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American International University Bangladesh

Subject: HRM Planning and Forecasting Faculty: Anisa Sultana

Team: 1

Modified True/False
1.In temporary hiring testing and selecting the employes is done by the organization it self. Cerrect Answer: Employment Agencies. 2. Tension prevails between part time and full time employes in temporary hiring. (True) 3. For most type of jobs leasing companies are contracted Correction Answer : For large set of jobs. 4. in both long term and short term outsourcing is suitable. Correct Answer: Only long term. 5. Technological innovation retrained trounsfer and independent professional are the decision taken by the organizations in case of shortage. (True)

Fill in the Gap:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Temporary employees are selected from employment agency. In the long term outsoucing is not feasible. Testing and selecting the employees in done by the agency. Tension between the full time and part time workers prevails in temporary hiring. Retrained transfer is a good decision for shortage.

1. In temporary employees testing and selecting the employees is done by the agency isa) Advantage b) Disadvantage c) Both 2. Outsourcing is not feasible is thea) Long term b) Short term c) None. 3. In case of shortage decision will bea) Over time b) Parmanent employees c) New internal hires d) Transfer-in-out. 4. Decision of shortagea) In house emplyement agency b) Flexibility in size c)Tension between the full time and part time d) All the above. 5. Disadvantages of temporary employeesa) Trainnig given by the employees b) Bring new idia and objective perspective c) Flexibility in size d) Tension between the full time and part time workers prevails.

Human Resource Planning and Forecasting

Multiple Choice, True/False and Fill in the gaps (Questionnaires) Section: B Course Instructor: SULTANA, ANISA

Group Members Chanda Shormily Talukder Asiful Haque Khan,MD Azizul Islam Munira ,Siratun Hasan S.M Shoaib 08-12012-3 09-12832-1 09-13335-1 08-10835-2 08-11469-2

MULTIPLE-CHOICE QUESTIONS (Tick the box adjacent to correct answer) A. Which one could be a decision for surplus employees from the following? Overtime New External Hires Layoff None of the above

B. The Downsizing plan should be done by whom? The Manager Top Level Director Employee All of the above

C. Which one is a reason for downsizing? New External Entrants Work Frosting Recession None of the above

D. The planned elimination of large number of personnel designed to enhance organizational ________? Implementations Effectiveness Evaluation None of the above

E. When we should go for work frosting? When employee surplus occurs when employee shortage occurs Correct answers are marked RED. For Departmentalization None of These

TRUE/FALSE Answering

Write TRUE in the empty space if the statement is correct and if incorrect underline the word that make it incorrect and write the correct term in the empty space.

1. Organization can implement the option of offering higher pension in case of surplus. Answer: ________TRUE_________

2. Planned elimination of large number of personnel is called rightsizing. Answer: ____Downsizing___

3. Changing location cannot be a reason for downsizing. Answer: ____can_________

4. Promotions can help organizations to cut cost in case of surplus. Answer: ____Demotions_____

5. Business cycle downturn is one of the reasons for downsizings. Answer: ____TRUE_______

Fill in the Blanks with correct answer(s)


__Downsizing_ is the planned elimination of large number of personnel that is designed to enhance organizational effectiveness.


The downsizing ___Plan___ should be properly done, implemented and __well__ explained to the employees.


Reducing the cost is a ___reason__ for downsizing.


Demotions could be a decision when there is __surplus___.

During __1985__and __1990__around 85% of the fortune 1000 firms downsized

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

01. Which one is the disadvantage of downsizing? A. increase turnover rate B. It has negative publicity C. Leads to loss of talents D. All of the above Ans. (D) 02. What is happened in the condition of layoff? A. Increasing the employees B. Increasing the cost C. Decreasing the employees D. Increasing productivity Ans. (C) 03. Which employees are selected for layoff? A. Low performing employees B. High performing employees C. Senior most employees

D. A & C Ans. (D) 04. Which employees are given early retirement? A. Aged /employees B. Lower performing employees C. A & B both D. None of the above Ans. (C)

05. _____________ the operation & activities of a particular jobs or a section is called work frosting? A. Selection B. Opening C. Closing D. None of the above Ans. (C)

True or False

01. Downsizing let go people who turn out to be replaceable asset. Ans. Irreplaceable

02. Employee who survived the layoff becomes broad minded self absorbed and risk averse. Ans. Downsizing, narrow minded

03. Work frosting is closing the operation and activities of a particular jobs or a section.

Ans. True

04. If the value of experience offset the cost, then firing the old employees are fine. Ans. Keeping

05. In lay off senior most to be first out. Ans. Last out

Fill in the blanks

01. It let go people who turn out to be ____________ asset. Ans. Irreplaceable.

02. Future _________________ becomes tough. Ans. Recruitment.

03. ____________ and ______________ shows that profit does not necessary increase after layoff. Ans. Study, Survey.

04. Closing the operation and activities of a particular jobs or a section refers to __________. Ans. Work frosting.

05. No new hiring at the same time no elimination of workers refers to _________________ . Ans. Hiring freeze

Work Frosting, Hiring Freeze, Early Retirement, Phased Retirement Program.

Fill in the gaps

1. Hiring freeze means no new hiring at the same time no ______________ of workers. Ans- elimination

2. __________ Allows the organization to tap into the experience of older worker while reducing the numbers they work. Ans- Phased retirement

3. Early Retirement Older workers also typically _________the best paid jobs.

Ans- occupy

4. Hiring freeze means putting a pause to the _____ and _______ process. Ans recruitment, selection

5. In the early retirement older workers are ________and they have higher pension contributions. Ans- costly

1. The new / lower performing employees are offered Early retirement. Ans- aged 2. Hiring freeze means putting a pause to the recruitment and selection process. Ans True 3. Phased Retirement reducing the numbers they work, which helps reducing cost.

Ans- True 4. When shortage is going on that time organization offer early retirement. Ans- surplus 5. Work Frosting Closing the operation and activities of a particular jobs, or a section. Ans- True

1. Closing the operation and activities of particular jobs, or a section. i. ii. iii. iv. Work frosting Hiring freeze Early retirement Phased retirement program

2. Hiring freeze means putting a pause to the __________ and ___________ process. i. ii. iii. iv. Recruitment, selection Benefits, salary Motivation, retain Benefit, cutting cost

3. Lower performing employees offered i. ii. iii. iv. Early retirement Demotion Training All of the above

4. When a company stops hiring freeze? i. ii. iii. iv. At the time of shortage At the time of surplus Work frosting All of the above

5. The factor included in the employment planning are---

i. ii. iii. iv.

Employees Work Hours Average wage per hours All of the above