Halal menu with vegetarian options
Senses Restaurant offers modern cuisine from the Asia and West from a live open show kitchen. Our New Zealand Executive Chef Shane Brierly has worked 6.5 years with Halal menus in Dubai, Kazakhstan and South Thailand.

Specialities of the house include *Hot rock seafood made live at the table *Liquid nitrogen ice cream made live at the table *Halal certified USDA beef and Australian grain fed Angus beef *Danang’s most authentic thin crust brick oven pizza

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Contact us: ph 0511 395 888 in Vietnam +845113958888 from overseas. Ask for Food and Beverage or Sales. Location: On Danang Beach, Truong Sa Road (near intersection of Ho Xuan Huong Street and Truong Sa)

Note: All prices subject to 5% service charge and 10% Government tax


healthy eating options

Starters and Appetisers V = vegetarian

H = healthy choices 180 190 110 240 145 125 170 120 185 daily price 320 145 115 170 190 140 195 195 195

Signature rice-paper wraps of yam bean & local herbs in a steamed tiger prawn jacket H Salt & pepper tempura squid, fresh local squid wok fried with 5 spice, chilli, coriander, spring onion Salt and pepper tempura vegetables wok fried with 5 spice, chilli, coriander, spring onion V Lemongrass prawns grilled with ginger shallot oil. Served with carrot, coriander & coconut salad H Massaman beef curry puffs tender beef in gravy with peanut, basil, potato & South Thai Muslim spices Crispy Vietnamese vegetable spring rolls deep fried, served with dipping sauce V Sea Grape rice paper wrap with wasabi, cucumber, carrot, cress, spring onion HV Classic pumpkin soup with cream, chives, black pepper V Sea cucumber soup Da Nang style, with mushrooms, ginger, spring onion and black pepper H Chef’s soup kettle ask your server about the Lifestyle soup special for today

HALAL TAPAS FUSION PLATE FOR 2 Beef skewer, Muslim curry puffs, Buffalo wing and lemongrass prawns Jerk spiced duck skewers with Caribbean spices and creamy chilled pear parsley dip Shish Tawook Middle Eastern style chicken grilled on skewers with lemon, garlic and smoked paprika Mixed chicken plate of Buffalo wings, sesame chicken strips & shish tawook chicken skewer Beef rump & lemongrass skewers Halal Aussie grain-fed beef, grilled Vietnamese style H Vegetarian summer roll of fried tofu, avocado, carrot and Vietnamese herbs in rice paper V H Freshly shucked oysters (5 each) Chefs Special: grilled with sage butter, topped with tomato salsa Thai style: Natural, raw, chilled, with lime, chilli and coriander ‘nam jim’ dressing H French style: Raw, natural, chilled with side of lemon, red wine vinegar with shallot H

What are “sea grapes”?
They are a seaweed super food from Japan and Korea, now grown in the pristine waters of Nha Trang, Vietnam. Sea Grapes help with weight loss, reduce blood pressure, are anti bacterial and contain all essential proteins. Very high in nutrients, minerals and vitamins. And our sea grape rice paper wraps look and taste fantastic!


V = vegetarian 190 180 195 185 160 170 140 90

Banana blossom salad with fresh local seafood, Vietnamese herbs, peanuts & shallot oil H Local chicken and ram leaf salad with onion, peanuts & light chilli lime dressing H Thai beef ‘nam tok’ salad rare Australian Halal beef with roasted rice, toasted chilli, mint, lime & shallot H Halal Chicken Caesar whole romaine leaves, poached egg, parmesan & chicken in a garlic crouton cradle Prawn and cangkua leaf salad tasty, light & refreshing local style salad with stir-fried tiger prawns H Sea grape garden salad tossed with sesame, spring onion, wakame, lettuce, tomato, onion HV Green bean salad with creamy summer herb dressing and slow roasted cherry tomatoesV V Chef’s signature brown rice salad of root vegetables, toasted cashews, Asian herbs, tomato & kim chee H Do you have an iphone, windows or android phone? How about a laptop, ipad or galaxy tab? Log onto now, follow @LifestyleDanang and get immediate discounts, free food & beverage here

Note: All prices subject to 5% service charge and 10% Government tax


healthy eating options

Authentic brick oven pizza thin, crispy wheat & rye sourdough crust
Rocket & Parmesan Margherita topped w/ rocket, parmesan, Virgin Olive Oil V Seafood marinara pizza garlic, tomato and fresh local seafood

V = vegetarian 235 290 290 245 230 290

Beef pho pizza* ground Halal Australian beef, roasted shallots, garlic, fresh herbs and an infusion of Pho Bo

The spaghetti western pizza* Aussie Beef Bolognaise, spaghetti, roasted cherry tomato, basil & parmesan Tandoori chicken pizza* with garam masala, tomato, yoghurt, onion and mint Salmon pizza* hot-smoked Tasmanian salmon, cream cheese, horseradish, onion, dill

Roasted cauliflower, rosemary, four cheese cream cheese, Emmental, parmesan, cheddar, smoked paprika V 290 Eggplant Parmigiana pizza* smoky eggplant babaganoush, roasted eggplant, basil V Golden potato pizza* baked with thyme, caramelised onions, parsley pesto V Four cheese pizza cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, buffalo mozzarella on tomato ragu V Thai green curry chicken pizza* with eggplant, bamboo, sweet basil, coconut Margherita tomato ragu, buffalo mozzarella, sweet basil, shredded mozzarella V Funghi four delicious types of local mushroom V All have tomato ragu and shredded mozzarella unless marked * and stated otherwise 230 230 290 240 270 240

Our Pizzas are baked traditionally in a brick oven on a thin & crispy wheat & rye sourdough crust.

Pasta Dishes & Fusion Noodles
The Indian Trade Minister’s penne fried garlic, pesto cream sauce, sweet basil leaves and dried chilli flakes V 215 Peking duck kway teow noodles stir fried with brie, tomato, oyster sauce & sweet basil leaves Kway teow noodles wok seared with garlic, tomato, sweet basil and Brie cheese V Fried Pho noodles with Australian beef wok seared with coconut, galangal, lemongrass Spaghetti Bolognaise the classic beef and tomato sauce, shaved parmesan & herbs Spaghetti marinara garlic, white wine, tomato, basil & fresh Da Nang seafood Tonkatsu prawn and squid penne pasta wok-seared with spring onion, capsicum, sesame & Japanese sauce Penne pasta with tomato ragu, Kalamata olives, basil, parmesan, buffalo mozzarella and cheddar V Spaghetti with three mushrooms in cream sauce, shaved parmesan and basil V 280 235 280 215 290 290 210 240

V vegetarian dishes

Note: All prices subject to 5% service charge and 10% Government tax


healthy eating options

Vietnamese Mains

R includes steamed rice 185

Mi quang ga Danang specialty rice noodles with stewed chicken, fresh herbs & rice cracker H

Local grouper fillet steamed with ginger, soy, spring onion. Served with rice. Or salad, rice paper, herbs H R 295 BBQ Da Nang squid with five flavours lemongrass, chilli, shallot, garlic & sate tom H Local scallops, sea cucumber and shiitake mushrooms in gravy on stir fried bok choy R Beef luc lac Australian grain fed beef rump cubes stir-fried with onion, capsicum, tomato & local sauces H R Seafood noodles egg noodles wok-seared with plenty of fresh local squid, clams and prawns H Seafood fried rice, local Da Nang style with achiote oil, prawns, squid, clams and fried shallots Peking roast duck half duck served with stir fried bok choy, crisp sticky rice cakes, duck gravy & broth Fried prawns in tamarind sauce topped with ginger, coriander R 310 320 260 280 225 420 380

Hot Rock seafood table cooking

Signature dish of Lifestyle Resort Da Nang
240 355 290 380

Our chefs cook at your table on super-heated river stones. A memorable visual and gastronomic feast Hot rock clams Live local surf clams with lemongrass, chilli and local basil H Hot rock tiger prawns with Vietnam spices, Rice Paddy Herb, basil and lemongrass H Danang squid with fresh squeezed pineapple juice, five spice, curry powder and coriander H Tiger prawns steamed with young coconut juice, galangal and lemongrass H

Thai Mains R includes steamed rice

(See more Thai items under salads & appetisers)
190 310 230 225

Thai chicken green curry with eggplant, bamboo, sweet basil & hand-smashed curry paste R Thai red curry of roasted duck with pineapple, cherry tomato & basil in coconut gravy R Pad Thai noodles authentic Thai style rice noodles, stir-fried with chicken, prawns, garlic, tofu & peanuts Stir-fried cashew chicken ‘Gai pad met mah muang’ with toasted chilli, capsicum & oyster sauce R

Spicy Thai tom yum seafood chilli & lemongrass Thai broth with fresh prawns, squid, clams and grouper H R 320 Beef or chicken pad kaprao stir fried with garlic, local basil, chilli and oyster sauce. With rice & fried egg H R 195 Steamed grouper fillet with garlic lime dressing “pla neung manao” R H Thai vegetable green curry Market fresh veg in rich spicy coconut curry gravy with sweet basil leaves V R Trumpet Mushroom batons stir fried with garlic, onion, basil, dark soy and hoi sin sauce V R Vegetarian “tom yum “ of mushrooms in spicy chilli and lemongrass broth V R H Vegetarian Pad Thai noodles with garlic, tofu, peanuts, lime, toasted chilli, onion chives and tamarind V R includes steamed rice V vegetarian dishes 285 190 170 170 170

Note: All prices subject to 5% service charge and 10% Government tax


healthy eating options

Main course meals
Pan roasted fillet of wild barramundi (tropical sea bass) *a signature dish of Lifestyle Da Nang wok seared bok choy, tomato soya spring onion butter sauce Roasted chicken breast with lime, grilled vegetables & black peppercorn cream sauce Grilled Tasmanian salmon with herb butter, sauté potatoes, asparagus & smoky eggplant dip Ciabatta steak sandwich Aussie tenderloin with Swiss cheese, grain mustard, tomato, rocket & fries Tandoori Chicken ciabatta sandwich with carrot, spring onion, mint, yoghurt, lettuce. With fries. 330 260 390 330 175

Steak all steaks come with mashed potato and your choice of sauce
Australian steak, imported chilled, certified Halal YG graded Tenderloin fillet steak from young Angus beef 200g Grain-fed rib-eye steak, Tenderplus brand 350g Prawns and horns Grain fed Australian YG tenderloin with BBQ prawns US Omaha corn fed beef, imported chilled, certified Halal USDA PRIME Black Angus New York Strip from Nebraska 260g USDA CHOICE Black Angus corn-fed sirloin steak 300g Greater Omaha natural Black Angus tenderloin steak 200g Side dishes: Potato sautéed with onion, parsley Hand cut potato wedges Fries / chips Grilled vegetables H Steamed vegetables H Stir fried baby bok choy Stir fried Asian vegetables & sesame Morning glory fried with garlic Garden salad H Steamed jasmine rice Mashed potato Sauces: Truffle butter & Jus Green pepper corn jus Mushroom jus Tomato ragu and fried onions Creamy green peppercorn sauce Creamy ginger & green pepper jus Creamy mushroom sauce Smoky roasted eggplant dip Herb butter Wasabi, soy & spring onion butter 590 650 795 995 750 850

95 95 85 90 90 70 90 70 90 60 95

There’s a story about our steak...
Most hotels & restaurants use frozen meat. It’s easier and cheaper, and because everyone accepts it, that’s the way it is. Freezing expands and damages the cell structure, causing loss of moistness and flavour. It doesn’t taste terrible, so with a sauce on top, most people are happy. Chilled meat is far superior. Places that care about meat quality use chilled beef, and steak lovers can taste the difference. We use delicious, YG Australian Black Angus beef, and USDA Prime corn fed Angus beef from Nebraska, USA. We are proud to have set the standard in Danang for steak, and will continue to offer the best steak in town at the best price. All of our imported beef and lamb is certified Halal. Halal certificates accompany each shipment of meat.

Note: All prices subject to 5% service charge and 10% Government tax


healthy eating options

Chilled banana and toffee cheesecake with peanut ice cream & caramel sauce Hot caramelised apple dessert pizza with vanilla bean ice cream Hand of the dragon tropical fruit salad of local fruits H Flourless Belgian chocolate mud cake with dark chocolate ganache & strawberry Halal Tropical trifle Lychee syrup soaked sponge with fruit jelly, coconut custard, whipped cream & mango Ripe local mango on coconut sticky rice The flavour of Southeast Asia 125 150 125 160 145 95

Try Vietnam’s only Liquid Nitrogen Ice-cream
The smoothest and purest ice cream you have ever tasted. It’s a ‘must-try’ experience during your visit. Our ice cream is famous across Vietnam, and Lifestyle Da Nang is the only place you will find it. We make it at your table with fresh natural ingredients and super-cold Liquid Nitrogen, or “LN2.” Bring your camera. At -196°C, LN2 stops lactose crystallisation. This means no stabilisers, emulsifiers, preservatives or artificial additives. Choose from one of the 14 flavours below. Those marked ‘N‘ contain nuts We can make vegan, diabetic, and lactose-free ice cream on request. Just ask us

Liquid Nitrogen Ice creams Native Australian Wattle Seed Very Rocky Da Nang Road Vietnamese Lemongrass Vietnamese Coffee Passionate Mango Very Tahiti Vanilla Bean Triple Chocolate Very Wild Berry Banana Caramel Pecan Praline Apple and Cinnamon Divine Durian New Zealand Hokey Pokey Green apple sorbet

160 160 160 160 160 165 160 185 160 170 160 170 160 170

(does not contain alcohol or artificial additives) The taste of Australia. Notes of hazelnut, coffee & chocolate Chocolate, toasted cashews & home made marshmallow N The clean fresh local taste of lemongrass, with condensed milk Local Coffee, thick, rich and drip filtered, with condensed milk Mango puree with fresh local Da Nang passion fruit With pure Tahitian vanilla bean extract Milk chocolate sauce, white chocolate & dark Belgian chocolate Strawberry and raspberry Toffee caramel butterscotch sauce with local finger bananas Crunchy pecan nut ‘praline’ (ground crunchy caramel & nuts) N Made with poached apple and cinnamon compote In Asia it’s considered The King of fruits. A very acquired taste ;-) Plain creamy ice cream with chunks of caramel honeycomb Green apple puree, green apple syrup & shredded green apple

For your confidence: *All of our beef is imported & has Halal Certification from the recognised accreditation authority in Australia & US *We use separate, dedicated knives, chopping boards and equipment for cutting, preparing and serving your Halal meals *All deep frying is done in vegetable oil in a dedicated fryer that has not been used for any pork products *A dedicated char grill and pans are used for Halal meals, and served from a separate station in the kitchen

Note: All prices subject to 5% service charge and 10% Government tax


healthy eating options

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