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RGM-3600 Operational Manual

RGM-3600 Operational Manual
Version 1.2 2008/05/02

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.. 8.............................................. 4................... 5 RGM-3600 Technique Specification..... 6 Mechanical Layout ..... 7...................... 4 RGM-3600 System Block Diagram............. 17 2 .....................................RGM-3600 Operational Manual Content 1........................ 5...... 3 RGM-3600 Picture . 17 Revision History .................... 2.............................. Introduction .. 11 Package Specification and Order Information........................... 3.......... 10 Software Specification and NMEA Protocol ......................... 6............................................................................

TCXO design. RGM-3600 represents the latest ingenious GPS technology from the leading GPS receiver manufacturer. conduct personal & vehicle navigation. offering diverse GPS (Global Positioning System) applications. and/or apply for geographical surveys. -159 dBm high GPS sensitivity.RGM-3600 Operational Manual RoyalTek GPS Receiver: RGM-3600 Operational Manual 1. RGM-3600 helps you locate one or multiple objects. Contents prepackaged with your RGM-3600 purchase: 1. RGM-3600 Companion CD Product Features 20 parallel channels. NMEA-0183 compliant protocol/custom protocol. Connecting to the notebook PC or Handheld PC implementing map or navigation software. Introduction Congratulation on your purchase of RGM-3600. EGNOS and MSAS) support and the default SBAS is enable Lead-free Backup battery (installed) 3 . Enhanced algorithm for navigation stability SBAS (WAAS. 2.

RGM-3600 Operational Manual 2. RGM-3600 Picture 4 .

4Mega bits flash memory on chip c.RGM-3600 Operational Manual 3. Patch antenna with 1 Stage LNA b. pin6 for internal) SIRF GSC3f/LP with 4M Flash 6Pin I/O GPS Patch Antenna LNA SAW RF front-end +Base-band Processor TCXO XTAL 5 . 6pin I/O pin (pin 5. RGM-3600 System Block Diagram System block diagram description: a.

RGM-3600LP Technique Specification No GPS receiver 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 17 18 Chipset Frequency Code Channels Chipset Sensitivity Chipset cold start Chipset warm start Chipset hot start Reacquisition Position accuracy Maximum altitude Maximum velocity Trickle power mode Update rate Testability Protocol setup SiRF GSC3f/LP L1 1575. (Variable) Continuous operation: 1Hz It shall be able to be tested by SiRF test mode IV and single channel simulator. 18000 m 514 m/s Duty cycle ≦ 34%.4 mm * (H)15.42MHz.4 mm * (W)48.RGM-3600 Operational Manual 4. Code.1sec typical 10meters at 2D RMS. 20.A. -159dBm 35 sec @ open sky 35 sec @ open sky 1 sec @ open sky 0. 6 Pin Pin1:RX Pin2:TX Pin3:GND Pin4:VCC Pin5:NC Pin6: BOOT Mechanical requirements 20 21 22 23 Dimension Weight Vcc Current (L)48. It shall store the protocol setup in the SRAM memory.1mm ±3mm ≦30g DC 5V ±5% TTL Version Acquisition: 55mA (typical) Tracking: 50mA (typical) RS-232 Version Acquisition: 60mA (typical) Tracking: 55 mA (typical) 6 Function Specification Interface Description 19 I/O Pin Power consumption . C.

3mAhr Li-Ion rechargeable battery. Battery life at full charge is ≥ 7 days.7 * VDD VIL ≤ 0. 2.7 * VDD VIL ≤ 0.4V VIL ≤ 0.3 * VDD RS-232 VIH ≥ 2.85V±2%) Pin Signal # Name 1 RX 2 3 4 5 6 TX GND VCC NC Boot I/O Description I O G I NC I Boot mode UART UART System Power Ground System Power Characteristics TTL: VIH ≥ 0.25VDD RS-232 VOH ≥ 5V VOL ≤ −5V Reference Ground VCC:5V±5% VIH ≥ 0. .GND GND provides the reference ground 7 . 4. That provides voltage to the module. Environment 25 26 27 Operating temperature Storage temperature Humidity -20 ~ +60℃ -20 ~ +60℃ ≦95% Hardware Interface 5.RGM-3600 Operational Manual 24 SRAM backup battery 3. 3.3 * VDD .VCC(5V DC power Input) This is the main DC power supply input pin. 1. 6.6V TTL: VOH ≥ 0. Module Interface Pin Number: (VDD=2.75 * VDD VOL ≤ 0.

RGM-3600 Operational Manual .RXA This is the main receiver channel and is used for receiving software commands to the board from SiRFdemo software or software written by users themselves.6Pin Male PS2 RS-232 Interface Pin Number: . .Boot Set this pin to high for programming flash. PS: Pull up if not used. Cable connector . .TXA This is the main transmitting channel and is used for outputting navigation and measurement data for SiRFdemo software or software written by users themselves.6Pin Male PS2 TTL Interface Pin Number: 8 .

75-5.USB Interface Pin Number: Pin # 1 2 3 4 Signal Name Vbus (4.(Y cable) 6Pin Male PS2 Interface Pin Number: 2 4 6 1 3 5 Pin # 1 2 3 4 5 6 Signal Name NC NC GND VCC NC NC .RGM-3600 Operational Manual .25volts) DD+ GND 9 .(Y cable) 9 pin D-SUB Interface Pin Number: 5 4 9 8 3 7 2 6 1 Table 2 Pin Signal Nam e NO 1 No connect 2 TX 3 RX 4 No connect 5 GND 6 No connect 7 No connect 8 No connect 9 No connect I/O Descr ipt ion Characterist ics O Serial Data Output I Serial Data Input High: -3V ~ -15V Low: +3V ~ +15V High: -3V ~ -15V Low: +3V ~ +15V G Ground .

RGM-3600 Operational Manual 5. Mechanical Layout Unit:mm : 10 .

3416.3416 W Units Description GGA protocol header hhmmss. Software Specification and NMEA Protocol Software Specification GPS Firmware GPS Utility WAAS [GSW3] GGA(1).487 3723. 12158. .sss ddmm.2475.487.mmmm E=east or W=west 11 . GSA.RGM-3600 Operational Manual 6. 9.GSA(1). M. GLL. 8 bit data. . 161229.2475 N 12158. 1 stop bit and no parity.0000*18 Table 2 GGA Data Format Name Message ID UTC Position Latitude N/S Indicator Longitude E/W Indicator Example $GPGGA 161229. W. RMC and VTG.0. It supports the following NMEA-0183 Messages: GGA. 1. TTFF Enable NMEA V3.GSV(5).0.RMC(1) 4800 GPS Firmware A GPS performance diagnostic utility is required C/NO. 3723. N.mmmm N=north or S=south Dddmm. . 1. GSV. NMEA Output Messages: the Engine board outputs the following messages as shown in Table 1: Table 1 NMEA-0183 Output Messages NMEA Record GGA GLL GSA GSV RMC VTG Description Global positioning system fixed data Geographic position – latitude / longitude GNSS DOP and active satellites GNSS satellites in view Recommended minimum specific GNSS data Course over ground and ground speed GGA-Global Positioning System Fixed Data Table 2 contains the values of the following example: $GPGGA.0 Protocol Its output signal level is TTL: 4800 bps (default). 07.

fix valid GLL-Geographic Position –Latitude/Longitude Table 3 contains the values of the following Example: $GPGLL.487 A *2C End of message termination Units Description GLL protocol header ddmm. 12158.3416 W 161229. A*2C Table 3 GLL Data Format Name Message ID Latitude N/S Indicator Longitude E/W Indicator UTC Position Status Checksum <CR><LF> Example $GPGLL 3723.RGM-3600 Operational Manual Position Fix Indicator Satellites Used HDOP MSL Altitude 1 07 1. W. Station ID Checksum <CR><LF> 0000 *18 End of message termination Table 3 Position Fix Indicators Value 0 1 2 3 Description Fix not available or invalid GPS SPS Mode. 3723. M meters meters M meters second Null fields when DGPS is not used Diff. fix valid GPS PPS Mode.0 9.2475.2475 N 12158.mmmm N=north or S=south Dddmm. Corr. A=data valid or V=data not valid 12 . N.0 meters See Table 2-1 Range 0 to 12 Horizontal Dilution of Precision Units Geoid Separation Units Age of Diff. fix valid Differential GPS.mmmm E=east or W=west hhmmss.487. SPS Mode. Ref.

.8 1.5 *33 Example $GPGSA A 3 07 02 GSA Data Format Description GSA protocol header See Table 4-2 See Table 4-1 Sv on Channel 1 Sv on Channel 2 …. 15. 313.RGM-3600 Operational Manual GSA-GNSS DOP and Active Satellites Table 4 contains the values of the following example: $GPGSA. 41. 2. 27. Sv on Channel 12 Position Dilution of Precision Horizontal Dilution of Precision Vertical Dilution of Precision Units End of message termination Table 4-1 Value 1 2 3 Mode 1 Description Fix not available 2D 3D Table 4-2 Value M A Mode 2 Description Manual-forced to operate in 2D or 3D mode Automatic-allowed to automatically switch 2D/3D GSV-GNSS Satellites in View Table 5 contains the values of the following example: $GPGSV. 159. 42.8. 27. 2. Satellite Used PDOP HDOP VDOP Checksum <CR><LF> 1. 07. 42. 26. 1. 79. 15. 36.0.0 1. 42*71$GPGSV. 256. 42. 43. 23. 1.1. 2. 26. 42*41 Table 5 Name Message ID Example $GPGSV GGA Data Format Units Description GSV protocol header 13 . 07. 27. 062. 51. 041. 02. . 07. 09. 19. .5*33 Table 4 Name Message ID Mode 1 Mode 2 Satellite Used Satellite Used …. 04. 12. .1. 048. 09. 02. 07. . 3. 04. A. 138.

3416 W 0. 0.mmmm N=north or S=south dddmm.487. null when not tracking ….sss A=data valid or V=data not valid ddmm. 3723. RMC-Recommended Minimum Specific GNSS Data Table 6 contains the values of the following example: $GPRMC. W. 309.487 A 3723.RGM-3600 Operational Manual Number of Messages 1 1 2 Range 1 to 3 Messages Number Satellites in View Satellite ID Elevation Azimuth SNR (C/No) 1 07 07 79 048 42 Range 1 to 3 Channel 1(Range 1 to 32) degrees Channel 1(Maximum 90) degrees Channel 1(True. N. Satellite ID Elevation Azimuth SNR (C/No) 27 27 138 42 ….62 degrees True 120598 degrees ddmmyy E=east or W=west 14 . null when not tracking Checksum <CR><LF> 1 *71 End of message termination Depending on the number of satellites tracked multiple messages of GSV data may be required.*10 Table 6 Name Message ID UTC Position Status Latitude N/S Indicator Longitude E/W Indicator Speed Over Ground Example $GPRMC 161229. 161229. Range 0 to 359) dBHz Range 0 to 99.62. 120598. 12158.2475 N 12158. A.13 GGA Data Format Units Description RMC protocol header hhmmss. Channel 4(Range 1 to 32) degrees Channel 4(Maximum 90) degrees Channel 4(True.mmmm E=east or W=west knots Course Over Ground Date Magnetic Variation 309. Range 0 to 359) dBHz Range 0 to 99.2475.13.3416. .

K*6E Table 7 Name Message ID Course Reference Course Reference Speed Units Speed Units Checksum <CR><LF> M 0.62.2. T. 0. .13 N 0.13. 309.RGM-3600 Operational Manual Checksum <CR><LF> *10 End of message termination VTG-Course Over Ground and Ground Speed Table 7 contains the values of the following example: $GPVTG.2 K *6E Example $GPVTG 309. 0. N. M.62 T VTG Data Format Description VTG protocol header Units degrees Measured heading True degrees Measured heading Magnetic knots Measured horizontal speed Knots km/hr Measured horizontal speed Kilometer per hour End of message termination 15 .

E. Move to another open space or reposition the GPS receiver towards the direction with fewer blockages. Move the GPS receiver away from sources of interference Wait until the weather condition has improved. Bad and heavy cloudy weather. i. Under bridges and tunnels. vi. 16 . iii. iv. It is suggested to wait for the satellite signals to be locked at a fixed point when first power-on the GPS receiver before using. The following situations will affect the GPS receiving performance: Solar control filmed windows. v. ii. Among high buildings. C. such as mobile phone base stations. Under high voltage cables and near by radio wave sources. RGM-3600 Operational Manual GPS signals are affected by weather and environmental conditions. D. B. or in vehicle. i. the following steps are suggested: Plug the external active antenna into the GPS receiver and set the antenna outdoor or on the roof of the vehicle for better receiving. ii.. It is suggested to use the GPS receiver under less shielding environments to ensure GPS receiver has better receiving performance. iv. If the satellite signals can not be locked or have encountered receiving problem (within the urban area). such as umbrella. iii. When GPS receiver is in moving condition. it will prolong the time to fix the position.RoyalTek GPS Receiver User’s Tip A. the GPS receiver can fix a position immediately at next power-on if the built-in backup battery is fully charged. Metal shielded. With a backup battery.

RoyalTek 7.Honeycomb (160pcs/box) .Color box (40pcs/carton) .White box (40pcs/carton) 17 . RGM-3600 Operational Manual Package Specification and Order Information .

RGM-3600LP Technique Specification cable connector Headquarter: Address: 4F.0 2007/03/26 1..liu Change notice Initial Release Modify 18 .royaltek..RoyalTek Web Site Customer Service: http://www. Kuei Shan.2 2007/05/15 2008/05/02 RGM-3600 Operational Manual Author Amy. Package Specification and Order Information. Revision History Title RGM-3600 GPS Receiver Doc Type Operational Manual Revision Date Number 1.Chipset Sensitivity、 cold start、warm start、hot start Modify company’s address、tel. Tao Yuan 333.、7.royaltek. No. Taiwan TEL: 886-3-3960001 FAX: 886-3-3960065 Web Site: http://www. Wen Hwa 2nd Rd. Contact Information Section Contact: sales@royaltek.188. add 4.liu Amy. RGM-3600LP Technique Specification .1 1.liu Amy.