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Oracle Corporate Overview

Safe Harbor Statement

The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and

may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a
commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decision. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

Evolution of IT Solutions

Best of Breed

ERP Suites

Complete Solutions

Automate Business Functions

Integrate Standard Processes

Outsource IT Complexity

Complexity Obstructs Business Agility Integrating Multiple Applications on Different Technologies .

Complexity Undermines Productivity Using Separate Collaborative. Analytic and Transactional Tools .

Complexity Drives Up Costs Adding IT Assets to Achieve Reliability and Scalability .

IT Complexity Imposes a “Tax” on the Business Slows Product Introduction Interferes with Customer Service Stifles Business Processes Inhibits M&A Synergies .

.And Cripples IT Innovation 35-65% is integration Bottom line: 4% of revenue is spent on a commodity that does not improve competitiveness.

We want appliances.” – Mark Kamlet.“We want integrated solutions. EVP and Provost. Carnegie Mellon University . We want things that we can plug in and that work.

Oracle’s Strategy .

Integrated Business Solutions to customers for their industry Provide flexibility and choice by integrating Oracle Software on an Open Standards Based Architecture Transform the data center integrated Systems and Hardware that provide breakthrough performance and unprecedented lower cost of ownership Enable customers to deploy Cloud Computing strategies through a full-range of innovative technologies . Open.Oracle’s Strategy Deliver Complete.

Oracle Confidential 13 . security • Shorter deployment times • Easier to manage and upgrade • Lower cost of ownership • Reduced change management risk • One-stop support Copyright ©2010.Oracle Strategy Complete. All rights reserved. Open. reliability. Integrated • Innovation delivered faster • Better performance. Oracle.

Oracle Acquires Best-in-Class Companies Middleware Platform and Management Business Intelligence Data Integration Identity & Access Management Performance Management Enterprise Content Management (Pending) Operating Systems Systems Management Virtual Machines .

2 R&D Spending US$ Billion $3.2 $1.2 Billion $4.Investment Growth: Up 3X to $4.5 $2.8 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 .9 $1.7 $2.3 $2.

Oracle Best-in-Class Solutions Leadership in Key Segments • CRM • Enterprise Performance Management • Human Capital Management • • • • • • Banking Communications Financial Services Professional Services Public Sector Retail • Middleware • Database • Database on Solaris • Database Share on Linux • Embedded Database • Data Warehousing • Development Language (Java) • Unix Server • Tape Storage Oracle is #1 in modern middleware according to several independent research studies .

Top Companies In Every Industry Most Complete Industry Solutions Aero & Defense Automotive Chemicals Communications Consumer Products 11 of Top 11 Over 300 OEMs & Suppliers 5 of Top 10 Global 20 of Top 20 Service Providers 65 of Top 100 Education & Research Engg & Construction Financial Services Health Care High Technology 9 of Top 10 Academic Univ 4 of Top 5 Fortune 500 10 of Top 10 Global Banks Over 300 Leading Providers 25 of Top 25 Electronic OEMs Industrial Mfg Insurance Life Sciences Media / Entertainment Oil & Gas 9 of Top 10 Global 20 of the Top 20 Global Insurers 20 of Top 20 Pharmaceuticals All in Fortune’s Global 500 Travel & Transportation 6 of Top 7 Companies Professional Svcs Public Sector Retail Utilities 9 of Top 10 Global IT Service Firms Over 1.500 Organizations 20 of Top 20 3 of Top 5 Airlines 20 of Top 20 .

OLAP. Excel. XML. Applications … .Integrated Business Intelligence • Dashboards • Packaged BI Applications • MS Office Plug-in • Financial & Operational Reporting • Financial Consolidation & Planning • Ad-hoc Analysis • Detection & Alerts Unified Business Intelligence Foundation Data Warehouse.

Simplified Business Process Integration Pre-Built Integration Accelerators • Integration Accelerators • End-to end Business process templates • Between Oracle & Non Oracle Applications • Common Infrastructure • Standardized approach • Certified with Oracle and Non Oracle Applications Tools & Technology Applications • OpenStandards • XML Business Objects and Serivces • Certified with Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g .

adaptive and secure Fusion Middleware Built Best Practice Business Processes Based On Hundreds of Years of Learning E-Business Suite. configurable. JD Edwards. embedded decision support. PeopleSoft. pervasive collaboration Made Ready for the Cloud Private or public cloud All in Collaboration with Oracle’s Customers and Partners .Fusion Applications Next Generation Applications Designed For the Cloud Started with a Modern Platform Industry-leading. Siebel Reinvented the User Experience Role-based user interface. standards-based.

Oracle Confidential 21 .Fusion Applications Role-Based User Experience What do I need to DO? What do I need to KNOW? Exception-based Management Embedded Business Intelligence How do I get it DONE? WHO do I need to reach? Configurable Applications & Processes Embedded Collaboration Copyright ©2010. Oracle. All rights reserved.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership Lower Cost IT Talent Lower Cost Integration Upgrade-Friendly Customization  Extensive configuration options with zero impact on upgrades  11x more Java programmers than ABAP programmers  50% lower maintenance costs with standardsbased integration .

Business Objects HP OpenView. Apache Tomcat & All Major Op. SonicMQ MS Active Directory & MIIS. Struts. MS Visual SourceSafe Microsoft Office. MS SQL Server. Cognos. CA eTrust SSO. MS Analysis Services.Choice of Components: Leverage Your Existing Investments Applications All Oracle. DB2. DB2 Teradata. Wireless and Mobile Devices SAP ERP & BW. Tapestry. Oracle. Systems Database IBM DB2 & Informix. Spring. JUnit. Excel. CollabNet Subversion. IBM Tivoli. Sybase IQ Copyright ©2010. MS Office. CVS. Adobe PDF. CA Unicenter. BMC Patrol Eclipse. TIBCO Enterprise Message Service. Oracle Confidential 23 . JBoss App Server. SAP BW. SAP & 3rd Party Applications WSRP and JSR-168 Portals. Outlook. all LDAP Directories IBM WebSphere. Teradata. Microsoft SharePoint IBM WebSphereMQ. All rights reserved. Ant.

Systems & Hardware Copyright ©2010. Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle Confidential 24 .

Storage.Transforming The Technology Stack Traditional Transitional Optimized Core Cloud Compute. Oracle. Network Building Blocks Optimized Systems and Solutions Engineered Systems Copyright ©2010. Oracle Confidential 25 . All rights reserved.

Oracle Exadata X2-8 • Fastest for Data Warehouse & OLTP Oracle Database Server Grid • 2 8-Socket Intel Servers • 128 Cores • 2 Terabyte DRAM • Best Data Warehouse & OLTP Cost / Performance Unified Server/Storage Network • 40 Gb/sec Infiniband Links • 880 Gb/sec Aggregate Throughput • 10 Gigabit Ethernet to Data Center • Best for Database Consolidation • 100% Fault Tolerant & Scalable On-Demand Exadata Storage Server Grid • 14 Storage Servers • 5TB flash storage • 336 TB Disk Storage .

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud • Fastest Java Performance Oracle Weblogic Server Grid • 30 Compute Servers.2 micro second latency • 10 Gigabit Ethernet out • Best For Elastic Capacity On Demand • 100% Fault Tolerant Integrated Storage Appliance • Software Images & Application Files • Patch Centrally • 40 TB SAS Disk Storage • 4 TB Read & 72 GB Write Caches . 360 Cores • 2.8 TB DRAM • 960 GB Solid-state Disk • Best Java Cost / Performance • Best for Application Consolidation Infiniband Network • 40 Gb/sec Inifiband Links • 1.

Consolidate and Optimize Your Data Center .

Engineered Systems: Profile of Customers .

Cloud Computing .

Oracle. Oracle Confidential 31 .Cloud Computing Essential Characteristics • On-demand selfservice • Resource pooling • Rapid elasticity • Measured service • Broad network access Deployment Modes • Infrastructure as a Service • Platform as a Service • Software as a service Copyright ©2010. All rights reserved.

Enterprise Evolution To Cloud Public Cloud Evolution SaaS IaaS PaaS Virtual Private Cloud Private Cloud Evolution Applications Private PaaS & IaaS Silo’d • • • • Physical Dedicated Static Heterogeneous Grid • • • • Virtual Shared services Dynamic Standardized appliances Private Cloud • Self-service • Policy-based resource mgmt • Chargeback • Capacity planning Hybrid • Federation with public clouds • Interoperability • Cloud bursting .

Choice of Deployment Public Cloud Private Cloud Deployment Options On Premise Hybrid .

Services .

Oracle Customer Services Enabling the success of your Oracle software and system investments through a LIFECYCLE OF SERVICES covering the complete Oracle stack .

Oracle Lifecycle Services Transforming your Business Using Oracle Solutions Complete Support for Oracle Software. Hardware and Solutions Personalized. Proactive Services for all Oracle Applications and Technologies Superior Oracle Product Knowledge The Power of Oracle in the Cloud .

Summary .

security Shorter deployment times Easier to manage and upgrade Lower cost of ownership Reduced change management risk One-stop support . reliability.Innovation delivered faster Better performance.