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TIE & Edifcio Ecolgico Ewa Kwolek case study Brazil, March 2012

October 2011 marked the beginning of my

adventure. I was chosen as a representative of my agency Proximity London to work with an NGO in Brazil called Edifcio Ecolgico (EE) enterprise called The International Exchange (TIE). develop a communications campaign for EE using my own skills and funds raised in the UK. My work was to be supported by a local agency Arcos Communicaao who kindly offered their resource
My task was to help My work was organised by a social

biggest life

and a desk space.


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Key players Fundraising Portuguese lessons In Brazil Brief & objectives Social media & website Creative idea & comms plan Launch Beyond creative & media Budget Measurements Objectives of my experience My reflections


1. Key players

the world of communications and the world of development in order to achieve social change.

TIE was set up 7 years ago as a social enterprise to bring together

across the globe.

Communication professionals (like me) are paired with NGOs

Philippa White Founder

The International Exchange

Project) is an NGO based in Recife, Brazil working with residents and businesses to implement recycling

Edifcio Ecolgico (The Ecological Building scheme in the region.

Its main objectives are to improve

the same time.

the citys environment and help hundreds of street garbage picker (catadores) at

Mark Burr Founder

Edifcio Ecolgico

Arcos Comunicao is an agency partner based in Recife providing creative resource and an office space.
and hard working crowd you can dream of! They spoilt me with so many presents and the Google translate farewell card! These guys are the most friendly

Rafa Arcoverde Account Executive

Arcos Comunicao

Google translate card

and digital marketing agencies. It was founded 20 years ago and today it is part of a global network of 62
offices and over 2,000 people. The main clients include: BBC TV Licensing, Lloyds TBC, VW, Orange, P&G, Kraft Foods, Johnson and Johnson, RNLI and many others. Its a very friendly and fun place to work at.
Lou Barber Chairman

Proximity London is one of the UKs leading direct

Proximity London

I am an Account Director representing Proximity London. I am originally from Poland and I have lived in the UK for last 9 years. I always loved travel, adventure


and foreign

languages and

And I love cafezinho (as shown on this photo).


2. Fundraising

I needed to raise funds that would form my marketing budget in Brazil.

I decided to propose a

In order to create a communications campaign for Edifcio Ecolgico

Proximity idea. I wanted to help an

that I


could start green changes in the UK, at my own agency.

Working with everybody at Proximity, I decided to find simple

environmental NGO in Brazil so I thought

but effective ways of saving energy. The entire green savings from electricity bills
and paper usage would be passed to support my chosen Brazilian charity.

Green savings at Proximity

With help from 2 students and a lovely creative team (Nick and Luke) from Proximity, a

look and feel of my campaign including my own logo was


Look and feel

As soon as I was chosen, I started

writing my blog

popular with over 4.5k views by the end of my placement.

in order to gain donations and spread the word about my work. I was using social media channels to promote it and it soon became really busy and

I loved writing posts to share

good and exciting experiences but also my day-to-day struggle. I gained over

donate button active between

November 2011 February 2012.

600 via a


In December 2011, I launched

campaign encouraging my colleagues to

take simple steps to create savings.

an internal

I changed printer settings for over a quarter of my colleagues (to print double sided), distributed stickers to remind to switch off PCs and lights and encouraged everybody to lifts.

walk up the stairs as opposed to using

I gained over

savings on paper and electricity.

400 from internal agency

Internal comms

I produced 250 re-usable convey the green message (stop using plastic bags, carry cotton bags instead) and I started to

cotton bags in order to

sell them to raise the funds.

I was distributing them to all my friends and colleagues (sending them via post too). I also set up

my own stall at a local market.

I earned approx.

all the sales.

300 from

Eco bags

I tried to raise funds using all possible (yes, I am Polish ;) at the agency bar.

methods. One night I opened a vodka bar

I made over


Vodka bar

During a cold February week, I asked my colleagues to

make savings on their transport costs (and pass savings to me) by walking or cycling to work.
To set an example,

and offered all my savings to my fundraising fund. I made over

I cycled to work during the entire week

50 in a week.

Walk to work

at the agency combined with a

The finale of my fundraising efforts was a Green party held

green day). I was serving a variety of drinks and at the same time agency talents (skiing lessons, football tickets, hand made cards, home made lunches, paintings, coaching session etc.) were auctioned. the auction! And the entire bar

charity auction (and a wear

I raised over 1500 just from

takings were offered to my

charity too!

Green party and charity auction

Thank you to all

my friends, family and everybody at Proximity

for all your help!

In total, together we raised 3,216!

I wouldnt have managed to raise so much without you!

Thank you!

3. Portuguese lessons

One of the requirements of my

Portuguese. I was going to be placed with a non English speaking family so it was
necessary to learn basics. I love foreign languages so I was very happy to commence my lessons. And I had the best teacher ever placement, I thanked him for everything he taught me!

placement was to learn

Fernando! Every day during my

Muito obrigada Fernando

4. In Brazil

To make me see a full picture of the Brazilian society, I was

invited to live with a Brazilian family located in one of the poorer communities of Recife (they called it an urbanised favela) Brasilia Teimosa. Despite my initial reaction, I loved

comfortable there very quickly.

the place and felt

My Brazilian home

Ivanildo and Eidenedine and their son Henrique with his family: Patricia, Henri and 2 month old Artur.
I watched TV, discussed politics and football and even star signs with them all of it using my basic Portuguese! Within days I loved them: they were patiently listening to my grammatical mistakes and work stories! I

I lived with a family of six:


will miss them so

My Brazilian family

I visited a catadors house

I loved Brazilian food

5. Brief and objectives

Edifcio Ecolgico has been functioning for 10

years. Within this period they managed to sign up over 500 residential buildings. What an
amazing result! But they needed to expand their portfolio and decided

to target business based in Recife.

Tough brief they tried for a while. They needed help.

My brief

To establish the ultimate target audience and the right message, we spent a

week researching businesses in Recife.

We created a questionnaire including 9 open and closed questions around: 1. Attitude to recycling (do you do it?, yes or no, why?) 2. Factors stopping businesses from recycling 3. Importance of a green image 4. Priorities between helping the environment and helping catadores 5. Awareness around EE 6. Test of initial messages We managed to get responses from 14 businesses (but only 5 by the time I had to present a strategy), including former clients of EE, contractors of Arcos and other businesses.


We found out a few significant insights: 1. Businesses are aware of their environmental


2. The environment is definitely the main motivator

they are aware of catadores but helping them isnt their priority.

3. These guys are busy - they want easy

convenient solutions.


4. Costs of a recycling system might be an issue. 5. The awareness of EE is minimal Word Of

Mouth is key.

Research results

Therefore based on the research, we decided to target medium-

sized businesses, mainly office based. This was to test the idea and logistics of working with this new audience

(i.e. businesses as opposed to residential buildings) and hence this stage was to become a phase 1 of a longer term strategy.

The value proposition evolved around convenience (as we found out that businesses have no time) in fulfilling the role too.

environmental duty. The local aspect played an important It is simple, it is green, it is local.
To achieve the objectives, we want to focus on 3 aspects: Providing tools for EE (updated website and stationary etc.) Starting social media presence (Facebook, YouTube) Push campaign (PR, newsletter and email)


Who do we want to get?

Medium-sized business mainly office based, services sector

What do they currently think?


Are already aware of their green duty but need convenience

What do we want them to do?


Sign up to the EE scheme


Where and when will they be the most receptive to our message? WHERE DM, Email, press, internet, social media, folders, leaflets, desk media

Single minded proposition: BY EE making green savings for better future easy for your business simples, verde, o nosso futuro.
What could we do? WHAT Easy green steps to better future, illustration of small changes - big future impact on the planet, green certificate leading to better image & success of businesses

GET READY March April 2012

GAIN AWARENESS March - April 2012

ANNOUNCE April 2012

CONVERT May 2012 +

Preparing professional materials for EE: leaflets, inserts, pens, letter heads and EE email address

Building awareness & creating reliable and professional base for EE operations

Main launch

Face to face meetings with warm leads

Creating new channels: Facebook, YouTube and updating the current site

Launching new social media channels: WOM, on all new stationary and distribution via friends and current clients

Newspaper article and other media

Getting ready via social media training: Facebook and YouTube

Utilising new stationary to gain awareness Facebook page launch

Newsletter mailing with a CTA for a free consultation DM mailing with a CTA for a free consultation Elemidia

Concepts and production via Arcos Training Ewa and Mark

Social media WOM

Media Broadcast campaign to businesses

Comms plan

Visit EE Facebook page DM and email Call EE Free consultation for first xx respondents Sale

Visit EE refreshed website

On going awareness via: desk media, leaflets and inserts, PR, digital display On going engagement and social recommendations via Facebook

Contact strategy

6. Social media & website

Before arriving to Brazil, I wasnt sure whether social media is the right way forward for Edifcio Ecolgico . But I soon found out that Brazilians love Facebook and

the internet.

Therefore, we decided to set up a Facebook page

( and a YouTube channel (, in order to spread the word (as awareness of EE was minimal) and engage with environment enthusiasts. I created a strategy and content plan for Facebook and helped Mark (the NGO owner) to learn the social media tricks. We also set up a YouTube channel in order to catch anyone interested in the topic and drive them to the EE website.

Social media

Social media

Edifcio Ecolgico website needed a bit of a refresh in order to add an up-to-date content, social media share buttons and to strengthen the contact us section.
We also needed to make the best out of the case between other less important content.

studies and testimonials buried in

Therefore we decided to invest a chunk of the budget and the new site is currently under construction and will be live on 12th of April.


7.Creative idea & comms campaign

The main creative idea evolved around a provocative and direct message illustrated in a positive and light hearted way:

What would the garbage at your company say...?

Cute images were combined with an educational content.

Main creative idea






Business cards

Direct mail




Bag and pen

Considering the minimal budget we were working with, the media team from Arcos decided to try to secure free media bookings and PR coverage. The final result was overwhelming. They manage to secure (all for free): 1. A one page advert at the biggest B2B magazine in the Northeast Algomais 2. Digital display across business centres, lottery and shopping malls in Recife 3. Multiple placements across the newspaper and online from the biggest media group in the Northeast called Jornal de Commercio 4. A 60 second radio spot at the Antena 1 channel

Media bookings


The most successful part of the work was the fact that we managed to secure our first client. We managed to convince Arcos (the agency we were working with) to launch a recycling scheme at their office. This provided us with a case study and a testimonial as well as necessary learnings and experience.

it all together in less than a week and combine my final presentation with an annoucement of the recycling launch to the entire office. During my final goodbyes my colleagues continued reassuring me that

Arcos management were very enhusiastic and agreed to prepare

they wont ever forget to separate their rubbish ;)

Launch at Arcos

9.Beyond creative & media

As a way of streamlining

the way EE operates, we decided to look for a student intern to help with running the NGO. The tasks for a
student we had in mind included: Admin Leaflet distribution Cold calling Database update Social media content research

free time of its founders and all the tasks are usually done in between daily jobs. A student called Maria has already been contacted and should be starting work in April.

NGOs operate in a tough world of minimal profit. Hence operations are based on a


With so much of the work and media secured for free, I suggested to use some of the budget left to discuss the model and operations of Edifcio Ecolgico with a

professional business consultant.

We were aware that communications campaign isnt going to resolve business challenges that EE were facing such as: ways of charging businesses for the recycling scheme service (the toughest challenge) how to approach bigger business players in order to establish partnerships and commence operations on a bigger scale When I was leaving Recife at the beginning of April, Mark was planning to search for a consultant to hopefully start these conversations prior to the media campaign launch.

Business consultancy


Media (incl. social media)

Stationary production


DM and newsletter


Elemidia free Antena 1 free Jornal de Commerco free Algomais free Facebook and YouTube free Animation - free Total: 0 reais

Business cards free Folder free Insert and leaflet free Pens 400 reais Bags TBC

Build 2000 reais

DM- TBC Newsletter - TBC

Total: 400 reais

Total: 2000 reais

Total: TBC TOTAL: 9000 reais SPENT: 2400 reais AVAILABLE: 6600 reais



Raise awareness of EE

Conduct awareness research post campaign Measure increase in awareness around EE existence

Increase number of

businesses partnering with EE

Measure number of leads (companies driven to contact EE via calls, emails, FB etc.) as a result of the comms campaign Measure number of conversions i.e. business partners gained as a result of leads in 1 year post campaign

Help improve lives of catadores & help the

Measure number of catadores working with EE



12. Objectives of my experience

Before living the UK, I needed to set objectives of my Brazilian experience. This was to help me focus and achieve all the goals.

My primary personal objective was to gain confidence as an Account Director by leading a project completely on my own (working with an unknown client, agency and strategic problem) and by working on all stages including planning.

Personal objectives:

Business objectives:

The primary business objective was to offer communications skills from Proximity to an NGO in the developing country as a part of the CSR programme.

Social objective:

My primary social objective was to contribute to a tangible change withinEdifcio Ecolgico , the society and environment of Recife.

Objectives of my experience

13.My reflections

Unforgettable experience

Friends for life

Thank you!