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PARAMAGNETISM . THEMISSING LINKIN HIGH-PRODUCTION FERTILITY American research scientist, Philip Dr Callahan, arguably onlytruegenius is the working Ag sciencr in pasttwodecades hasbeenresponsible research ln today. the he for findings suchearthwith significance it is difficult comprehend enormous shaftering that to the implications is of years sufficient saythatin twenty to withthepower hindsight, Callahan inevitably time, of Dr will be recognised a major as figure thedevelopment thesoilsaving soulsaving in of and discipline termed Ecological Agriculture. Callahan Dr believes hismostimportant to daterelates his that work to paramagnetism, is onlyfound good of discovery the importance a lowlevel of called energy, in that growth potential, Callahan's soils.Paramagnetism, nature's secret force, the has in opinion, save to worldwide agricultu re. Paramagnetismthe capacity a soilto receive storeelectromagnetic is of and ftomthe energy profound environment. energy, This whichincludes radio waves, beenshown havea has to influence paramagnetic on plantgrowth. highly A soilacts an antenna constiantly like to receive energy whi( this is emitted fromsources withinearth's atmosphere fromouterspace. of theworld'smostfertile and All paramagnetic theyareveryefficient (ie soilsarehighly antennae), these and soilsarefromvolcanic origin, usually derived fom basalt granite. Callahan shown it.ispossible build or Dr has that to the magnetic susceptibility associated and fertility anysoilwith addition paramagnetic of the materials. of paramagnetic, it canbean extremely Forexample, basalt-based crusherdust beveryhighly can and valuable brtility'building material. There other are sour@s paramagnetism, theidealmaterial of but should havelowironlevels, iron-based as fenomagnetism confuse can readings. DrCallahan developed meter has a which called PCSM, a accurately measures par:amagnetism the o soilsandothermaterials. Nutri-Tech company, Solutions areimporters P/L, Queensland and program be assessed distributors thesehigh-tech of brtilitymonitors. valueof anyfertility The can witi the useof thesemeters because, a program achieving if is whatit should thenthe calcium / be, ratio magnesium will be improving the aerobic zone(thetop six inches) thatsoilwillbe infused and of withincreasing amounts orygen(Orygen the mosthighlyparamagneticof gases). of is the "These Graeme ftom Nutri-Tech Sait we comments: machines be realproblem can Recently solvers. hada caseinvolving NorthQueensland orchardists verypoorflowering production. with and A poor conventional soiltesthasrevealed manydeficits, evenafiercorrection theseproblems but of production paramagnetism hadever continued. check A witha PCSM revealed lowest the we paramagnetic measured a soil.Inexpensive in inputs the keyto theconection thisproblem." are of