Management Institutes at Lucknow IIM Lucknow Lucknow has a large number of Management Institutes, which includes IIM, Lucknow

. Apart from IIM, Lucknow University also has Business Administration department . There are a large number of institutes in private sector. 1. Indian Institute of Management 2. Institute of Management Sciences, Lucknow University 3. Integral University, Lucknow 4. Aryavart Institute of Technology & Management, Lucknow 5. Aizaz Rizvi College of Journalism & Mass Communication, Lucknow 6. Institute of Environment and Managemenet, Lucknow 7. Motilal Rastogi Institute of Management, Lucknow 8. Bhalchandra Institute of Education & Management Lucknow, Lucknow 9. Department of Business Administration, University of Lucknow 10. Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management & Development Studies,Luckno w 11. Jaipuria Institute of Management 12. Lucknow Institute of Management & Technology, Lucknow 13. Institute of Management Research & Technology, Lucknow 14. Lucknow Business School,Vishal Khand Gomtinagar,Lucknow 15. Sherwood College of Management, Lucknow 16. International Institute for Special Education, Kanchana Bihari Marg, Kal yanpur, Lucknow IISE 17. bansal institute of technology,lucknow 18. Lucknow Chapter of Cost Accountants,Institutional Area,Vikas Khand Gomti nagar,Lucknow 19. [ Rhans College of Management, Lucknow, 20. IERT, Indira nagar, Lucknow IERT Lucknow [edit] Technology Institutes in Lucknow IET Lucknow SRMCEM, Lucknow 1. Himalayan Institute of Technology & Management 2. Integral University, LUCKNOW 3. Institute of Engineering and Technology, Lucknow and Central Institute o f Plastics Engineering and Technology, Lucknow are the Engineering colleges run by the Government. 4. Aryavart Institute of Technology & Management, Lucknow 5. Institute Of Advance networking & Technology, Lucknow 6. B.B.D National Institute of Tech. & Management 7. Sri Ramswaroop Memorial College of Engineering and Management Lucknow 8. Surya Group of Institutions,Lucknow 9. Goel Institute of Technology & Management, Lucknow 10. Saroj Institute of Technology & Management, Lucknow 11. Institute of Environment and Management (IEM), Lucknow 12. Northern India Engineering College 13. Azad Institute of Engineering & Technology 14. Dr. M.C. Saxena College of Engg. & Technology 15. Institute of Cooperative and Corporate Management Research & Training 16. BN College of Engineering and Technology,Lucknow 17. Lucknow institute of technology, lucknow 18. Ambikla Institute of Technology, Lucknow 19. Amity University,Lucknow 20. Maharana Institute of Technology and Science,Lucknow 21. AIMS (Institute of Commerce), Prince Complex,Hazratganj, Lucknow

22. Heera Lal Institute of Technology and Management, Lucknow 23. GCRG Group of Institutions, Chandrika Devi Mandir Road, Bakshi Ka Talab, Lucknow

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