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What IS - spirituality?

As this is a complex question, because we haven't developed the language - to GIVE one unified answer - we must give several answers, to this question. -Soul. Well, what about it. We must ask - again, due to lack of knowledge - a new question: What is Soul? To use an expression, that most can relate to - we can begin to uptain it - as: ........personality......... Ok. Is personality, a part of - spirituality? ..An awaken person, will already now - COULD ask this question... The answer is - "Yes" .. BUT this answer is NOT, unconditionally. Therfore - it was a little bit too early - to ask it. ********* -Spirit. Yes, THAT can easier be connected to the subject. Why? Well, we often use this word, when we talk about spritual things and spiritual relations. Yes, we do .. don't we - but: DO WE KNOW - what it means? Nnnnyyyeeesss ... maybe ... nnnooo, I don't think so. No we don't. But we have heard the word, so many times - that we have learned to accept it .. without - actually - knowing, what it means. Ok, then we must ... We MUST ask again .. mustn't we?

To clarify for ourselves - whether we know .. or don't know - what it is, it would be a wise thing to do. So we ask: -What is a Spirit? Well. To begin somewhere, we can go to religion, as spirituality is a subject - closely connected to religion. We start with the creation of humans. And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and Breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. (Genesis 2:7, King James Version) Wow. At least we found - Soul, here. Can we find something more? "The Breath of Life" (Or - "The Breath", as this translation is using] is translated from The Aramaic word "Ruah". As this goes for both Aramaic and Hebrew - that every word has many meanings - we look upon other meanings of this word: -Spirit. -Invisible creature. -The next lowest spiritual condition (The lowest but one - spiritual condition, to say the same, in proper English.) The last meaning - expand the first: -Spirit. -The next lowest spiritual condition. So here we found something interesting. -----------We look further. -"Living Soul". This expression is translated from the Aramaic word - Nefersh. If we look closer on THIS word - we will find: -Soul (Living soul) -Spirit. -Invisible creature. -The LOWEST spiritual condition.

The last translation - show us - The MAIN difference . between these two words (Nefersh - Ruah). -------------So now we make ourselves a picture - to help us understand, deeper - what we have found, here.

The Ladder of Development (for humans), is an expression most people can relate to. So we expand the expression - to include spirits, as well. The image - becomes: We start on the ladder - for humans. We expand our knowledge of spirituality. When we come - to the top - of the human's ladder, we continue on the ladder - for spirits. The lowest step - on the last ladder - is Nefersh. The second step - on the ladder for spirits - is Ruah. Then the image should be clear enough. -----------We have now - begun to expand our knowledge - about the spiritual. So let us make a temporary conclusion - of what we have found: Ruah - can teach Nefersh, because - Ruah is on a higher level of development, than Nefersh. Well. Since everyone who take the Bible seriously - must admit that: -In the house (in the tent) .. to take Peter, seriously, as he call his body .. house (or tent), depending of what translation you read... .....In the house - live 2 pesons. Ruah and Nefersh.... If you add - Jacob 1,21 to this picture - you can see: Wherefore lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness, and receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your souls. (King James Version. James 1.21)

"The engrafted Word" or "The Word That is Inplanted in us" [older translation] (Ruah) "is able to save your souls" or "is mighty to save your souls" [older transaltion]. (Nefersh) Again we have expanded the picture. Soul and Spirit - is of the same substance, as BOTH are in "The Ladder of Spirits". The difference - is - Insight. Ruah - can save - Nefersh. Meaning .. Ruah knows more -than Nefersh. Ruah - Teacher. Nefersh - Us (our personality, as Nefersh contains it.) ***** Because Soul and Spirit is of the same substance, some people has come to the conclusion: We do not have a soul, but we have a spirit. --As - insight (knowledge, wisdom) - is the only difference between them - it is easy to come to such a conclusion. But if we compare: -We make a robot. -Give him an Artificial Intelligence. (Compare - Ruah). -Have an area of the memory, where he shall put all the conclusions that The Atificial Intelligence comes to - as a result of his observations. (Compare - Nefersh .. personality). This is only a comparison - as close as we can come, if we humans - should try to "copy ourselves" - into this experiment. This comparison - is only meant to illustrate - how easy it can be - to come to the conclusion: This robot has only An Artificial Intelligence - and no personality. (We only have a Spirit - no Soul.) The "soul" - in the example, is "hidden" - as a part of the memory. In reality - we may come very close to a parallell situation. ***** So now we can begin to understand - our own divinity.

When the people were persecuting Jesus and try to stown him - he was asking the people: Which of my good deeds are you stowning me for? They answered: Not your good deeds, but your blasphemy - through claiming that you are The Son of God. Then Jesus make them aware of (through asking): Doesn't your wholy scriptures tell you - that you are Gods? In The Psalm 82,6 - you can find the confirmation of this. -----------We can now conclude - that humans have (at least) two sides: -Matter (which the body belongs to). -Divinity (which the soul belongs to). And - as the soul, is - The REAL us - and the body, is the "house we live in" (according to Peter)... then... Why have we been so clever in developing the first one, and so bad in developing the second one? -Automatics.(Things "wathed" by relays [old and new]) -Computers. -Sensors of many different kinds. -Aeroplanes. -Cars. AND a laguage - that easily cope with complex expressions - in any of these connections. (To mention a few things.) Can "The Letter to The Ephesians" 6,12 - give us a hint? I think - it can. Not only a hint - but an explanation. -------------------------Every part of this explanation (the part about spirituality) has used The Bible, as a foundation. This I say - to those who claim to belive in The Bible. To those - who doesn't belive in The Bible. Does - This Use of The Bible - put a doubt in your mind, saying: "Maybe we haven't read the Bible - thourough enough"? "Maybe it contains wisdom - we havent seen - yet"? (Never too late - you know. Or - maybe we now should be more careful - to use expressions like that, as things may indicate that we are living in the last of times.) Greetings Aage.