAY (2) .....Your Ass Out Here!. HALLWAY (3) . SOUND OF GLASS BEING CRUSHED UNDER FOOT (CONTINUED) . He urgently searches through socks. CUT TO ON "GET" 14 INT.S.S. The bottle of whiskey slips through her fingers and shatters on the hardwood floor.) Damn it! Anthony... BEDROOM (7) .NIGHT SOUND OF GLASS SHATTERING (O. quickly snatches two "D" batteries from the drawer and jams them into the flashlight. HALLWAY (4) .

Anthony lands on the bed facing the wall. throws the flashlight into the closet. CUT TO ON SECOND "STOMP" 20 INT. and drops the frame to the floor. She stares at the photo in her hand. The hardwood floor creaks. 19 INT. GLORIA (CONT) Damn it! 18 INT. BEDROOM (10) . HALLWAY (5) . She scowls at Anthony’s door then takes a determined step forward. punches the glass. In one quick movement he turns. STOMP. Gloria stands in the doorway in silhouette for a long moment. (CONTINUED) 21 20 At the . BEDROOM (8) . At the bedroom door. It flickers. STOMP. photograph in the other. belt in one hand. closet. STOMP. and dives into bed.NIGHT 18 Anthony frantically points the flashlight into his face once more AND flips the switch. BEDROOM (9) . his backside to the Gloria. like a graceful ballerina. SILENCE. 21 INT. flips off the light. She steps slowly toward Anthony. STOMP.NIGHT 19 Gloria. rips out the photograph. and flips on the lights. It lights up.NIGHT Anthony looks at the flashlight in his hand.NIGHT Gloria SLAMS open the door.CONTINUED: 5. snatches the frame off the wall. He smacks it. his eyes closed tightly. She raises her hand.

Gloria grabs Anthony by the arm. She slides to the floor. across the room and throws him into the closet. SILENCE Gloria raises her belt. BEAT ANTHONY (whispering to the photograph) Where are you? A single tear streaks down his emotionless face. his dad.MONTAGE . The beam stops on a old metal dog tag and photo of a man in a US army uniform. then darkness.CONTINUED: Anthony turns to face his mother. (CONTINUED) . She SLAMS the door shut with her back. like a lion pouncing on her prey. 23 FLASHBACK SEQUENCE . and Gloria watching TV Anthony and his dad playing skee ball. He stares into the photograph and traces the man’s face with his thumb.NIGHT Darkness. 22 INT. walking the beach with a little dog. It turns and shines on the cigar box on Anthony’s lap. then flickers. CLOSET . Anthony defiantly shakes his head No.AROUND OCEAN CITY . photograph in hand crying. She glares at him.DAY 23 22 Anthony and his dad playing on the beach. Anthony. drags him out of bed. He opens the box and scans its contents with the light. The flashlight dims. A beam of light illuminates Anthony’s face Halloween style. Suddenly. BEAT 6. Anthony gently picks up the dog tag then the photo. searching his mothers eyes. BEAT Anthony stares back.

. He finds a dime.6:00 AM BUZZING FROM ALARM CLOCK CONTINUES Anthony opens the closet door. Anthony grabs his flashlight and blanket and tiptoes through the open bedroom door. A LOUD BUZZING/RINGING FROM THE ALARM CLOCK ENDS FLASHBACK SEQUENCE 24 INT.EARLY MORNING 25 24 Gloria is passed out on the sofa. dashes over to the night stand and silences the Alarm clock.Keep this for me. BUZZING ENDS The Clock reads 6:01 AM.OK son. Anthony and his dad on the Jetty watching the sunset/rise. Anthony’s POV at dad in Army fatigues as he leaves for war.... let me see your soldier face. 25 INT.. HEAVENS Come on.. RON M.CONTINUED: 7.and give it back when we meet again. a piece of gum.(handing it to Anthony).. LIVING ROOM (4) .(taking dog tag off his neck) Here take this. . and purple prayer card inside. Anthony places his blanket over his mother and tucks in the edges. Anthony removes the card and reads it: ON CARD TRIALS ARE NOT ENEMIES OF FAITH BUT ARE OPPORTUNITIES TO PROVE GODS FAITHFULNESS. BEDROOM (11) ... He opens the clasps.. He reaches for the handbag on the table and removes the change purse.. Her red handbag lies open on the coffee table. ON ANTHONY (CONTINUED) .

STREET . trying to keep his balance. ON SIGN (CONTINUED) 28 27 26 . He looks up. takes the dime. He looks up toward the horizon. The STORE CLERK. A small sign on the cash register gives warning. He steps softly toward the front door and exits the apartment. looks up from the counter. Gloria stirs in her sleep and mumbles. ARMY UNIFORM catches his eye. Seagulls are flying around him. Flash light in his grasp.SUNRISE Anthony sits Indian style on the large rocks close to the edge of the jetty. The uniformed man is holding the hand of a young boy. His questioning eyes fixed on the father and son crossing the street. returns the change purse. backpacks. Dog tag. around his neck flashlight in his back pocket. 28 INT.CONTINUED: 8. like a tightrope walker. carrying school books. Anthony makes it to the corner without falling. They enter the corner store. Anthony looks toward the horizon. 26 EXT. medium build. The dog tag hangs from his neck. Calling out to him and each other. Anthony startled. sporting a dirty apron. 27 EXT. beams of sunshine warm his face. Anthony follows. A dozen or so KIDS are walking past him.DAY Anthony walks along the edge of the curb. The pair cross the street in front of him. reaches for the prayer card and reads it once more.DAY The BELL over the door RINGS as Anthony enters. Anthony reaches for the dog tag hanging from his neck. and lunch boxes.S. early 40s. CORNER STORE . and stuffs the prayer card in his back pocket. A man in a U. The sun is rising over the ocean. JETTY .

He grabs a two-pack of "D" batteries off the display. looks down at his sneakers. SHOPLIFTERS WILL BE SHOT ON STORE CLERK STORE CLERK Hey Kid. The store clerk hands the man his change.) don’t tell your mother. YOUNG BOY I won’t. STORE CLERK You got 5 minutes to find what your looking for Kid. Anthony.. UNIFORMED MAN (handing the boy the candy bar. STORE CLERK (CONT’D) (to the uniformed man as he rings up a pack of smokes and a candy bar) That will be a buck fifty-two? The uniformed man hands the store clerk two bills and pockets the smokes.CONTINUED: 9. Anthony ducks down the first aisle and circles around to the next stopping behind a battery display. The store clerk turns to Anthony.Thanks pop!. BEAT Anthony looks around to see if anyone is looking... He stuffs a pack of "D" batteries in his pocket.. then looks at the uniformed man and the young boy at the counter.. you gonna buy something? Anthony nods his head YES.smiles. The bell over the door RINGS as the uniformed man and boy exit. (CONTINUED) The boy looks up...

.CONTINUED: STORE CLERK Times up Kid! find what your looking for? 10. your change! Anthony. STORE CLERK Hey Kid.. Anthony.. bumps into JONATHAN a boy one year older. looks over his shoulder waves to the clerk to "just keep it". Jonathan’s new blue beach cruiser crashes to the ground. The candy. JONATHAN (picking up the candy from the ground) Normally I would pound you for this. flashlight.. Anthony.(examining the candy). walks through the door. in a rush. He holds up the pack of candy. School KIDS gather around as Anthony stands up.But.I am willing to make an exception. JONATHAN (CONT’D) . two years dumber. Anthony digs into his pocket and hurriedly slaps a dime on the counter then rushes toward the door. and twice his size.. and stolen batteries shake loose from Anthony’s pants. Jonathan shoves Anthony to the sidewalk. JONATHAN Watch where your going! Jonathan picks up his bike and looks it over. looks out the window and watches the man and boy cross the street. CORNER STORE . He kicks down the bike stand and turns to Anthony on the ground. Three of Jonathan’s friends point at him and laugh. (CONTINUED) 29 .this time Jonathan raises the candy in the air. grabs a pack of candy from the rack and approaches the counter.. 29 EXT.DAY Anthony.. STORE CLERK seven cents kid..

He pushes Anthony to the ground... KIDS (as a group chanting) FIGHT.. FIGHT Jonathan rubs his knuckle into his scalp. JONATHAN (CONT’D) (to Anthony with a smile) have it your way Heavens (shrugs). More Kids gather around them. Anthony steps closer. KID 1 (shaking her head) He should’ve taken the deal.... Jonathan grabs Anthony and puts him in a head lock. nods her head up and down. FIGHT. evil grin on his face) a sweet deal. The kids run off..its your funeral....wouldn’t you say?! A little girl.. Anthony jumps up to snatch the candy but misses.CONTINUED: 11.I SAID! (louder to Jonathan) Break it up. Jonathan gets on his bike.. (CONTINUED) .. FIGHT. KIDS (CONT’D) (as a group) FIGHT. A little girl covers her eyes....... The store clerk emerges from the store. STORE CLERK (to the kids) Now you better get going!. and angrily shakes his head NO.. STORE CLERK (to the bully) Break it up. Jonathan lets go... Anthony struggles to get free. JONATHAN (CONT’D) (to the crowd of kids.the school bells is about to ring..

Holding Anthony’s flashlight. STORE CLERK (CONT’D) (not waiting for an answer) Your smaller then he is. STORE CLERK (CONT’D) (smile gone.right. They lock eyes. kick him as hard as you can... didn’t your pop teach you how to fight? 12.. refuses his hand...Heavens! School kids hurry past. (CONTINUED) ..... stands chuckling. Store clerk notices the Purple bruises on Anthony’s back as he kneels to tie his shoe. STORE CLERK (CONT’D) (turning to Anthony) I promise you he will never. square. bully you again. STORE CLERK (CONT’D) (raising his hand in the air) Ok..have it your way kid! The store clerk.. The store clerk Next time.CONTINUED: JONATHAN (as he peddles off) We’ll finish this at Recess. BEAT STORE CLERK (offering his hand to Anthony sitting on the sidewalk) Hey kid. and gets up by himself... Anthony gives him a hard look. in the balls. Anthony rubs his knee. voice trailing) . STORE CLERK (CONT’D) (as he reaches for the flashlight) Want some advice Kid? Anthony wipes his face with his hand.. bends to pick up Anthony’s flashlight from the ground.. a quiet moment ensues between them.

G) Anthony putting a grocery bag into the trunk of a car. runs off toward the boardwalk in the opposite direction of the school. The store clerk holds out the flashlight. STORE CLERK (CONT’D) Hey! He steps past Anthony and reaches to pick up the pack of batteries. BEAT The store clerk uncomfortably looks away. END SCHOOL BELL The store clerk holds up the pack of batteries and waves them in the air at Anthony as he Runs toward the boardwalk. grabs it and wipes his tears away with his hand. H) Anthony selling newspapers on the Boardwalk I) CU of change being put in Anthony’s hand. STORE CLERK (pissed) Hey Kid! 30 MONTAGE . I) The truant officer looking for Anthony at the mini golf. and notices the stolen pack of batteries on the sidewalk. E) Anthony leaning into the wishing well grabbing change. Jonathan. Anthony. and the store clerk.DAY A) Anthony watching salt water taffy being made.CONTINUED: 13. STORE CLERK (CONT’D) (incredulous) whats this?! SCHOOL BELL BEGINS TO RING Anthony.AROUND OCEAN CITY . (CONTINUED) 30 . F) Anthony stealing a stack of newspaper from vending machine. C) Anthony ducking behind a trash can to avoid the TRUANT OFFICER. B) Anthony helping little old ladies at the grocery store.

Anthony dashes over to the skeeball machines at the back of the arcade. 31 INT. The truant officer raises his clipboard and flips the page.CONTINUED: 14. Anthony winds up and rolls again. BOARDWALK . Anthony darts over to the change booth.JILLY’S ARCADE . winds up and rolls a 50-pointer. Making a cross on his chest. He slides the change close to the edge. On the last one he finds a quarter. He quietly enters and creeps behind him. The Attendant takes the quarter and replaces it with two dimes and a nickle. NINE baseball-sized wooden balls roll into place. He finds Anthony’s name adds red X next to it. and places the quarter on counter in front of the ATTENDANT. ROONEY HEAVENS. Augustine church on 13th Street. reaches up. The truant officer passes by the entrance and spots Anthony in the arcade. Anthony rubs his hands together and with the concentration of a professional ball player. L) Anthony sitting on a bench at the music pier eating taffy. Anthony’s hand reaches up and grabs the coins.DAY 31 Anthony checks the coin return on a row of pinball machines. L) Anthony back at SHRIVERS pointing to a piece of candy. Anthony 4th grade X X X X X X X X X X X X X X (CONTINUED) . He smiles. K) putting money into the collection box. J) Anthony running to St. grabs the first ball. ON CLIPBOARD OCNJ TRUANCY REPORT MAY-JUNE 1981 TRUANT OFFICER: MR. stands on his tiptoes. He pockets one dime and a nickel and inserts the other dime into the coin slot.

PRIMARY SCHOOL .No Funny Business. MS. stands in front of an old metal gray desk. Stevens leans back and looks at Anthony in disbelief.CONTINUED: 15.. Jr. His head down. ON TRUANT OFFICER Anthony grabs another ball and rolls a 100 pointer. GRADE: 4th TRUANT: 15/60 ABSENT: 10/30 LATE: 12/30 ON VICE PRINCIPAL Ms. MS. underpaid. STEVENS (CONT’D) (looking down flipping through attendance record) (MORE) (CONTINUED) .. TRUANT OFFICER (CONT’D) . turns around. SILENCE.Lets go. Stevens.. an overworked. Stevens leans forward and flips the page on Anthony’s attendance report. His smile drops from his face. He Jumps up and down in celebration laughing and smiling. vice principal sits behind the desk reading Anthony’s attendance record. TRUANT OFFICER Come on Anthony. The truant officer taps him on the shoulder.VICE PRINCIPALS OFFICE .DAY 32 Anthony. ON ATTENDANCE RECORD STUDENT: Anthony Heavens. Anthony mockingly thrust his arms out to him to be handcuffed.. 32 INT. STEVENS (incredulously) Anthony this is the 16th time you have been caught on the boardwalk this spring. Ms. Anthony. Ms..

STEVENS (CONT’D) (cont’d) you somehow eluded Mr. MS...What do you have to say for yourself? BEAT. STEVENS (CONT’D) (signals secretary to approach) (MORE) (CONTINUED) ..CONTINUED: 16. MS. Rooney six times by hiding out under the boardwalk.Anthony whats going on? is everything Ok at home? Anthony. Silence. MS. STEVENS (motioning to the secretary to stop) What is it Anthony? Anthony drops his head and stares at the floor. Anthony shakes his head.. opens his mouth to speak THEN the SECRETARY enters and Interrupts a typed INDEX CARD in hand.. MS. STEVENS (CONT’D) (with concern) . MS. MS. MS.... STEVENS (CONT’D) Anthony I can’t help you if you don’t talk to me. STEVENS (CONT’D) is she at work? he shrugs.. MS. STEVENS (CONT’D) Are you going to talk to me? he shakes his head.. looks up. SECRETARY Here is. is your mother home? BEAT. locks eye with her. STEVENS (CONT’D) Anthony.

He darts over to the desk and picks up the index card: ON INDEX CARD: ANTHONY HEAVENS. The secretary steps closer hands Ms. Loud VOICES OF KIDS arguing in hallway. MS. MS. The secretary exits. Ms.. stops Ms... Anthony’s head snaps up. MS. NJ 08244 (CONTINUED) .you leave me with no other choice. APT 4C OCEAN CITY. STEVENS (CONT’D) (to Anthony as he walks out) Don’t go anywhere. STEVENS (CONT’D) (cont’d) Then. Stevens in mid dial.! Anthony is frozen. MS. Ms. STEVENS (looking at Anthony with phone in hand ready to dial) Last Chance. 4TH GRADE PARENTS DIVORCED FATHER: RON M. He stares at the index card. Stevens begins to punch in the numbers.. Anthony watches them leave. STEVENS (CONT’D) I’m going to have to call your father. HEAVENS MOTHER: GLORIA HEAVENS FATHER’S Phone # (609) 555-1212 3206 ASBURY AVENUE. Stevens the typed index card.CONTINUED: 17. Anthony stares at the index card. Stevens places the phone down and follows. SECRETARY (to the vice principal) his (nodding to Anthony) father’s home address and phone number.

BIKE RACK .CONTINUED: 18. He grabs the bike. SECRETARY (looking around) I don’t know. He creeps past the vice principle and secretary in the hallway. MS.. SCHOOL .. Jonathan is in the window.. STEVENS (to secretary) Call Police Department and notify county child services. Anthony hears the pounding. Secretary reluctantly taking notes. Anthony stops at the bike rack in front of the school. BEAT. They laugh at Jonathan. He locks on to a familiar blue beach cruiser and grins. ON ANTHONY: Anthony.DAY Anthony scans the crowded bike rack. 33 . He pounds on the window. and begins to peddle away. The vice principal returns with TWO KIDS the secretary follows.. MS. removes it from the rack. He watches Anthony ride off on his bike. Other KIDS rush over to see whats going on. gets on. smiles and rides off. STEVENS (CONT’D) (frustrated) ..let them deal with him. looks over his shoulder then stuffs the index card in his pocket. STEVENS (CONT’D) (to secretary) Where did he go? Anthony can be seen through the window exiting the school. 33 EXT. MS.

turns and walks down the hallway. A) rides past the Corner Store. OTS: then down at the Index Card once more. Anthony follows. G) past the Church.HALLWAY . 36 INT. the 34 END FLASHBACK SEQUENCE 35 EXT. He drops the bike on the sidewalk and enters the building with the Index Card in hand.DAY ELEVATOR DING. stops on the sidewalk in front of the apartment building. ANTHONY Dad? A disheveled man with a . F) past the truant officer. FATHER’S APARTMENT BUILDING . Clerk is sweeping sidewalks.DAY The sun is setting as Anthony.45 CALIBER PISTOL in CAMOUFLAGE PANTS and an ARMY GREEN UNDERSHIRT answers the door. E) riding past the Arcade. He recognizes Anthony. D) riding past the Music Pier.. FATHERS APARTMENT BUILDING . pockets the pistol. he stands in front of a door marked "4C. doors open. 36 35 . 34 MONTAGE . dog tag around his neck. The door opens.FRONT ENTRANCE . He glares down at Anthony. Anthony stands looking at the Index Card in his hand. He looks up. out of breath. B) FRONT CU of Anthony Riding Bike C) riding past the Jetty..ON BIKE TO FIND DAD . and flashlight in his back pocket. The light from the apartment illuminates his face." Anthony rings the door bell.OCEAN CITY . He steps out. H) Past The little old ladies at the supermarket. His eyes dart back and forth searching.DAY Anthony. Beads of sweat trickle down his face. looks left.19.

flashlight in his back pocket. RON M. (CONTINUED) 37 . RON M. Ron flicks the Zippo repeatedly... Anthony defiantly shakes his head NO. Dog tag around his neck.and (pointing) there was a reason for doesn’t light. HEAVENS (CONT’D) So what do you want? Anthony stands silent. Index card in his hand. RON M. HEAVENS (CONT’D) (grabs zippo off of the table) Your looking for me . Ron gently places his .20. a HYPODERMIC NEEDLE and SPOON. HEAVENS (CONT’D) (pointing to the chair) Go on take a what? Anthony just stands there eyes fixed on his father. RON M..KITCHEN ..45 PISTOL on the table barrel pointing toward Anthony as he enters.. RON M. A METAL CIGAR CASE and a ZIPPO LIGHTER sits next to a DIRTY SHOT GLASS. HEAVENS (CONT’D) (frustrated he slams the Zippo on the table) What Now? Silence. HEAVENS So what do you want? Anthony stares at his father. you found me. 37 INT. HEAVENS (CONT’D) You didn’t think about the fact that I wasn’t looking for you. BEAT RON M..... A half empty open BOTTLE OF COGNAC stands tall next to an ASH TRAY filled with BROWN CIGAR BUTTS. FATHERS APARTMENT .DAY RON HEAVENS sits at the kitchen table... Ron reaches for the metal case removes a cigar and puts it in his mouth.

and those who kill. Anthony removes the dog tag from around his neck. RON M. RON M. HEAVENS (CONT’D) (Angrily) Say something Damn it! Anthony stands defiantly silent. RON M.. It doesn’t light. RON will understand... Anthony stares.can’t be your father OK?! Anthony glares at him.. HEAVENS (CONT’D) There are two types of people in this world.what do you want from me? Silence.and I don’t love. He calmly places the lighter down on the table. RON M. HEAVENS (CONT’D) Like.....what you expected from this meeting? Anthony shakes his head NO. RON M. eyes locked on his father. HEAVENS (CONT’D) Aren’t you going to say something? Silence. (CONTINUED) ..CONTINUED: 21.. RON M.... HEAVENS (CONT’D) (leaning forward in chair) Now listen I...those who love.... HEAVENS (CONT’D) I can’t be your father.. Beat.. HEAVENS (CONT’D) (leans back in chair) Maybe in a few years. Ron picks up the lighter and attempts to light the cigar again.Say one damn word. RON M. HEAVENS (CONT’D) Something.

Ron grabs the .HALLWAY .45 pistol from the table and slams in the magazine and cocks it. 38 INT.. Anthony reaches for the can say something.45 across the table) Here take a look.45 back before he can touch it. turns. and gets a breath away from Anthony...45 up in the air) Have you ever seen one of these? Anthony shakes his head No. Anthony looks up.or get the hell out of here. RON M. HEAVENS (CONT’D) (holding the . just before RON puts his palm out to catch it. Ron ejects the round chambered in the barrel and slams the pistol on the table.) maybe not. RON M. pushes the chair away from the table.. Anthony lets go. RON M. Anthony removes the dog tag from around his neck. RON M. Ron looks down at the dog tag dangling from Anthony’s fist. holds it out by the chain to his father. BEAT. HEAVENS (CONT’D) Now you have two choices. HEAVENS (CONT’D) (Ron snatches the .CONTINUED: 22. 38 . FATHER’S APARTMENT BUILDING ..SUNSET Ron rushes in the hallway clutching the dog tag as the elevators doors close. and walks back the way he came. HEAVENS (CONT’D) (sliding the . He stands.

39 EXT. He looks up. The orange glow of the setting sun lights up his path. and begins to walk.23.SUNSET 39 The orange glow of the setting sun shines on Anthony as he exits the building and walks past the blue beach cruiser lying on the sidewalk. Seagulls circle him and cry out to him. 40 EXT.SUN SETTING 40 Anthony pulls out the prayer card from his pocket and reads the words: CU ON CARD TRIALS ARE NOT ENEMIES OF FAITH BUT ARE OPPORTUNITIES TO PROVE GODS FAITHFULNESS. CU OF ANTHONY A single tear streaks down his olive skinned face. FADE OUT THE END . BOARDWALK . FATHER’S APARTMENT BUILDING . toward the horizon. flashlight in his hip pocket.

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