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King`s College Art Department

Resource Booklet

Shane Cotton, Heke I, 1998 oil on canvas

Shane Cotton, Kenehi III, 1998 oil on canvas

Shane Cotton, Viewed, 1997 oil on canvas

John Pule, Mafola, 1991 oil on canvas

John Pule, Take These With You When You Leave, 1998 oil on canvas

John Pule, Pulenoa (triptych detail), 1995 oil on canvas

John Pule, The prohets showing us how far we must go to achieve human freedom, 2000 oil on canvas

Brett Graham, Te Hononga, 2000 kauri

Fatu Feuu, Ulu Manu Folau woodcut print

Fatu Feuu, Conserve for Tomorrow, 2000 oil on board, wood, ceramincs, sennit

Michel Tuffery

Michel Tuffery, Tianigi, 1989

Richard Killeen, Collection from a Japanese garden 1937, 1978 acrylic lacquer on aluminium

Richard Killeen, Three brothers, 1995 acrylic on aluminium

Year 12

SELECTION TOOL ( V ) Use this to select objects, images, text boxes. PEN TOOL ( P ) The pen tool allows you to create straight or curved lines and shapes. PENCIL TOOL ( N ) The pencil tool allows you to draw free-form lines and shapes by clicking and holding once the tool is selected. RECTANGULAR FRAME TOOL ( F ) Select this tool and then click and drag within your document to create frames of any size for pictures and graphics. +D then places an image or graphic within this. You can also use this instead of a text box by clicking inside the frame with the type tool. SCALE TOOL ( S ) Use this to change the size of an object. FREE TANSFORM TOOL ( E ) Use this to change the size of an object. GRADIENT FEATHER TOOL ( Shift+G ) The gradient tool allows you to create fade effects with colors. NOTE TOOL Use this to make note on a document that will not be printed. ZOOM TOOL ( Z ) STROKE TOOL ( X ) This is where you choose to stroke or fill a frame.

DIRECT SELECT TOOL ( A ) Use this to select what is inside a frame eg, the actual image inside its bounding box. TYPE TOOL ( T ) Click and drag to make text boxes to type in. LINE TOOL ( \ ) The line tool enables quick and easy drawing of vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines. RECTANGLE TOOL ( M ) This tool allows you to create rectangular shapes. ROTATE TOOL ( R ) Select this tool in the palette and click on any box within your document to rotate its contents. SCISSORS TOOL ( C ) This tool is used to split lines, paths, shapes and pictures to create new document elements. GRADIENT SWATCH TOOL ( G ) The gradient tool allows you to create fade effects with colors. EYE DROPPER TOOL ( i ) Use the eyedropper tool to drop a color from a graphic into another area. HAND TOOL ( H ) The hand tool allows you to easily peruse through your document quickly by clicking and dragging. VIEW MODE ( W ) Flicks between normal and preview mode.

SHORTCUTS FITTING CONTENT AND PICTURES (How the image fits into the frame) Fit content proportionally Fill frame proportionally Center Content Fit frame to content +Opt+Shift+E +Opt+Shift+C +Shift+E +Opt+C ZOOMING Zoom in or out Fit page to window Fit spread in window +pluS or +MinuS +0 (Zero) +opt+0(Zero)

STYLING TEXT & WORKING WITH STYLES (How the text looks) Bold Italic Normal All caps Increase font size Decrease font size +Shift+B +Shift+i +Shift+Y +Shift+K +Shift+> +Shift+<


Make sure you select Spreads

If there is greyed out areas, these will not print. To fix, go to Page Setup

In Page Setup, choose A3 paper size and Horizontal orientation.

Make sure you have Range set to 2-3.


EDITING TEXT I want to remove these.

The tail is too long.

STEP ONE Turn the text to Outlines by selecting your text and pressing +Shift+O. This allows you to edit the individual points of the text.

STEP TWO Use your pen tool to remove the points that you dont want until you are happy with it.