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Program Objective This one-day program/workshop will address all your major queries related to marketing via Facebook. The workshop will equip you with tips and best practices, which will enable you to activate your Facebook Marketing efforts on the right path. Whether you are new to use Facebook for marketing or have been using it for your brand for a while, this workshop will empower you to make improvements. Key Take Away 1. How Facebook can help you achieve your marketing objectives? 2. How to engage your target audience on Facebook consistently? 3. How to build an effective content strategy for Facebook? 4. What to do with your current fan base on Facebook? 5. How to use Facebook Apps for marketing? 6. How to reduce cost-per fan? 7. How to advertise on Facebook ? 8. How to decode the Facebook Analytics & Insights? Session 1: Introduction to Facebook Marketing 1. Facebook: Social Network or Platform 2. Social Media Basics and Paradigms 3. Facebook: Milestones and Stats 4. Everything Starts with Your Facebook Page (Create and Configure Your Facebook Page) 5. The new Facebook Page elements and tools Session 2: Beyond Likes: Solve the Engagement Puzzle 6. Edge Rank and Graph Rank 7. How to create effective content strategy? 8. Story telling on Facebook – How to engage consumers consistently? How to differentiate your content on Facebook compared to your competitor?

Integrating other social media properties/platforms with Facebook TEA/COFFEE BREAK Session 3: Facebook Apps 11.9. How can brands increase presence on Newsfeed? 10. 15. Importance of custom landing page on Facebook. What is net promoter score and how to calculate it? Session 6: Assignment Class Size: 30 seats NOTE: Please bring your laptop/tablet. How can brands use custom Open Graph to drive traffic and engagement 12. Khar (W). How can I create custom landing page on Facebook 16. Create your first optimized and tested Facebook Ad 18. Marketing your Facebook Page. What are the measurement parameters on Facebook? 23. How to measure and what to measure on Facebook. 28 April. 20. SCHEDULE Mumbai . Targeting possibilities via Facebook Ads 19. How to integrate Facebook on Brand's website/micro-site? LUNCH Session 4: Paid advertising on Facebook 17. How can brands have the permanent place in the users FB Timeline 14. Mumbai . We will provide Wifi facility (complimentary). Using Facebook ads to drive traffic to your website vs using Facebook ads to recruit fans and drive engagement. What role FB apps can play in marketing? How to build apps on FB (brief)? Type of apps one can create. Three mediums of awareness and virality on Facebook 13. How effective is your Facebook Marketing strategy? 22. Facebook Analytics & Insights 21. Which one to opt for? TEA/COFFEE BREAK Session 5: ROI. 2012 9am to 6pm @ LeSutra Hotel.

19 May. 16 June. 2012 9am to 6pm @ Bangalore Trainer  Fee : Rs 6300* * ( Special pricing for groups)Register Preetham Venkky KRDS CONTACT DETAILS .Trainer  Fee : Rs 6300* * ( Special pricing for groups)Register Preetham Venkky KRDS New Delhi. 2012 9am to 6pm @ New Delhi Trainers  Shubho Sengupta Digital Marketing Consultant Preetham Venkky KRDS Fee : Rs 6300* * ( Special pricing for groups)Register Bangalore.

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