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- A group of friends (almost female, age from 27 up to) want to travel under services. - Customers in middle-age, like to visit pagodas and historical monument. - Businessman who live outside HCMC (age from 30 up to) like to go on the pilgrimage and travel in short time. - High-school students, they go to study reality and visit. - Staffs in a company have a summer vacation with a limited time and spending. 2. Key point and activities in tour: It’s up to who are our customers and there are some key points: - Bà Đen mountain: + key points: pagodas, Thánh Mẫu temple, historical monument’s cave. + activities: visit pagodas, temple, caves, climb the mountain, take pix, enjoy cable car or sliding-spout and have vegetarian meals. - Dầu Tiếng lake: + key points: the biggest man-made lake in VN and ASEAN, provide water for Tay Ninh province, wonderful landscape + activities: listening to history of Dau Tieng lake, take pix, boating and fishing. - Khe Dol – Đá stream + key points: ethnic villages of KHOME, Đá stream, redwhiskered bulbul. + activities: visit village, give gifts for children, talk about ethnic lifestyle, walk around Đá stream and Find information about red-whiskered bulbul. - Holy See + key points: very wide, original architecture, original religion culture. + activities: visit, find out about history, architecture, religion. - Mộc Bài border gate + key points: duty free supermarket with diversified imported goods in fix-prices.

shopping and playing shoppinggames. . the suitable price for this tour is about 600k to 1000k/ per pax 4. What makes customers don’t enjoy this tour? .Climbing mountain. bò tơ củ chi. rau rừng. tour guide and insurance. .Hot weather . muối tôm. .Good services .Provision for transportation are high-class buses.Local foods: + key points: bánh tráng phơi sương.+ activities: visit border gate.After surveying 20 customers in different ages and different jobs. . The advantages in this tour . Enjoy local food Develop teams and learn how to build the team 5.Number of facilities is limited 6. 3.Tour guide . old pp and pregnant women.Crowed in festival seasons. How much customers want to spend for this tour? .Short distance from HCMC and other destinations . + activities: enjoy and find out the way local pp produce its.Củ Chi: + key points: Củ Chi tunnel and Bến Dược temple + activities: visit tunnel. cable car and sliding spout is not suitable for children. . 2 stars hotel. What do customers want in this tour? Visit pagodas Shopping with fix price Enjoy landscape and relax Visit and find out information about historical place. Bến Dược temple and play teambuilding games.