Make The Federal Reserve a Republic Political: of or relating to authoritative direction or control.

Politics is what the government is made of and lets face it the one thing that governs our lives every single day are the Federal Reserve Notes that we use as money. Whether we realize it during our day-to-day routines or not, the authoritative control over us comes first from the need to make Federal Reserve Notes and second from adhering to the laws and regulations created by our so-called republic government. The pecking order is also evident from the massive debt that that regulatory government is in to the Federal Reserve. The Unites States of America is the subject of the Federal Reserve and works as it’s surrogate. The Unites States of America regulates it’s subjects, or citizens, from the Federal Level. All of it’s polices are public polices because they apply to every public citizen the same. The republic is a representative democracy. The constitution give each citizen the ability to vote for representatives in a static republic. The constitution specified exactly how many Senators and House Members there would be and the number of representatives is static. This forces the republic to be ruled by the majority. One person wins the election or another person wins the election because only one person can sit in the seat in congress. This, in essence, creates a two-party system. The people have the liberty to vote for their representatives on election day. Election day is the day that every person has one vote. Election day is the day that the supreme power is vested in the people. Election day is the day of political equality. It is the day of unity. The day that the real public of the republic come together to determine and chose how they will be governed for the next term. They will elect their representatives and those elected representatives will be responsible to them and governing them according to law, public policy that applies to them all the same. The rest of the term is tyranny during which everybody must live under the rule of those laws. When congress agrees the rules change. The laws regulate every aspect of industry. The means of production are completely controlled by legislation that is approved by elected representatives. Every industry is treated differently. Aspects of behavior and of prices are specified in public polices. Polices that treat every person in a profession the same and every profession differently. Under these rules some professions are higher paid and people in those professions can afford to buy more goods. Since the government controls and administers the means of production and the distribution of goods the United States of America has achieved the aim of socialism as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

To understand how it has achieved this one must only understand the laws on it’s books. It’s Constitution allows it to regulate all commerce. It ensures that there are always full time politicians who’s job it is to change and amend the existing laws. These politicians use this power because the Constitution grants it to them and while we would like to make a distinction between public policy and money and capitalism keeping lobbyists out of the law making

This made the Federal Reserve Note the only form of money that could be used to trade with and this money is created. or labor and control imposed by authority. The result of this is that the innovation that comes from capitalistic competition within the republic is stifled. The result is the industry after industry self-regulate themselves and thereby eliminate the possibility of any competition. It is important to note that socialism as defined by Marxist theory is a stage of society that is transitional between capitalism and communism and is distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and payments to individuals according to their work. as required by the distinction between people and everything else material. by a private corporation that is controlled by about eight wealthy families. drudgery. So. A person’s time is not something that you buy and sell in the capital marketplace based on their usefulness. We intuitively know that if money is allowed into campaigns then the concept of one vote per person is ruined. all other material capital goods. In 1933. In 1913 supporters of the fractional reserve banking system lobbied for complete monopolistic control of the banking industry and the Federal Reserve Act was passed. is in the realm of politics and government. The capitalistic economy is limited by this distinction to the trade of private property. we distinguish between people who we deal amongst within the republic and all the other Earthly material property which is in the capitalistic realm of the economy. Ever since the Dollar went off the gold standard in 1933 the distinction between political authoritative control and the material capitalistic economy has been blurred. the distinction between authoritative policy and money and capitalism becomes nonexistent. . The physical material of the human body is treated differently. It is this corporation the the United States on America is in debt to. Slavery is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as hard work. in secret. The private banking monopoly known as the Federal Reserve Bank. This means that it is political authority in the republic that controls labor. The Federal Reserve Note’s connection to the physical material gold was completely severed. It is to this corporation that IRStaxed money goes. Once again. is handled in the capitalistic economy.process proves unenforceable. The trade of private property.) The capitalistic economy excludes labor which. The governing of the humans behavior is handled by the republic which gives every person an equal vote in the choosing or the representatives who will govern them. When people are paid directly for their work they labor for their slave-masters. It is at this point that Federal Reserve Notes became nothing but political points. The idea of the republic is to give each person a vote so that they can control the authority that will impose the hard work. material goods to which individuals and corporations have rights to. Trade of human beings is something that is generally considered slavery. The Federal Reserve Notes that we are forced by public policy law to use alone as our money for trade in the capitalistic economy or not tied to gold and are therefore only political points. so we distinguish them from all other material things. The capitalistic economy includes gold (which can be used as money.

Of course. Your employees don’t own your property. The eight or so families who control the process of inflation that makes or brakes the world economy have dictatorial control over what corporations receive new money lending that those that will not be able to afford to expand and compete. . The political authoritative control that the Federal Reserve Notes have over us is immense. Socialism is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as a system or condition of society or group living in which there is no private property. It is capitalism to you and a condition of group living in which there is no private property for them. as long as you own the private property and control the means of production. We need to do more than end the fed. We need to make the Federal Reserve a republic. It depends on your prospective. you do. They create new money at will effectively taxing the political negotiating power that all existing Federal Reserve Notes have. this system is capitalistic. Most of us trade are time directly for money which according to the creator of communism is socialism and we go about our days believing this system today is capitalistic. This makes the fact that the Federal Reserve in not a republic an imperative concern. We need them to buy the basic material goods that sustain us.Every day we wake up and we figure out how to get the Federal Reserve Notes that we need in order sustain our basic survive and to achieve our dreams.

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