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By Akhtar Shirazi


22. Iqam, Ruku, and Sajjdah are integral constituents of all prayers except the funeral. The following Duas are recited in all prayers on daily basis: Before starting the prayer, the worshipper has to say in the mute mode, Auzu billahiminash-shayta nirrajeem [I seek refuge in Allah from Shaytian (devil), the evicted one].

In the starting Rakat, the following Dua is recited:

Subbhanak Allahumma wa bihamdika wa tabarakasmuka wa taala jadduka wa la ilaha ghayruk [Glory to you, O Allah! And praised be the blessed name of our forefathers.]
Note: Jews and Christians also do the same drill with Ameen in their prayers. Saying Ameen loud during the prayers of Fajar and Isha is considered essential.

The following bunched up Addyyah [plural of Dua] are conspicuously absent from the Quran:
Subhana Rabbi Al-Azeem [during Kneeling]; Subhan Kallah huma wa Bihamdika [duringIqaam]; Sami Allah Huleman Hamdah [reverting to Iqam] and Rabbana wa alakal hamd[a rejoinder at Iqam]; Subhana rabbi yallala [recital during Sajjdah] Do you happen to know, who invented these fake expressions, resembling the text of the Quran, and why? Do you acknowledge, writing any material resembling that of the last revelation is an unpardonable criminal offence?

23. According to the Muslim faith, the five daily prayers were awarded to Mohammad, because of the incident of his Ascension, Allah knows where. As per the Ahadith on the subject, Mohammad became a kind of yo-yo between Allah and Moses, because Moses was calling the shots in opposition to Allah, and he sent Mohammad back to Him about ten times to get the final tally of the fasting days and number of prayers. Here the question arises; the earlier Messengers of Allah used the same term Sallat, but did not get the command ofNimaz; how do you explain that discrepancy? Furthermore, they never received any invitation to visit Allahs abode, wherever it is. Why did Allah maintain such an enormous discrimination, between Mohammad, and the previous Messengers? This is not fair because their nations were saved from the stipulation of Sallat ritual, which, indeed, is nothing but Iranian Nimaz. What logical answer you can come up with for that ridiculous account?

24. According to the crap Iranian literature based upon Ahadith and Sunnah, Mohammad, before soaring towards Allahs abode through deep space, without even a space suit, led the prayer attended by all previous Messengers of Allah, except Jesus, who was resting at the fourth level of heaven. Isnt a glaring discrepancy existing here? How could Mohammad lead any prayer before having tte--tte with Allah? The command of prayers had yet to be given to him. If it was not the regular, run of the mill, prayer, what kind of supplication was it? Dont you think all this silliness about prayers is simply mind-blowing? 25. All nouns in the verses of Surah Al-Fatihah are in the plural form. Recitation of this Surahin a group supplication [Ba Jamat] makes sense, as more than one person are doing the recitation But when an individual supplicant recites the same seven verses, he is not praying at all, but performing a mockery of the Arabic syntax. What would you say about that?

26. According to the Quran, all previous Messengers of Allah including Moses, Abraham, Jesus, Ishmael, Lot, Isaac, Zachariah and Shuaib had used the term Sallat in the verses, 10: 87; 14:40; 19:31; 19:55; 21:73; 3:39; 11:87. Do you think they should also have got involved with this ridiculous business of praying? Why did Allah let them go scot-free and did not order them to do some supplication?
27. The Muslims are performing the rituals of prayers and Hajj, besides scores of others for the last twelve centuries, but as an Ummah, they are facing worsening situation day by day. At the biggest Muslim congregation of Hajj, they do all kinds of supplications, and offer Dua,but what is the result? Nothing at all, besides a big fat zilch. Allah does not listen to them, because they are violating the code of the Quran by performing ceremonials, which the last revelation strictly forbids. Can you propound any theory, about the failure and ineffectivess of Sallat, over the centuries?

28. Do the following terms not constitute Shirk, in the opinion of Muslim clergy [offence against Allahs code]?

The Quran from Allah and Ahadith from Mohammad

Farz Rakats for Allah and Sunnat for Mohammad

Allahs Quran requires terribly twisted Iranian fabrications in the form of Ahadithand other junk literature for understanding its verses.