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Wednesday April 11, 2012 day, 1

Be Responsible . . . Be Respectful . . . Be Safe!
"Believe you can and you are half way there." Teddy Roosevelt

Seahawk Scoop

FCAT testing for Grades 3 through 10 and SAT-10 for 2nd Grade begins on Monday, April 16. Follow the “FCS Weekly Calendar of Events” below for grade levels & days of testing.

Parents, please be sure your children get a good night’s sleep and arrive to school on time each day of testing.
FCS CHEER TRYOUTS: Girls in 5th – 11th Grades- if you are interested in trying out for cheerleading, the necessary
forms are in the front office. Also, you must have a sports physical before tryouts! Varsity Tryouts- April 21 (Sponsor- Sarah Brown) Deadline to sign up is April 18. Middle School Tryouts- May 5 (Sponsor- Leigh Smith) Deadline to sign up is May 2.

PARENT INFORMATIONAL MEETING: April 17 in Ms. Brown’s room @ 6:00pm
FOOTBALL CONDITIONING Required football conditioning for grades 8 – 11 will be every Wednesday in April.
Players are to report to the field house after school (only on Wednesdays). The activity bus will run at 5:00pm.

**Take Stock In Children Scholarship Applications: 9th Grade students only- the deadline for the scholarship
applications has been extended to April 17. See Mr. Robinson for applications ASAP.

**ITEMS NEEDED for PROM: The Junior Class is in need of the following items for the upcoming Prom:
►Strands of “Christmas style” white lights (how ever many you can donate, if only 1 or 2 strands) ►5 gallon buckets with lids ►1½ inch PVC pipe ►Chicken wire ►Canned drinks & Bottled water Thanks in advance for anything you can help out with! -Stephanie Howze, Junior Class Co-Sponsor

**SENIORS/ SCHOLARSHIPS: NEW - Fairpoint Communications (due 4/20/12), Centennial Bank & Franklin County School Nutrition Scholarships. Still available - Friends of the Reserve, Willie B. Speed, and Donny Wilson Athletic Scholarship
Applications may be picked up from Mrs. Lee, Ms. Joyner or the guidance office.

**SCHOLARSHIP: 2011-2012 McKay Scholarship letters for students with disabilities can be viewed at In order for a student to be eligible for the program, intent to participate in the McKay Scholarship Program must be filed on the School Choice Website at prior to withdrawing from public school. The deadline to apply for the first payment period of the 2012-2013 school year is July 3, 2012. LUNCH FOR WEDNESDAY- 4/11/12 **K-5th Grade: Choice of One- Turkey & Gravy, Fiesta Chicken Salad, Cheese Lite Meal, or PBJ Sandwich Choice of Two- Fresh Orange, Pears, Broccoli w/ Ranch; May Select- Roll **6th-12th Grade: Choice of above or Sausage Pizza or Chicken Tenders

FCAT Reading and Math/Science Camps for grades 3-5
The last FCAT Camp is Saturday, April 14 t h .

Red Beans & Rice. 12: -12 Grade FCAT Reading Retakes -H/S Beta Club meeting/ Guest Speaker Carol Barfield. Apr 13: **Fri. Time. @ -Zumba Class in the elementary gym @ 6:00pm -SAC meeting in the library @ 6:00pm Mark Your Calendars **REPORT CARDS: **FCAT ESTING: April 13 April 16 – 27 TEACHER/STAFF Info Retirement Party for Karen Smith: Thurs. Juniors who passed the FCAT Reading will not have to attend school. in room 1217 during -H/S SGA meeting in the gym wrestling room during lunch -11th & 12th Grade FCAT Math Retakes th -Junior Prom Committee meeting in room 809 during breakfast -Freshman’s Class Officers’ meetings in Ms. Red Velvet Cake ______________________________________________________________________ Faculty Meetings: 1 & 3rd Wednesday of each month @ 2:30pm st . 8:00am-12:00pm **Fri. in room 117 @ 2:30pm (note change of **Culinary Class Cafe: Fri. 17: -FCAT Reading for Grades 3-10 -SAT-10 for 2nd Grade Seniors will not have to attend school. school. Sign up to bring a covered dish at Ms.SENIOR NIGHT -Zumba Class in elementary gym @ 6:00pm -Report Cards -Field Trip: M/S ESE to EP Landfill. Lee’s room. school. 12:45-1:45pm -Home Vars Baseball vs W.TBA & 11th Grade Reading Retakes -Vars Softball District Tournament at Blountstown **Tue. April 12. April 13 . Apr 11: **Wed. 13: 1:30pm **Sat. Also. Water Treatment Plant & Indian Creek Park. **School Leadership Meeting: date) Thurs. Apr 12: **Thur. there will be a money tree in lieu of gifts. Apr 17: **Tue.First Forum in room 1217 during 2nd period -4/5th Grade Special Art Session in room 626. 8:00am-3rd Grade: Kite Flying behind the elementary gym @ ??? – 2 groups -H/S ARP Class. Mount-Simmons’ room during breakfast -District Track Meet at Bay High School @ 9:00am -3rd Grade: Kite Flying behind the elementary gym @ ??? – 2 groups -M/S & H/S SWAT meetings in Mrs. Browning’s desk.1:30pm DONATION: $8. Hoe Cake. Brown’s room. by invitation only. Apr 16: **Mon. Apr 14: **Sat. # 602. & 11 Grade Reading Retakes th 6:00pm -Away Vars Baseball vs Aucilla @ 4:00pm -JV/Vars Cheer – Parent Informational meeting in Ms. Juniors who passed the FCAT Reading will not have to attend school. April 12. 11: breakfast **Thur.00 MENU: Oyster Stew. 8:00am-2:00pm – don’t be late & bring -ACT in Mrs. Gadsden @ 6:00pm. 16: -FCAT Reading for Grades 3-10 -SAT-10 for 2nd Grade Seniors will not have to attend school. 14: your own lunch! **Mon. Croom’s room during lunches -Home Vars Softball game vs Godby @ 6:00pm. Macquechoux (Corn). DESSERT: Carrot Cake.FCS WEEKLY CALENDAR OF EVENTS **Wed. school.SENIOR NIGHT -Saturday School.10:45am . school. at the Carrabelle Christian Center at 6:00pm.

in abandoned buildings. Room on “Franklin County Florida Emergency Notification System” emblem & complete required information. at the Franklin County School District Office in Eastpoint. vehicle. road closings). Go to www. age. handicap. 670-2810 or cell number 323-0982. then he/she is eligible to receive services provided under the McKinney-Vento Act. contact Linda Bradley during class times or Maxine Creamer @ 670-4481. To register for the test. If. color. & adequate nighttime residence are considered homeless. Linda Bradley during class hours in the 1100 Building.franklinsheriff. sex. or marital status. regular. The Franklin County Adult Education Courses do not discriminate based on race. You will be notified of any emergency situations in Franklin County (for example. motel. For additional information contact Sandi Hengle. 2012 at the Franklin County School library at or doubled-up with relatives or friends. Register with Ms. Homeless Liaison. & the Local Education Agency “Letter to the Parents” can all be viewed and/or printed from the school district website: www. on the street. due to a loss of housing. **PARENTS: The Franklin County School 2011-12 Code of Conduct. a child must live in a shelter.School Leadership Meetings: 2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month @ 2:30pm RTI Meetings: Every Tuesday by Appointment FCS STAFF BIRTHDAYS 4/9-4/15 Mary Jo Housholder (4/11) Jeanette Taylor (4/11) Willie Mary Joseph-cafeteria (4/13) Miscellaneous GED CLASSES The Franklin County Adult Education Courses are offering GED classes on Mondays & Tuesdays from 4:00-8:00pm at the Franklin County . campground. . religion. National origin. The next GED Test will be given April 23 & 24. Student Progression Plan. emergency school closings. on the top right of home page.htm **PARENTS – register to receive automated emergency calls from the Franklin County Sheriff Dept. **The Federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act states that children & youth who lack a fixed.