The Twelve Passion Gospels

The First Gospel
John 13:31-18:1

SO, WHEN HE HAD GONE OUT, Jesus said, Now the Son of Man is glorified, and God is glorified in Him !f God is glorified in Him, God will also glorif" Him in Himself, and glorif" Him immediatel" #ittle $hildren, ! shall %e with "ou a little while longer &ou will see' Me( and as ! said to the Jews, )Where ! am going, "ou $annot $ome,) so now ! sa" to "ou A new $ommandment ! gi*e to "ou, that "ou lo*e one another( as ! ha*e lo*ed "ou, that "ou also lo*e one another +" this all will 'now that "ou are M" dis$i,les, if "ou ha*e lo*e for one another Simon -eter said to Him, #ord, where are &ou going. Jesus answered him, Where ! am going "ou $annot follow Me now, %ut "ou shall follow Me afterward -eter said to Him, #ord, wh" $an ! not follow &ou now. ! will la" down m" life for &our sa'e Jesus answered him, Will "ou la" down "our life for M" sa'e. Most assuredl", ! sa" to "ou, the rooster shall not $row till "ou ha*e denied Me three times #et not "our heart %e trou%led( "ou %elie*e in God, %elie*e also in Me !n M" /ather)s house are man" mansions( if it were not so, ! would ha*e told "ou ! go to ,re,are a ,la$e for "ou And if ! go and ,re,are a ,la$e for "ou, ! will $ome again and re$ei*e "ou to M"self( that where ! am, there "ou ma" %e also And where ! go "ou 'now, and the wa" "ou 'now Thomas said to Him, #ord, we do not 'now where &ou are going, and how $an we 'now the wa". Jesus said to him, ! am the wa", the truth, and the life No one $omes to the /ather e0$e,t through Me !f "ou had 'nown Me, "ou would ha*e 'nown M" /ather also( and from now on "ou 'now Him and ha*e seen Him -hili, said to Him, #ord, show us the /ather, and it is suffi$ient for us Jesus said to him, Ha*e ! %een with "ou so long, and "et "ou ha*e not 'nown Me, -hili,. He who has seen Me has seen the /ather( so how $an "ou sa", )Show us the /ather). Do "ou not %elie*e that ! am in the /ather, and the /ather in Me. The words that ! s,ea' to "ou ! do not s,ea' on M" own authorit"( %ut the /ather who dwells in Me does the wor's +elie*e Me that ! am in the /ather and the /ather in Me, or else %elie*e Me for the sa'e of the wor's themsel*es Most assuredl", ! sa" to "ou, he who %elie*es in Me, the wor's that ! do he will do also( and greater wor's than these he will do, %e$ause ! go to M" /ather And

whate*er "ou as' in M" name, that ! will do, that the /ather ma" %e glorified in the Son !f "ou as' an"thing in M" name, ! will do it !f "ou lo*e Me, 'ee, M" $ommandments And ! will ,ra" the /ather, and He will gi*e "ou another Hel,er, that He ma" a%ide with "ou fore*er( the S,irit of truth, whom the world $annot re$ei*e, %e$ause it neither sees Him nor 'nows Him( %ut "ou 'now Him, for He dwells with "ou and will %e in "ou ! will not lea*e "ou or,hans( ! will $ome to "ou A little while longer and the world will see Me no more, %ut "ou will see Me +e$ause ! li*e, "ou will li*e also At that da" "ou will 'now that ! am in M" /ather, and "ou in Me, and ! in "ou He who has M" $ommandments and 'ee,s them, it is he who lo*es Me And he who lo*es Me will %e lo*ed %" M" /ather, and ! will lo*e him and manifest M"self to him Judas 1not !s$ariot2 said to Him, #ord, how is it that &ou will manifest &ourself to us, and not to the world. Jesus answered and said to him, !f an"one lo*es Me, he will 'ee, M" word( and M" /ather will lo*e him, and We will $ome to him and ma'e Our home with him He who does not lo*e Me does not 'ee, M" words( and the word whi$h "ou hear is not Mine %ut the /ather)s who sent Me These things ! ha*e s,o'en to "ou while %eing ,resent with "ou +ut the Hel,er, the Hol" S,irit, whom the /ather will send in M" name, He will tea$h "ou all things, and %ring to "our remem%ran$e all things that ! said to "ou -ea$e ! lea*e with "ou, M" ,ea$e ! gi*e to "ou( not as the world gi*es do ! gi*e to "ou #et not "our heart %e trou%led, neither let it %e afraid &ou ha*e heard Me sa" to "ou, )! am going awa" and $oming %a$' to "ou ) !f "ou lo*ed Me, "ou would re3oi$e %e$ause ! said, )! am going to the /ather,) for M" /ather is greater than ! And now ! ha*e told "ou %efore it $omes, that when it does $ome to ,ass, "ou ma" %elie*e ! will no longer tal' mu$h with "ou, for the ruler of this world is $oming, and he has nothing in Me +ut that the world ma" 'now that ! lo*e the /ather, and as the /ather ga*e Me $ommandment, so ! do Arise, let us go from here ! am the true *ine, and M" /ather is the *inedresser E*er" %ran$h in Me that does not %ear fruit He ta'es awa"( and e*er" %ran$h that %ears fruit He ,runes, that it ma" %ear more fruit &ou are alread" $lean %e$ause of the word whi$h ! ha*e s,o'en to "ou A%ide in Me, and ! in "ou As the %ran$h $annot %ear fruit of itself, unless it a%ides in the *ine, neither $an "ou, unless "ou a%ide in Me ! am the *ine, "ou are the %ran$hes He who a%ides in Me, and ! in him, %ears mu$h fruit( for without Me "ou $an do nothing !f an"one does not a%ide in Me, he is $ast out as a %ran$h and is withered( and the" gather them and throw them into the fire, and the" are %urned !f "ou a%ide in Me, and M" words a%ide in "ou, "ou will as' what "ou desire, and it shall %e done for "ou +" this M" /ather is glorified, that "ou %ear mu$h fruit( so "ou will %e M"

dis$i,les As the /ather lo*ed Me, ! also ha*e lo*ed "ou( a%ide in M" lo*e !f "ou 'ee, M" $ommandments, "ou will a%ide in M" lo*e, 3ust as ! ha*e 'e,t M" /ather)s $ommandments and a%ide in His lo*e These things ! ha*e s,o'en to "ou, that M" 3o" ma" remain in "ou, and that "our 3o" ma" %e full This is M" $ommandment, that "ou lo*e one another as ! ha*e lo*ed "ou Greater lo*e has no one than this, than to la" down one)s life for his friends &ou are M" friends if "ou do whate*er ! $ommand "ou No longer do ! $all "ou ser*ants, for a ser*ant does not 'now what his master is doing( %ut ! ha*e $alled "ou friends, for all things that ! heard from M" /ather ! ha*e made 'nown to "ou &ou did not $hoose Me, %ut ! $hose "ou and a,,ointed "ou that "ou should go and %ear fruit, and that "our fruit should remain, that whate*er "ou as' the /ather in M" name He ma" gi*e "ou These things ! $ommand "ou, that "ou lo*e one another !f the world hates "ou, "ou 'now that it hated Me %efore it hated "ou !f "ou were of the world, the world would lo*e its own &et %e$ause "ou are not of the world, %ut ! $hose "ou out of the world, therefore the world hates "ou 4emem%er the word that ! said to "ou, )A ser*ant is not greater than his master ) !f the" ,erse$uted Me, the" will also ,erse$ute "ou !f the" 'e,t M" word, the" will 'ee, "ours also +ut all these things the" will do to "ou for M" name)s sa'e, %e$ause the" do not 'now Him who sent Me !f ! had not $ome and s,o'en to them, the" would ha*e no sin, %ut now the" ha*e no e0$use for their sin He who hates Me hates M" /ather also !f ! had not done among them the wor's whi$h no one else did, the" would ha*e no sin( %ut now the" ha*e seen and also hated %oth Me and M" /ather +ut this ha,,ened that the word might %e fulfilled whi$h is written in their law, )The" hated Me without a $ause ) +ut when the Hel,er $omes, whom ! shall send to "ou from the /ather, the S,irit of truth who ,ro$eeds from the /ather, He will testif" of Me And "ou also will %ear witness, %e$ause "ou ha*e %een with Me from the %eginning These things ! ha*e s,o'en to "ou, that "ou should not %e made to stum%le The" will ,ut "ou out of the s"nagogues( "es, the time is $oming that whoe*er 'ills "ou will thin' that he offers God ser*i$e And these things the" will do to "ou %e$ause the" ha*e not 'nown the /ather nor Me +ut these things ! ha*e told "ou, that when the time $omes, "ou ma" remem%er that ! told "ou of them And these things ! did not sa" to "ou at the %eginning, %e$ause ! was with "ou +ut now ! go awa" to Him who sent Me, and none of "ou as's Me, )Where are &ou going.) +ut %e$ause ! ha*e said these things to "ou, sorrow has filled "our heart Ne*ertheless ! tell "ou the truth !t is to "our ad*antage that ! go awa"( for if ! do not go awa", the Hel,er will not $ome to "ou( %ut if ! de,art, ! will send Him to "ou And when He has $ome, He will $on*i$t the world of sin, and of

righteousness, and of 3udgment5 of sin, %e$ause the" do not %elie*e in Me( of righteousness, %e$ause ! go to M" /ather and "ou see Me no more( of 3udgment, %e$ause the ruler of this world is 3udged ! still ha*e man" things to sa" to "ou, %ut "ou $annot %ear them now Howe*er, when He, the S,irit of truth, has $ome, He will guide "ou into all truth( for He will not s,ea' on His own authorit", %ut whate*er He hears He will s,ea'( and He will tell "ou things to $ome He will glorif" Me, for He will ta'e of what is Mine and de$lare it to "ou All things that the /ather has are Mine Therefore ! said that He will ta'e of Mine and de$lare it to "ou A little while, and "ou will not see Me( and again a little while, and "ou will see Me, %e$ause ! go to the /ather Then some of His dis$i,les said among themsel*es, What is this that He sa"s to us, )A little while, and "ou will not see Me( and again a little while, and "ou will see Me)( and, )%e$ause ! go to the /ather). The" said therefore, What is this that He sa"s, )A little while). We do not 'now what He is sa"ing Now Jesus 'new that the" desired to as' Him, and He said to them, Are "ou in6uiring among "oursel*es a%out what ! said, )A little while, and "ou will not see Me( and again a little while, and "ou will see Me). Most assuredl", ! sa" to "ou that "ou will wee, and lament, %ut the world will re3oi$e( and "ou will %e sorrowful, %ut "our sorrow will %e turned into 3o" A woman, when she is in la%or, has sorrow %e$ause her hour has $ome( %ut as soon as she has gi*en %irth to the $hild, she no longer remem%ers the anguish, for 3o" that a human %eing has %een %orn into the world Therefore "ou now ha*e sorrow( %ut ! will see "ou again and "our heart will re3oi$e, and "our 3o" no one will ta'e from "ou And in that da" "ou will as' Me nothing Most assuredl", ! sa" to "ou, whate*er "ou as' the /ather in M" name He will gi*e "ou Until now "ou ha*e as'ed nothing in M" name As', and "ou will re$ei*e, that "our 3o" ma" %e full These things ! ha*e s,o'en to "ou in figurati*e language( %ut the time is $oming when ! will no longer s,ea' to "ou in figurati*e language, %ut ! will tell "ou ,lainl" a%out the /ather !n that da" "ou will as' in M" name, and ! do not sa" to "ou that ! shall ,ra" the /ather for "ou( for the /ather Himself lo*es "ou, %e$ause "ou ha*e lo*ed Me, and ha*e %elie*ed that ! $ame forth from God ! $ame forth from the /ather and ha*e $ome into the world Again, ! lea*e the world and go to the /ather His dis$i,les said to Him, See, now &ou are s,ea'ing ,lainl", and using no figure of s,ee$h7 Now we are sure that &ou 'now all things, and ha*e no need that an"one should 6uestion &ou +" this we %elie*e that &ou $ame forth from God Jesus answered them, Do "ou now %elie*e. !ndeed the hour is $oming, "es, has now $ome, that "ou will %e s$attered, ea$h to his own, and will lea*e Me alone And "et ! am not alone, %e$ause the /ather is with Me These things ! ha*e s,o'en to "ou, that in Me "ou ma" ha*e ,ea$e !n the world "ou will ha*e

tri%ulation( %ut %e of good $heer, ! ha*e o*er$ome the world Jesus s,o'e these words, lifted u, His e"es to hea*en, and said5 /ather, the hour has $ome Glorif" &our Son, that &our Son also ma" glorif" &ou, as &ou ha*e gi*en Him authorit" o*er all flesh, that He should gi*e eternal life to as man" as &ou ha*e gi*en Him And this is eternal life, that the" ma" 'now &ou, the onl" true God, and Jesus 8hrist whom &ou ha*e sent ! ha*e glorified &ou on the earth ! ha*e finished the wor' whi$h &ou ha*e gi*en Me to do And now, O /ather, glorif" Me together with &ourself, with the glor" whi$h ! had with &ou %efore the world was ! ha*e manifested &our name to the men whom &ou ha*e gi*en Me out of the world The" were &ours, &ou ga*e them to Me, and the" ha*e 'e,t &our word Now the" ha*e 'nown that all things whi$h &ou ha*e gi*en Me are from &ou /or ! ha*e gi*en to them the words whi$h &ou ha*e gi*en Me( and the" ha*e re$ei*ed them, and ha*e 'nown surel" that ! $ame forth from &ou( and the" ha*e %elie*ed that &ou sent Me ! ,ra" for them ! do not ,ra" for the world %ut for those whom &ou ha*e gi*en Me, for the" are &ours And all Mine are &ours, and &ours are Mine, and ! am glorified in them Now ! am no longer in the world, %ut these are in the world, and ! $ome to &ou Hol" /ather, 'ee, through &our name those whom &ou ha*e gi*en Me, that the" ma" %e one as We are While ! was with them in the world, ! 'e,t them in &our name Those whom &ou ga*e Me ! ha*e 'e,t( and none of them is lost e0$e,t the son of ,erdition, that the S$ri,ture might %e fulfilled +ut now ! $ome to &ou, and these things ! s,ea' in the world, that the" ma" ha*e M" 3o" fulfilled in themsel*es ! ha*e gi*en them &our word( and the world has hated them %e$ause the" are not of the world, 3ust as ! am not of the world ! do not ,ra" that &ou should ta'e them out of the world, %ut that &ou should 'ee, them from the e*il one The" are not of the world, 3ust as ! am not of the world San$tif" them %" &our truth &our word is truth As &ou sent Me into the world, ! also ha*e sent them into the world And for their sa'es ! san$tif" M"self, that the" also ma" %e san$tified %" the truth ! do not ,ra" for these alone, %ut also for those who will %elie*e in Me through their word( that the" all ma" %e one, as &ou, /ather, are in Me, and ! in &ou( that the" also ma" %e one in Us, that the world ma" %elie*e that &ou sent Me And the glor" whi$h &ou ga*e Me ! ha*e gi*en them, that the" ma" %e one 3ust as We are one5 ! in them, and &ou in Me( that the" ma" %e made ,erfe$t in one, and that the world ma" 'now that &ou ha*e sent Me, and ha*e lo*ed them as &ou ha*e lo*ed Me /ather, ! desire that the" also whom &ou ga*e Me ma" %e with Me where ! am, that the" ma" %ehold M" glor" whi$h &ou ha*e gi*en Me( for &ou lo*ed Me %efore the foundation of the world

O righteous /ather7 The world has not 'nown &ou, %ut ! ha*e 'nown &ou( and these ha*e 'nown that &ou sent Me And ! ha*e de$lared to them &our name, and will de$lare it, that the lo*e with whi$h &ou lo*ed Me ma" %e in them, and ! in them When Jesus had s,o'en these words, He went out with His dis$i,les o*er the +roo' 9idron, where there was a garden, whi$h He and His dis$i,les entered

The Second Gospel
John 18:1-28 Jesus went out with His dis$i,les o*er the +roo' 9idron, where there was a garden, whi$h He and His dis$i,les entered And Judas, who %etra"ed Him, also 'new the ,la$e( for Jesus often met there with His dis$i,les Then Judas, ha*ing re$ei*ed a deta$hment of troo,s, and offi$ers from the $hief ,riests and -harisees, $ame there with lanterns, tor$hes, and wea,ons Jesus therefore, 'nowing all things that would $ome u,on Him, went forward and said to them, Whom are "ou see'ing. The" answered Him, Jesus of Na:areth Jesus said to them, ! am He And Judas, who %etra"ed Him, also stood with them Now when He said to them, ! am He, the" drew %a$' and fell to the ground Then He as'ed them again, Whom are "ou see'ing. And the" said, Jesus of Na:areth Jesus answered, ! ha*e told "ou that ! am He Therefore, if "ou see' Me, let these go their wa", that the sa"ing might %e fulfilled whi$h He s,o'e, Of those whom &ou ga*e Me ! ha*e lost none Then Simon -eter, ha*ing a sword, drew it and stru$' the high ,riest)s ser*ant, and $ut off his right ear The ser*ant)s name was Mal$hus So Jesus said to -eter, -ut "our sword into the sheath Shall ! not drin' the $u, whi$h M" /ather has gi*en Me. Then the deta$hment of troo,s and the $a,tain and the offi$ers of the Jews arrested Jesus and %ound Him And the" led Him awa" to Annas first, for he was the father;in;law of 8aia,has who was high ,riest that "ear Now it was 8aia,has who ad*ised the Jews that it was e0,edient that one man should die for the ,eo,le And Simon -eter followed Jesus, and so did another dis$i,le Now that dis$i,le was 'nown to the high ,riest, and went with Jesus into the $ourt"ard of the high ,riest +ut -eter stood at the door outside Then the other dis$i,le, who was 'nown to the high ,riest, went out and s,o'e to her who 'e,t the door, and %rought -eter in Then the ser*ant girl who 'e,t the door said to -eter, &ou are not also one of this Man)s dis$i,les, are "ou. He said, ! am not Now the ser*ants and offi$ers who had made a fire of $oals stood there, for it was $old, and the" warmed themsel*es And -eter stood with them and warmed himself The high ,riest then as'ed Jesus a%out His dis$i,les and His do$trine Jesus

answered him, ! s,o'e o,enl" to the world ! alwa"s taught in s"nagogues and in the tem,le, where the Jews alwa"s meet, and in se$ret ! ha*e said nothing Wh" do "ou as' Me. As' those who ha*e heard Me what ! said to them !ndeed the" 'now what ! said And when He had said these things, one of the offi$ers who stood %" stru$' Jesus with the ,alm of his hand, sa"ing, Do &ou answer the high ,riest li'e that. Jesus answered him, !f ! ha*e s,o'en e*il, %ear witness of the e*il( %ut if well, wh" do "ou stri'e Me. Then Annas sent Him %ound to 8aia,has the high ,riest Now Simon -eter stood and warmed himself Therefore the" said to him, &ou are not also one of His dis$i,les, are "ou. He denied it and said, ! am not7 One of the ser*ants of the high ,riest, a relati*e of him whose ear -eter $ut off, said, Did ! not see "ou in the garden with Him. -eter then denied again( and immediatel" a rooster $rowed Then the" led Jesus from 8aia,has to the -raetorium, and it was earl" morning +ut the" themsel*es did not go into the -raetorium, lest the" should %e defiled, %ut that the" might eat the -asso*er

The Third Gospel
Mat 26:57-75 The soldiers had laid hold of Jesus and led Him awa" to 8aia,has the high ,riest, where the s$ri%es and the elders were assem%led +ut -eter followed Him at a distan$e to the high ,riest)s $ourt"ard And he went in and sat with the ser*ants to see the end Now the $hief ,riests, the elders, and all the $oun$il sought false testimon" against Jesus to ,ut Him to death, %ut found none E*en though man" false witnesses $ame forward, the" found none +ut at last two false witnesses $ame forward and said, This fellow said, )! am a%le to destro" the tem,le of God and to %uild it in three da"s ) And the high ,riest arose and said to Him, Do &ou answer nothing. What is it these men testif" against &ou. +ut Jesus 'e,t silent And the high ,riest answered and said to Him, ! ,ut &ou under oath %" the li*ing God5 Tell us if &ou are the 8hrist, the Son of God7 Jesus said to him, !t is as "ou said Ne*ertheless, ! sa" to "ou, hereafter "ou will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the -ower, and $oming on the $louds of hea*en Then the high ,riest tore his $lothes, sa"ing, He has s,o'en %las,hem"7 What further need do we ha*e of witnesses. #oo', now "ou ha*e heard His %las,hem"7 What do "ou thin'. The" answered and said, He is deser*ing of death Then the" s,at in His fa$e and %eat Him( and others stru$' Him with the ,alms of their hands, sa"ing, -ro,hes" to us, 8hrist7 Who is the one who stru$' &ou. Now -eter sat outside in the $ourt"ard And a ser*ant girl $ame to him, sa"ing, &ou also were with Jesus of Galilee +ut he denied it %efore them all, sa"ing, ! do not 'now what "ou are sa"ing And when he had gone out to the gatewa", another girl saw him and said to those who were there, This fellow also was with Jesus of Na:areth +ut again he denied with an oath, ! do not 'now the Man7

And a little later those who stood %" $ame u, and said to -eter, Surel" "ou also are one of them, for "our s,ee$h %etra"s "ou Then he %egan to $urse and swear, sa"ing, ! do not 'now the Man7 !mmediatel" a rooster $rowed And -eter remem%ered the word of Jesus who had said to him, +efore the rooster $rows, "ou will den" Me three times So he went out and we,t %itterl"

The Fourth Gospel
John 18:28-19:16 Then the" led Jesus from 8aia,has to the -raetorium, and it was earl" morning +ut the" themsel*es did not go into the -raetorium, lest the" should %e defiled, %ut that the" might eat the -asso*er -ilate then went out to them and said, What a$$usation do "ou %ring against this Man. The" answered and said to him, !f He were not an e*ildoer, we would not ha*e deli*ered Him u, to "ou Then -ilate said to them, &ou ta'e Him and 3udge Him a$$ording to "our law Therefore the Jews said to him, !t is not lawful for us to ,ut an"one to death, that the sa"ing of Jesus might %e fulfilled whi$h He s,o'e, signif"ing %" what death He would die Then -ilate entered the -raetorium again, $alled Jesus, and said to Him, Are &ou the 9ing of the Jews. Jesus answered him, Are "ou s,ea'ing for "ourself a%out this, or did others tell "ou this $on$erning Me. -ilate answered, Am ! a Jew. &our own nation and the $hief ,riests ha*e deli*ered &ou to me What ha*e &ou done. Jesus answered, M" 'ingdom is not of this world !f M" 'ingdom were of this world, M" ser*ants would fight, so that ! should not %e deli*ered to the Jews( %ut now M" 'ingdom is not from here -ilate therefore said to Him, Are &ou a 'ing then. Jesus answered, &ou sa" rightl" that ! am a 'ing /or this $ause ! was %orn, and for this $ause ! ha*e $ome into the world, that ! should %ear witness to the truth E*er"one who is of the truth hears M" *oi$e -ilate said to Him, What is truth. And when he had said this, he went out again to the Jews, and said to them, ! find no fault in Him at all +ut "ou ha*e a $ustom that ! should release someone to "ou at the -asso*er Do "ou therefore want me to release to "ou the 9ing of the Jews. Then the" all $ried again, sa"ing, Not this Man, %ut +ara%%as7 Now +ara%%as was a ro%%er So then -ilate too' Jesus and s$ourged Him And the soldiers twisted a $rown of thorns and ,ut it on His head, and the" ,ut on Him a ,ur,le ro%e Then the" said, Hail, 9ing of the Jews7 And the" stru$' Him with their hands -ilate then went out again, and said to them, +ehold, ! am %ringing Him out to "ou, that "ou ma" 'now that ! find no fault in Him Then Jesus $ame out, wearing the $rown of thorns and the ,ur,le ro%e And -ilate said to them, +ehold the Man7 Therefore, when the $hief ,riests and offi$ers saw Him, the" $ried out, sa"ing, 8ru$if" Him, $ru$if" Him7 -ilate said to them, &ou ta'e Him and $ru$if" Him, for !

find no fault in Him The Jews answered him, We ha*e a law, and a$$ording to our law He ought to die, %e$ause He made Himself the Son of God Therefore, when -ilate heard that sa"ing, he was the more afraid, and went again into the -raetorium, and said to Jesus, Where are &ou from. +ut Jesus ga*e him no answer Then -ilate said to Him, Are &ou not s,ea'ing to me. Do &ou not 'now that ! ha*e ,ower to $ru$if" &ou, and ,ower to release &ou. Jesus answered, &ou $ould ha*e no ,ower at all against Me unless it had %een gi*en "ou from a%o*e Therefore the one who deli*ered Me to "ou has the greater sin /rom then on -ilate sought to release Him, %ut the Jews $ried out, sa"ing, !f "ou let this Man go, "ou are not 8aesar)s friend Whoe*er ma'es himself a 'ing s,ea's against 8aesar When -ilate therefore heard that sa"ing, he %rought Jesus out and sat down in the 3udgment seat in a ,la$e that is $alled The -a*ement, %ut in He%rew, Ga%%atha Now it was the -re,aration Da" of the -asso*er, and a%out the si0th hour And he said to the Jews, +ehold "our 9ing7 +ut the" $ried out, Awa" with Him, awa" with Him7 8ru$if" Him7 -ilate said to them, Shall ! $ru$if" "our 9ing. The $hief ,riests answered, We ha*e no 'ing %ut 8aesar7 Then he deli*ered Him to them to %e $ru$ified So the" too' Jesus and led Him awa"

The Fifth Gospel
Mat 27:3-32 Then Judas, His %etra"er, seeing that He had %een $ondemned, was remorseful and %rought %a$' the thirt" ,ie$es of sil*er to the $hief ,riests and elders, sa"ing, ! ha*e sinned %" %etra"ing inno$ent %lood And the" said, What is that to us. &ou see to it7 Then he threw down the ,ie$es of sil*er in the tem,le and de,arted, and went and hanged himself +ut the $hief ,riests too' the sil*er ,ie$es and said, !t is not lawful to ,ut them into the treasur", %e$ause the" are the ,ri$e of %lood And the" $onsulted together and %ought with them the ,otter)s field, to %ur" strangers in Therefore that field has %een $alled the /ield of +lood to this da" Then was fulfilled what was s,o'en %" Jeremiah the ,ro,het, sa"ing, And the" too' the thirt" ,ie$es of sil*er, the *alue of Him who was ,ri$ed, whom the" of the $hildren of !srael ,ri$ed, and ga*e them for the ,otter)s field, as the #O4D dire$ted me Now Jesus stood %efore the go*ernor And the go*ernor as'ed Him, sa"ing, Are &ou the 9ing of the Jews. So Jesus said to him, !t is as "ou sa" And while He was %eing a$$used %" the $hief ,riests and elders, He answered nothing Then -ilate said to Him, Do &ou not hear how man" things the" testif" against &ou. +ut He answered him not one word, so that the go*ernor mar*eled greatl" Now at the feast the go*ernor was a$$ustomed to releasing to the multitude one ,risoner whom the" wished And at that time the" had a notorious ,risoner

$alled +ara%%as Therefore, when the" had gathered together, -ilate said to them, Whom do "ou want me to release to "ou. +ara%%as, or Jesus who is $alled 8hrist. /or he 'new that the" had handed Him o*er %e$ause of en*" While he was sitting on the 3udgment seat, his wife sent to him, sa"ing, Ha*e nothing to do with that 3ust Man, for ! ha*e suffered man" things toda" in a dream %e$ause of Him +ut the $hief ,riests and elders ,ersuaded the multitudes that the" should as' for +ara%%as and destro" Jesus The go*ernor answered and said to them, Whi$h of the two do "ou want me to release to "ou. The" said, +ara%%as7 -ilate said to them, What then shall ! do with Jesus who is $alled 8hrist. The" all said to him, #et Him %e $ru$ified7 Then the go*ernor said, Wh", what e*il has He done. +ut the" $ried out all the more, sa"ing, #et Him %e $ru$ified7 When -ilate saw that he $ould not ,re*ail at all, %ut rather that a tumult was rising, he too' water and washed his hands %efore the multitude, sa"ing, ! am inno$ent of the %lood of this 3ust -erson &ou see to it And all the ,eo,le answered and said, His %lood %e on us and on our $hildren Then he released +ara%%as to them( and when he had s$ourged Jesus, he deli*ered Him to %e $ru$ified Then the soldiers of the go*ernor too' Jesus into the -raetorium and gathered the whole garrison around Him And the" stri,,ed Him and ,ut a s$arlet ro%e on Him When the" had twisted a $rown of thorns, the" ,ut it on His head, and a reed in His right hand And the" %owed the 'nee %efore Him and mo$'ed Him, sa"ing, Hail, 9ing of the Jews7 Then the" s,at on Him, and too' the reed and stru$' Him on the head And when the" had mo$'ed Him, the" too' the ro%e off Him, ,ut His own $lothes on Him, and led Him awa" to %e $ru$ified Now as the" $ame out, the" found a man of 8"rene, Simon %" name Him the" $om,elled to %ear His $ross

The Sixth Gospel
Mark 15:16-32 Then the soldiers led Him awa" into the hall $alled -raetorium, and the" $alled together the whole garrison And the" $lothed Him with ,ur,le( and the" twisted a $rown of thorns, ,ut it on His head, and %egan to salute Him, Hail, 9ing of the Jews7 Then the" stru$' Him on the head with a reed and s,at on Him( and %owing the 'nee, the" worshi,ed Him And when the" had mo$'ed Him, the" too' the ,ur,le off Him, ,ut His own $lothes on Him, and led Him out to $ru$if" Him Then the" $om,elled a $ertain man, Simon a 8"renian, the father of Ale0ander and 4ufus, as he was $oming out of the $ountr" and ,assing %", to %ear His $ross And the" %rought Him to the ,la$e Golgotha, whi$h is translated, -la$e of a S'ull Then the" ga*e Him wine mingled with m"rrh to drin', %ut He did not ta'e it

And when the" $ru$ified Him, the" di*ided His garments, $asting lots for them to determine what e*er" man should ta'e Now it was the third hour, and the" $ru$ified Him And the ins$ri,tion of His a$$usation was written a%o*e5 THE 9!NG O/ THE JEWS With Him the" also $ru$ified two ro%%ers, one on His right and the other on His left So the S$ri,ture was fulfilled whi$h sa"s, And He was num%ered with the transgressors And those who ,assed %" %las,hemed Him, wagging their heads and sa"ing, Aha7 &ou who destro" the tem,le and %uild it in three da"s, sa*e &ourself, and $ome down from the $ross7 #i'ewise the $hief ,riests also, mo$'ing among themsel*es with the s$ri%es, said, He sa*ed others( Himself He $annot sa*e #et the 8hrist, the 9ing of !srael, des$end now from the $ross, that we ma" see and %elie*e

The Seventh Gospel
Mat 27:33-54 When the" had $ome to a ,la$e $alled Golgotha, that is to sa", -la$e of a S'ull, the" ga*e Him sour wine mingled with gall to drin' +ut when He had tasted it, He would not drin' Then the" $ru$ified Him, and di*ided His garments, $asting lots, that it might %e fulfilled whi$h was s,o'en %" the ,ro,het5 The" di*ided M" garments among them, And for M" $lothing the" $ast lots Sitting down, the" 'e,t wat$h o*er Him there And the" ,ut u, o*er His head the a$$usation written against Him5 this is Jesus the 'ing of the Jews Then two ro%%ers were $ru$ified with Him, one on the right and another on the left And those who ,assed %" %las,hemed Him, wagging their heads and sa"ing, &ou who destro" the tem,le and %uild it in three da"s, sa*e &ourself7 !f &ou are the Son of God, $ome down from the $ross #i'ewise the $hief ,riests also, mo$'ing with the s$ri%es and elders, said, He sa*ed others( Himself He $annot sa*e !f He is the 9ing of !srael, let Him now $ome down from the $ross, and we will %elie*e Him He trusted in God( let Him deli*er Him now if He will ha*e Him( for He said, )! am the Son of God ) E*en the ro%%ers who were $ru$ified with Him re*iled Him with the same thing Now from the si0th hour until the ninth hour there was dar'ness o*er all the land And a%out the ninth hour Jesus $ried out with a loud *oi$e, sa"ing, Eli, Eli, lama sa%a$hthani. that is, M" God, M" God, wh" ha*e &ou forsa'en Me. Some of those who stood there, when the" heard that, said, This Man is $alling for Eli3ah7 !mmediatel" one of them ran and too' a s,onge, filled it with sour wine and ,ut it on a reed, and offered it to Him to drin' The rest said, #et Him alone( let us see if Eli3ah will $ome to sa*e Him And Jesus $ried out again with a loud *oi$e, and "ielded u, His s,irit Then, %ehold, the *eil of the tem,le was torn in two from to, to %ottom( and the earth 6ua'ed, and the ro$'s were s,lit, and the gra*es were o,ened( and man" %odies of the saints who had fallen aslee, were

raised( and $oming out of the gra*es after His resurre$tion, the" went into the hol" $it" and a,,eared to man" So when the $enturion and those with him, who were guarding Jesus, saw the earth6ua'e and the things that had ha,,ened, the" feared greatl", sa"ing, Trul" this was the Son of God7

The Eighth Gospel
Luke 23:32-49 There were also two others, $riminals, led with Him to %e ,ut to death And when the" had $ome to the ,la$e $alled 8al*ar", there the" $ru$ified Him, and the $riminals, one on the right hand and the other on the left Then Jesus said, /ather, forgi*e them, for the" do not 'now what the" do And the" di*ided His garments and $ast lots And the ,eo,le stood loo'ing on +ut e*en the rulers with them sneered, sa"ing, He sa*ed others( let Him sa*e Himself if He is the 8hrist, the $hosen of God The soldiers also mo$'ed Him, $oming and offering Him sour wine, and sa"ing, !f &ou are the 9ing of the Jews, sa*e &ourself And an ins$ri,tion also was written o*er Him in letters of Gree', #atin, and He%rew5 this is the 'ing of the Jews Then one of the $riminals who were hanged %las,hemed Him, sa"ing, !f &ou are the 8hrist, sa*e &ourself and us +ut the other, answering, re%u'ed him, sa"ing, Do "ou not e*en fear God, seeing "ou are under the same $ondemnation. And we indeed 3ustl", for we re$ei*e the due reward of our deeds( %ut this Man has done nothing wrong Then he said to Jesus, #ord, remem%er me when &ou $ome into &our 'ingdom And Jesus said to him, Assuredl", ! sa" to "ou, toda" "ou will %e with Me in -aradise Now it was a%out the si0th hour, and there was dar'ness o*er all the earth until the ninth hour Then the sun was dar'ened, and the *eil of the tem,le was torn in two And when Jesus had $ried out with a loud *oi$e, He said, /ather, )into &our hands ! $ommit M" s,irit ) Ha*ing said this, He %reathed His last So when the $enturion saw what had ha,,ened, he glorified God, sa"ing, 8ertainl" this was a righteous Man7 And the whole $rowd who $ame together to that sight, seeing what had %een done, %eat their %reasts and returned +ut all His a$6uaintan$es, and the women who followed Him from Galilee, stood at a distan$e, wat$hing these things

The Ninth Gospel
John 19:25-37 Now there stood %" the $ross of Jesus His mother, and His mother)s sister, Mar" the wife of 8leo,as, and Mar" Magdalene When Jesus therefore saw His mother, and the dis$i,le whom He lo*ed standing %", He said to His mother, Woman, %ehold "our son7 Then He said to the dis$i,le, +ehold "our mother7 And from that hour that dis$i,le too' her to his own home After this, Jesus, 'nowing that all things were now a$$om,lished, that the S$ri,ture might %e fulfilled, said, ! thirst7 Now a *essel full of sour wine was sitting there( and the" filled a s,onge with sour wine, ,ut it on h"sso,, and ,ut it to His mouth So when Jesus had re$ei*ed the sour wine, He said, !t is finished7 And %owing His head, He ga*e u, His s,irit Therefore, %e$ause it was the -re,aration Da", that the %odies should not remain on the $ross on the Sa%%ath 1for that Sa%%ath was a high da"2, the Jews as'ed -ilate that their legs might %e %ro'en, and that the" might %e ta'en awa" Then the soldiers $ame and %ro'e the legs of the first and of the other who was $ru$ified with Him +ut when the" $ame to Jesus and saw that He was alread" dead, the" did not %rea' His legs +ut one of the soldiers ,ier$ed His side with a s,ear, and immediatel" %lood and water $ame out And he who has seen has testified, and his testimon" is true( and he 'nows that he is telling the truth, so that "ou ma" %elie*e /or these things were done that the S$ri,ture should %e fulfilled, Not one of His %ones shall %e %ro'en And again another S$ri,ture sa"s, The" shall loo' on Him whom the" ,ier$ed

The Tenth Gospel
Mark 15:43-47 Jose,h of Arimathea, a ,rominent $oun$il mem%er, who was himself waiting for the 'ingdom of God, $oming and ta'ing $ourage, went in to -ilate and as'ed for the %od" of Jesus -ilate mar*eled that He was alread" dead( and summoning the $enturion, he as'ed him if He had %een dead for some time So when he found out from the $enturion, he granted the %od" to Jose,h Then he %ought fine linen, too' Him down, and wra,,ed Him in the linen And he laid Him in a tom% whi$h had %een hewn out of the ro$', and rolled a stone against the door of the tom% And Mar" Magdalene and Mar" the mother of Joses o%ser*ed where He was laid

The Eleventh Gospel
John 19:38-42 After this, Jose,h of Arimathea, %eing a dis$i,le of Jesus, %ut se$retl", for fear of the Jews, as'ed -ilate that he might ta'e awa" the %od" of Jesus( and -ilate ga*e him ,ermission So he $ame and too' the %od" of Jesus And Ni$odemus, who at first $ame to Jesus %" night, also $ame, %ringing a mi0ture of m"rrh and aloes, a%out a hundred ,ounds Then the" too' the %od" of Jesus, and %ound it in stri,s of linen with the s,i$es, as the $ustom of the Jews is to %ur" Now in the ,la$e where He was $ru$ified there was a garden, and in the garden a new tom% in whi$h no one had "et %een laid So there the" laid Jesus, %e$ause of the Jews) -re,aration Da", for the tom% was near%"

The Twelfth Gospel
Mat 27:62-66 On the ne0t da", whi$h followed the Da" of -re,aration, the $hief ,riests and -harisees gathered together to -ilate, sa"ing, Sir, we remem%er, while He was still ali*e, how that de$ei*er said, )After three da"s ! will rise ) Therefore $ommand that the tom% %e made se$ure until the third da", lest His dis$i,les $ome %" night and steal Him awa", and sa" to the ,eo,le, )He has risen from the dead ) So the last de$e,tion will %e worse than the first -ilate said to them, &ou ha*e a guard( go "our wa", ma'e it as se$ure as "ou 'now how So the" went and made the tom% se$ure, sealing the stone and setting the guard

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