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Maria Sundrica

D.O.B: Nationality: Driving License: Home Address: Telephone No: Mobile: Email: Personal Statement: I am a highly motivated Sales Manager with strong commercial acumen and excellent communications skills. I am passionate about sales and have exceeded targets and produced outstanding results in challenging environments. I lead by example and motivate my team to excel. Most importantly I have the ability to sell and to close deals, identifying and converting the right opportunities. In all of the companies I have worked, I have developed sales business direction, created marketing strategies and helped companies grow. Employment Record: Nov 2010-to date Business /Sales Turnaround Manager Sanzio, London NW2 23/05/1972 British Full UK Brook Green, London W6 7BG 020 7603 9326 07747 013634

At Sanzio, I am responsible for providing strategic direction, leadership and transitioning this business from an ailing debt burdened company back to profitability. I have succeeded in turning around the companys financial position and worked with the management and staff to bring back a sense of purpose and vision. I carried out a rebranding exercise which was achieved on a very limited budget. To date, this has resulted in a 150% increase in sales and a 100% increase in gross profit. Also all the companies debts have been fully repaid. Food waist has been cut to almost zero. Sep 2005 May 2010 Sales and Business Manager Sundrica, London W6

I created a branded, old-style delicatessen, which stock over 1000 items of fine food and produce, which became a well-known neighbourhood shopping destination, profitable after six months. Within a month of starting the business I quickly saw the potential of expanding into corporate catering and the year after into private and wedding catering. As the Sales Manager, I took the business from zero to sales of 250,000 in 1st year. I achieved this by focusing on understanding the customers needs and adding new product lines to expand the business potential. A big impact had marketing strategies that I have implemented to create well known, branded business. To developed ongoing accounts, I have created relationships with corporate clients. Customers stayed loyal to Sundrica, as I made sure that we had a very high quality customer service, where my team and I were able to advise clients on the product, deliver promised sales and also maintained very high after sales contact. I constantly monitored the market for new business opportunities whilst maintaining high quality and standard to ensure customer satisfaction. My emphasis of the business was to create a premium quality catering service. This required setting up key processes in sales, team management and operations. To monitor performance against set objectives, I defined and put in place performance management metrics and reporting structures. I set and maintained the budgets for annual, medium & long-term growth. In this business, it was very important to stay ahead of the sales game and ensure that we had the most fashionable products and presentation, as this industry follows very much advertising by TV celebrity chefs.

This meant that we had to plan well in advance sales and marketing of the products and their shelf life to ensure that we maintain high profitability and minimum wastage. At the height of the recent economic downturn which adversely affected many retail outlets in London I tripled revenues by concentrating on sales and marketing, management of my team and making sure that our product remains of good quality. Sundrica was sold in May 2011 at good level of profit.

Aug 2000-Sep 2005

Office Manager Hoselight Ltd, London NW6

As a manager at Hoselight I was responsible for monitoring the daily business of the company with my main responsibilities being company growth, marketing and property management. I organized acquisition and set up of an additional restaurant which doubled the company revenues within the first year. Aug 1995 Aug 2000 Senior Lettings Negotiator Oakleys, London NW1

I started as a junior negotiator within this small estate agency. Within first month of my work, I had rented 40 properties, which had beaten the companys sales record. Quickly I realized that our landlords could achieve more on the lets by investing tore-fresh their properties. I would assess the flat and get quotes from the local builder for a quick paint or perhaps to get new pieces of furniture or to tidy up bathrooms etc. 99% of the landlords were happy with the small investment that also would guarantee them quicker and higher rental. As a company we would also charge a fee for this service. It did not take long to understand that our clients needed professional service of greater customer service and I have put all my efforts to deliver only the best service, which ensured ongoing long relationship with our clients. Within this time, I have proven to be very organized and self motivated. I rose within the ranks very quickly due to my commitment and enjoyment of the job and was offered a management position.

Sep 1991- July 1995

Assistant Manager Peter Ilic Restaurant Group

I have started as a waitress at this very busy and popular restaurant. Restaurant had 150 seats and it was layer over 4 floors. Working here taught me how to work under pressure with a smile and how to deliver excellent customer service. I was promoted to assistant manager but to different unit, within same restaurant group. Education & Qualifications:

1990 1991 Computer Science at University College of London (UCL), London

1986 1990

The International Baccalaureate (IB) - A level equivalent

Mathematics, Management, English, Croatian, Statistics, Business and Employment Law, Market operations & Business Administration Languages spoken: French, Serbo-Croat

Interests: Business, Travel, Reading, Theatre, Yoga, Pilates, Cooking References: Available on request