111 CLASSY DIRTY 112 AnDRew Lee 113 HARmonY PAng 114 CYRuSnonAme 115 STAnDIng In THe SHADowS 116 YAn zHuAng meI 117 wILIAm BeLLe 118 DAn F 119 ARIeS Lee 120 KA FAI 121 SAmSon LuK 122 KeLeBRA 123 mICRoS YIP 124 KeRICK wong 125 wILSon SHIeH 126 JIH-e Peng 127 CHeAPmAn 128 CHeung KIn wAI 129 SKIn:InKS 130 Jen 131 KATY PAng 132 InVASIAn 133 KALun Leung 134 DAnIeL LIm 135 ALAIn YIP 136 A YIP 137 JoHnnY DAnCe 138 JoHn LAm 139 moe InAKI 140 YumLART 141 CuPID Leung CHI LAm 142 wzA x Know1eDge RIDeRS 143 LALeeSKIn, BIe 144 4geT 145 KAY Yuen 146 enoCH CHeung

















Why sO seRiOUs?
They say that something like 75% of new magazines don’t make it past the third issue. So it’s with a big grin and a raised digit to the doubters, that we present galleriFouR. especially in these dark, troubled times, when all talk is doom and gloom, it’s reassuring to have a flick through these pages and see that Hong Kong’s creative community has plenty to smile about. of course it’s not always easy. each issue of galleri is an enormous task and takes up a lot of time that honestly we should be using to keep our businesses running. But just when we’re about to call it a day, someone steps in with the kind of support we need. And lately, that support has come from our partners and friends over at not only did they create the new interactive and fully functioning website, but they are a constant source of encouragement, ideas and exposure – not to mention of course that they know eVeRYone. So it’s also thanks to them that we met the lovely ladies at Belvedere Vodka who not only gave us plenty to drink, but also through their belief and support helped make this issue a physical reality. But what next? now is a time when budgets are being cut and everyone is looking a lot closer at how they’re spending their money and what they get for it. Bring it on we say – because maybe, just maybe, it means people will not automatically look overseas and use the latest over-priced over-rated imported talent. maybe instead they’ll look closer to home and see the genuine quality talent that has always been right here on their doorstep. See, it’s not that bad after all… Jay FC & Timon Wehrli

november 2008, Hong Kong
Note Following numerous enquiries from our readers, Galleri Magazine would like to point out that Jay FC is currently married with one son and Timon Wehrli is currently single and available.

CLASSY DIRTY is a group exhibition feature created by galleri magazine in association with luxury vodka Belvedere and artists’ network Drawing from the cream of visual artists, the exhibition brings together photographers, graphic artists, illustrators and urban artists each interpreting the ‘Classy Dirty’ theme in their own unique style. This irreverent and sexy theme was developed from the recent commercial work titled “Luxury Reborn” exclusively by acclaimed photographer Terry Richardson for Belvedere Vodka featuring Jade Jagger and Vincent gallo (also shown in part here). It’s not as if we need any more proof that Hong Kong’s creative community is at the top of it’s game right now, but here it is anyway. enjoy! many thanks to all the artists who contributed to the exhibition and also to Belvedere Vodka and for their valuable support in making it happen. Check out the artists’ profiles, images, updates, blogs and more over at

Above & Right: Jade Jagger for Belvedere Vodka by Terry Richardson

Gareth Brown

emily eldridge

isabell Chan


Jonathan Jay Lee

Timon Wehrli


Brooke Kent

Jon Tadashi Martin


Moe inaki

Katy Pang


Laleeskin, Bie



simon Birch

Andrew J. Loiterton



Anna Fredriksson

Name Andrew Lee Profile Andrew is a passionate designer who was born and raised in Hong Kong. He chose to study ‘Illustration Design’ and ‘Visual and Communication Design’ after his high school and has worked as a graphic designer in Hong Kong since 1991. In 1998, Andrew moved to the uK in order to strive for gaining more exposure in the design industry. He first studied ‘Transport Design’ at Coventry university for 4 years and ‘3D Computer Animation’ at Bournemouth university for another year. During his stay in the uK, he worked in several game companies in London and acted as 3D Artist and Concept Artist. Having acquired much valuable skills and experience in the uK, Andrew came back to Hong Kong and soon joined a mobile game development company as an Art Director. At present, he is a prestigious leader in the industry. while he is sometime a freelancer, he also enjoys being a teacher and therefore he acts regularly as a lecturer. Andrew also participated in several Asia game Show poster productions. Conceptual design, 3D modeling, texturing and animating are his strength. Contact Website


Name Harmony Pang oi man Profile I am a Chef and cooking is one of my great passions but Ive got say, photography is the true one; capturing the moment, finding the right vision to reflect the right emotions, clicking for the ideal cliché. This is what I love doing, spending the time necessary to find a perfect spot and letting those beautiful moments just for the eyes to admire and the memory to twist. This is why I will always give it the best shot.. Contact

Name CyrusnonAme Country Hong Kong Profile Drawing is my lover, my heroine, my morning glory. It is a portal to send me away from the holocaustic reality. A never-ending journey of self-exile. A little world where I can finally consume instead of being consumed. Contact Website

CyrusNONAME is in the creative network.


when an Italian film production company approached ChinaStylus / Red Dog to document the making of a movie in Hong Kong starring maggie Q and michael wong, no one could have predicted the eventual scale of the task. The ambitious and highly entertaining project followed the entire process of a Sino-Italian horror movie from early pre-production right through to the film’s premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. The process begun by putting together a team of researchers, photographers, videographers, writers and producers – under the creative direction of ChinaStylus – with the Red Dog Studio team responsible for stills and Atomic Sushi on video duty. After a year on the project, thousands of photographs and hours of footage later, the resulting output was immense. And by the time the project was eventually considered complete, the team had designed and created an over-sized 248 page book, movie promotion material and identity, put together a 30 minute TV documentary, created an interactive website, title styles, film posters and packaging – right down to the ‘on location’ crew shirts and caps. If you’d like a copy of the book and documentary Standing in The Shadows: The Making of a Horror Movie please drop us a line and we’ll sort one out for you. Contact

Standing in The Shadows is a ChinaStylus and Red Dog Studio project.


Name Yan zhuang mei 閆壯楣 Profile
1981 生於黑龍江哈爾濱 2002-2006 就讀中央美術學院 2005 《芯的圖片》群展 美阿畫廊 2006 參加平遙攝影節 2007 嘉德春季拍賣 2007 嘉德秋季拍賣


Yan Zhuang Mei is an official artist in the creative network.


Name william Belle Profile william is a French actor from the ‘Yamakasi’ movie produced by Luc Benson. now currently living in Hong Kong, he plans to take his journey further on the crowded streets and get in touch with the key people of the movie industry to expose his greater talent and his addiction to taking risks. He has been involved in various advertising campaigns including Puma and K-Swiss shoes. Red Dog Studio grabbed the moment of displaying his art form. The Art of Displacement How long have you been doing “The Art of Displacement”? Actually, I began 18 years ago when I was nine. I remember following my big brothers in the playgrounds in order to jump on the barriers... of course, my parents weren’t aware about this! But I didn’t want to live without taking some risks in my whole life. I had such an ease the first time I tried a jump. Such a change inside myself that I knew I will do this forever. What’s the skill of this sport? First of all, you have to be healthy and physically strong. I often practice a whole day in order to be ready before hard jumps... But physical condition is just peanuts without a huge mental strength. You must practice both. By my side, the more I practice, the better I feel. It’s a kind of drug! How do you choose the venue? well... I don’t choose venues, I train in various places. If I see a great area in the street, I will jump... For me, cities are like huge game areas. Do you have a team? At the beginning “The Art of Displacement” had nine members, a team called Yamakasi. Then, two of us left to practice “Parkour”, another sport where you must overcome obstacles in an emergency. Since 1995, clubs have been created, with teachers and coaches, in oder to train new “traceurs”... It’s very crowded in Hong Kong. Do you think it’s suitable for “The Art of Displacement” here? of course it is suitable! I love Hong Kong and its strong spirit, it is one of my favorite game areas. Actually I travel between France and here. I want to meet photographers, producers... and one of my dreams will be to play in a Chinese movie. Could you summarize art in a strong word? Definitely “Love”. You need a lot of love to go beyond your defects. There is no anger, no rage, or no strength which permits to realize this. only the power of love. Contact Text Phillipe Franc

Photography by Timon Wehrli at Red Dog Studio.


Name Dan F Rendition The second studio album from HK based producer Dan F features imagery created by artist Shann Larsson and package implementation by Corellian Tactical engineering Ltd. For the mail order version of the CD, the packaging reinforces the strong dystopian themes present within the music; militaristic styled supply box, insurgent’s shemagh and a subdued insignia patch all echo the album’s underlying concept. Sniper rifle not included! Contact Websites

Dan F and Shann Larsson are official artists in the creative network.

Name Aries Lee Profile As an emerging artist after recieved the B.F.A. at Tokyo university of Fine Art and music in 1969 and m.F.A. in 1971,I had a significant experience by learning sculpture further at the Staatliche Kunstakademie Dusseldorf germany. In the following years I immersed myself in an exploration of european contemporary art movement of the time. From 1977 to 1985 I taught in the Chinese univerasity of HongKong, and then forcused on my own studio practice in Japan and San Francisco,where he assimilated the lessions of european and American modernism, as well as Japanese traditional arts. numerous awards, such as; 2007 Beijing olympics Landscape Sculpture competition – 2006 Beijing olympics Landscape Furniture Comprtition – 2001 French Digital sculpture competition – 1990 Commission award of 3 sculptures for the HongKong convention Center, unveiled by the Prince and Princess of wales. The biggest budget of my public art work was $180,000 Contact


Name Ka Fai Profile Asian Regional Curator of Les 16 Anges. I am a Hong Kong-based self-taught artist obsessed with Acrylic paintings. I started to learn western art during my early school days. I gained a good number of awards during different school terms, however, I diverted attention towards obtaining further professional qualifications in the computer science field. 2004: Paul Klee’s Artworks rekindled my interest and desire to paint again. 2007-08 exhibitions open Art, PARIS Rueil-malmaison, at “Atelier grognard”, PARIS espace V in Villepinte, PARIS galeria Sa Tafona, SPAIn Artist Commune, Hong Kong Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea-FIRenze, ITALY marziart International gallery, geRmAnY Birla Academy of Art & Culture, InDIA Upcoming exhibition Sunny Art & Culture museum, Taipei, TAIwAn (6 September to 12 october 2008) Contact Website

Ka Fai is in the creative network.


Name Samson Luk Profile graduated in Interior Design at HKu SPACe Community College with excellent academic accomplishment, Samson Luk endeavoured not only to produce quality work, but also seek for perfection. He strongly believes that camera can capture the soul of feeling with his creative ideas. The world can also be conveyed in photos through the viewfinder. He is eager to put his every single effort in photography, and yet his enthusiasm to develop his lifelong career as a professional photographer is just more than a dream. Contact Website Credits 迷走人偶 model: Casper Styling: Casper, Thomas, Samson Hair Stylist: gi makeup Artist: Shue Photography Assistants: Hoyin, Thomas

Name Kelebra Profile grown whith a nomad spirit, away from any home and keeping my “freedom of speech” clear. I’ve been traveling all my life from continent to countries,from culture to men. no mater the medium or the style, onely creating mater, Art is my best “weapon” and drawing is my best friend . schools 1992-1993 1994-1996 Prepart (Paris, France) enSAV Lacambre, Painting section (Brussel, Belgium)



Name micros Yip Profile what I am going to tell is about street cats in my home town, Hong Kong, something about their daily life. Being a photojournalist, I travel through the city all the day. I meet those friends around here. They always show the power of life, even living in hell, they would find out their heaven. Although it is always a hard-day, they never give up and keep personal characteristic. Their biggest enemy, human, should have a lesson from them. I show pieces of their life by photos, hope that you can know more about them. You need not do anything special, but at least, respect them and don’t try to hurt them. I hope that you will like my street cats photos, as well as stray cats on streets. Contact Websites


Name Kerick wong Age 22 Profile I am a graphic design/illustration student who is studying in Canberra of Australia. All my insiprations come from music, fashion and weird things in daily life. Contact

Name wilson Shieh Profile Born in Hong Kong in 1970, wilson Shieh received a B.A. degree (fine arts major) and a m.F.A. degree from the Chinese university of Hong Kong in 1994 and 2001 respectively. He works in Chinese fine-line style figure painting, with contents of sexuality, role play, costume play and cultural symbols presented in a contemporary approach. Selected exhibitions include “The Third Chengdi Biennale” (new International Convention Centre of Chengdu, China, 2007) ; “Contemporary Asian Art in Print (Asia Society 50th Anniversary)” (Singapore Tyler Print Institute; Asia Society, new York, 2006) ; “The Third Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art” (Queensland Art gallery, Brisbane, Australia, 1999). Contact

Title: Rock Coco Year: 2007 medium: Chinese ink and watercolor on white silk Size: 73x89 cm

Name Jih-e Peng Profile Jih-e Peng was born in Taipei; she immigrated to new York City when she was four months old, and subsequently took residence in a variety of areas, including new Jersey, Shanghai, Paris, and Hong Kong. Her photographic career began in 2002. This is her first exhibition in Hong Kong, as well as her first foray into art photography. exhibition movements of Vivaldi Returning to traditional film as a respite from a background in digital commercial and fashion photography, Jih-e Peng explores a romantic, painterly style in an attempt to capture the spirit of Vivaldi in seized motion. The photographs, taken between movements of “The Four Seasons”, draw on her older styles but ultimately represent extreme change and development in her artistic maturation, as they fall upon the eye surreal, soft, and remarkably sensual. Contacts Website

Name CHeAPmAn Location Hong Kong Profile CHeAPmAn is a kid who doesn’t have a good memory; he likes to talk to strangers and tells them his story to make sure that he does exist in the world; he scares that he might forget himself one day. CHeAPmAn是個善忘的小孩,喜歡找陌生人聊天,講自己的故 事,希望藉此確定自己的存在,恐怕一天善忘的習慣出現時,就 連自己也忘記了自己。 Contact Website

CHEAPMAN is an official artist in the creative network.


Name Cheung Kin wai Profile 1985: I was born in 1985. 2006: I graduated a graphic Design diploma at ‘Caritas Bianchi College of Careers’ in the summer. And I have started my photography career immediately. I have touched with commercial and fashion Photography in this two years. At the same time, I have tried and started to create my own photo. It just cause by interesting and passion, no other. 2008: The beginning of this year, I have resigned my job in ‘Lester Lee Photo workshop Ltd’ and planning the next step for the new page in my life. Still looking forward to everything in photography. Contact Website

A result of a years’ planning and production, SKIn:InKS is the ongoing ChinaStylus / Red Dog Tattoo Art Project... Kicking off in June 08, the first exhibition launched with a ‘quiet’ private event for over 300 at Racks in Central, with Sam Lee and miss Yellow supplying tunes for a crowd of celebs, tattoo artists, enthusiasts, supporters, TV crews and press. The exhibition featured 27 canvases by 20 different tattoo artists from 14 of Hong Kong’s finest tattoo studios and ran for an entire month, culminating in a massive wrap party, charity auction and live tattoo convention at CLIQ. This time over 600 people showed up, serenaded by Bodhi and the mighty uptown Rockers with live tattoo demos by gabe from Ace Dragon, Julia from Starcrossed, Joey from Temple and omar of magic Tattoo. Silky smooth superstar michael wong and the gorgeous Cara g hosted the event, and pro auctioneer Jehan Chu put the artwork under the hammer – raising a phenomenal HK$150,000 for youth outreach charity Kely Support group. Thanks to everyone who supported the event and exhibition and were so generous. And of course a special thank you to all our sponsors who helped make the whole SKIn:InKS concept such a phenomenal success. If you’d like a copy of the SKIn:InKS Tattoo exhibition book, please drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do. And look out for the next installment of SKIn:InKS currently being planned for 2009. more exhibition and event images at: Contact

SKIN:INKS is a ChinaStylus and Red Dog Studio project.

Artist gabe at Ace Dragon Model Rowena gonzales

Artist Leon at Ace Dragon Model Jan Chan

Artist Kin Liu at Kin’s Tat To o Model Ausker

Artist Joey at Tattoo Temple Model Janelle zai

Artist Julia at Star Crossed Tattoo Model mimi

Artist Sze C at Sze C Tattoo Model Pui Pui FC

Artists (left to right) Sammy at Sammy Tattoo Leon at Ace Dragon Julia at Star Crossed Tattoo Jan Kwok at Ink Tattoo Ross at Star Crossed Tattoo Julia at Star Crossed Tattoo Jimmy Ho at Jimmy Ho Tattoo Timmy at Tattoo Temple Ricky Lo at Ricky Tattoo Dicky at Dicky Tattoo Joanne at BlueTongue Designs Leon at Ace Dragon Kin Liu at Kin’s Tat To o matt at Fung Tattoo Joanne at BlueTongue Designs Kevin Poon at Star Crossed Tattoo omar Tsoi at magic Tattoo Vince at Tattoo Temple Sammy at Sammy Tattoo murat Karhan at Primal Ink omar Tsoi at magic Tattoo

Models (left to right) Christy Daniel Segall Janet & Katrina Lo Ping Yan Janet Jan Chan Janelle zai & Daniel Segall Andre Andrade Anthony wallace mimi Kinson, Jan, Phoenix & marco geneveve Soh Boon Khoo Phoenix Ausker Lo Ping Yan Tereza Cosmo & Brooke Benson Looi Twinson Adam Raby


Name Jen Profile Stay focus and lets DReAm ^.^ Stay calm and lets LIVe =.= Contact

Jen is currently working full time at ChinaStylus Studio.

Name Katy Pang Profile I graduated from the norwich School of Art & Design, england in 2006 and received a BA Hons degree in graphic Design (specializing in Photography). After graduating, I started working for a local photographer. After a year I decided to move to Hong Kong to pursue fashion photography further. never thought I’d be able to survive a week on my own in a whole new place until within 3 weeks of moving here I found Red Dog Studio and from Jan 2007 became a Producer/Photographer. “now anticipating how my life will pan out and learning how to noT look back, I’m challenging it everyday!” Contacts Website Project First editorial since landing in Hong Kong - “Carrie” Photographer: Katy Pang Assistant: Steve wong make up: Pui Pui model: Carrie Chiu

Katy Pang is currently working full time at Red Dog Studio.


Name InVASIAn Profile backbone for the street culture. The world’s first dedicated Asian graffiti and culture magazine, InVASIAn, covers wide range of countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Philipines, malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. InVASIAn magazine is among the few reporters on the subculture of street culture within Asia. Besides graffiti, the magazine features an in-depth look into music, events, interviews and fashion within the Asian region. The magazine is printed quarterly and the contents are written in english, Japanese and Chinese for the convenience of the readers. Available at, book stores and retailers around the globe. Contact Website


Name Kalun Leung Profile I am always interested in the double-sided character of human beings, detached and sentimental. Inspired by 3 years film study in university, “staged moment” become the method i always apply when conducting a photo project, trying to approach photography as a realm of fiction and duplicity. meanwhile, I try to restrain the expression and the gesture of the model so as to provide an ambiguous narrative possibilty to the viewers as i always think that one shouldn’t access any artwork without interpretation of personal experience. Contact Website

Kalun Leung is in the creative network.

Name Daniel Lim Profile Daniel Lim, an illustration instructor at otis College of Design and a well know artist in many social media and creative circles, has often been described as a hybrid of John Currin and Yoshitomo nara. Her online gallery, boasting 1000 drawings, started as a rebellion against the current gallery establishment and is now quite popular amongst artists and art enthusiasts. Contact Website

Daniel Lim is an official artist in the creative network.


Name Alain Yip Profile Alain realized his photography destiny back in 1968 with his first toy camera. His enthusiasm in photography and constant breakthrough makes him a genuine creative photographer in Hong Kong. The key of my success is a simple word “interest”, said Alain. my work and my interest are the same, i.e. photography. my work brings me endless joy and memorable moments. Alain Yip, a reputable professional photographer in Hong Kong who initiated the Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers in 1986. He has often been invited as speaker and consultant by numerous professional institutes and organizations throughout Asia Pacific. when asked about his philosophy in mastering photography technique, he replied in a casual note, Forget about all the rigid rules and skills! Let it come and go as natural as breathing. You will then be as creative as you can image. what is the secret in taking good photos? Alain stressed, good photography is not skin-deep, it has something to tell. A good piece of work must convey feelings which interact among the photographer, the photographed person or object and the audience. The more feelings you put in during the process, the more influential the photos will be. Website Blog


Name A Yip Profile - studied graphic design and illustration courses in KTVTC from 1999-2000 - worked for the <u+> magazine of a non-profit making youth organization <Breakthrough> as a graphic Designer from 2000-2004 - worked for <Pill and PIllow> company as a web designer from 2005-2007 - illustration was shown regularly in the <u+> magazine since 2005 - drew illustration for <muse>, <meta>, <metro-pop> and <Reebok> - now is a freelance illustrator, web and graphic designer Contact Website

A Yip is in the creative network.



Name Johnny Dance Profile Johnny Dance was born in Australia, but has lived elsewhere. As he is right now. He has worked in a Fun Park and a Butchers, and currently works in an industry that can best be described as an amalgam of the two. His first musical efforts will be out later this year under the pseudonym of The Killing words on Broken Stone Records. Contact


What the world calls light, We cannot see. Melancholy has not colonised my mind Yet what seems to be is darkness: The Sun shines still reflected through the Moon And with this mantle seems to reign almighty Yet the humble servant wanders freely Although invisible in the smog to me My eyes catch no lumens from the heavens, Only inert luminescence of the Neon. We went to see the fire. To taste acerb All was gone, the street deserted and the water Had quenched the dragon in the crowd So we were dragged away. To drink the drink of the Masochist: The Misere A synthetic bitterness all together false Quinine without salvation Don Juan’s Misericord became our Processional Proxy living is a strange position; Asking for reality and being slapped in the face. Wishing for Love, while raping Fortuna. Begging for forgiveness, then awaking the Leviathan. Yet searching for knowledge, and finding knowledge, While truth casts herself from the precipice in desperation, Crushing only the curious on upon collision. Trips up and down the escalator Ascending. Descending: My Elevator. Latitude’s given when elevation’s denied. Frustrations now paid for with Indulgences Indulgences funded through Justifications Decimalised and Decimated by deception The Lantern catches the Poet of the Ghosts on fire, While the Poet of History adds another verse to his epic.


And bring me home in blankets of the morning! Child when you smile, you bring about confessionals, And lift the palette from the road to the sky, And draw the sound of dawn’s faint drone away. i When the light raids the room, Night melds into daylight’s eminence The canker of the goings-on are made real, And imminent before us. Affliction spreads and weakness weeps from the eyes; Labours ladder for the climb to slumber, Jacobin. Softness and deftness appease a journey shortened, Capitulation gratifying, and none more pleased than I. Hours turn in sweeping reversals; And the silence of man calls for nature’s upheaval. The world races forward to cling to the ground While the ground grasps on too: The hopes and the dreams Are chalked and walked into pavements. The heaviness of the crowd expels the air The first horns force the first fresh breath to appear In a city resurrect, pulsating with blood and sweat We lie inert: Sediment upon the bed. You cannot frame the vision, for you do not see But shatter enamel and erode away the fragments. Complexity brought down by attrition, The smoothing of the land into rolling splendour Attrition it seems is enough to weather The rock of this Prometheus is bleached bare by the sun And his blood; He was not rescued, but sunk into the mud The grand art of man is not to progress, but to understand The remnants of understanding fall beyond the bound’ry

False idols battle with false prophets. Better both than neither One or Nought is irrelevant when we are reliant on the either/or. Life is true when facts speak less than metaphor. I dream in my narcolepsy, of seconds away with a return ticket. Of arrows from the quiver shot amongst it Targets chosen merely from the bell curve, Plucked from the moments quatrain Heads with light so that we may live again. ii Trial and error will not suffice, Once you have tied the gold belt around your waist, And carry sixteen ounces as your burden. Banality of excess has created the sourest legacies Scratch bare the surface of the stone, and build to heaven Remove the earth from the ground and send it to heaven And in exchange The firmament has been caught in turn And banished into hell But still, there will come a time, When I shall sing a song with you, Fortunes, will swing through great reversal, And upheaval. Circumspection will drive the melody, While in duality, the cynicism and the love for the world All of this will be spun from foolhardiness and the lacklustre, The callous and the mechanical not from the heart. My heartstrings have been already tied and then loosened from my neck But when again tuned by you, Then we shall sing:

But Praised be the day! When the lock is turned with our key This fate cast on us shall flee and vision remain The mist shall concede the way The fog-of-war leave our minds, Our enemies will vanquished be We shall regain command! I shall sing with you this song, and it will ring; And from this song truth will overflow from our lip’s meniscus Tearing streams of it like ribbon In torrents overburdened by captivity, Running, towards diffusion amongst the background radiation. To replace the ether condemned below, with our breath renewed iii I see it clearly now Madness an Reason are brothers Womb-sprung in battle Castor clinching Pollux in equal supremacy Not islands, but mere canals. Both lead with one hand and guide with the other. Breaking the cartilage in both noses in crude synchronicity I would undertake an audit of such beliefs to put them into line, If I didn’t believe that such soldiery would destroy the lifeblood. The beast in the cage Longs to tear into the hearts of all before him Contradiction is how the left foot follows the right around this ring, Or is that the other way around? Solitude should bring about some kind of answers. Gifts of fleeting weight and farce. I have loved before but never lived within,

Timelessness of mind is limited by the singularity of the ultimate. Carelessness with delivery will bring about annihilation. Repetition derives answers Repetition creates disasters I have loved before but never lived within Yet I yearn to continue to extend beyond. These meditations are growing weaker by the day Drifting away from singularity, Focused more on mental clarity Than prostration, Power than on humility And while I try to increase the amplification, They still seem to miss their mark along the way. So now false hopes deployed in holy places Fill up the walls with glory, with information; Free recall makes life an allegory Bath the blood in sunlight. Seep it into the stone to remind us we are going And seep into the pockets to remind us of where we have been. It is useless to care about any more than this Where we are going, and where we have been. Process, aloneness and past places in collage Meld into something that resembles cohesion And this seems to be good enough Meld into something that resembles cohesion iV Background radiation silences all critics. ‘It is the fool and the brazen who act in desperate harmony While the remnants bow down to the victor’ Power is useless in postulate form, Unless seized by the martyr and dissipated through the fire, Phlogiston and in time congregation, co-linearity

The spark that lit the flame, In turn becomes ‘The Spark That lit The Flame. Transmuting into infinite luminescence. Where are the eights before the numbers? The shoulders are waiting for their burden; And the rafters anticipate the explosion We all gather for the inquisition, But the model prisoner has belayed The Solitaire over the penitentiary’s walls Fifth freedom, six sigmas of celebration Conformity. Unionism. Down with the opposition (The Governor of the Shadows no longer knows what he’s talking about) That deadweight is there as the balancing item: Carry the nine, and what remains of the old times? Absolute zero is a powerful enemy Zero points the boundless cavern. When do the eyes close perfectly? When the ghosts inside the room decide “Enough is enough.”

Do not rationalise any of this. Absorb the insanity of it all in feeling Three deep breaths, then pranayama: Revert into the infinite regress.

Name John Lam 星夜 Profile 1947年空難流落地星,經羅茲威爾入境移民香港。
因地星空氣含氧量日低,影響思想系統及語言能力,唯有借繪畫來與人類 溝通。 現為自由插畫師 ~ 畫作帶點童真,時而亮麗,偶爾沈鬱,背後常隱藏對扭 曲現實的悲嗚。意境遊走於現實和虛空之間,恍兮惚兮,其中有物,其中 有信......

Contact Blog

Title: 不能存在的女兒

Title: 冷巷 Title: 別了

Title: 燈影


Name moe Inaki Nationality Japanese Profile I am currently a student in City-university, studying in the Bachelor Art Degree of Creative media. This will be my 5th year living in Hong Kong. I have graduated from Canadian International School in 2007, and right now I am trying to develop my skills in photography, contemporary art, and graphic designing in university. I have work experience in working for Juice magazine as a graphic intern last year, and also with a scholarship from School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Contact

Name Yumlart Profile established in 2003, Yumla almost immediately became the focal point for Hong Kong’s underground music lovers and creative heads. Founded by producer Dan F, the little bar continues - 5 years on - to scuttle ahead of the pack importing new & obscure genres into the city; long before anyone else catches a whiff. The Yumlart scheme began shortly after the bar opened, allowing visual artists to join in on the act by interpreting the outside space, and make a right awful mess of the pavement at the same time. But whatever has ‘gone-up’ on the wall has entertained punters as much as the music. Contact Website Artists Simon Birch Victoria weiss ChinaStylus Carbon workshop vs. Robot ST/ART Collective Bobbie C / Icebox Design gary Kramer / Drift1 / The embassy Yan / mooncake Prowolfmaster Insight Clothing (Australia) Pen one & Sphinx & Drift1 All Patrons united under one Scribbly wall (4 yr anniv.) nwSK (Scotland) gene Pendon / Heavyweight emily eldridge All patrons united (5th Anniversary) plus word to mother (uK)


Name Cupid Leung Chi Lam 梁志林 Location Canada, Hong Kong Profile doublewood™ 双木化工 - 化概念 為武功
願 有這一天 我的作品被油麻地街坊褔利會納入永久收藏品 願 有這一天 我的作品在我死後五十年仍有人大量複製 未能蘇富比 但願上 EBAY

Contact Website


THAnK You goes to our first and official riders... LuI ARAKI and nAoTAKA oHYA. Photography: warren aka wzA ( Japan distributor: wabi Sabi Co Ltd (mr mabo Sato) For information please contact:

WZA and Know1edge are official artists in the creative network.

LuI ARAKI Frontside nosegrind on the curve ledge at Chai wan Skatepark rocking his favorite Know1edge HeSSe polo shirt.

NAOTAKA OHYA Frontside ollie on the steep sketchy bank at Chai wan (secret spot) with his Know1edge SHAne stripes tee shirt.

Name Laleeskin, Bie Profile Sometimes I sleep so much, I can’t tell if it’s day or night Sometimes I eat so much, I can’t tell if I’m hungry or full Ignorance is bliss As growing up and living in a day dreaming world. Laleeskin ever hasn’t really awake. She spent her childhood in Hong Kong day dreaming about Barbie everyday and night. At the age of everyone around her was falling in love, she decided to go to Paris, a place with the smell of art where she could daydreaming more freely. In 2007, she’s back, with the unique day dreaming technique, “Space out”. I love her. Bio written by Isabell Chan, who always appears in her nightmare. Contact

Laleeskin, Bie is currently working full time at Red Cactus and she is part of the creative network.

Name 4get Profile Since the dawn of 2003, 4get has combined his experiences as an artist from england and Hong Kong to create a vibe and flow understood only by the city. To 4get, boundaries and limitations are the only fictional aspects of imagination. whenever he stencils cartoons on t-shirts or paints murals upon stairwell walls, he consistently proves his philosophy. Adding to the invasion of his characters, he also specializes in geometrical, abstract designs. Project 4get will be working with his Fe Ciega team in painting his largest creation yet. This massive mural will cover an entire 6 story building wall. Contact Website

4Get is in the creative network.


Name Kay Yuen Profile Born and rise in Hong Kong from 80s. A graduate of the Hong Kong Polytechnic university, BA (Hons) Design in 2004, three years after obtaining a diploma in video production at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. entitled to study in Kent Institute of Art and Design (uK) under its BA (Hons) Photography in 2003. Work statement A Tranquil Journey, odyssey I used a quiet pictorial approach to provide viewers with a glimpse into the subtle serenity afforded by landscape photography. It creates surreal-like scenes by combining the characteristic features of pinhole photography with traditional photographic techniques. The resulting images are rough, stark and mysterious. The series of sentimental images illustrate my tranquil journey during the autumn of 2006 at the Tongariro national Park in new zealand. It also provides viewers with unbounded expanse of imagination. Contact

Name enoch Cheung Profile enoch Cheung graduated from the Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) degree, jointly presented by the RmIT university and Hong Kong Art School. He then received his master degree in Fine Art at the RmIT university, Australia. He taught at the Hong Kong Art School, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, and now continues his study in europe. enoch explores various art media constantly, by which expresses his concerns on two main themes: The influence of digitalization on our lives, and the evolution of his birth place. He has based his subject matter on all things about Hong Kong in the recent years. In the meanwhile, enoch also questions himself in terms of identity and reflection in his most recent works. His work has been shown in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Singapore etc, including solo exhibition “Digital All” (Para/site, 2001) and “Collective memoabilia” (Too Art, 2007). Selected group exhibition includes “Temporal being” of microwave International media Art Festival (2002), “mapping Asia – 18th Asian International Art exhibition” (2003), “move on Asia” – Animation & Single Channel Video Art Festival (2004), Restore – october Contemporary (2007), Time after Time (2007) and others. “matter Dismatter - when art meets new media” was jointly curated by 1a space and enoch at 2004. Contact Website Blogs

Title: not Agoraphobia medium: Photography


Why WhO WhAT?
galleri magazine is a ChinaStylus and Red Dog Studio project. Its purpose is to show that Hong Kong’s creative community is alive and well and ready to be seen by the rest of the world. The magazine celebrates arts and creativity of all kinds across the board without fear or favour. It provides an outlet for ALL artists, particularly those without the means (or inclination) to immerse themselves in the traditional art world. The magazine has a numbered, limited edition print run of 3,000 copies for selective distribution.

Subscribe to galleri magazine to guarantee your own limited edition copy of every issue and get yourself on the list for our legendary launch events. It’s just HK$288 for FOUR consecutive issues and includes free delivery in Hong Kong. The next subscription set runs Issue FIVe through eIgHT, so please send your name, email and address, plus a cheque for HK$288 payable to ChinaStylus Ltd to galleri magazine, ground Floor, 8 gutzlaff Street, Central, Hong Kong.we’ll confirm receipt and send you the next issue when its still hot off the press. Publishers & Creative Direction ChinaStylus & Red Dog editors Jay FC & Timon wehrli Design & Art Direction Jennifer Cheng & Jay FC (ChinaStylus) Project Management Lui Yeung (ChinaStylus) galleri is a proud partner of artists’ network – an online creative community uniting artists of all disciplines with their fans. Currently has over 1000 registered artists, more than 300,000 users and generates over half a million unique hits every month. our partnership with the network continues to move from strength to strength and includes web development, event collaboration, hook-ups, media support and, and, and... Thanks to Patrick, Terence, Shan, Stephen, Raffi and the rest of the crew for making the difference. Contributions & Administration Katy Pang & Isabell Chan (Red Dog), Jennifer Cheng (ChinaStylus) Distribution Katy Pang & Isabell Chan (Red Dog) event Coordination Lui Yeung & Jay FC (ChinaStylus) Printing Suncolor Printing Co,. Ltd. web alivenotdead myspace

galleri welcomes contributions from the entire creative community in Hong Kong and greater China. we believe that creativity is not, as high street galleries may lead you to believe, limited to only to the traditional or the currently trendy art forms. we aim to represent each and every creative discipline – from photography, illustration, montage, sculpture, fine art, urban/street art, computer arts, animation and architecture through to the written word, fashion, hair & makeup, culinary arts, topiary, floristry, sketches, thoughts, ideas… and everything in between... To contribute to galleri magazine, artists should submit high-resolution digital images of their work along with a profile / biography / contact (in their preferred language). Online: Send a zipped folder containing high resolution images and text via a large file transfer system like, zshare. net etc or if you have FTP software you can upload directly to the FTP site. By Post: Send a clearly labeled CD Rom containing all digital images and text to: galleri magazine, g/F 8 gutzlaff St, Central, Hong Kong. Please do not send actual artwork – it may get damaged and may not get returned – especially if we like it. Material Requirements Images: Digital format only – 300 dpi high-resolution CmYK TIF files Size: Full page trim size – max. 232mm (w) x 171mm (h) Text: english or Chinese – in text document to include as much or as little information as each artist feels necessary – written biography/ profile, titles of artworks, contact details / website, image credits (if applicable), size and medium (if applicable). If files are incomplete or inadequate, the contribution will not be considered for inclusion. Harsh, but fair... All contributions submitted go through a selection board to be considered for one of the next galleri issues. only works submitted that strictly follow the criteria outlined above will be considered. If your works are selected we will send you an email letting you know and inviting you to a spangly launch party! Contributing your work in does not guarantee that it will be published. All unpublished work will be taken in consideration for future issues... If you do not get published immediately, don’t get nasty with us... we’re just trying to help here. All work submitted must be contributor’s original work and must not contain any third-party logos, trademarks or copyright material. Please do noT place any credits on artwork. All credits will be placed in text. All material submitted will remain indefinitely in the galleri archives and will appear both in the magazine and on the galleri website. By submitting your work you are giving us permission to reproduce your work in galleri magazine, on the galleri website and for the associated promotion of both. we will neVeR use your work for any other purpose other than that stated above.

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