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Opportunities for Equipment Suppliers in Indian Shipbuilding Industries

Anand V Sharma Mantrana Maritime Advisory Pvt Ltd

Ex . Empanelment in Navy Durability. Indian Navy. Offshore Vessels.Overview Segment Market Focus Type of Ship Investment Companies Equipment Suppliers Perspective Entry Parameter Winning Factor Quality. Patrol Vessel. US$10 mn Quality. Critical Equipment Indian/International Bharati. Corvettes. Aircraft Carrier Defence Yards US $100 owned by MOD/ mn to Private yards billion with licence Large Commercial Vessels Indian / Large US$30 mn International Conventional ABG. Coastal Vessels mn Price of decision with Coastal Operators L&T. Existing Indigenization is Infrastructure encouraged. High End Naval Ships Indian Navy Frigates. Ships. some in manufactured locally WB www. Pipavav. Goa. Wartsilla Lisp Price Have mostly been ordered to foreign Brand for key yards. Submarines.Indian Shipbuilding . trend component. Bharati. Pipavav mn Drilling Firms Jackups/Drillships ABG. as approved vendor is Spares. shipyard Shoft Several yards Local manufacturer spread over the Low Value Small Local Barges.MTU. with Navy. the primary criteria. River US$2 mn to 2 . Chowgule Towage/ Pilotage/ to US$80 owner has a say. Rigs Cochin.Goa. rest of equipment. Ships Cochin. is likely to change in Price future. Brand propulsion system Specialised Offshore Firms.mantrana. to US$ 500 Shipping Firms. Engine coast dominated Price Small Ships Company Craft US$5 mn dominated by Cummins . Alcock. However.

Shiplift Alcock Shipyard Bhavnagar 85 x 20 Chanch 122 x 22 x 4.5 220 x 20 Cochin Shipyard Cochin 255 x 43 x 9 Cochin 270 x 45 x 12 Larsen & Toubro Hazira 120 x 22 Pipavav Shipyard Pipavav 662 x 65 Shoft Shipyard Bharuch 115 x 25 Tebma Shipyard Malpe 210 x 21. Navy & Commercial Small specialized ships upto 120 m Indian Navy. Specialised 3 slipway – Small specialized ship Taken over (Bharati) – Small specialized ship 3 . built a series of ships 4500 Large commercial vessel.mantrana.5 www.5 Dahej 33.Shiplift Hazira 155 x 30 x Shipyard Location Market Focus Key focus on small specialized ships Large commercial vessels/ Rigs Losing activity due to heavy siltation Could build ships up 20.000 T .Details on Functional Infrastructure in Commercial Segment Drydock/Shipl Slipway ift (mxm) ABG Shipyard Hazira 4500 T .000 DWT Specialized ships Small Ships (Airdraft restriction) Small Ships Drydock being planned Floating Dock Cargo ships. Aircraft Carrier Repair – Offshore Rigs. Commercial.5 Bharati Shipyard Ratnagiri 200 x 18 Ghodbunder 100 x 17 Goa 80 x 18 Kolkata 120 x 22 Dhabol 155 x 40 Chowgule Shipyard Goa 220 x 20 x 3.

India www.Geographical Location of Shipyards 4 .

2012 respectively www. a Jackup and an MSV.New Building Delivery Schedule (Offshore) – Indian Owners Calendar Years Great Offshore Greatship MSV AHTS MSV ROV AHTS AHTS PSV 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 2 1 1 1 3 4 1 6 1 4 3 1 1 2 2011 Q3 Q4 2012 Q2 Q3 2013 Q1 Q2 Total Shipyards 1 2 2 3 12 3 2 25 Bharati Shipyard Drydocks . 2011 and Dec. to be delivered in Dec. for which construction started in Sept.Singapore Mazgoan Docks Colombo Drydocks Pipavav Shipyard Bharati Shipyard Cochin Shipyard Q1 Q4 1 1 1 2 ONGC SCI Total 1 2 1 2 • SCI took delivery of AHTSV “SCI Panna” from Bharati Yard.25 years • In FY 2010-11. Greatship took deliveries of 2 MSVs and 1 ROV • Great Offshore has 2 newbuilding orders with Bharati Shipyard. • SCI has also placed orders for 2 PSVs with Cochin shipyard. Greatship has a fleet of 12 OSVs with an average age of 3. and is expecting 3 more by 2011 5 . 2011 • As of March 2011.

UK Australia. Netherlands. Sweden China. Netherlands. Singapore Denmark. Belgium. Korea. Singapore. Scotland. 6 . Netherlands. Singapore. Japan. UK Germany. Denmark.mantrana. Country of Origin for Supplier (Alphabetical) Australia. Denmark . UK Denmark. Singapore Holland. Denmark. Holland. Holland. Holland. Propulsion systems make is dictated by owners Equipment HVAC Boiler Plant Anchor Chain Shaft Alternator Valves Marine Duty Pumps Lashing Range Fire Fighting System Inter Communication Air Compressor Winch Towing Winch In other segments shipyard takes a call. Japan. Netherlands. India. Spain www. Japan. Singapore Belgium. India. Hongkong. Singapore. Hong Kong. Greece. India. Italy. India. Spain Denmark. Denmark. Germany. Singapore India. Korea. Singapore Germany.Suppliers to Indian Offshore Industry Market Share of Engines in Indian Offshore Fleet (Sample size 174 ships) Owners have high influence in selecting critical equipments. Singapore Belgium. In case of Offshore Fleet. India.

the company acquired 2 newly built Kamsarmax.mantrana. ‘Trust Integrity’.000 DWT Cape vessel. with an average of 7 . in May 2011. along with orders for 2 Jackups • As of March 2011. named ‘Trust Agility’. built at STX Dalian • The sister vessel. TATA Power took delivery of a 181. Ltd. GE Shipping had a fleet of 34 ships.8 years • In FY 2010-11. 1 Supramax and a General purpose product carrier • Through its subsidiary Trust Energy Resources Pvt. was delivered in Q1 FY12 www.New Building Delivery Schedule (Cargo) – Indian Owners Year of Delivery SCI Chowgule Shipping Great Eastern Essar Shipping Good Earth Maritime Adani Group Gujarat Ambuja Total 2011 10 2 2 1 2 2 17 19 9 2 2012 6 2 9 2013 2 2 5 2014 Total 2 18 8 2 14 1 2 2 47 • SCI has planned to place orders for 2 container vessels with Cochin Shipyard • Essar has 6 ships each on order with STX Dalian and ABG.

Opportunity for Equipments/Spares in Repair – Indian Fleet Major Repair Destinations India Colombo. China Mostly @ China Projections of Ship • Repair & Maintenance of Fleet opens up opportunities for equipment suppliers as spare/replacement • A large component of local demand in case of emergency breakdown is met through refurbished items from Alang Ship Dismantling Yard www. Gulf Opportunity for Equipment Suppliers @ running maintenance & Dry docking India. Gulf 8 . Colombo.mantrana.

• The Shipyard has to select equipment at the time of bidding from Makers List provided by Navy • Broad parameters sought by Navy for Empanelment are OEM has to approach Directorate of (Specific Department under which equipment falls) All approvals in place. Once.Opportunity for Equipments – Indian Navy/Coast Guard • Empanelment with the Indian Navy is the most critical and essential of all the aspects of supplying equipments/ Machinery to Indian Navy. should pass through test parameters of Navy Reference list of existing supply to Internal Navy .mantrana. how soon OEM can provide troubleshooting to the Navy After sales support provided by OEM Repair centers of equipments & Machinery Inventory level of spares to be maintained on a short term & long term basis Infrastructure requirement • Once empanelled. the manufacturers name is included in Maker’s List www.Helpful In case of 9 . empanelled the lowest bidder is preferred.

400 TEU • Invitation to Qualify Organization : Newbuilding of 2 x 35 T Bollard Pull Tug under MS Act : Administration of Andaman & Nicobar : http://alhw.nic. Accommodation 105 Pax. retendering could be on blocks Technical Specification : DP 3. DWT 3. FI FI – III.Opportunities – Immediate Future Following are key opportunities for shipyards and equipment suppliers in immediate future • SCI has planned to acquire 2 container vessels Shipyard Tentative price of order Technical Capability : Cochin Shipyard on Nomination Basis : US$ 45 mn to US$ 50 mn / Ship : 3.and. 2011 (For Shipyard) Qualification Criteria Bid Date • Acquisition of MSV by ONGC : Tender cancelled as Yards did not qualify the technical criteria.mantrana.000 @ : Dec 10 .5 m draft www.

in 11 .About Mantrana • Undertakes customized research & consultancy services for Indian Shipbuilding Sector • Specializes in Market Identification / Focused Primary Research • Screening of customers depending upon product • Market study for ancillary segments of Shipbuilding • Analysing opportunities for shipbuilding and the associated industries • Following are key services provided by Mantrana Team √ Market Study √ Project Feasibility Study √ Business Plan √ Bid Advisory √ Due Diligence for investment www.mantrana.

Plot No. Ltd. A-207. 44 Sector -11 CBD Bealpur Navi Mumbai .400 614.Thank You for Attention Mantrana Maritime Advisory Pvt.mantrana. Opp. India Landmark : Near CBD . Maharashtra. IDBI Bank Bldg. Sai www. Tel Fax Email Web : : : : +91-22-6609 8010 / 6609 8011 +91-22-6609 8013 info@mantrana.

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