Symbolism throughout The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Mary Wade 5/26/2010

Huck still kindly respected his ideas. Tom Sawyer is a close friend of Huck’s who used what he learned in pirate books to aid him in reality. Tom even proposed he would help Huck steal Jim when he tells Huck “I’ll help you steal him!” (Twain 263). Tom was very much like a side kick to Huck at times and represents a younger version of Southern gentlemen through his strong respectability (Bloom 30). Miss Watson. Jim. Jim is Miss Watson’s slave who escaped soon after Huck escapes because of the burdens slavery placed on his everyday life. since he would “say it’s dirty low-down business” (Twain 263). Tom’s plans and assorted methods were almost always swayed by those he read about in pirate books. Some of Huck’s useful and apparent relationships include those with Tom. and Aunt Sally. and resourceful young boy who is also one of Huck’s great friends even through their differences. Even though Tom’s way of escaping Jim was more extravagant and complicated than needed. Tom would not commonly do this. Many situations where his plans ended up complicating Huck’s original plans showed how Tom’s plans were unneeded unfortunately in Tom’s eyes. In the end everything worked out for the benefit of everyone. . Often the pirate books had detailed plans that were not always needed. creative.Throughout The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn surrogate families are formed to benefit everyone. Tom Sawyer is a very imaginative. Twain uses the archetypal lens to emphasize the theme that surrogate families are created based on the belief in the importance of family. but Tom used these plans that he found in his situations. Huck and Jim’s adventures enabled them to form relationships among themselves and others. With Pap not relevant in most of Huck’s life their relationship fades through the years eventually losing touch of each other after Huck escapes from him. but for Huck it was a common thing that others expected of him. When Huck and Pap had a relationship it had a negative impact on Huck’s life most of the time.

the Wilks. and Aunt Polly (Cooley 365). It was very hard for Huck to readjust to his dad’s new presence all at once. Through the beginning Huck may have thought that Jim was only a low class slave. Jim was seen to try and make up for the loss of Pap through his protection and careful planning between their adventures with the Duke.dependent decisions may have tried to separate the two friends. never followed through with his promise. and fooled away his life. Jim acted as a surrogate dad to Huck throughout the novel and was there to protect and watch over him through their adventures. Pap. As the novel progressed and they journeyed on more adventures. Huck and Jim were always there for each other when need be and took care of one another through all of the challenges they had to overcome. even early on in the novel Huck trusted Jim and had a good relationship with him allowing it to continue to grow. Since Pap was absent from Huck’s life Jim filled the father role for Huck. Pap said “he’d been a fool. Huck said “I was ever so glad to see Jim. I warn’t lonesome now” (Twain 50). unsurprisingly enough to most people. the Grangerfords.Huck and Jim have a good relationship in the beginning of the novel and it builds stronger throughout their many adventures. Throughout the whole novel Pap is viewed as the dead beat dad and informally given the label by readers because of his lack of presence in Huck’s life. He was planning on starting new with his son and making new memories that were once lost. Difficult and conscious. but now he was agoing to turn over new leaf and be a man nobody wouldn’t be ashamed of…he’d been a man that had always been misunderstood before” (Twain 26) since Pap was never around for Huck he tried to come into his life abruptly. their relationship continued to grow stronger and loyalty and trust grew as well. but they still have a strong friendship that only grows stronger. Huck had to reacquaint himself with Pap since he had not seen or even talked to him in so long. Little promises were kept making it hard for Huck to trust his own father and . Pap had promised Judge Thatcher that he would start to become a better father by playing a more active role in Huck’s life. but their loyalty always prevailed and kept them together as well as their strong bond.

which was achieved soon after. Huck and Jim traveled along the Mississippi and became very familiar with it. Twain traveled throughout America and Europe lecturing about his life and the many books he wrote. The most difficult obstacle Huck was faced with was when he had to choose whether to tell Miss Watson where Jim was or to not tell her and risk his safety as well as Jim’s. which would give Jim his freedom from slavery. Huck was trying to “do the right thing and the clean thing” (Twain 248) for his . Huck and Jim were constantly traveling to different areas to cover-up their initial story that included Huck’s apparent death to everyone in the town. Twain was largely striving to become a riverboat pilot.have faith in his dad especially when he kidnapped him from the rest of society. Huck’s life was filled with misfortune and trouble that was brought on because of Pap’s poor decisions. which was a free state. This became very overwhelming to Huck and hard to manage at many times. Pap often got carried away with his drinking and beat his son. Huck’s only option in getting away from the pain of Pap was to escape and runaway. In Huck’s view Pap was constantly associated with a negative image whether it was him being beaten or Pap as the town drunk. unlike Huck and Jim. Pap even misperceived his son’s abilities as seen when he stole Huck’s money from him so that he could buy liquor to get drunk once again. Huck becomes in control of his life and Jim’s as the novel continues since many of the decisions he makes affect Jim’s life as well. Huck and Jim never remained on one location for a long period of time in the same way Twain traveled throughout his life. and spent many summers along the Mississippi River. which he soon executed. Eventually Huck decided for the betterment of himself that he would give up his money to Judge Thatcher so that Pap would not continue to get drunk on a consistent basis. Huckleberry Finn represents Mark Twain in a significant way even if it is seen in a smaller way. The two were trying to get to Cairo. Twain was never striving for a specific destination though. just like Twain had done in his life. Jim has been striving for freedom most of his life so that he would be able to see his family again regularly.

The primary reason he escapes is to get away from society and any form of authority so that he can have his desired freedom. Many people early on in the novel. Aunt Sally did not realize who Huck was at first glance. As a more civilized person Miss Watson had more respect for Huck. including Ben Rogers. During meal times at Miss Watson’s house Huck was more civilized compared to when he first stayed at Miss Watson’s house. Huck knew she wanted to adopt him and therefore would try to make him become more civilized just like Miss Watson and Widow Douglas had tried doing. Being civilized was just not who Huck was and by not being civilized he was more able to be himself. Huck did not want to be a civilized member of society rather live on his own schedule without the restriction of rules holding him back. Society always put a restriction on his privileges. When Tom Sawyer organized his band of robbers into a gang Ben Rogers told Tom that “he . which was never favored by Huck. Widow Douglas was also able to get more done at times in regards to Huck’s education as long as he cooperated enough with her to get his work done.sake and Jim’s sake. In her pursuit of civilizing him she had a positive impact on him and his behavior during his stay. said Huck nearing the end of the novel. even if his safety was not threatened like Huck’s had been. Twain had to make difficult decisions many times throughout his life as well. Miss Watson also played a mother role towards Huck. Aunt Sally felt like she should mother him since he never did have a mother. inferred that Huck did not have a family. She took Huck in allowing him to live with her when it was needed. Society may have often troubled Huck. but the absence of a family affected his character. “Aunt Sally she’s going to adopt me and sivilize me and I can’t stand it” (Twain 338). Many of the same events that occurred to Huck also occurred to Twain in his life allowing him to connect to his characters more easily. but once she realized it was Huck she took great care of him from there forward. Places like the Mississippi River and steamboats were familiarized by Huck and Twain allowing Huck to be seen to readers as a reflection of Twain’s life.

hain’t got no family” (Twain 11) referring to Huck Finn’s lack of family. While he lived with Miss Watson she tried to civilize him. Everyone along Huck’s journey affected his behavior in either a positive or negative way. which worked while he lived at her home. By creating surrogate families a more balanced life could be strived to be reached by Huck along his life on the Mississippi River. Once Pap kidnapped Huck he tried to get Huck to go back to his old ways of being uncivilized. Pap never liked the fact that Huck was more educated that he was so he was constantly trying to deny his education. The people in everyone’s lives influence the way you act. Huck’s demeanor was different depending on who he lived with at times though. .

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