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A friend of mine went to heaven in a vision and he wrote this: Through a prophet Jesus said I could talk to saints In heaven. (In other words people In heaven). The Kingdom of God is one Kingdom and people in it can talk to each other whether in heaven or on earth. However, we are to be guided by The Holy Spirit in all that happens including this. Most of the people I ended up talking to were writers of the books of The Bible. Each gave me a short statement which I reproduce below in the order in which I received them. Interesting the order in which they started. Moses: Love is more important than The Law. Isaiah: God’s Glory is more important than anything you can achieve. If it does not Glorify God do not do it. Jeremiah: Unless you have a heart that weeps over the lost you will not minister as Jesus did. Daniel: Wisdom is correctly applied knowledge because it is guided by The Holy Spirit. Jonah: Better do what God says. You cannot outrun or hide from Him. Paul: Keep it simple. No use writing what people cannot understand. Peter: It is worth it in the end. James: Love expressed is God in action. John: Learn to know The Father, Jesus and The Holy Spirit intimately. For in that is your life. Mark: God is a God of action! Do not hinder Him by inactivity!

Luke: Ponder what God has done and in that be encouraged! Matthew: Jesus is The Messiah. Reverence Him and serve Him. In this is your life! Ezekiel: God will do great things through you if you do not stand in the road and hinder Him. Jude: Make certain you say everything God wants you to say. You may not get another chance to say it. Zechariah: God’s Will must be done. Regardless of what people say or do. David: A ruler must do their best for their subjects. They must remember that they are the steward of their subjects and will give account to God for what they do to them. Joshua: The battle is The Lord’s and He has already won it. Just believe. Joseph: God has a purpose for everything. Just because you do not understand it does not mean you do not have to obey it. For God’s purposes to be fulfilled in you, you must obey and trust Him in all He asks you to do. Ezra: Seek the restoration of God’s Kingdom. In this also is your life found. Nehemiah: Wholeheartedly work at all that God gives you to do. In that is also found your life. Esther: Are you willing to lay down your life for Jesus and His Kingdom? In that also is found your life. Ruth: God’s quality of Love knows no boundaries and its expression in you is limited by what you are willing to give up to express it. Joel: The Lord is coming soon. Be not found wanting. In that also is your life found. Malachi: If you would be a good steward of all God gives you then deal with His things as He tells you too and not just tithe. God will give you all you need to give in the way He desires you to give. Matt 6:33 is true! Job: Trust God to protect you and all He has given you. He will not let you down. The Father: Jesus Christ is the sum of all things and their beginning and end. Make certain He is the source of all you do. Be found in Him if you would have eternal life. Jesus: Trust My Love! Trust Me fully! The Holy Spirit: I am always here to guide, teach and help you. All you have to do is ask.

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Author: Matthew I am a simple man of God. I have been called by God to teach and encourage the body of Christ. To some people, I am a Prophet, to others a Seer and to others a Mystic. I am self taught and a Lay Teacher of the Word of God and have not attended Bible college. I have written one book called The Parables of Jesus Christ made simple and it is available to read for free at the link on my profile. You can also purchase my book on if you like what you read on my wesbsite. I am a man that believes in the grace of Jesus Christ and the finished work of the Cross. I believe in the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit and I also believe in the office of prophet and Apostle. I am a work in progress by the Lord Jesus. This author has published 7 articles so far.

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