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Dubstep Artist Deadmau5 in a New Light

See the three page article on the electronica artist including images of his new look.


A sneek preview of the latest, up and coming Graphic Novel OUR WAR GAME


Ryan Bedillion

CRAFT: Another reason I feel this piece is stronger than the first one is what I learned about the making a piece like this. Its still done using Adobe Illustrator and the pen tool. From doing the first piece and then seeing everyones in class I knew I had to step it up a notch. I knew that if I zoomed in close enough I would see an array of different colors but in my first attempt I only translated the ones I felt defined the form. On this, my second attempt, I translated every one I possibly could and I instantly noticed a difference. Areas of the body just popped more than before and a whole new level of depth opened up. Now the original image wasnt very large so I know there were probably more details I could have gotten if the picture was a higher resolution. It doesnt really worry me, though, because I feel it turned out perfectly. The attention to the craft also allowed for a sense of texture on certain areas. The color and shading on the top allude to the material its made of, a tight, stretchy material. The skirt appears frilly and lacy for the same reasons.

COMPOSITION: I chose this image because the composition was more focused on the person in the foreground. The angle is much more interesting as well and the way its set up breaks up the space much more evenly. The piece has an over all gray, muted tone but the many bright colors in the clothes add a new level of visual weight to the work. Like any portrait piece if the figure has eyes you're immediately drawn to them. It's no different in this case but right away your eyes jump to the strong areas of color. This is good because they make up the majority of the body and open up the rest of the body and the level of detail in it. I 'm actually pleased with the simplicity of the background cause it doesn't take away any attention from the main focus, the girl. It has it's own set of angles that completely contrast the figures though still adding to the strength of the composition over all.

CONCEPT: The concept for both pieces, the first and this one, is the same they are pictures of my girlfriend. I think this one tells a better narrative though. I can think of many different stories to go along with this piece just based on how she's dressed, the area the picture was taken in, and the over all muted, grimy tone of the piece. She told me the picture was take when she went to the Pride parade one year and that's why she was dressed so colorfully. Knowing that it takes place in the city only adds another dimension to the narrative of the piece because personally I think a city/suburban setting makes for a more interesting backdrop. I like to think of this image in a more fantasy sort of way, maybe a poster for some post apocalyptic suburban wasteland based on the erratic clothing, the worn pavement, and the muted feel...and that's on the extreme end if ones looking to get really crazy with the story.

...some inspiration from the Joker.

These are eight variations of the trace project we started two weeks ago in Adobe Illustrator. These were modified in the same software. I First decided to play with a stroke on all the layers. I must have gone through almost all of them trying different weights and colors but none were really jumping out at me. The two I decided to go for were basic ones but i felt they had the best effect on the image. Second I began changing up the colors. I focused only on the figure for this, its the center of the piece and I think it helps conceptually.

I did a monochromatic one first using blues but specifically paler blues from the cool colors guide. The piece already had a cool feel to me cause it was mostly in shadow so this I feel really accented that. For the other one I went completely out of the norm and used some inspiration from the Joker. The colors clash, its very unnatural, and its radically different. Finally I stroked the colored images with the strokes I chose in the first part. They added a little bit of style to the pieces but i feel it is all about the colored ones.


I wasnt very pleased with my line drawings in this class so I decided to keep making shape drawings. I like the construction process of these types of works and the variations and effects you can get are endless. For this shape study I found a picture of the dubstep/electronic artist Deadmau5 performing and traced it in Adobe Illustrator CS. Part of the fun of constructing this image was all of the straight lines. The precision in the spacing and thickness of each perfectly straight line makes the piece some calculated. Compositionally its nearly symmetrical as well, adding to the technologic tone. It also made doing the piece quicker and allowed for very interesting variations which we will see later on. Another thing that really helped bring this image to life was the colors.

The shades of blue mixed with the black is just such a powerful combination. The lines on the booth are probbably the first thing the eye is drawn to. They seem to actually glow in the photograph even though its a still from a concert. The image also has multiple colored light sources which, in turn, accent the light areas with the really dense black areas. I will admit I didnt include the lights on the back walls but i still think the effect is there. It makes the piece look even more stylistic and thats what I was going for as opposed to my first trace piece, which was more realistic. Conceptually, everything about the piece just screams electronic. It does so much justice to the music genre that its

easy to see why Deadmau5 is so popular right now. The blue glowing lines on the black booth are a call back to the movie Tron and its computer world. That movie is also why those symbols are so associated with computers and technology and electronics in the first place. Since electronic concerts dont feature a band and instruments, they rely heavily on the stage performance. This includes things like the lighting and props to set the overall mood for the show. Everything has to really accent the music or else it might as well just be some guy behind a Mac Book messing around in garage band. I feel that is the over all conceptual design behind this piece, tio accent the music and the artist. The crisp lines, the

bright colors and the heavy darks give you the feel of being at the show and experiencing the intensity of the lights and sounds.

These are the first set of variations of the Deadmau5 piece. I focused on the stroke more than anything in this group to try and make a connection between the image and the music. I wanted it to like like sound waves vibrating outward from the booth. In music of this genre there is usually a bass drop, a part of the song where the artist drops in a new, heavier bass line that rattles the speakers and the listener. I decided to try and recreate that as something you can actually see. The piece featured above is probably the most conventional attempts of this concept. The lines are outlined by thinner lines that follow the origin perfectly. They spread out evenly from the main lines as well. Together these to elements make the image appear to shake and vibrate like sound waves. For the piece at the top of the second page I decided to move away from the perfection. In dubstep the sounds are abstract and raw, the power of the bass almost feels as heavy as it sounds. The

strokes here are random, the lines go from thick to thin, just like the sounds in the music. What I like most about this piece is the the dense grouping of lines on either side of the figure. The strokes follow the shape of the spotlights in the original piece. This makes it appear as though the sound is actually erupting from the booth. In the final image at the bottom of the second page is almost a combination of both, its slightly perfected but is still very abstract. The gold lines look more like wires than soundwaves and in some cases a grid. This works because, again it accents the idea of the electronics and computers with the wire motif. The grid lines allude to the idea of an art piece, planned for perfection. at the same time it has the same repetitive lines that the first piece had, and just like that piece it vibrates like sound waves. All and all I feel these pieces are good examples of the intended concept and the message is recieved loud and clear.

...a connection between the image and the music...



Lights Drop

These are the second set of variations for the Deadmau5 piece. In these I wanted to focus on color and and its intensity. Keeping up with the theme of relating the music to the image, I decided to try and recreate the signiture lighting of an electronic concert. In the first image I decided to completely change the color scheme from blue to red. In shows that feature this genre of music the lights often do change color with the music and especially from one saturated color to the next. I wanted to create the feeling that the song just changed and the lights changed with it or the lights are flashing with the beat. This basically gave me a whole new image and a whole different concept to try and work with. In the piece on the top of the next page I created an effect that was intended to make the lights appear as if they are glowing. The lighting often changes in intensity as well as in color with the sound. I knew I had to try and

make the lights look like they were glowing so I added a blur effect to the shapes and adjusted the levels until I felt it looked convincing. The final piece is where I went abstract. at a concert, whether it be electronic or a rock concert, when the beat gets really crazy or a the guitarist does a very intense riff or solo, the lights will flash chaotically and you just know the crowd will be going crazy. The used a very thick strock on key parts of the piece and made them white to give an extreme contrast in tone to what the piece started out as. It gives the feel of the music speeding up and getting to the very intense verse. It was intended to look as though a photograph was taken just as the lights flashed. This whole study I feel was a great success. If you are familiar with Deadmau5 or music like his or just really love music, I think you will be able to make the connections between the image and the sound.

... the lights will flash chaotically and you just know the crowd will be going crazy...




image by:

image by:

For my next shape/trace project I decided to use one of my all time favorite accessories, Beats headphones. Beats by Dre are, in my opinion, some of the greatest headphones out there. Not only is the sound quality amazing, but the design itself is a work of art. The sleek exterior of the headphones coupled with the wide variety of bright colors make them out to be an artists dream. from the moment I saw them I had to have them and now it only felt right to do a piece on them. I wanted to give this section a catelogue feel, like you were shopping for them in a magazine. I did the preliminary image; I chose orange because I think its

the coolest color for the headphones. The material of the headphones picks up great highlights so it was an interesting experience to try and replicate the plastic texture. I feel it translates well here. I tried them out on both a white and black background for displaying them in this spread. i feel the black is stronger not only because of the layout of the magazine but because it accents the vibrant colors of the headphones better. The headphones to me are more than just accessories, they are works of art. Its a theme that Ive been in love with for a long time, the mixing of art and music, and I feel these are a great example of this.



This next spread is devoted to displaying some of the color options Beats has available. I chose the most popular colors they have on the market, but these are far from the only ones they have. Not only do they mix and match colors such as the LA Lakers purple and yellow but they allow customers to custom make their own pair on the website, making the combinations almost endless. Making all these color changes was quite simple in Adobe Illustrator, the program pretty much color matches for you. It can find the exact tint or shade of a color as well as the one of a different color of the same saturation, its pretty cool.

Monster Logo

On the next page I have taken the liberty of also showing the Monster and Beats logos. Both of these are displayed on the headphones and, to me, are very sheek powerful logos. They are styilized and unique but highly recognizable.

Beats Logo



In this section, I decided to have some fun. I wanted to really show how the colors define the product, so I stripped them down to basic shapes. Much like in the iTunes advertisments, the simplicity and vibrance of the colors make them pleasing to look at. I tried a few different variations amongst the colors, adding and taking away different pieces to try and get them to look basic yet recignizable. I found that leaving in a few key highlights as well as certain areas of colors make

the heaphones identifiable but still leave the creative concept in place. I also really like the spectrum effect i got from these variations. Its an interesting concept and would definitly be worth exploring more if I had all these different colored headphones. I will settle for this for now though. it shows a basic transition between colors, as well as hints at the realationship of warmer and cooler colors. In my personal opinion I feel the orange variation turned out the best.

...the simplicity and vibrance of the colors make them pleasing to look at...



Our War Game is a graphic novel I have been working on for a very long time now and I feel this magazine is a great way to introduce it and my plans for it. I also want to use this magazine to bundle my entire approach to senior seminar in terms of craft into one piece. I plan on using my hand drawn art coupled with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign to create a complete arc of this overall story. I will have full pages illustrated and printed using InDesign to for the page layouts and Illustrator to convert my hand drawn pages to there final stage. That being said this magazine will contain those three key elements all in one. The layout of the magazine will show my understanding of page layout and book design, the trace projects will show my accuracy of recreating an image in Illustrator, and of course the handrawn art to give readers an idea of what they will be seeing. Im also going to use this and the next few spreads to introduce readers to the overall plot and the main characters of the story. Our War Game is a story I came up with around the time I was thirteen and have been honing it every since. The story follows a teenage boy named Simon Stryker, a social outcast who has become more and more fed up with the view of the world presented to him. After an unfortunate accident, Simon is taken by God to a different world where it is revealed that his true purpose in life has always been to help protect that world from the hands of Lucifer. He is given godlike powers to defend the realm from evil, which among other things include hyper-rejuvination, hightened stamina, and increased strength. Simon ends up working for The Queen of Hearts secret service, an elite special task force assigned to the most hostile cases. The team starts small but grows to a total number of six. Alice, a mysterious girl with no past, leads the team and is an exquiste marksman and trained assassin . Bunny, a rabbit/human hybrid, is arguably the fastest living creature in all the land. She has an acute sense of hearing as well as powerful legs she uses for running at superhuman speeds and her fighting style which includes only different kicks. Jack McCallister is a con artist and human/fiend hybrid, a race that is highly

frowned upon. He is incredibly smart, boasting an almost unrecordable IQ. He is also quite gifted with a knife, which is his weapon of choice in a fight. Cammy is a genie set free by Simon during a mission. He prison was actually a chinese style lantern and leads her appearence and fighting style to be closely related to a ninja. He new freedom placed restrictions on her powers, so she cant do everything she used to. Finally, Remmington Lasher, an ex-convict and accused murderer. He is a gifted musician and his guitar has the ability to transform into a battle axe. He also has a condition in which his emotions effect his strength. Together, this elite squad is assigned the task with stopping deadly criminals who set out to destroy the kingdom. Eventually they begin to notice corruption in the government and soon are forced to choose between living a lie or being hunted. All the while, God is watching as the master plan unfolds around the unknowing players in what turns out to be the war to end the world.



1) Simon Stryker

4) Jack McCallister

2) Alice

5) Cammy

3) Bunny

6) Remmington Lasher

Simon Stryker, high school senior and the main protagonist of the story. Simon is an American born teenager who was forced to move to Japan to live with his father and to keep him out of anymore trouble with the law. Through out his whole life he has slowly felt his sense of belonging dwindling and a growing disgust in the way people behave to try and fit in. One day when coming home from school, he was jumped by some kids from school. After a struggle he was fatally stabbed and left to die but instead was taken, body and soul, by God to another world. In this world Simon was told he would find his true purpose, to fight as a warrior of heaven in a seemingly never ending war against the devil. The world he was transported to is a place where anything and everything is possible and thus the winner of the war there will be the ruler of all worlds. To contend with the forces of evil Yahweh gives Simon a piece of its power and an element of nature, the power over the darkness itself. With this he has becaome almost superhuman, his body being able to heal rapidly and his stamine able to last longer. He also has greater physical strength. The unique feature to his power is the ability to absorb others strength like a consuming shadow. This makes his strength ever increasing and the list of abilities he can possess nearly endless. The claw on Simons right arm is his other main weapon. It manifests itself from the stone that became embedded in his hand. Its a stone formed from forbidden alchemy and, when activated, generates a liquid metal. This metal coats to anything and hardens onto it, becoming almost indestructable. Since it becomes a part of Simons body he learns to manipulate the metal, causing it to take on new forms. Simon is headstrong and sarcastic but with a strong sense of justice. Much of the trouble he used to get into was fighting for what he thought was right and standing up to people who would terrorize others. He will jump head first into the fray without thinking twice. Hes known to take a beating, and hasnt backed down unless he was dragged away or knocked out. Finally having been given a purpose, he is quick to except his new life and act on any situation simply because he knows he is stronger. He soon realizes though that the world is far from superficial and his actions have consequences that sometimes do more harm than good. Before his time is up he will have watched the world reach the brink of disaster twice and then finally be pushed over the edge. And when that happens, all eyes will be on him.

i came up with the concept for this character when I was around thirteen or fourteen years old. since then his design has grown substantially in every way imaginable. He changed with some trends I would see in high school that I thought would work well for him. I figured he would wear something that only a cartoon character could pull off and not get laughed at. His dark clothes are metaphorical for this whole theme of darkness that follows him where ever he goes. He will constantly struggle with his inner demons throughout the story and be pulled between the light of Heaven and the darkness of Hell. This is his most recent rendition and I think its right where it needs to be. I did this with pencil and markers on a sheet of 8 1/2 by 11 paper. His proportions are accurate which is something I had trouble with when I was younger and he actually fit on the whole page another thing I had a problem doing back in the day. This is simply meant to be a concept art, hes in a pose that has some action to it while showing of all of his physical features. You get to see how detailed his clothes are as well as his claw. The colors are a little cliche but at the sametime I was in high school when this color combination took off so it kind of just stuck with me. I think it works on him, though, once again accenting that evil side he keeps buried inside.



Alice is the original memeber and leader of Her Majestys Secret Service. She doesnt have any knowledge of her past up until she was about seven or eight when she was taken in by an elderly couple. The only reason she knows her name is Alice is becasue it is tattooed to her body, but not her last name. She would come to call the couple her grandparents but never took their last name as her own. Her grandparents were close to the Queen and soon she took an interest in young Alice and her intriguing story. She even paid for her to go to a high end private school to study law enforcement and ballistic science. When Alice graduated she was ggiven the honor to protect the Queen as her personal bodyguard. When the crime rate spiked in the Realm of Hearts and criminals became increasingly more powerful for the normal officers to handle, Alice was promoted to a head of a new division; a division of special agents that were allowed to go places and do things that other memebers of the law could not. She had become an assassin. Alice is a highly skilled marksman. Her shots more likely than not will always hit their marks. Her main weapons of choice are two very intimidating looking handguns. One is a semi-automatic that can hold twelve rounds and is made of a gold alloy. The second one is also golden in appearence. It is a modified magnum that has two barrels and can fire them one at a time or at the same time. The guns are special two her, she had them both on her when she was taken in by her grandparents and each also has an A etched into the handle, making her wonder if they belonged to her before she can recall. She also carries double barrel shotguns and explosives on her at all times. Alice is a very authoritative person and loyal to the Queen. She follows orders blindly and carries them out to the end no matter what. She has become desensitized to violence and will shoot on site unless instructed otherwise. She only hesitated to pull the trigger once; she never made that mistake again. One day the team falls upon the corruption that lies inside the government the world placed its faith in. Soon Alices morals are called into question and she must choose to follow the Woman who has acted as her mother or her friends who have been like her family.

Alice was a character that is one of the ties the story has to Alice in Wonderland. It started this way when I just wanted a fantasy world to put the characters in. Its evolved from this but still holds onto a few key characters and locations. Her looked was based off of the Disney version of the character but aged more and not so family friendly. You can see similarities in the skirt and ribbon in her hair as well as her long blonde hair itself. In this story she would be from Wonderland and not have come there by mistake. The design is once again a pencil sketch that I colored in marker. It shows the sort of exaggeration you see in comics when it comes to depictions of women but at the same time I dont think its a bad thing. Most women displayed like this in fiction can often be strong-willed and independent, using their sex appeal to their advantage. Her weapons are also a play on the giant, highly impossible weapons anime and manga are famous for. I like this aspect of the genre though so I incorporated it into my character. Youll soon notice that she has the least amount of black in her outfit and there is a sort of symbolic reason for this. Alice is devouted to justice and doing the right thing. The other memebers of the team have demons that they harbor and have done things that would be considered either unlawful or at the least distasteful to society. Her lighter clothing is to try and portray her as a symbol of what uncorrupt justice is.



Bunny was the second memeber of Her Majestys Secret service. She is a hybrid, a race of person in thw world that unexplainably is a cross of a human with a creature of a different race. In Bunnys case she is part human, part rabbit. In fact she is a very rare hybrid, the white rabbit. She is one of a kind in her tribe and because of this she is stronger than they are. Normally her tribe can run faster, jump higher, and hear better than many other species. In Bunnys case all of these traits are doubled. Bunny has the highest recorded land speed record as well as standing jump. She can even break the speed of sound by running. Her powerful legs also make for deadly weapons and her fighting style revolves souly arouund different, powerful, high speed kicks. She has yet to reach her full potential though. Bunnys an outcast in her tribe. from the time she was born she was treated special, believed to be a reincarnated diety. Her incredibly sheltered and catered life made her unliked by other children and she began to rebel. Soon he tribe cast her out for the shame she brought them. Her passion was always dancing but sadly it only landed her a job as a stripper at a nightclub. It was there she met Alice, who was investigacting the owner of the club. The two talked for a few days before Alice had to close the case for lack of evidence. One day Bunny walked in on a large drug deal at the club and was immediately thrust into a fight for her life.After apprehending the crooks she was approached by Alice to join the team. Bunny is the most upbeat memeber of the team and she is usually always in high spirits. She always motivates the team when they began to lose faith in themselves or the mission. Though she can be naive at times she has a strong moral center and will always stand up for those who are in trouble. Her past will come back to haunt her, though, when she becomes hunted by the those who wish to profit from her lineage. She has been running from her past her whole life, and the time will come when she will stop and face what she really is.

Bunny is another Alice in Wonderland reference as she is a white rabbit. Her back story was more geared towards that characters personality at first but she didnt have a big enough impact. I decided to play off the strengths of her double lineage and give her a much more dynamic story. It also helps introduce the readers to this idea of this whole other race of human/animal hybrids. I gave her more animal like features in the later sketches like a tail and bigger feet. Her out fit also became more dress casual but also more geared towards her abilities. Originally, she had long pants but running at high speeds is slacks is probably highly uncomfortable. He shorts cut down and friction as well as keep her legs as mobile as possible. I later figured it would be cool if she had flight goggles to keep things out of her eyes while she ran. Bunny is representative of this idea of constant movement and evolution. The plot is constantly changing, new and more devistating events take place, as well as character personalities and goals. This is shown by Bunnys inability to sit still and have to be in constant movement. She also represents the fear many characters in the story harbor in a different ways. They usually keep these problms away from eyes but Bunnys well known history prevents her from ever escaping it. She shows the importance of facing problems head on .



Jack McCallister is another breed of hybrid but one that is much more hated. He is part human part fiend, a race of demon like creatures that live in the Dark Lands. This is why he has pointed ears and sharp teeth. It also is why he has two different call eyes. Due to his ties to this race he is frowned upon by society. Jack, however, is highly intelligent. As a matter of fact his IQ doesnt even register because it is so high. He has a photographic memory and remembers details as far back as his infancy as well as work out complicated problems in an instant. In a fight, Jacks thinking rate increases, and in his eyes things around him almost slow down in a sense, giving him the chance to fully analyze the scenario in seconds. He has mastered most forms of combat, armed and unarmed, and he can wield almost any weapon with ease. Jack chooses to use knives as his main defense, though, becasue they require more skill to use effectivly. Jacks whole life has been a struggle against social norms. Since he was a child, he was bullied and abused and even his mother harbored ill feelings towards him. Finally she sent him away to a boarding school because she was tired of raising him. Though he was shunned even there, he still was at the top of his class when it came to grades. This landed him a spot in one of the most prestigious private schools in the realm. Here he met and befriended Alice. Alice related to Jack in a way, not having any knowledge of her real family, so she knew what it was like to be with out that love. Jack however still harbored grudges towards those who were privalleged and often devised ways to hurt them. This would involve complex scams as well as hacking computer programs to steal from them. Alice tried to steer Jack away from these malicious thoughts but he could never let go of that resentment and it lead to his expulsion. It also damaged Alice and his relationship when he expressed his dislike for her financial backing from the Queen. Jack soon went into the business of scamming people. His scams were by no means simple though, he was in the business of conning powerful crime lords. This was his way of once again enacting revenge on those whom he thought had it too easy in life and never had to work for anything. Eventually Jacks luck ran out and he ended up on the mafias hit list. At this time he was reunited with Alice, who was assigned to the case of finding a criminal hacker responsible for hacking into the government grids. After the two fight complete the mission together, Alice makes a plea to the Queen to allow Jack to join the team. She grants him a full pardon in exchange for his full cooperation. Jack comes to realize that the grudges he keeps are a poison that is rapidly taking him over and to fully be trusted by his friends and accepted by the world he must learn to let go of his anger.

Jack started off as a simpe gambler when I first came up with him. This character wasnt strong enough to stand with the others though, his backstory was weak and he didnt represent anything on a literal or figurative level. I took him completely back to the drawing board when I updated the characters. I got a lot of inspiration for his design from watching The Social Network. I felt the main character had the perfect personality for Jack. He would be an incredibly smart person but when it came to certain morals in life he was actually quite dumb. He used his wisdom to get revenge over petty things and in the end he might end up on top in some aspect he would lose things that he couldnt replace, such as the few friends he actually had. On a more metaphorical level, Jack represents the product of peoples bigotry. I wanted a character that would represent what happens when someone, despite being kind-hearted and intelligent, can be corrupted by the outside opinions of others. I was tired of the stories where the character endures despite having been abused. I wanted to have a character that caved to these social statuses and, instead of being the bigger man, began to take revenge. As the story progresses Jack will enfact make a change and give up the grudges he holds but i think it makes him a stronger character to see these changes over time. Jacks physical appearence is a way to show that, even though he hates people of the upper class, he has still modeled himself after them. Deep down he feels the need to belong and fit in with those above him. He wants to know what its like to have someone want to take care of him and help him. Even after he becomes quite wealthy from stealing from the mob, he still feels like he is just a freak who society looks down on. This leads him to wear the finest clothes and even act like the very people he hates. In a way I feel I made Jack a little to complex and he will most likely make one of the greatest changes of all the characters.



Cammy is a genie that used to reside within a chinese style lantern. This is why she looks like a ninja. Simon found Cammys lantern on a mission to stop a band of thieves from mining rare gemstones. It turns out the leader of the gang knew that a genie was rumored to be in the mines and his real goal was to aquire it. Simon however got the lantern first and woke her up. In true genie fasion Cammy granted him three wishes. Simons first wish was for the ability to fly, a test to see if she was being serious. Before he couls make his second wish though the bandit leader stole the lamp from him and began to use his wishes to become more powerful. Unknown to him though was that with every wish simon too gained his new found power by touching him. Soon the thief ran out of wishes and Simon regained control of the lamp. for his second wish he had Cammy send the bandit king somewhere he would never return from, which turned out to be outer space. Cammy was very greatful that Simon fought for her and was the first person in all her years of existance that every treated her like a living creature. For his final wish simon wished for Cammy to be a free of the lantern and t have a life of her own. Cammy was so flattered by his gesture that she vowed to always stick by his side, for he was her first real friend. Cammy, after explaining to the rest of the etam what she was and what she was capable of, was quickly made a member of the unit by the Queen. Being freed from the lantern came with restriction, though. Cammy was no longer able to grant wishes. She was also forced to respond to human functions such as eating and sleeping. Cammy keeps the lantern on her at all times because she still draws power from it. She also uses the lantern itself as a weapon swinging it like a ball and chain. Her attacks are usually fire based, drawing the mystic flame from her lantern and manipulating it. Cammys existance is challenged though when God comes to take her from the world. Her power was never meant to be unrestricted and her presence in the world is causing reality to collapse on itself. Without warning Cammys life will be forced to end as soon as it began and she will have to make the ultimate sacrifice for all mankind, and more importantly her friends.

Cammys original design was to in fact be a ninja. This however did not add anything to the story in terms of her personality, history, or even what her character was suppose to be representative of. After watching Aladdin for no real significant reason i became interested in the fact that even though the genie was free of the lamp he still had unlimited and now unrestriced power, and this caused no conflict. it is a kids movie though so I decided to try and present my own take on it. Cammy was then transformed into a genie but I decided a liked her ninja theme and kept it in her appearence. Her bright colors are meant to help accent her mystical image. I thought giving her crazy, long hair would also be interesting because she could manipulate it lke a weapon in combat. Since she is new to the world, Cammy is very naive when it comes to many things. After all she has been confined to a lantern and only saw a select few things in her long existance. She is constantly asking qiuestions and serves as a segue into areas of the plot that need to be explained for the readers. Cammy ends up becoming an early christ like figure, in a sense. Her leaving the world will save it from self destruction similar to Jesus dying for our sins. I try to use this to show that not everyone with power is in fact corrupt and cant be corrupted all the time. She is symbolic of free will and what can influence a growing mind one way or the other.




Remmington Lasher started life on the streets. He was born to a lower-middle class arear where to make it one had to be tough or involved in drug trafficing. In Remmingtons case there werent many tougher than himself. This didnt go unnoticed and soon he was working for a dealer, running prodict all across town. This opened the door to him working for the most notorious drug dealers in the land, Feel Good INC. And like anybody who works with illegal narcotics, Remmington was hooked. One day he met a girl named Jenny. Instantly Remmington fell in love with her and the two became inseperable. Realizing his line of work wasnt ideal for starting a meaningful life, he went to the leader of Feel Good to get out so he could begin a life with Jenny. The leader of the INC, a bug/human hybrid girl known as Bugsy, had however fallen for Remmington herself after taking a new experimental drug known as Vermillion. This drug was meant to stimulate the emotions associated with euphoria and create the perfect high. Unfortunatley it instead threw ones emotions completely out of sync. When Remmington approached Bugsy with his thoughts of leaving, she poisoned him with the drug secretly. This, coupled with an onset of anger fueled by Bugsy, threw him into a blinding rage and when he awoke from it, Jenny was dead and it looked like he was to blame. Remmington began serving a life sentence in prison, thinking about the bad things he had done in life as well as ways to get revenge on Bugsy for turning him into a killer. Remmingtons sentence is caught short after single-handedly stopping a prison riot. Once on the outside he met Jack, before he had joined with Her Majestys Secret Service. Jack suprisingly found sympathy for Remmingons story and offered to help him. The two parted ways for awhile until they reunited with Jack claiming he could prove Remmington never actually killed Jenny. At the same time, Feel Good sent a few members to silence Remmington. He and Jack handled the thugs with ease and afterwards, Jack proposed Remmington join the team. If he did he would have accesss to all the royal courts knowledge of feel good and he could help take them down for good. The Queen was hesitant at first but Remmingtons vast knowledge of the crime syndicate proved to useful to pass up and he was accepted. Remmingtons strength is determined by his emotions and can go from super human to powerless as fast as he can go from anger to sadness. He is a gifted musician and his guitar, a gift from Jenny, can transform into a battle axe. Remmington must come to terms with his past and settle up the score with himself before his emotions tear him apart from the inside out.

Remmingtons character has actually changed the least from his original creation to right now. I feel his design as well as his back story were so solid they never really needed work. He is and emotionally charged character who must come to terms with his ugly past instead of placing blame on everyone else. The only thing his physical appearence really gained was the fact that I wanted him to be covered in tattoos. This added to his rockstar image, and it works because for some reason he is shirtless most of the time. Why have cool tattoos if no one can see em, right? Remmington is just a representation of emotions and how powerful they can be. Sometimes they are friends, other times foes. Its a double edged sword. His presence in the story is to show how one can become a slave to their feelings as well as be in denial about certain points in there life that they accept before they can grow. Remmington is often quick to get into a conflict to protect someone because he feels he owes the world a debt when in fact the only person who still has to forgive him is himself.


This is what I guess you would call a teaser if you were at all invested in this story. Frankie, or Panda as her appearence alludes to, is a girl who comes from a very dark and tragic background. She was raised in an abusive home in all sense of the word and on top of that was abused further by the people in her neighborhood. These harmful acts caused her psyche to evolve and her malicious thoughts manifested themselves as telekinetic energy. This power allows her to manipulate the mental energy as if it were another limb and at times it can even be as dense as a physical object. It also allows her to project her mind into someone elses for a duration of time equal to how string that persons mind was to begin with. When Pandas power first arises it immediatly defends her, killing everyone around her. Since than she hasnt stopped killing, using her power to murder anyone she feels is going to do harm to her or she thinks is just a bad person in general. When they meet, Simon touches her, absorbing her powers and entering her memory. Inside he sees the turmoil Panda was subject to her whole life. Simon then realizes he cant kill her because he has too much sympathy for her. He actually lets her go during their first encounter. Much later into the story Simon goes into Pandas head and literally fights off the evil memories that haunt her and tells her that he would never let anymore harm come to her. When things begin to fall apart and the team is hunted by the very government they served, Panda joins up with them and even becomes a love interest for Simon. Panda begins to seek salvation after meeting Simon but she soon realizes in is a gift not easily recieved. Panda is suppose to appeal to those who have that darkness in their life that may lead them down a bad road. She is suppose to show that no matter what you will find someone who can and will want to save you from your demons if you let them in. I dont want to go into too much detail about her because her character isnt actually featured for awhile in the narrative. She does end up being very key to the plot and even gets a spin off story that takes place after this story concludes. Her appearence is playful in a dark way. It alludes to her feminine, child like side that wasny nurtured in her youth. Though she is this murderer she does it wearing a jacket that has panda ears on it. Its this quirky idea that even though she is dark and brooding she still goes out and buys things she finds cute. She is one of my favorite creations and felt she deserved to be featured because, hopefully she will hold peoples interest and make them want to stick with the story to see when she comes in and what happens.



You and I, we arent so different. We will both live forever, It all depends on you definition of IMMORTALITY...