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Winter/Spring 2012

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Winter 2012

Welcome to the Chicago Center for Green Technology (CCGT) Winter/Spring 2012 program catalog. What is CCGT? We are the Midwests leading green educational resource, helping individuals and institutions create sustainable homes, workplaces and communities. CCGT aims to inspire and inform people from every background and profession on how to make sustainable lifestyle choices. Inside this catalog, you will find a variety of opportunities designed to help you make these changes. CCGT offers seminars through our Green Tech U program on topics ranging from home composting systems and bee keeping to solarenergy projects and energy audits. The center also hosts free facility tours, and is open to the public six days a week. Inside our building you will see green technology first hand including recycled flooring, energy efficient lighting and environmentally-friendly paints. Our Resource Center boasts a large collection where visitors can research their own green projects and materials. Take a walk around outside and view the restored native landscape, solar panels and rain harvesting system that were installed onsite to create a truly green building. This season we have some unique offerings. CCGT will present a new series focusing on do-it-yourself projects with the Build Smart A Green DIY Series. These workshops and demonstrations presented by our partners at the ReBuilding Exchange, Neighborhood Housing Services, and Green Depot Chicago will show you how to use your hands to craft or repair items in any building. We will also feature a display in partnership with the Chicago Architecture Foundation reflecting their How Much Does It Cost? exhibit opening later this winter. There are other opportunities to learn about greening our city in the Sustainable Impact Chicago section of the catalog highlights several. As with any new year, there are always opportunities, goals, aspirations, and often changes. On January 2, 2012, CCGT moved from the Chicago Department of Environment to its new home with the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT). We are excited about the opportunity to work with CDOT on their green initiatives, while further expanding our programming to reach as many residents of Chicago as possible. Part of that expansion involves distributing this catalog through the Chicago Reader, in addition to local libraries and aldermanic offices. CCGT has a new website as well, where people can register for seminars, book tours, and download fact sheets. Whatever your green interests, we encourage you to drop by and tour our facility, enjoy a seminar, or get some ideas for your project in our Resource Center. CCGT has something for everybody. n

Winter 2012




The Chicago Center for Green Technology (CCGT) is the first rehabilitated municipal building in the nation to receive the LEED Platinum rating from the U.S. Green Building Council. Mayor Richard M. Daley dedicated the building in 2002 and it has gone on to become a national model for sustainable design and technology. The Center serves as the most comprehensive green design educational resource in the Midwest. We promote and advance sustainable homes, workplaces and communities to enhance the quality of urban life. We work to facilitate this through educational programming as well as training, research, and real-world demonstration.


Staff are available six days a week, Monday through Saturday, to answer questions and provide more information. You may reach us by calling (312) 746-9642, e-mailing or clicking on the Contact Us page on our new website, Our mailing address is: Chicago Center for Green Technology, 445 N. Sacramento Blvd, Chicago, IL 60612.

If you have an interest in green buildings, design or education, and enjoy working with the public, consider becoming a volunteer at the Chicago Center for Green Technology. Volunteers at CCGT have a great opportunity to learn about the latest advances in green buildings, technology, and sustainable products and practices. They network with local green professionals, give guided tours of our LEED Platinum building to students and professional groups, and assist visitors in the Resource Center researching local green issues and products. Volunteer opportunities require a minimum commitment of a few hours per week for three months. To obtain an application please visit our website or contact us.

Guided tours are available for groups of ten or more. Tours are offered Monday through Saturday at 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM. A minimum of two weeks advanced registration is required. Please visit our website to book your tour. Smaller groups are encouraged to take a self-guided tour during regular business hours. Self-guided tour brochures are available at the front desk.


Winter 2012

The Green Building Resource Center at CCGT is an invaluable tool for those interested in learning about sustainability, green technology, and green buildings. We are open to the public six days a week and accessible to everyone from Chicago residents to green building experts. Our resources include: Sample library of eco-friendly building and design materials Knowledgeable staff Reference books & web resources U.S. Green Building Council - LEED reference materials

The Centers Green Tech U program has been developed in response to the increasing demand for educational resources in green technology in Chicago. This seminar series provides an opportunity to increase knowledge of sustainability, green building and public policy while meeting like-minded people and expanding professional networks.

Advance registration is required for all Green Tech U seminars. Unless otherwise noted, you may register on our website. Please note: some seminars require that you register with one of our programming partner.

Most Green Tech U seminars are free to the public.

Winter 2012



CCGT offers certificates of acknowledgement to Green Tech U participants who demonstrate a commitment to ongoing learning and development in this field. Certificates can be earned in the following subject areas: Architecture Building and Construction Management Engineering Green Business Green Home and Garden Interior Design


To obtain a certificate, participants must first fill out a Program Enrollment form indicating which certificates they intend to pursue, and then submit the completed form to CCGT staff. Participants must then attend six eligible seminars within a 12-month period. One of the six seminars must be the foundation course, Ecology of Design Part I: Concept. Please sign-in before each seminar on the appropriate Sign-In sheet, and specify whether you are pursuing a certificate. Participants who fail to sign-in will not have that seminar counted towards their certificate. Some seminars may count towards more than one certificate. Once the six seminars have been completed, participants must fill out the Certificate Application form, and submit the completed form to CCGT staff. A certificate and letter will be mailed to the applicant approximately one month later. Certificates may be earned in more than one subject area simultaneously. To obtain any of these forms please visit our website or contact us directly. Forms are electronic and may be completed digitally and e-mailed.


The Center understands and recognizes the need for professionals to obtain continuing education credits or units. We are a registered American Institute of Architects (AIA)-Continuing Education System (CES) provider. Many of our seminars are approved for Learning Units (LU) through AIA-CES. In order to obtain the LU, attendees must provide their AIA member number on the signin sheet at each Green Tech U seminar. AIA approved classes are marked by their logo. We can provide a general Certificate of Attendance to people seeking proof of their attendance for submission to other professional associations or employers. All certificates of attendance must be signed by CCGT staff on the day of the seminar in order to be valid.


Winter 2012

Seminars are listed in chronological order. Logos appearing next to a seminar indicate a programming partnership. Certificates tracks are color-coded below and can be cross referenced to colored dots appearing after each seminar indicating the applicable certificate track. The Semester-at-a-Glance calendar on pages 15 and 16 provides a detailed breakdown of all the seminars.

Advance registration is required for all Green Tech U seminars. You may register on our website. All seminars are free, open to the public, and located at CCGT unless otherwise indicated. Please note the date, location, and registration fee (if any) for each seminar.

Landscape Design Series: Part I

DATE: 1/14/2012 from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM SPEAKER: Lurie Garden Staff and Roy Diblik LOCATION: Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington St.
Plan your outdoor space during the winter months. Lurie Garden staff and renowned perennial plantsman Roy Diblik will speak about planning tools for creating a successful garden. During this two-part workshop, students will explore the basic principles of landscape design and plant selection while applying them to their personal residence. Pre-registration through Lurie Garden is required. Call 312-742-TIXS (8497).

Spray Foam Insulation and Roofing for the Homeowner

DATE: 1/17/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Nick Frey, Biofoam, Inc.
This seminar presents basic information about spray foam insulation: what it is; how it works; and where to apply it in your home. Attendees will learn the difference between manufacturer and installer, the importance of the building envelope (shell), what questions to ask a service provider, and how to wade through marketing claims to get the most for your money.

Winter 2012



Architecture Building & Construction Management Engineering Green Business Green Home & Garden Series Interior Design

Structural Insulated Panels: Understanding their Use and Application

DATE: 1/19/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Alan Feinerman,Thermal Conservation Technologies, and David Thomas, Energy Panel Structures
Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) are quickly becoming a key component of energy efficient green buildings. Properly using SIPs, however, requires an understanding of how they are designed, the materials used in their construction, and installation/integration into the building envelope. Join our guest experts as they explore different SIP technologies, and how they can make a dramatic difference in heating and cooling bills. AIA/CES: 2LU


Living Building Challenge

DATE: 1/21/2012 from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM SPEAKER: Anna Huttel, dbHMS

Have you heard of the Living Building Challenge? Find out what the challenge is all about, from inspirations to the nuts and bolts of a restorative design. The challenge takes an entirely new approach to analyzing design and construction compared to the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating system. Through an overview of each design category, photos and a question and answer session, youll gain an understanding of the challenge, how you can get involved, as well as where to go for additional resources. AIA/CES: 2LU

Energy Programs for Illinois Consumers & Money Saving Tips on Energy Bills
DATE: 1/24/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Anna Warnock, Citizens Utility Board
Join experts from the Citizens Utility Board (CUB), the countrys premiere utility watchdog group, for a discussion of everything consumers should know about their energy bills. You will find out about the latest energy programs and incentives in Illinois, hear about rebates and loans that can make you become more energy-efficient, learn how to calculate your own homes carbon footprint and ways to reduce your energy bills costs.


Winter 2012

Green Roofing for the Homeowner and DIY-er

DATE: 1/25/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Molly Meyer, Rooftop Green Works LOCATION: Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, 2430 N. Cannon Dr.
Green roofing is an excellent way to bring nature into our urban environment. Well discuss the step-by-step considerations for projects, including structural analysis, leak detection and plant selection. You can also bring your own project ideas for the coming spring, and have the opportunity during Q&A to get expert advice on planning, carrying out and maintaining your own projects. Led by Molly Meyer, M.Sc., Green Roof Professional, LEED Green Associate, and owner of Rooftop Green Works. To register e-mail or call 773-755-5100, Ext. 5028.

Geothermal Heat Pumps for Heating and Cooling Any Building

DATE: 1/26/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Huajun Yuan, University of Illinois at Chicago
Geothermal heating and cooling is a well established technology which, although not widely used, can cut energy costs by 50% or more. If there are additional capital costs, they can be recovered in as little as 5-6 years, while the expected life of these systems is at least 35 years. Efficiency, and payback, can be increased even further using water and phase change materials. This seminar will discuss the application of this technology to both existing and retrofitted buildings. AIA/CES: 2LU

Lincoln Elementary Schools Environmental Center: Construction and Features

DATE: 1/28/2012 from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM SPEAKER: Odile Compagnon, Odile Compagnon Architect
This seminar will tell the story of the planning, design, funding and construction, between 2005 and 2011, of an environmental addition to a historic Chicago Public School building. From the first grant application to the planting of a green roof by the school children, we will describe the process through which the academic curriculum and the building construction were conducted in parallel, involving the participation of the community, teachers, staff, school children and the collaboration of several organizations. The presentation will include a detailed discussion of the architectural features that turned this addition into a learning lab. AIA/CES: 2LU

Ecology of Design Part I: Concept

DATE: 1/28/2012 from 1:00-3:00 PM SPEAKER: Michael Iversen, University of Illinois at Chicago
Part I of a two-part series, is based on the conceptualization of urbanized areas as complex dynamical ecosystems, which are being stressed from the convergence of urbanization, fossil-fuel energy depletion, and climate change. Using an ecosystem-based approach, design is re-interpreted as the intentional shaping of energy, material, information and monetary flows that act as inputs and outputs of an urbanized ecosystem. The inventory and analysis of these system flows may then serve as the basis for informed design decisions and policymaking. This seminar is required for people seeking a Green Tech U certificate. AIA/CES: 2LU

Winter 2012



Natural Pest Control for Homeowners

DATE: 1/31/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Rick Moskovitz, A-Plus Pest Control and Steve Pincuspy, WRD Environmental
Insects and rodents have plagued humanity since the dawn of time. Learn how to beat pests at their own game. This class will show you everything you need to know to control pests safely and effectively in the home. Learn how to spot potential problems, properly pest proof your home, and what tools are available to control infestations - from simple traps to least-toxic natural products.


Waste Watchers: Recycling Bootcamp

DATE: 2/2/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Catherine Game, Consultant to the City of Chicago
Become a Chicago recycling expert. In this Recycling Bootcamp, discover what materials make up Chicagos waste stream, learn about recycling services available to residents, and explore how you can help promote recycling in your community. Seminar includes an overview and trivia of the Chicago Recycling Guide: A-Z as well as additional recycling resources.

Keeping Honeybees: How to Get Started this Spring

DATE: 2/4/2012 from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM SPEAKER: John Christman, Christman Apiary
This seminar will cover the basic requirements of starting a beehive including: 1.) ordering and assembling a beehive; 2.) what tools and protective gear are required; 3.) where and how to order honeybees for an installation in May 2012. Join CCGTs head beekeeper for this lively how-to demonstration.

Ecology of Design Part II: Method and Application

DATE: 2/4/2012 from 1:00-3:00 PM SPEAKER: Michael Iversen, University of Illinois at Chicago
Part II of a two-part series, presents a methodology, Urbanized Ecosystems (UrbEcoSys), which models specific urbanized areas as complex, dynamical ecosystems, based on scoping, inventorying, and assessing its critical variables and relationships as represented by the flux and cyclic processes of energy, materials, costs, and information. Such an approach is scalable and transferable to neighborhoods, communities and regional applications. A proof-of-concept application will be featured as a case study. This class is recommended for people seeking a Green Tech U Certificate. AIA/CES: 2LU


Winter 2012

Chicago Green Permit Program

DATE: 2/7/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Sophie Martinez, Chicago Department of Buildings
Learn the basics of the Department of Buildings Green Permit Program. The Green Permit Program provides incentives to homeowners and developers that integrate green technologies and environmentally responsible designs in their buildings. Learn how to participate, criteria for qualification, and what incentives are available through the Green Permit Program. The lecture will conclude with information on how to obtain permits for Green Elements (i.e. Geothermal Systems, Green Roofs, Photovoltaic Panels, Rainwater Harvesting Systems, Solar Thermal Panels and Wind Turbines). AIA/CES: 2LU

The Breathing Passive House

DATE: 2/9/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Martin Klaeschen, HouseHaus

Case study design of a fully insulated Chicago standard lot building that explores the different aspects of holistic sustainable thinking including: passive solar system, heat-loss reduction, ground source heat pump, thermal mass, and heating and cooling. AIA/CES: 2LU

Landscape Design Series: Part II

DATE: 2/11/2012 from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM SPEAKER: Lurie Garden Staff and Roy Diblik LOCATION: Chicago Cultural Center, 78. W. Washington
Plan your outdoor space during the winter months. Lurie Garden staff and renowned perennial plantsman Roy Diblik will speak about planning tools for creating a successful garden. During this two-part workshop, students will explore the basic principles of landscape design and plant selection while applying them to their personal residence. Pre-registration through Lurie Garden is required. Call 312-742-TIXS (8497).

Industrial Ecology and Emerging Issues in Business Sustainability

DATE: 2/11/2012 from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM SPEAKER: Weslynne Ashton, Illinois Institute of Technology
In this seminar, we will explore some of the critical emerging issues that businesses of various sizes are facing with regards to sustainability. We will also examine concepts such as industrial ecology, life cycle assessment, product stewardship and design for sustainability. Understanding the implications of these issues can have a profound affect on organizations and individuals looking for new career opportunities.

Winter 2012



Green Building, Smart Business

DATE: 2/11/2012 from 1:00-3:00 PM SPEAKER: Lisa Elkins, 2 Point Perspective

With tens of thousands of businesses operating in Chicago, keeping Chicagoans informed about their green building options is critical. Join LEED accredited architect Lisa Elkins of 2 Point Perspective as she uses a variety of entertaining case studies to showcase how businesses have used different approaches to make green architecture a powerful asset for their company. The lecture will cover a variety of options for greening existing spaces and buildings as well as new spaces and buildings! The basics of LEED for New Construction and LEED for Existing Buildings will be covered in the process. AIA/CES: 2LU


Solar Water Heating - Designing a High Performance System

DATE: 2/14/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Alex Kelley, VELUX America
Once you have decided that a solar water heating system is for you, what are the next steps to getting one installed? This is where designing a highperformance system comes into play! Attendees will leave this presentation with a greater understanding of the considerations that go into designing and specifying a solar water heating system for their residential or commercial building.

Indoor Gardening Workshop: Plants without Dirt

DATE: 2/16/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Seth Harper, Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum LOCATION: Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, 2430 N. Cannon Dr. FEE: $20/member, $25/non-member. All materials included.
Think outside the pot! Explore the fascinating world of epiphytic plants orchids, bromeliads, and many others that grow without soil. Learn how to grow your own epiphytes, and mount a plant to take home with you! To register visit or call 773-755-5100, Ext. 5028.

The Costs and Benefits of Improving My Energy Efficiency and Reducing My Carbon Footprint
DATE: 2/18/2012 from 1:00-3:00 PM SPEAKER: Dr. Jon Rienstra-Kiracofe, North Park University
This seminar examines a residential example of a two-fold approach to saving energy through energy efficiency technologies (HVAC and Hybrid Car) and use of solar energy (thermal and photovoltaic). A carbon footprint analysis, pollution reduction analysis, and cost benefit analysis of each technology is presented and the overall results are evaluated and discussed.


Winter 2012

Coloring the Workforce Green: Sustainability in the Workforce Development System

DATE: 2/21/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Annie Byrne, Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning; Jennifer Keeling, Chicago Jobs Council; Andre Kellum, Centers for New Horizons; and Tom McKone, Civic Consulting Alliance
For the past few years, on a national level, there has been quite a bit of attention given to capitalizing on environmental sustainability as a means to advance the U.S. workforce and social systems. Regional initiatives that have embraced this notion include the Chicago Climate Action Plan (CCAP), the State Energy Sector Partnership, and Energy Impact Illinois. This seminar is an overview of how these local initiatives were developed, the impact that they have had, thus far, on the regional workforce system, and where theyre headed in the near future. AIA/CES: 2LU

Sustainable Landscape Concepts from a Public Garden

DATE: 2/23/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Kurt Dreisilker, The Morton Arboretum
Many ponds in northern Illinois suffer from similar problems: extreme fluctuations in water level, eroding shorelines, poor water quality, and algal blooms. The Morton Arboretums Meadow Lake was rehabilitated in 2004 to stabilize these problems. Learn which concepts and plants are working for the lake and which ones are not after eight years. Learn which engineering designs work well, plant selection dos and donts, and how much maintenance meets the objectives of a public garden.

Renewable Energy Options for Homeowners

DATE: 2/25/2012 from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM SPEAKER: Timothy Heppner, Consultant, Chicago Green Homes Program
Selecting a renewable energy option for your home can seem like an expensive, confusing and time consuming task. Join Tim Heppner as he simplifies the process and breaks down each option to show you the practical side of putting renewable energy to work in your home. Whether you are considering geothermal, wind, solar or biomass, this session will explain how to make the most realistic and cost-effective choice for you. AIA/CES: 2LU

Winter 2012



Sustainable Landscape Resources for Community Associations

DATE: 2/25/2012 from 1:00-3:00 PM SPEAKER: Beth Corrigan, The Morton Arboretum
Homeowners Associations (HOAs) manage large areas of common property, accounting for 21% of residential land in northeastern Illinois. HOAs make substantial investments in landscaping and green infrastructure - from management of trees and shrubs to turf and pond maintenance - which contribute to the health of our environment and residents. This seminar will highlight resources available to homeowners, association members, and property managers that can help them manage landscapes sustainably, while also realizing cost savings.


Finding Green Careers

DATE: 2/28/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Jason La Fleur, Alliance for Environmental Sustainability
Learn about jobs and careers in the new green economy. The goal is to discuss the future of sustainability, show you some of the many related career options and help you identify your role in this exciting field. The session then presents an overview of the top projected careers in the green economy and appropriate designations people can pursue on a career path. AIA/CES: 2LU

Rainwater Harvesting and Condensate Recovery: New Tools for Sustainable Site Development
DATE: 3/1/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Tom Barrett, Green Water Infrastructure, Inc.
Capturing and using rainwater is enjoying revival as an alternate source of water enhancing the landscape. Up to 90% of the rain which falls onto a site can be captured, stored, and used to create a sustainable community. Additionally, the water condensing from air conditioning units during the summer months in hot humid areas can produce hundreds of gallons of water each day. It is possible to combine rainwater harvesting and condensate recovery to irrigate the landscape. This use of locally produced, non-potable water helps develop a natural approach to efficient use of water and relieve stormwater management issues. AIA/CEU: 2 LU


Winter 2012

Water Harvesting 102: Beyond the Basics

DATE: 3/3/2012 from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM SPEAKER: John R. Bauer, Wahaso -Water Harvesting Solutions, Inc.
Rainwater or greywater harvesting - which approach is best? How much storage is needed, and what are the best options? Learn about water filtration and sanitation requirements, as well as re-pressurizing requirements for harvesting including determining required gallons per minute and pounds per sqaure inch.

DATE: 3/3/2012 from 1:00-3:00 PM SPEAKER: Joe Muchow, E. L. Foust Co.; Paula OConnell, Environmentally Sustainable Designs; and Bronson Shavitz, Shavitz Heating & Air Conditioning
Even with adequate fresh air your home still contains pollutants that can affect the entire family. Everything from furniture, paints, and flooring to ovens, water heaters, and ventless gas fireplaces can add harmful pollutants. Learn how to eliminate unwanted pollutants from the home with our expert panel. Prevention tips will be offered that cover a wide range of consumer products, and the latest in filtration technologies will also be discussed.

Introduction to ENERGY STAR Homes

DATE: 3/6/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Corbett Lunsford, Green Dream Group
Last year, one out of four homes built was labeled ENERGY STAR. If youre not building high performance, youre getting left behind! Get the right answers to your questions about this mainstream high performance building BEFORE the hard questions get asked by your clients or your neighbors. Learn what it will take to make your next project an ENERGY STAR Home: 1.) Understand the major components of the ENERGY STAR Home Certification; 2.) Gain from the benefits of the rating, inspection, and testing process; 3.) Forestall any mistakes in future projects, and get credit for what youre already doing; and 4.) Learn to market this certification. AIA/CES: 2LU

Chicago Stormwater Ordinance Update 2012

DATE: 3/8/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Andrew Billing, Mackie Consultants
The City of Chicagos lead stormwater reviewer will discuss the evolving approach to stormwater design since the citys Stormwater Ordinance went into effect in 2008. The last four years of progress will be examined in the context of Chicagos historical stormwater solutions including the Chicago River reversal, construction of sewer interceptors and treatment plants, and the Deep Tunnel project. We will also discuss the citys new green approach to stormwater - permeable surfaces, green roofs and bioinflitration.

Winter 2012



Indoor Air Quality in the Home: Prevention and Filtration

Green Home & Garden

Building & Construction Management

Green Business


Spray Foam Insulation and

1/14/2012 Landscape Design Series I 1/17/2012 Roofing for the Homeowner 1/19/2012 Structural Insulated Panels 1/21/2012 Living Building Challenge 1/24/2012 & Money Saving Tips on Energy Bills 1/25/2012 Homeowner and DIY-er 1/26/2012 Heating and Cooling Any Building 1/28/2012 Environmental Center
Lincoln Elementary Schools Geothermal Heat Pumps for Green Roofing for the Energy Programs for IL Consumers

1/28/2012 Ecology of Design Part I 1/31/2012 Natural Pest Control for Homeowners 2/2/2012 2/4/2012 2/4/2012 2/7/2012 2/9/2012
Waste Watchers: Recycling Bootcamp Keeping Honeybees: How to Get Started this Spring

Ecology of Design Part II

Chicago Green Permit Program

The Breathing Passive House

2/11/2012 Landscape Design Series II 2/11/2012 Issues in Business Sustainability

Industrial Ecology and Emerging

2/11/2012 Green Building, Smart Business 2/14/2012 Solar Water Heating - Designing a High Performance System 2/16/2012 Indoor Gardening Workshop
Benefits of 2/18/2012 The Costs and Energy Efficiency Improving My

2/21/2012 Coloring the Workforce Green 2/23/2012 Sustainable Landscape Concepts from a Public Garden 2/25/2012 Renewable Energy Options for Homeowners 2/25/2012 Sustainable Landscape Resources for Community Associations 2/28/2012 Finding Green Careers 3/1/2012 3/3/2012
Rainwater Harvesting and Condensate Recovery

Water Harvesting 102



Winter 2012

Interior Design




Green Home & Garden

Building & Construction Management

Green Business

3/3/2012 3/6/2012 3/8/2012

Indoor Air Quality in the Home

Introduction to ENERGY STAR Homes Chicago Stormwater Ordinance Update - 2012

3/10/2012 Getting Grounded in Soils 3/10/2012 Energy Efficiency Retrofit Results 3/13/2012 Designing Your Urban Rain Garden 3/15/2012 Biodiesel Production and Use in Chicago 3/17/2012 Safe and Effective City Biking 3/17/2012 Working with a Green Architect 3/20/2012 Beyond Energy Efficiency 3/22/2012 Essentials of Green Building Part II 3/24/2012 Solving for Pattern 3/27/2012 Sustainable Backyard Workshop 3/29/2012 Deep Energy Retrofits 3/31/2012 Leveraging Financial Incentives for
Green Home Building & Financing

3/31/2012 High Design/Low Carbon 4/3/2012 4/5/2012 4/7/2012

LEED for Existing Buildings Certification

Indoor Composting Life After Grass

4/10/2012 Building Deconstruction 4/12/2012 Biomimicry 4/14/2012 Low & Zero Energy Homes 4/19/2012 Carbon Neutral Construction Hemp House Case Study

4/21/2012 Creating and Sustaining an

Environmental Action Plan

4/21/2012 Green Solutions to Textile Choices 4/24/2012 Planting for the Birds 4/26/2012 Wooden Cities 4/28/2012 Greening a Renters Lifestyle

Winter 2012





Interior Design



Getting Grounded in Soils

DATE: 3/10/2012 from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM SPEAKER: Susan Kauffman, Soil Consultant
Old-hand gardeners and newbies alike will gain a better understanding of the inner workings of the soil that sustains our flowers and vegetables as we discuss soil characteristics, nutrients, and the all-important organic material. Well also touch on garden bed preparation techniques and various composting methods. As time permits, we will stage some demonstrations, so come prepared to get your hands dirty.


Energy Efficiency Retrofit Results: Chicago Area Case Studies

DATE: 3/10/2012 from 1:00-3:00 PM SPEAKER: Cheryl Pomeroy, e-Zing
One of the biggest contributors to green house gases and the depletion of fossil fuels is inefficient buildings. With the construction industry in the most severe downturn since 1929, there is little opportunity to improve the energy performance of existing building stock without serious investments in energy efficiency measures. This seminar will discuss the various aspects of energy retrofits, including air sealing, insulation and mechanical upgrades. Before and after results collected from actual homes that have undergone retrofits will be used to illustrate the true costs of each technique and its total benefit in terms of energy reductions and savings. AIA/CES: 2LU

Designing Your Urban Rain Garden: The Ins and Outs of Stormwater Management

DATE: 3/13/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Alexia Paul, Semiramis Studio and Nicole DelSasso, CNT Energy
Want to build a rain garden, but dont know where to start? We will introduce the new CNT Rain Garden Educational Facility and discuss the design process, comparing the various concept plans and providing an explanation of how the final design was developed. We will also talk about the benefits and constraints of green infrastructure and what problems we can solve with stormwater treatment. Case studies monitored and installed by CNT will also be referenced to help participants develop the ideally sized rain garden for their property.

Biodiesel Production and Use in Chicago

DATE: 3/15/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Pete Probst, Indigenous Energy
This seminar will include a brief overview of biodiesel and describe Indigenous Energys management program with the Chicago Park Districts Biodiesel Plant. This recently constructed facility is producing fuel for the CPD fleet utilizing used vegetable oil from local Chicago restaurants as a feedstock.


Winter 2012

Safe and Effective City Biking

DATE: 3/17/2012 from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM SPEAKER: Jason Jenkins, Active Transportation Alliance
Learn how to get the most out of a bike in the city with tips from experts at the Active Transportation Alliance. Class will include advice on how to make your bike road ready; plan a route; prevent bike theft; use Metra and CTA; rig your bike to carry your things; prevent crashes; properly wear a helmet; dress for the weather; and much more.

DATE: 3/17/2012 from 1:00-3:00 PM SPEAKER: Craig Cernek, The Archi/Build Group and guests (TBD)
Presented by three licensed AIA Architects that own their own residential housing-focused firms, this seminar will focus on how to prepare for a project on your home, the special considerations that doing a green project creates in the process, how to select the right architect and other team members, and how to optimize the project for minimum problems and the maximum value. Attendees will have an opportunity to participate in a short one-on-one consultation with an architect immediately following the seminar. Brought to you by AIA-Chicago. AIA/CES: 2LU

Beyond Energy Efficiency: Interior Design Strategies to Improve Your Homes Sustainability
DATE: 3/20/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Emily Berlinghof, EcoHome Chicago
Its important to look beyond light bulbs and HVAC systems when creating a green home. The materials selected, fixtures chosen, finishes specified and furniture purchased impact your homes health and sustainability also. Come learn strategies from ASID Re-Green Certified professional Emily Berlinghof on what to look for when designing your homes interior. We will examine how different products and designs can impact water conservation, indoor air quality, resources and, of course, the energy efficiency of your home.

Essentials of Green Building Part II Understanding the Triple Bottom Line: Social, Economic and Environmental
DATE: 3/22/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Richard Mazzuca and Gary Keclik, Sustainable Environments by Design

Sustainable Design operates within and is supported by global social and economic systems. However several of these systems have been predicated on perpetual growth. Therefore the conventional ideas of human progress may be seen as conflicting with long-term sustainability. Our discussion will focus on pro-active change covering: 1. Methods and resources (social, political, and economic) that can impel a whole system approach (rather than mere analysis of the parts); 2. Social and economic dynamics of sustainability that affirm the mechanics of green building; and 3. Behaviors that need to be addressed in order to generate sustainability.

Winter 2012



Working with a Green Architect

Solving for Pattern: Sustainable Approaches to Urban Garden Design

DATE: 3/24/2012 from 1:00-3:00 PM SPEAKER: Brian Shea, Voltaires Gardener
Beautiful and sustainable gardens begin with good design. Understanding space, proportions, plant materials, and location requires care and respect for each element of the garden, as well as an appreciation for the entire system and its conditions. This seminar will examine case studies of urban garden design, including some that follow the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES) guidelines for design, construction and maintenance.


Sustainable Backyard Workshop

DATE: 3/27/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Sarah Abu-Absi, WRD Environmental

Learn how to make your back, front or side yard more environmentally sustainable! This workshop will cover the basics of installing a rain barrel, setting up a compost bin, planting a tree and more. Spring is a great time to plant a native garden and trees in your yard! You will also learn about the Citys rebate program and how Chicago residents can receive up to 50% off of their next tree, native plant, rain barrel or compost bin purchase.

Deep Energy Retrofits: How Deep is Deep Enough?

DATE: 3/29/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Tom Bassett-Dilley, Tom Bassett-Dilley Architect
This presentation examines three case studies of residential energy retrofits and additions: a 1920s Tudor brick veneer house in a historic district; a 1910 frame house; and a Passive House retrofit. Information presented will include energy rater data, insulation and HVAC strategies, construction details, and lessons learned. AIA/CES: 2LU

Leveraging Financial Incentives for Green Home Building & Financing

DATE: 3/31/2012 from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM SPEAKER: Dan Rappel, Koo and Associates; Bill Seeger, Ecohabitat; and Chris McAuliffe, CM Real Estate Development LLC LOCATION: Chicago Architecture Foundation, 224 S. Michigan Ave FEE: $5 CAF members/$10 non-members
This program will focus on the many available ways to defray the cost of building or remodeling a green residence. We will present available tax credits, tax deductions and utility rebates available for green residences. In addition, we will review pending legislation both at the State and Federal level that creates green building incentives. There will be a special focus and case-study on building green affordable housing. Residential design, development and building professionals are the primary audience for this program. Homeowners may also be interested in available incentives. AIA/CES: 2LU To register visit


Winter 2012

High Design/Low Carbon Design Strategies for the Built Environment

DATE: 3/31/2012 from 1:00-3:00 PM SPEAKER: Nathan Kipnis, Kipnis Architecture + Planning
With the importance of environmental and climate awareness becoming more apparent everyday, understanding how buildings and communities can be designed to achieve carbon reductions is key to successful sustainable living. This seminar will show how to reduce the built environments carbon footprint by taking advantage of what a site has to offer bio-climatically, employing eco-friendly architectural styles, and creating communities that foster a sustainable future. AIA/CES: 2LU

LEED for Existing Buildings Certification CCGT Update

DATE: 4/3/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Panel featuring Bryan Glosik, WRD Environmental; Doug Widener, U.S. Green Building Council - Illinois Chapter; and others TBD.
The Chicago Center for Green Technology is working on its LEED for Existing Buildings (EBOM) certification through the U.S. Green Building Council, with the goal of achieving another Platinum rating. Even one of the greenest buildings in the city has had its fair share of unexpected surprises. Meet with members of the project team as they discuss the goals, challenges and lessons learned from the EBOM certification process at CCGT, and how these experiences can help you plan your own successful project.

Indoor Composting

DATE: 4/5/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Amber Gribben, Urban Worm Girl
Did you know that composting can be clean, odorless and done indoors? Join the Urban Worm Girls for a discussion of various methods of indoor composting such as vermiculture (worms) and fermentation (also called Bokashi). Learn what benefits there are for you, your plants, and the environment as a whole. In addition, you will learn some fun facts about the red wiggler composting worms, and even get to meet them face to face.

Winter 2012



Life After Grass - Replacing your Lawn with Synthetic Turf

DATE: 4/7/2012 from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM SPEAKER: Matt Scavo, Perfect Turf
Lawns are one of the most time consuming, resource intensive aspects of your yard, especially in Chicago where grass often struggles to grow. Synthetic turf is an attractive alternative with several environmental benefits: they require no water, no pesticides, no fertilizer and no mowing. Learn how synthetic turf can enhance your outdoor living space. This seminar will cover both rooftop and in-ground installations.


Building Deconstruction: So Thats How You Do It!

DATE: 4/10/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Tom Napier, US Army Corps of Engineers; and Anne Nicklin, Building Materials Reuse Association
This seminar will describe the practice of deconstructing buildings, with an emphasis on the how-tos of deconstruction from a hands-on perspective. Project planning, methods, techniques, and a sequence of operations will be presented along with case studies of actual deconstruction projects. Safety, logistics and other issues will also be discussed, as will the availability of resources in the Chicago area to support deconstruction and materials reuse. Contractors, developers, and property owners will get practical tips for their own projects, whether that is a gut rehab, kitchen remodel, or new construction. AIA/CES: 2LU

Biomimicry: Naturally Inspired Design Innovation

DATE: 4/12/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Amy Coffman Phillips, Liquid Triangle Sustainability; and Lindsay James, InterfaceFLOR
Biomimicry, the practice of learning from nature to solve human problems, is emerging as a powerful tool for creating sustainable design and systemic transformation. Applied at a variety of scales, from individual products to buildings and organizations, biomimicry bring natures 3.8 billion years of innovation experience to the table. Our discussion will examine this quickly evolving practice, review what it is, how it is being applied and its powerful potential for the future. AIA/CES: 2LU


Winter 2012

Low & Zero Energy Homes

DATE: 4/14/2012 from 1:00-3:00 PM SPEAKER: Chris Turley, Turley Architects

This presentation and collaborative workshop explains in laymans terms the principals of Zero/Low Energy homes using real world examples. Participants will leave with a fundamental understanding of how these homes work, how to develop their own strategy for this region, and the process for finding the right team players to achieve a wonderful home that both amplifies their lives AND uses little or no energy. AIA/CES: 2LU

Carbon Neutral Construction - Hemp House Case Study

DATE: 4/19/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Sylvia Juzwa, Remake Architecture
Beyond LEED and PassiveHaus, both of which only focus on the building, this regenerative approach to design considers ways that buildings can positively contribute to environmental factors. Elements integrated into the design include: optimal solar design, low CO2 footprint materials, ventilation, energy conservation, permaculture, water harvesting and reuse. AIA/CES: 2LU

Creating and Sustaining an Environmental Action Plan: Experience from the Chicago Climate Action Plan
DATE: 4/21/2012 from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM SPEAKER: Belinda Li, Citta Partnership
Ever wanted to create a plan that would engage stakeholders, be they local community members or employees at work, and motivate them to take action to create a more sustainable community or workplace? The presenter of this seminar co-led the program management office of the Chicago Climate Action Plan (CCAP) for the citys Department of Environment, leading its efforts in performance management, continuous improvement and stakeholder engagement. Join Belinda Li as she shares her experience in setting up and sustaining, environmental action.

Winter 2012



Green Solutions to Textile Choices

DATE: 4/21/2012 from 1:00-3:00 PM SPEAKER: Madhoolica Dear, Chicago Green Homes Program
Our clothing, furniture upholstery, drapes, carpeting, vehicle interiors and so many other everyday items are covered in fabric and textiles. Unfortunately, the textile manufacturing process is extremely resource demanding, using up to 3,000 liters of water to make one shirt! In addition, there are many toxic materials and processes involved in fabric and textile production, leaving you and your family at risk to over-exposure. Join Madhoolica Dear for an expose of the industry and greener textile choices, making you a more informed consumer.


Planting for the Birds

DATE: 4/24/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Bram Barth and Ernesto Huaracha, WRD Environmental
Located along a primary migration corridor, Chicago plays a key ecological role in the lives of many birds traveling through the region. As a result, great opportunity exists for homeowners to contribute to a natural regional process through the selection and maintenance of vegetation planted within their yards. This seminar will explore the fundamentals of planting design with a particular focus on the promotion of bird habitat. This will include an outline of general design techniques as well as a brief description of which plants may be considered when designing residential spaces.

Wooden Cities

DATE: 4/26/2012 from 6:00-8:00 PM SPEAKER: Roald Gundersen, Whole Trees Architecture & Structures
Wood is becoming the avant garde design material of the 21st Century, becoming a common material for both small and large structures. Round wood has a weight to strength ratio similar to steel, low embodied energy, is renewable, and can be sourced locally. Roald Gunderson will explore new wood design and his pioneering work with round timber structures, sharing why wood will be coming to a building near you in the near future. AIA/CES: 2LU

Greening a Renters Lifestyle

DATE: 4/28/2012 from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM SPEAKER: Laura Murphy, Insolar and Bryan Glosik, Jenny Babcock, and Steve Pincuspy with WRD Environmental
With urban development being one the most impending threats to a sustainable future, it is important that urban dwellers become more conscious about how their lifestyle choices will affect the future of our planet. Taught by current renters themselves, this presentation will give strategies and approaches to reduce a renters ecological footprint without stepping on the landlords legal turf. Subjects covered will include energy consumption, composting and gardening, interior decorating, and water conservation.


Winter 2012


Loop Value: The How Much Does It Cost? Shop Exhibition by the Chicago Architecture Foundation Companion Display at CCGT in February 2012
In a nation obsessed with acquiring the most stuff at the lowest price, how well do we understand the value of the buildings and products we buy? How do our purchases impact the future of our neighborhoods? These are the questions driving Loop Value: The How Much Does It Cost? Shop, an exhibition that looks like a store, opening at the Chicago Architecture Foundation in February 2012 with a satellite installation at CCGT. By calling attention to the consequences of personal choice, this project will inspire people to make decisions that enable a transition to a more sustainable world.

AIA Chicago
AIA Chicago is a chapter of the American Institute of Architects, the leading professional membership association for licensed architects, emerging professionals, and allied partners. Since 1869, AIA Chicago has served as the local voice of the architecture profession and a resource for our members in service to society.

Chicago Architecture Foundation

The Chicago Architecture Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing public interest and education in architecture and design. The Chicago Architecture Foundation presents a comprehensive program of tours, exhibitions, lectures, special events, and adult and youth education activities, all designed to enhance the publics awareness and appreciation of Chicagos outstanding architectural legacy. Find out more at www.

Foresight Design Initiative

Since 2003, Foresight Design Initiative has been consulting individuals and organizations on sustainable development in Chicago, in Illinois, and beyond. Through consulting, business, and education programs, the organization empowers individuals and organizations to become more effective and influential change agents. Foresight views design as a powerful tool for understanding and transforming sustainability challenges.

The Lurie Garden

The Lurie Garden in Millennium Park is an urban oasis emerging from a harmonious blend of symbolism, landscape design and ecological sensitivity. Its design pays homage to Chicagos transformation from flat marshland to innovative green city, or Urbs in Horto (City in a Garden). Visitors find respite and inspiration all year round, from early spring, sun-hungry bulbs to winters graceful snow and ice art forms. The Lurie Garden is also a leader in cutting-edge design, responsible gardening practices and dynamic public programming in an urban environment. Visit us at to learn more.

Winter 2012




Midwest Ecological Landscaping Association

The Midwest Ecological Landscaping Association ( is the first trade association of green industry professionals in the Midwest dedicated to adopting sustainable designs, methods and materials as standard practice. MELA serves members from a wide variety of disciplines and employment sectors covering everything from landscape architects and government employees to contractors, growers, manufacturers and distributors. These people look to MELA to provide them with knowledge, opportunities and training about sustainable design, installation and maintenance.



Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum strives to create a positive relationship between people and nature through collaborations, education, research and collections, exhibits and public forums that fosters urban connections to our regions nature and science. Please visit us at for more information.

U.S. Green Building Council Illinois Chapter

The USGBC-Illinois Chapter leads the regional transformation of the built environment to become ecologically sustainable, profitable and healthy. The Chapter works to achieve this through advocacy, collaboration and education, including LEED Extra Credit seminars, Green Building for Contractors, and a variety of other green building related programs and events throughout the region. The Chapter is located at 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite #946. For information on Chapter programs and events, please visit the website at or call (312) 245- 8300.


Winter 2012

CCGT Presents Featuring: Green Depot, Rebuilding Exchange and Neighborhood Housing Services
Pre-registration is mandatory for these workshops. All registrations taken at unless otherwise noted.

Build Smart A Green DIY Series

Weatherization 101

INSTRUCTOR: Mark Wille, Green Depot DATE: 01/21/12 from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm LOCATION: Green Depot Chicago, 2500 N. Pulaski Rd. FEE: Free
Rid your building of air leaks, reduce noise, cool your summer and heat up your winter. Mark Wille of Green Depot Chicago will be presenting different steps you can take in your home to save energy and increase comfort. Every step taught in this course can be performed by you in your home to achieve professional results. Financial savings and the Return On Investment (ROI) of your project will be discussed. After the presentation and demonstration feel free to discuss your project with Mark to best learn how your project can be planned and executed.

Electricity Demystified

INSTRUCTOR: Mark Kastigar, Rebuilding Exchange DATE: 01/29/12 from 12:00 to 2:00pm LOCATION: Rebuilding Exchange, 2160 N. Ashland Ave FEE: Free
Stumped by which breaker to flip? Wonder how currents flow? Join Mark Kastigar, from Trans-American Electric for a lively discussion about how electricity flows in your home.

INSTRUCTOR: Hans Vanderhill, Rebuilding Exchange DATES: February 4, 11, 18, 25. Other sessions are available. Please check for a full listing. TIME: 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm LOCATION: Rebuilding Exchange, 2160 N. Ashland Ave FEE: $150.00 for the session. Short sessions are $115.00. Class size: 8
Interested in honing your hand tool skills? This is the class for you! The class will cover sharpening and maintaining of the spoke shave, hand plane and chisel, as well as the use and correct application of each of these tools, whether architectural, sculptural, structural, or textural. The final shaping of an object or structural shape using rasps, files, and various abrasives will also be covered. Please note: Registration for this workshop is administered by the Rebuilding Exchange and is taken by telephone: 773-252-2234. Pre-registration is required, payment is taken at registration.

Shaping and Carving with Hand Tools

Winter 2012




Green Countertops: Spicy, Sustainable and Attainable

INSTRUCTOR: Mark Wille, Green Depot DATE: 02/19/12 from12:00 pm to 2:00 pm LOCATION: Rebuilding Exchange, 2160 N. Ashland Ave. FEE: Free

Join Mark Wille of Green Depot Chicago as he guides you through different sustainable material options on the market. He will give you professional tips and tricks on both creating and self-installing the right countertop for your needs. Bring photos of your space and ideas to the workshop, and after the presentation Mark will offer design assistance and answer questions.



Light Up Your Life and Home 101: Safely Install Lighting and Save Energy
INSTRUCTOR: Mark Wille, Green Depot DATE: 3/17/12 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm LOCATION: Green Depot, 2500 N. Pulaski Rd. FEE: Free

How can you add light to your home and save energy? Mark Wille of Green Depot Chicago will discuss the lighting options available, teach you how you can make the right choices in energy-saving fixtures and show you how to safely install them. After the workshop, Mark will be available to discuss your space and lighting needs and answer questions.

Greening Your Vintage Home

INSTRUCTOR: Matt Cole, Neighborhood Housing Services DATE: 3/24/12 10:00 am to 12:00 pm LOCATION: Chicago Center for Green Technology Fee: Free
Join Matt Cole of Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago for a workshop on practical ways to green your vintage home. The workshop will highlight affordable strategies for making bungalows, greystones, and other older homes safer, more energy efficient, healthier, and comfortable. Matt will also discuss the mix of financial, technical, and historic preservation resources available from NHS and other organizations for your green project. A key goal of this workshop is to demonstrate how thoughtful improvements can enhance the performance of a vintage home, while preserving the materials and architectural details that make it unique.


Winter 2012

Wood Working 101

INSTRUCTOR: Chuck Jones, Rebuilding Exchange DATES: April 2, 9, 16, 23. Other sessions are available. Please check for a full listing. TIME: 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm LOCATION: Rebuilding Exchange, 2160 N. Ashland Ave COURSE FEE: $150.00 for the session. Short sessions are $115.00. Class size: 8

Please note: Registration for this workshop is administered by the Rebuilding Exchange and is taken by telephone: 773-252-2234. Pre-registration is required, payment is taken at registration.

DIY Permeable Pavers...a Pathway to a Healthy Landscape

INSTRUCTOR: Mark Wille, Green Depot DATE: 04/07/12 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm LOCATION: Chicago Center for Green Technology Fee: Free

Get ready for spring and give your yard and garden a sustainable makeover! Walkways in Chicago are typically solid concrete. Break the mold and explore different permeable options. Learn first hand how you can install your own walkway that makes your yard look great and keep precious stormwater from going down the drain. Mark Wille of Green Depot will demonstrate the step-by-step process of designing and installing the easiest DIY paving system that allows water to go directly into the ground. Bring photos and ideas and after the presentation, Mark will be available to discuss them with you oneon-one.

Vintage Rehab 101: Tips for the Home Improvement Season

INSTRUCTOR: Matt Cole, Neighborhood Housing Services DATE: 04/14/12 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm LOCATION: Chicago Center for Green Technology Fee: Free

From critical repairs to increasing a homes curb appeal, rehab season is fast approaching in Chicago. For many homeowners this is a time of questions: What improvements should I make first? What are smart investments in a down market? How do I find the right contractor? Join Matt Cole of Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago to learn some smart tips for prioritizing projects, choosing contractors, and minimizing the chance of costly surprises. This workshop will focus on planning home improvements, developing a scope of work, finding and evaluating contractors, monitoring repairs, and troubleshooting potential problems.

Winter 2012




This course provides students with an in-depth introduction to using basic hand and power tools as well such as woodworking skills, including basic joinery and fabrication. During the class, you will make two pre-defined projects, first, a small mallet and second, a stool or small end table. These projects are designed to use the full array of tools, giving students an overview of basic shop skills.


Members of Sustainable Impact Chicago seek to foster a more vibrant and resilient region by advancing eco-literacy among residents. Comprised of like-minded organizations and cultural institutions from across the area, this network exists to align efforts, develop fruitful collaborations, address issues of mutual concern, and work toward expanding the audience for our respective offerings.


Upcoming Events
Green Drinks: Annual State of Sustainable Chicago
Wednesday, January 11th 5:30 p m 8:30 pm Jefferson Tap & Grille, 325 N. Jefferson St. Cost: $7 General Admission, $4 students/low-income, $20 Friends of Foresight Donation. To register, visit
An all-new lineup of organizations will inform and empower you to help create a more sustainable Chicago! Come to this popular annual event to gain a broad perspective from local leaders. Leave inspired with ideas about how you can get involved in issues that will influence Chicago in the coming year. Note: Dates are subject to change. Please refer to http://www. for updated event dates and times.

Green Pet Care for Families

Saturday, January 14th and Sunday, January 22nd 10:30 am 12:00 pm Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum Cost: $10/member caregiver and child, $15/non-member caregiver and child. $10/each additional child. To register, visit or call 773-755-5122.
Join this workshop to educate children and families on the benefits of green pet care. Children will learn tips on cleaning and feeding the family pet, as well as learn how to make toys out of recycled materials. Each participant will take home an all-purpose green cleaning spray and a pet toy.


Winter 2012


You Care. Do Something. Well Help. Do you want to take ACTION to improve Chicagos environment? Volunteer with the Chicago Conservation Corps today! We have several opportunities for people to get involved and help make a difference.

Explore Environment Service

Become a C3 Leader through our Environmental Leadership Training Series

Want to do more? Learn from community and environmental leaders about urban challenges and opportunities for change; then lead a service project in your community with C3 support and resources. We are now recruiting for our Spring 2012 Training Series. To apply, you must be a City of Chicago resident and attend one orientation. The next available orientation dates are: Tuesday, April 10, 6 p.m. 7 p.m., Chicago Center for Green Technology, 445 N. Sacramento Blvd. Wednesday, April 11, 12 p.m. 1 p.m., City Hall, 121 N. LaSalle St. Thursday, April 12, 6 p.m. 7 p.m., Washington Park Fieldhouse, 5531 S. Martin Luther King Dr. A $75 fee covers course participation and project support. assistance is available upon request. Financial

Start a C3 Student Club at your school.

Work at a Chicago Public School? C3 is recruiting teachers to lead afterschool environmental service clubs for 6th-12th grade CPS students in the 2012-2013 school year. Club projects include recycling, worm composting, water conservation, and anti-idling campaigns. Teachers accepted into our program receive a stipend, materials, project guides, training and other resources from the City of Chicago. Attend one of our C3 Club orientations in April (Dates TBD) to learn more. Please note that Charter schools that receive any percentage of their funding from CPS are eligible to apply.

Ready to get started?

Visit our website for a full listing of volunteer events or to register for an event. You may contact us contact (312) 743-9283 or Also find us on Facebook ( and Twitter (@chiconservation).

Winter 2012



Featured volunteer opportunities highlight exciting ways that you can explore environmental service year-round. Volunteers are encouraged to participate in fun, hands-on activities that get your feet wet and your hands dirty while working alongside some of Chicagos most active environmental leaders. Find exciting opportunities from our partner organizations that will put you at the forefront of protecting natural areas and working with your neighbors on community conservation efforts.


Chicago Center for Green Technology 445 N. Sacramento Blvd. Chicago, IL 60612 (312) 746-9642

The center is readily accessible by public transit and encourages people to use alternate means of transportation.

Take the Green Line to California stop, transfer to the #94 (South California) bus headed northbound, which stops right in front of CCGT; OR take the #66 (Chicago) bus to Sacramento Ave., walk two blocks south, and CCGT will be on the left hand (east) side of the street.

Bicycle racks are available in front of and behind the building. To find best routes visit

Free parking is available at CCGT. There are two parking lots on site: a small lot in the front of the building; and a larger lot behind the building just down Ferdinand Ave. Parking on Ferdinand is also permitted.

M, W, F: 9:00 AM 5:00 PM T, Th: 9:00 AM 8:00 PM Sat: 9:00 AM 4:00 PM Sun: CLOSED NOTE: The Chicago Center for Green Technology will be closed on the following dates: Monday, January 16; MLK Jr. Day Monday, February 13; Lincolns Birthday Monday, February 20; Presidents Day Monday, March 5; Pulaski Day