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Herbal Abortion: A Woinan'a DIY Guido

ttndet is nor intendedto provide

It is an informational
dastand your body and your
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f qy prqru. anatr,cir.f.."""r,r ffi

EI6,ined itr rhis booklel are baro

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qsr:eac€s of.tbe aut}ors, ho,
hc-Hd rcspotrsible
for an)*.i.
hEitare to consutra berbufpru.,;rio*r.
physicjal o. gynaeoologist_

S sf:'*$';I*:'rt$"*,"*,
' €&

atriarchysucl6. It's robbed us ofour

autonomy and much ofour history. \7e
believeir's integral for women to be aware
and in control ofour own bodies.The
recipeswe presentherehavebeen known and
practisedfor centuri€s,passeddown from
modrer to daughter, and have survived the
.cnrorsh.pofrhe wirchhunrs.Our inrenr r
simple and practical:ro help break away from
rhe medicalestablnhmenL s LenucuJargrip
on our bodiesand our approachesto health
and healing.
From anatomyto self-healingusing herbsand
massage, it is filled with easyrecipesand
remediesto conqrer yeastinfections, sexually
transmined diseases (STDs). hormonal
imbalances,late periods...a whole array of
medicin:iplmr. rnd nurrnionalinlor mrri"n
to arm us againsrabusivcand negligent
medicalpractices.A sectionon rphrodisiac
plantshas beenaddedfor your hncy.
Becausethe world ofwomen's health is vast ard
multi-faceted,we had to prioritize the
ff, selection ot mareriJ. Ve de.ided rr tbcuson
{ serual)y trrn.mitrcd di.c^cs.Hw/\TD5.
unwmted pregnancies,and more specific
rynecologicalproblemsas rhereis a la& of
alrernativeliteraturc on rhescsubjects.Other
apccrs of women'shezih (menopause,
etc...),while *tremely imporrmt, de too
exhaustivefor us to coverhere.
Bear in mind that stayinghealthy dependson good
nutririon and lifestyle,evenin matterssuch
as STDs. Povoty, abuseand living in a
crzed soceiryrnakeus easytargetsfor all
kinds ofunwanted invadcrs induding the
Hor lanrzis rhe trgl',h ot C'e't roujou^
chad d"n' b' ,"/ott"' d"' flbs (second
edition). This booklet is arrintroduction to
bxic herbal therapy;it's a matter ofgetting
to know diff.renrmedicrnat plann rnJ rhc'r
propenie., rd figuring our hr.h onc. *ork
bestfor eachof us.
Many ofthe treatmentsoutlined in this booklet will
nor be enorrghto eliininate certainchronic
condirion<.lfyou find yoursclfinrhi'
situation,you may want to opt for more
advancedherbal approachcs.Co"sult bools
written by other witchesaod heal€rswho
escapedrhe stake.Or perhapstake a doser
look at homeopatl'y,acupuncture,etc., all of
Tdfi{, d (,tYewtr
arev:lu,ble meuhod,ofhe:ling. Body Mapping (in brie0 ...........................-............
\X,6ile these treatmenrs are speciffcaliy recommended
About Menstmation....-.-..........................-.-..........
for women, many of them carr also be
applied to mcn. A Good rdeafor Repiacing
The last scccions"How to PreparearrdUse Herbs" lremcnsrrualSyndrome....................
rnd "HerbalPropenie',nd Dovter, Amenorrhea
or Absenceof Menses.......................
c,nr;ir *plaaLions. mechods of prepamr;on Menorrhagia
or Excessive y
(infusions,decoctions,tincrures...)and above
Dysmenorheaor PaintulPeriods.........................
all, the characteristics
and waysofusing the
herbsmentioned in this booldet. ile it Lovein *re Age ofAids .............................-..........
may be tempting ro sLip ahead to the
treatments suggesred,it is EXTREMELY 35 Yearsof Fertility..............................................
IMfORTANT rhat you read dreserecLjon.. After a tusly Saual Encounrer................-........-.
Herbs arevery powerful md it's imporrmt
A SimpleVay ofBringing on Your l,crn:d .......-. l7
that you understaad how they work, how to
prepare them, and when to avoid using How to Bring on a Period Using Emmenagoguesi7
STDs nd Orhcr A1icns.........................
Finally ro end on a beau-tea-fulnote, there'sa list of
usefuladdressesc well a.lref€rencebooks on
the subjecr. Scabies...............................
Ve hope rhis booklet will inspire you co seekout GenitalVarrs .....................................................
moreJrernariveinform,rionand ei.-l^." Herpes...............................................................
/our oPtions. Bladder& Urinary Infections.............................25
Vaginids& VuIvitis............................................
YeastInfections& Candida................................
Trichomonas ........-.........28
Teo good reasorls
to keep this booklet
on hand and to share it
B Gardnareila...................................................,.
Infecdons& Gonorrhea.......................

The Ovariesarrdthe Uterus.................................

ifyou'd like to know as much about your cunt as OvarianPain............... ........... ... .. . ........30
your doctor docs OvarianCvsts............. ..........- .. . ..........30
ifyou breal our into a cold sweateverydme Fibroidsin the Uterus. ..............-.................
your period s latc VaricoseVeinson the C€rvix..............................
ifthe pill is giving you the blucs HormonalImbalarrce.. . ........- ................
ifyour friend's got cramps Cleansing
Your Genita1s
if Se condom busts
Aphrodisiacs ....................33
ifyou carchrhe clap
if antibiotics give you a yeast infection How to PrepaemC UseHdbs ...........................
ifyour ycasty itch males you wanr to grab the n,.kinoYo,,rowr Hnar ...........,t

ifyou bleedbuckets HerbalProperties

if STDs are squattingyour crotch
...and for many other reasons...
Uscftl Addresses

MrJv, The cervixis shapedlike a cylinder;it is
approximatelytwo and a halfcentimeres long, with
a fine canalrunning through it, opening into the

PXdlftn9lrier , t'l t, uterusup top, and co the vaginaat the borton.

A11chmgesin the functions of the uterus
(menstruation,pregn:lrcy,menopause)are regulared
by hormonescontrolled by the hypothalamus,the
labia majora (outerlips) cover the other para ofthe pituitary glaod, the o""ries, and by other substances
rulva. They becomethinner at their base,wherethey .uch aspro t"gl$dirs.e. ercdby rhc ur.rrneri..ue.
fusewi*r the perineum,the muscle bemeen the anus The uterusis connecredto the ft1lopiantubes, which
.urd rhe vagina.Inside the labia majora are the labia harbor rhe ovum (or egg)releasedeverymonth bv
minom. They arejoined at the t"p t" for- a one ofthe rwo ovaries.
protectivesheathover the clitoris. Thq' elso p.orecr
the opening to the urethra. The Ovaries
The ovariesare locatedin the pelvismd rest on
The areabeween the labia rninora is largely either sidc ofthe uerus. Eachovary is hcid in place
occupiedbya spacecalledthe vestibule.At birth this by strong elasticligaments.The serratedoriftce of
spaceis almost completelycoveredby the l,y.*., rhe fallopiantube is locaredjusr abovecach ovary,
which variesin size,shape,and rigidity. The hymen with the tube leading to the utenx. Even rhough
car be torn during sporting activities,by the rhey arevery closeto eachother, the ovariesand rhe
rn'enionof, rmpon. or Jurng ma<rutbarion or openingofthe fallopian rube are not in direct
vaginalpenerration.Somewomen have piecesof conscr. Tbe ovariesdevelopand releasethe ovLrrn
si<inaround rhe ves buie-theseare the remnarts of :rnd play an essentialrolc in our hormonal system.
They ue pinkish'grey, alnond shapedand are ebour
The Clitoris & Genital Glands threecentimerreslong. A layerof cellsc,lled rhe
The clitoris is an organ designedessentiallyfor sexual oogenicepirheliumcover.rheovrrie : rr i< irom
srimulation and pleasurc.The .litoris and labia thesecellsthar the eggis lormed. Thousandsof
contain erectablerissuewhich swell up during sexual immature ova (eggs)gatherin chesepoucheson the
surf:ceofthe ovaries.In addition to rheir role of
Two pans ofglands re anached to the vulva: *re developingthe ova, the ovariesproduce rhe
SLene'sglandsliejust under the clitoris, arrd secrete hormonesestrogenand progesrerone.
m alkalineliquid which reducesrhe vagina s natural For more informarion on anatomy,r'omen's gcnical
acidity.The secondand largerset ofglands, the organsand their functions, and on the rolc and
Banholin's glands,are locaredat the opening ofrhc Lbri.rrion ^r hormonc...on.ul'rhe folloring
vesdbule,and secretefluid during stimulation. They
are normally about the sizeofa small pea and arenot
Nat ldl R.ddikg
in Gtntubg, br RihaNn5im,1984,6d(ion
very prominenl Their swellingcan be causedby DisPensairedes iimm.s.
whar is calleda Bartholin'sabscessor cyst.
Hamons: The \Yon.n\ AnJa,/ -8,,*, by Los Jovanovic M D
The Vagina and GenellJ. Subak-Sl,arpeM.S., 1987, I\a Book. Publishcd
The vasi,rais $e channelwhich connectsthe rdva
md rh. inrcnrJ urg.ns.Ir ir sevenro rwelve Ndtulal Hornon. H.abh: Dtug Frc. \Ytt' to Bdld,r. yorr Lif.,
centimeneslong. During a vroman'slertile time, her by tuabelle Melville, llarper Collins ?ubhl!e6.
vaginaisecretionsare acidic, but beforepuberty and The N.u a* Bodic', Oun.t e' (U?ddkd ad Lr?and.,r t, th.
afrer nenopausethe vaginais modcrarelyalkaline. 9rt br ihe Bosron \vomcn! He.lth Book Collective, 1992,
Vaginal secretionscome Fom rhc Banholin glards Simon mdSchus*. (Espe&ily good for info on an{omy)
and from the cervicaicanal(which is also rhe source
or . ervi.r.l"rucu'r.I \"ir n.rmal dl,"hrrgc is
odorlcssand wareryor slighdywhite. They clearse
the vaginalcanal,in addition to coating thc ntelor
of rhe vagina.
lfhe Uterus
The uterusis abour the sizcand shapeofa pearard
is made up ofrwo main parts: rhe body and the
cervix.From puberty to menopause,the
endometrium (or the urerinelining) forms every
ro provide.'uitive support for a fertilized
egg.If rhe eggi. rot ienilized.rhe endomeLrium is
expelled-thisis kaown as mensrruarion.
FEt\iAt,E PELVTCORC^NS l5idc\i$l
,\'I* found in the cosmeticssectionofthe pharmacy or ar
1 fu tuaw"
t A
healthfood stores.Ofcourse they aren't advertised
asmenstrLralspongescausethat would rhrcaten the
f" a^d
t.l to n Q "sanitaryhygiene" indusrry.A spongecan last up to
.l 4 t t t s. t r six months ifyou rakegood c.areofit. Discard the
spongeonce it beginsto {lll apart.
I, i" *rp;"r"g to *rli* ,. *h"..r,.".
i alr individual thing-every womrn menstrlrat€s,
-." yet" Soakyour spongeovernight in a cup ofwater wirh
color, odor, remperature,needs,desiresand pain can one teaspoonofwhne vinegarbeforeard/or after
vary tremendouslyfrorn woman ro woman. It is also eachperiod. This kills the bacteriadut can cause
amazingto note that women who live togetheror yeastand other vaginiris.ifyou havea bad vaghal
who are very closeoften menstrrnteat the same infection dtring menstmation, it s bestnot to reue
rhat spongeagain.Storeyour spongein a cloth or
box betweenperiods.
ln many societia menstruationwas rraditionally
(and in some case sdll is) viewed as a very powerfin Also, aword about the Keeper,a litde 100o/orubber
time-a time for women to purify themselvesand to cap that you placeon your cervix to collectthe
relax.This is a far cry from how most ofus m.n.,,urlbtood. Empry,w,.h,nd repla.eir ev.rl
cxperiencebleeding.\Ve're usuallytaughr to hide 2- i hours.The keepe-i! Lnown ," bc reJlt
any evidenceofblood, padsor plugs (henccthe comfombJc, safc,easyro useand w;ll be yours for
ridiculous individually wrappedpoika-dotted n'any years.No necd for tanpax or pads,you're free!
packaging),to be "discreer'(like, don't talk about it Bestpricc in Canada:$37.t9 (tx ind.) avalaiblext
at all) or don! whine ("you're such a bitch when Frigo wcn (2130 McKay, Montreal, H3G 2Jr; 514
youie on the rag). \Ve encouragebitching, talking 848'7586), or call Eco Logique at 1-800'680-9739,
r7g" or email <> for mail order. This
solution costsa bit ofmoney, but lastsalmost
I'.;":ffi ::makes 'Pr"-u.rt"...'.t
f o r R eplacinC -lw)\ /B
-f arnpons & Pads v"- Svndrorne (PMS) \
' L,9
Using brand-nametamponsand padscan be Theseare varied;mood changes,irritabiliry, crmps,
harmful to you. Plusthey cost a 6rcune, being painfin or sollen breasts,headachcs, zirs,water
"luury" nems and atl. V&enever possible,avoid retention, bloating, lack ofenergy, herpesourbreaks,
scentedproducts asrhesereleasea whole slewof
9s ard other digestivem:ltunctions, flulike
chemicalsinro you girl parts (a.d smell gross). symptoms,back pains...combine thesesymptoms
Tampons are bleach.dusing dangerouschemicals wiLhm irreg"lrror prinn,l ." le sd l-r'vr gor rhe
which can be absorbedinto the body through the genericprofile ofa woman who's readyto kill. Most
vaginalwalls and Toxic Shock Syndromehasbeen likely she,llbe prercribcdthe Pill to 'solve" all her
dirccdyJinked ro tampon use.Plasdctampon problems.Medical geniusat it's finestlMethods of
applicarorsarenon-biodegradable and dog rewage coPnS:
systems,often washingup on baysand beaches.You
can avoid someofthese problemsby using non' Diet
bleached tmpons, arailable at some health food 0 Lower your inrake ofsalt.
srores.You can alsobuy 100% conon pads (or even 0 Eat loods rich in porassium:bananas,potatoes,
beter-make your own!) they are washable and re- cabbage,pearsand almonds.
usable,thus avoidingunnecessary waite.
0 Ear a lot of seaweed:kelp (freshor in tabler form),
Insrcadoframpons you can usenatural seasponges. hijiki, dulse...
Simply dampen rhe sponge,insercit inro rhc vagina
wnh your fingers,md removeit oncc it's saturated. 0 Make foods high in vitamin 86 a regularparr of
Doni worry about pushingit up too far-even your diet: greenvegetables,so/ producrs,and
though it doesni havea cord there'sno risk losing it nutritional yeast(you can also tale brewer'syeast
"up rhere."Spongescan be left insidc the vasina for capsuies); note that wornen who re prone to yeasr
sever:1hours, depcndingon your flow arld the sizeof infections.hould avoid yeastat all times.
the sponge.Once the spongeis saturated,rinse tt rn 0 Take a lot of vitmin A, especiallyif you have
warm or cold running watet, squeezeout the exc€ss paintul breastsand suffer from cramping.Carrots,
water, and reinserrit. onions.garlic.Lurnipr..pjna.h. lentiJs, apricor..
This is a cheaper, cco-friendly alternative to lemon<.ard raw . eger.rble oil, rre :Jl rich in
ramporx. Avoid syntheticsponges.Natural sponges
are often soid asmake-upremovalpads,and caa be 0 Drink lots of watcr.

I{erbal treatrnents
0 Follow the treatmentsfor hormonal imbrlances
(p 3l).
or Excessive Flow II
v r A.
- "J ertP.4z)
": ,ro' iretieve
::,- rfns'on
,P ,-lnd
6 ,,.,!*
Red raspbery leaves(p.45) are besrc they d
nor .rop .ou from bleeding. bur h-p regul:'
lour flow. Sr.rr r'ing thcm one-cel,,e
trnt.r period is due and conrinuethroughout
Sone book provide a dctailedaccountof rne rote rnenstruation.Repeatif nccessary.
playedby hormonesin causingPMS-why we
The rollowins all hetp reduceexcessive
producetoo much ofcertain hormones,arrdnot
enoughofothers. PMS is often causedby hormonal
irreqularnies,and so it is helpful to read uo on this 0 Vitamin C.
0 Vitamin T (sesameseeds,sesameburer).

Arnenorrhea 0 Bioflavonoids(buckwhcat,dre skin ofcnrus fruits,

or At)sence of Menses 0 Alfalh (2 handfLrlsoffresh sproutsor 3 rabletsptr

This may be due to severalfactors.Normal absence day rhroushour your cvcle) 1l lessenyour
ofmenstruation (missinga period, or sever,l);
causedby pregnalcy, lactarion,and menopause.
"Lo b, causcdby vervpoordicr.
ex.essive exercising,losing )argeamounts ofweighr, or Painf:ul Periods
fatigue,stress,hormonai imbalancc,going off the
pill, or by meubolic problems:diabetes,liver disease, Most ofus experiencesensations
inconsistcncies in thyroid levels. ranging from mild discomlort to
excruciatingpaj!r during menstruarion.
Trytoeatwell. n Ve get crampsbefore,during, and
To bring on rnenstruation after our periods.Medical scGncerells
? us that suffcringis part ofbeing a
0 A .prigot prr\le) inrrr.d * tur aspos<ibleinro (
the vaginacan bring on mensuuarionby causing \ womm. But wc know they'reliars.
u,"-:,,econ,racr;on(. ln.en ir beforego;ngro deep. Sexuailytransmitreddiseases (STD$
ud remoreir rheloJlowingmorning.Do rhislor J are sometimesrcspolsiblefor pain bur mosr ofrhe
to 4 days.Accompanyrhis with parsleyinixions rimc crampsare causedby inflammation, swellilg
(p.44). md tension in the cei.r'ixmd urcrus.

0 Tale sagein infusion or tincture (p.45).

0 Awoid sa1t,sugarand procexed foods (inci,rding
0 Drink nothelworr infusions (p.44) for 4 to 5 days. whire sugar,whne flour and whne bread).
Do nor cxcccd6 days;yo.i shoulil get youi period 0 Eat foods high in porassiurneveryday: bananas,
in the follcwing days. dry fmits, melons,oranges,carrors,1ea6.grcen
0 Masage the rellexzonesfor rhe urerusand ovaries vegetablesancl potatoes.
2 to 3 rimesa day (p.10). 0 Eat dark greenvegerablcs
and orang$ for vlramrn
0 Tosy in infusion or rincture (p.46) can hdp A (n reducestension).
regulateamoorrhea. Note thar ransycan cause 0 Eat oatmeal,broccoli, p,Jdey (which cu b. mken
heavybleedingin women who normalty havc a asan intusio!), Brazil nuts, almonds,and seawccd
hea'7 flow. for rherrhigh cahiumconren,rwhicheLminJ,"\
0 Ifyou sufferregularlyfrom amenorrheaor late cranrpt. Smwrcd (kelp in particular)can be tatcn
periods,ir would be berterfor you to think rn in tablet form.
termsofa more holistic treatmentinsteadof simply 0 Hot barhs,a hor warer bonle placedon the lower
rrying to bring on your period. Consult an abdomen,smoking a joint, vigorousor light
herbalist,or try homeopathicremediesor other exercise,md orgasnx aLlhelp relievetensior,
alternative medicines. Drinking sageand red cramping and pain.
raspberryleaf teason a regularbasiscan help
improve rhis condition, as they help tone the uterus
\. :.t ) )
t. I
i-/ 5 5 t'O
0 Yarow (p.47) tahenin capsulelorm, tincturesor
intusionsprovidesvery good results.Begin 1 weel
b. f"rc your priod and .onrinue rl-roughouLir.
kf; i l s
AIDS is now a fact oflifc and oflove. More and rnore
0 Ginger (p.42) infusionsrapidly peoptewe love (friends,6mity, co-workers)are hins
cramps.You car alsochewthe freshroot. with HIV. Preventionis about loving yourselfenough
Tale asneededto relievepain. to understandthe risksalrd to makedecbions for
yourselfand thoseyou careabout.You set the rules.
0 Redraspburyleafrea(p.,15)
-o.Ls The rvay it rvas
weLlto alleviate
crampsbut must be
rakcn regululy (overa period ofmonrh$. For rhe first eight yearsofthe pandemic,most
It is mild alld call be usedfor long-term researchers a.ndhealthcareprofesionalsignored the
impacr ofAIDS on women. lnnial definitions of
AIDS didn! include gynecologicalsympromsmd
foot mrssage ro alleviate crarnps women who were nrfecredlud a nuch shoner lile
Massagethe uterineand ovarianreflexareas(located expecrancl simply bccausethey wereonly diagnosed
'oehindthe ankles,just aboverhe heel). Pressnaro onccrh.1'rvere alrcaJrrery ill.
whereit hurts. This areais generallyvery sensrrtve at l{'hen rho'e,n . h,rgedrd Jccidero pur *omen \ I
rhc onsetofmenstruation. Use your thumb to pur undeIhc m;,ro.,op..rheir,otc.on.ernwd how,,
firm prcssureon dre area,for five minutes on each women might spreadthe syndromeinto rhc "general
si.1c.Alternatemassagingeachfoot, asneeded.Thn ^/ ^ ^i , , t,..,,i,^" -' " / ,, 1
. ,-,i . ----
, 4 ;- ., /. -i - o r
t, ,^,,r1 t -, dt,c
massage yieldsxtonishing results,especiallyifit's
Iexrs, the only studiesinvolving lfestern women
done by someoneelse. r-rgered,erworkcr.rnd tpnrcnr::lrmo,hfl .
Rescarchfocuscdon rhcir capaciryro transmir HIV,
FOOT MASSAGE not cheirhealth or responsero medicarions.It wasni
undl 1990 thar a sreaterrisk for cervicalcancd war
CHART lisredamongAIDS symptomsand ir wasonly in
1997 that prematuremenopauscwasalsolinked ro
HIV infection in women.
The rway it is
I N S I D EO F MostAIDS educationis presenredaslcngdry liss of
'safe'and'unsafi'activities.This makesit a rx cas,cr
to read rhrough rhe liss, declderhat most
information doe*it apply bccause'Idon\ do rhar or
'I'm nor like that' and then smuglyreturn to p)easure
asusuaI.Understandinghow HIV is transmittedis
c,,y: undcr:,"ndirgh"* Lo"pplv rh.rr," you, l;r. I'
in;:"e, hone.,yr; re.os.;);"s . ;li, *.
'",, )
Very <implyHIV i presenrin vJ-iou ., ,,.r.,.rion
in the bodily fluids ofpeople alreadycxposedto the
OUTSIDE virus. Thesefluids arc harmles unlessrhey come rnro
OF FOOT contacrwirh your bloodsrream.Healihy, unbroken
skin (no curs, rashcsor irrnations)is your firor line of

Going with the flow

A briefnote about bodily fluids. Blood canics rhe
highe.r.oncenrrrtionof H lV. \p.rm -l o con',in.
transmissiblequanritiesof HlV. Vaginalsccretrons
are considerablylorverdown on rhe list, although
levelsof HIV arc incrcascdif dre secrerionscome
from someonewith a yeasrinfection or other local
f.r moreinform.rrion abourthe dmger<of u'ing infection (white blood cellsconcentrarewhere rhe
bleachedtamponsar'd pads (aswell as excellent infection is, and thosecellscarry rhe virus).This n
refcrencesfor alternativ es), cons';,lt \Yhitew*h by Liz 'why it is much easierfor a woman to becom. infccred
Armstrong ard Adrienne Scott, 1992, Harper by a man than the reverseduring boy-girl contacr.
Collins. Sal;va,rears,swear,fecesand trine carryminimrl
amountsof HIV:rnd therehavebeenno reported
Against the Pill, by Barbara
The Doctor\
casesofinfecion wnh any ofthese fluids.
1980, Doubleday.
Blood caurious.The manufacturersofthese items doni
Becauseblood is extremelyinfectious,needlesare alnaysthink abour whereand how they'll be uscd,so
yot haveto. | : \
often ref.rred ro a.sthe 'most efficient'meansof
rrarsmitting HI\r. A needlewith microscoprcrraces vasinar fluids \ J\ L
ofblood in .r .an deliverrh"r blooddirecrlyinro yo.r- Informarion is not too clearon whethervaginal lluids
blood,Lrerm you u.e ir. 'h.lringneedles i' (without the presenceofblood or other infections)
RussianRouletre.Ifyou don't havenew needles, carry enoughvirus for tnnsmission.Repons are
dean used needles (alld worlcs) rhoroughly, several infiequent and usuallythey involve the presenceof
timeswith diluted bleachand water;Theserules o other risk facrors(like sharingneedles).It\ up ro you
apply to body piercingand tanooing. whetheryou want to be cautious.Ifyou are
\ )
Sperrn ^ conconed, a condom,with the tip cut offand slit up
I ' onesid. ..rn :cr "" a barrierber*eenmourh rrc . Jnr.
\s ror .c:ru:lconr,cr.,nwhrng rhrr in"ol"e..perm J
involvts morc corrsideration than annhing that Non-microwavableplastilvrap can alsodo rn a
/ pinch. Ifyou havecuts on i.our handsyou can gct rhinkof ir a lm,ll dor ot le,bin.
urivilcecJ. F-clunecJn crerrefri.tion that lead' to larexglovesfrom your friendly neighbourhooddoaor
i'i"',i..," in L.:uc rrherirk i. morc likely or dentist.Try not to sharesextoys (like dilooq
",!in"l without rinsing rhem in warerand diluted bleachor
wirh aral tissue,which is more fragile).Spermcan
enterthe bloodstreamthrough thosetears.lfyou coveringthem with a new condorn for each us€.
haveanotherinfecdon that involvessoresor lesions Pregnancy
on your gmirals (for insrance,herpes)theseen :lso Transmissionis alsopossiblefrom infectedwomen to
act asa oooNay ror rne vrrusto entel yo'lf then children through ptegnancy.This risk has
bloodsrieain.The reverseis true if1'our partner has grcadydininished (it\ lessthan 25% in Norrh
sores,and you are HIV+, especiallyifyouie America).h doesnot appearthat pregnancyitself
menscruating. Remember,blood caries a much consriNtcsrisk, but infection can occur during
nrghcrconccnrrrrion ofrhe virus rh,n deliverywnhout precautions.Breastfeedingmay also
involve risk becauseofthe possibiliryofpresenceof
Oral sex can carry a rbk if you havc cuts in your the virus in breast-milk(sincebabicsalsoingestsmall
mouth or alongyour digestivetracr (cold sores, amorrntsofblood from chappednipples,it's difficult
blecdinggums,recenrdentalwork, etc.)Thais why to determinehow infecdousbreut'milk n alone).
somesourcescounselthc useofmouthwash insteadof Trearmentsareavailablethat greatlyredrce the risk of
a toothbrushifyou want to be minry cleanbeforesex. infection to unborn children of HIV+ pregnant
Condorns women, though the long rerm effectson mother and
.hild ,re .rill nor under*ood.Krowrngearlyin a
Your bestde€ense in thesesituationsis a iatex
pregnancywhcther or not you are HIV+ and proper
condom. HIV can'r passthrough latex. Using them
follow-upc:n alto rcdrr,erhe'i.1.oi,-nrmi.:i.:.
properlymears alwayspinching the tip when it's pur
Knowing beforeyour pregnancywill ensurerhat
on to ensurerhat no air is in it-rhais the leading
neirherofyou becomeHIV+ rying to haverhe baby.
causeofbreakage.Lots ofwater-basedlube alsohelps
keepthe condom incactand diminish fricrion tirat This informadon is presentedsinply in terms ofhow
could Leadto openingsin vaginalor anal walls. Oil- easilyccrtain fluids can enteryour bloodstream
bued lubes;an eat through condoms,making them duing different activities.\7c haven'rn::de any
distincrionsabout whetheryou aresleepingwnh men
and./orwomen, considcringprcgnancyor nor. HIV
Ifyou're allergicro latex,animal condomsare still
arorrnd.Double wrap the penisin questionwith an lon:ei,hd &
animal condom on the side thar will come in conracr -{nd rernernber W
wirh alergic skin (on the outsideifyou have the Despitewhat you'd like to believe,HIV doesnot
aj1erg1,,on the insideifyour partnerrisks irritadon). becomelesstmsmnsible ifyou reallylove eacrrotner,
ll,c I"rcxc"ndon will 'Lill .rop HIV Lrrnrmision if you ve bourr e,.h orher: longrime.if you
.,, i ,1 -
-^ -
i- .--
-r:^ ^. decidedto live togetheror ifyou're sureyou'll never
Sperrni-de-cide sleepwith anyoneelsc,evtr. And jusr how sur€are
you, an''way?
A smallwarning about Nonoxynol-9. This spernicide
is ofren promoted aseffecdve in killing HIV, aswell References
assperm.The problem is, that it's a litde too srrong.I Vamp:, Virgin: and V;aims: Hoa can aonenfght
once watched an Ausualian sexworker use a single ,41D5?,by Robin Gorna, Cassell,London, 1996.
condom lubricatedwith Nonorynol-! to removenail lYonen and HIV/AIDS an international rc:osce boob,
polish offborh her hands.It may kill the virus, but it by MargcBereru irh sun:ndaRay.tandora.H-rper
may earthrough your skin aswell, leavingyou more collins, 1993.
at risk for infection. Detergena,bubble bathsand
other producrsmay alsoirritate delicaterissues,so be

t2 13
control ovcr our bodies.You may alsolind it usetul

\(e ortlate every28 days.Thars 15 to 20 dmes per
yearand at leasr300 mensrrua.lcycl.s in a lif.time...
to chart 1'ourperiodson a nenstruzi
may be necessalvto get vour ov:rries(etc.) rn oetrer
shape;see"Hormonal Imbal:rrce" (p.31) or
,-le" g YoLrrt'en ..1. p \) . Rcd
leaf (p.45) is excellenrfor toning the utcnrs ,",i

For thosc ofus who deep wirh feilas,rhars Your raginal rnucus (or dischargc)changesduring
thoLcandsofopponuniries lor gerdngpregnant.Ir's rhe monrhly cycle,and during ovulation it tales on
normal ro .h*ge your partners,mind and methods. r'ery specificcharacreristics
*'hich allow a womm ro
It's nonnal to abort. It's normal ro frcak out! l know ifshe is ovLrlatingor not. A sort of'mucus
" l"
1'heserhingsmakc it evenhard.r *' t microscope'is available,to check ifyour ceriel
"n mucus is leniie or not. The microscopemakes ir
0 Men's indifference,and their ignoranceabout their
casierto idcnri! the variouspropertiesofyour
c,wnfcrtiliry; men are fertile all the time, and x,e're
rnucus.Ifyou havea microscope,practising this is
,.1rn ,' l) .hc on.. h*e ro de.l *itlr ir.
"ho I easy.Sornehellrh food srorcsscll rhis gadgct;
0 The added rcsponsibilityofcontraception od I problem is, n costsabout $50. Onc solution is for
l"llu l:lJ':'!)rD' *. women who Jivetogetherto shareit. Clonsultrhe
referenccslisted bclow to find out more abour
0 l'he stresswhich resultsfrom having to constantly idcntifiing thc characteristlcsofi'our mucus. YoLr
educaremcn about taking responsibilitieslor their car alsoexmire it wirhout a microscope.
bodies... and ours. Make surc to rcad up on this subjectmd get ro
It can seembleakar timcs...but heepin mind-lovers know your cyclewhile usins a reliablemethod of
come and go. \bur body is yours lor the long haul. binh control, to make sureyou can tell ifyour
Bc soodr.1our Jf"bo'e Jl.,nd if',',., mucus is fertile or nor.
persuadeyou odrerwise,askyourselfwhosernrerests 'o
Check your mucus
rhey'vegot in mind. Our attitudestowardssexhave
charged.They've had to n s a marter ofsurvival.
Don'r rhink that women don't 'gef' AIDS: we do,
n:rnbe . in, re-ing Jl rh. <exi< \
essentialmd condomsoffer the advantageof i]
protecting againstboth HIV md unwan;ed A
pregnucies (seesafesex,p.l1). Mmy ofus have
found "enfocins" safesexwith our lovershard. lt's a
drag lntcning to"guyswhinc about condomsbeing
uncomfonabieor unrxy. ft's evenmore ofa drag
bcing in conflic*virh the personyou want to fuck,
. .p . J lr\r b. tu. [ng rhr.
'lr, "'.cn ,o-
lrelf iul \ nr in.r'eyou don r f"llou rhi, lin.: For rnore inforrnation
The New Ou Bodie:, Ourseha (Updated and
0 Never think you'rc inlertile bccauscyou've never Expandedjir the 90), by the lloston \(omcn's
gonen pregnanrwhen you havehardly used Health Book Collective:drn is a good rcsourceon
,,n ra..p i.e.. cvenov er. long pcriodof rime.
women's health issuesin general;this most rccclt
0 Avoid thc Pill; try to opt for alternadvemethods of edirionL,. becnetp;ndcd ro in.lud. ;r,I rn " ion or
connaccprion:condoms,cenical cap, diaphragm. the mucus ncrhod and other alternadvesto chemical
\0lile they may seemrediousto use,thesemerhods -^^,.---^,i .,-. --l --l -i ,.-.
olferrl'e ,d' rg'"fn", d <ru b:rgrou' body' 'Ihe Ndacal Birth Contal,Baal, bv Art Rosenotoom.
natural cycle.l akc timc to gcr to know your fcnile Availablc from thc Aquarian ResearchFoundation,
pcriods by observingyour cervicalmucus arld other 5620 Morton Street,PhiladclphiaPA, 19144 USA;
signsofovularion. tel,:(2r5) 849-3237.
0 l '. imponantLofigureouL hcrh.r yorr . y. lc i. Naaral Bith Contal, by Katia & JonathanDrale:
" explains the temptrature metlrod.
regularor not, and ro understandhow it wo.ks.
I-ror'rworryif r ; rvhilero figureirour. Selj:i1el7,,Fertilit1 and B;/th Contol: A fmlnt't
Your mcnstrualcycleis like a good friend-you get aplloacL to det.fnin;flg ourktion. Avzilzblefor
to know ir betrerover time. This i a stcp toward $1.50US from The EmmaColdmanClinic for
reproductivelreedom and the reappropriationof Vomen, 715 N. Dodgc, Iowa City, Iowa, 52240,
14 15
For info on lenility a*'arenessand natual brrttr A Sirnple 'W-ay
B,rbaraFeldman.j4) E. tJk s..
5,,ee,=D. New vork. Ny. t000J. u)A.
of Bringing
Check our the researchand rechniquesofAvrva
t on Your Per iod
Srcinerand ReumaCohen, two women who have (If you suspect alr Lrnwanted pregnarcy)
dcvelopeda method basedon using1'ogaald This recipeshould not be Lrsedon a regular
exerciseto inhibir the implantation ofthc eggin rhe nor as a method ofcontraception. lr is easy
Lrrcrus,alrd thcreforebring on menstruation.This prepare,cosrsalmost norhing, ard it is nor
can help too for nenopauseard menstrual havc side eflecrs.
prcblems.For more inlormation on the subject,call
\'1ona Hebert, a homeopathwho giveswomcn's fhe be.r rime to begir rhe rrerrmer:r .< rhe,1-y
herlth worLshopsbasedon thos{:exercices. Tel: rhrr you u.rc uppo cd robeg'n men.r,u"(in8 o,
(.5r4)5210745. rhe next day).

After a Risky
Encounter I
(Thescare nor methodsofbirth conrrol and should
nor be usedon a regularbasis).
L lnsert a sprig offresh parsleym lar aspossibleinto
the vrgina. Changerhe parsleyeven l2 hours.
Vhen soft, it may be difficult ro remov€,bur ihis is

2. At rhe sametime, drink p{sley infusions Gee

t.,,^,.;. h", .,,".,^ - ,-,r -- ,,:.,'--. ^n,lcn
breaks,the following merhodscan hdp preventan 3. Drrring thcsc3 days,take hieh dosesof Vitmin C
unwanredprcgnmcy. orally. The idet dosaseis 500 milligrams ."..y
hour (6000 mg per day) for up ro 6 days.Vitamin
0 ln rhe llrst momcn* following risky s* (or ifa
C can bring on nrensrruatjoneven threeweels aftcr
condom breaks),insen one non-chewableVitamin
a "latc" period.You can bcgin taking Vitamin C
C tablct (idolly a 500 milligram tablet) into the
orally immediately after urui! rx.
vagina.Thc acidiry rvill chmge the pH-balancein
drc vaginaand preventspermfrom stayingalive. Ifsuccessful,you should stan to bleedwirhrn two or
l)^.Js.: I ro 2 ubler, in'erredinro rhe vaginrevery drrcedavs.You should know rhat:
12 hours, for 3 days.This may burn or cause
0 You nay havc crampswhcn you firsr srartto bleed;
vaginelirrirarion; in rhis case,follow the yogurt
rakegingc infsions (p.1r2)m nmded.
rcame,n (see"Yect Infections", p.26). Take high
dosagesof Viamin C orally Gee"A Simple \?:y of 0 Thar chmcesofthis nethod wori<ingare lower for
Bringingon YoLrrPeriod',p.t7). fhisisagooci .rornen rvho reg-larly take high dosesof Vii;min
medrod to Lrsewhen you'rc travelling,or asm C.
emergcncymethod. 0 That this rreatmentis not adviscdfor womcn widr
t-i J--.
0 \(Jld carrot seed(p.47) can be usedro ryoid ^-^LL-_"
unwantedprcgnocies by preventingthe fertilized
eggfrorn artachingnselfto cheutcrine wall. I{ o'rv to
Iro-ge: I rca'poonof 'eed' cvcryd,1. . r,,ring a'
rhe rimc ofovulation or immedhtely after unsafe
Br ing on a
sexduring the ferdle period. Somewomen take the Period flsing
e.d. for ore w*|. orh.r. unrrlbleedingLcgin'.
You can chew on thc seeds,mke rhem in a glax of
rvateror juice, or swallowthem in gelatin capsules. ([.nmenagoguesare herbswhich encourage
Male surethat the seedsyou buy have not been menstmal flow by promoting uterine contracuonsl.
chemically*eated, asthis destroystheir Th*. me,hod.rft no' r^ hc :' corraceprive..
elfectiveness. 'r'cd
The recipeshere usc more conccntratcd
combinationsofherbs and arc designcdto induce a
miscarriage.Theseplan* can be uscdifyou wish to
abort natumlly, but must be usedin the manner
.ndiuted hcre.We proridc rhe.crecip* bowins
that only a few women will be ableto usethem
undcr their optimal condidons.
It's important to know thar thc carlieryou usethese
herbs,the more effectivethey'li bc, but one

16 lt-
I{eep in rnind
condnion is absoiurclynec€ssary: tou haveto be ar
the end ofyour rycle. This meanstiat they will nor 0 The inlusion tasresratherawful: add
*ork rieht after ovul.tion, as it is not possiblero
.lirninaie the lerdlized eggbeforeit hasadheredto 0 Srop taking rhe mixture assoon as you
rhe uterinerv:ll. Someherbssuch wild carrot seed srarrblccding, or after taking ir for five
car be usedto preventthe fertilized eggfrom da1's*'ith no results.
arrachingitselfto the uterine wall G€ep.47).
0 Mosc women should begin menstruaringwithin 48
You $ou1d begin drinking rhe teasthe night before hours or so after beginning the rrearr;rcnt.
mensrruationis to begin;on that day, or up to 6
ttaysaftcmards-but noc larcrlYou may want to have 0 You should Lnorv drat rhescherbscm causc
lots ofrest is advised.
contractions.nd/or dizz-iness;
a pregnanrytest to verify whe*rer you are rea1ly
pregnantor not. Thes€Plarrtsare not toxic, but keep Thcl m-y.11."irrdu,cn.u.clnd/or .um;ri,,F:F'I
In m nd ,\ | ifrhp/.ar .rr. c a m'"rrri,gc. \cv ,re lightly.
certainlyabletc, damagean cmbryo. Ifyou are sure 0 Do rheserreatmentswirh a ftiend. They crn check
yoLrarc pregnanr,rnakean appohtment for an 1,ourprogress,give support, masage,keepy".
.\.. .. . : , : . , L- , - -- a- . lu- c eeC_

Ifyou knorv you rre pregnanrand arc surerhar you C Pracricchasshown that the more advanccdth.
,nlo rermrnre rhc pr.bamry. a., r qui.lJy ,' pregnmcy, the more severerhc sidc cffects.\re
posible. \flomen who are awareoftheir cycleshave stressonce again that this trcatmentshould not be
greatestchancesofsuccess.These recipesare not done more then 6 daysafter a mixed prriod.
miraculous,btr ifvou do them earlr/enough,
0 Seenote important' following rccipe#2.
chanccsof succeeding:refairly good.
Emrnenagogue recipe #2
Use only one of tne hllowing 2 recipes.
Emmenagogue recipe #1 0 2 tablespoonsdried blue cohoshroot.
0 3 tablcspoonsdricd pennyroyalleaves.
Mo*rerworr, mugi,'crr" goldensealroor,
blue cohoshroot, frcsh ginger root. 0 2 tablespoonsdried tansyleavesand
flowcs (or lcrcs from rhe plmt in flowo).
Pennyroyalcan be substitutedfor
mugworr, bowevcr,it is hard ro find in Put the bluc cohosh root into 6 cupsofwatcr and
nany prns ofCanada (especiaLly in bring n ro a boil. As soon asn boils, rdcl the
QLrtLec). remaining herbs,coverand removefrom hear.Let ir
sreepfor at least30 minutes.Srrainout rhc herbs
I lnfuse: 1/2 ounce (14 grams.)ofmothcrworr (a Jrd ,.h..,, d. I t-^it\ \-r.,-. :", 'o Jt- I ,::.
medium*ized handful) md t/2 ounce (14 gr.) of ashot aspossible,cvery3 to 4 hours for no morc
mug*on .r mcdiunr rzedh,ndful\ rn 2 or {.ur *rm 5 da1s.Drinking thn recipewhile sirtrngm r
boiling water;steepcoveredon low heat lor 20
hor bath ircreasesirs cffccrivcncss.
mlnuresaod stf n.
recipe#1 (sec
Side effecrs:sameas for ernrnenagoguc
2. Mal<ea decocion of I ounce (28 sr.) ofblue
cohoshroot ir 2 cups ofcold water. Simmer on low
hcat for 20 ninutes (covered)and strain. IMPORTAN'I': Even though conplications are
very, very rare,ifyou experienceany ofd,e follo*ing
'. Vr. rh. rntr.ion /iro n rcpllrnd'hcdeco,rion symptoms after usirg one ofrhese recipes,go to a
(trom srcp2) togedrer.
hospital immediarely:extremelyseverenausea,very
Dosage liigh,.,v., 1r0 .r0l dcgr"erF', lemorrh,gi,,g
Drink hor, 1/4 cup, 4 to 5 times per day, or drink a (oaking through more thm 2 padsm hour for over
4 hou,,r. rn ,h.,, . :n.^npl,
rotrl of t arrd 1/2 cups pcr day, taking a small -rn,..,"rirsr
emount everyhour. (indicaredby passing"r,,
large blood clorsandror
hemorrhage),a tl & C (dilation and curcnageor
In addition scrapingofrhc utcrinc wall) may be nccessary.
Take 2 goldenscalroot capsuLes 3 cimesa day; chew
on freshginger rnd/or drink as many ginger Emmenagoguerecipesrumbers I md 2 should not
infLxions(p.42) aspossible. be ured rogeLler.Y"e . n ra-kes:rrg- infu.ior.
1p.42)or earfreshtinger roor wf ile using

!rr. eqn
\ri ".+.'U Y,/
t8 t)
Other ernrnenagogues
Tarsy leavesand flowers(p.46) carrbe taken in
rnfu.ionor r ncrurero bring on r mrscarriagc.
plarit helpsstimriate menstrualflow' Dosage:
I cup
&l t et ' f
dhd ,t I'er,"ery 2 hour. or 10 lsdropsofrincture
in warm *arer every 2 hours.
fennyroyal (p.44) can bring on a miscarriageby
causingLrtcrinccontractions.?reparean intusion of
pennyroyalicavesard drink it rs hot aspossible you
h s a good idea to go lor regulargynecologicalcheck
r dr rnk ir whilc .irringin r hor barh.Ma'rimum ups;ifa problem is diagnoscd,you can then decide
dosage:4 cupsper day for no rnore than 5 days.A not ro tre.rtit with chemicalpiils or creems.Ycu
teespoonofbrewer's yeastin eachcup hclps rncreas€ sho d Jso have Pap testsdone on a regularba-sis
the effecrivenessofthis plant. Never ingest (oncea year,in most cces).
pennyroyal oil; it is highly toxic and can cause
Chemicalanribioticsare nor advised(especiallyiF
death (no jokel).
you vc alreadyraken them a nLrmberof times)
Note: Unfornrnatelypennyroyalis hard to find in bccausethey tend to weakenthe immune systemas
many parmof Canada,so grow your ownl well m yoLrrdefensesagainstother ill,csscs.
:chinesy.- dS Though you rnay wmt to avoid medicaltreaoncnr,
s h o uld Kn ow €;t clinicsoffcr testsfor the problemsmd STDs
Make sureyou choosegood-qualirydried herbs. mcnrionedin rhis section.Someoftheir symproms
arc very similar, and n's bestto determinewhich
V."ulizarionmd medir" ion help u.ins
"hcn STD you havebeforetreatingyoorseffwnh herbal
enrrncn,gogr.s, imaginerfe eggbcingdrdodged
remedies.Certain STDs such as gonorrbeacan resuk
6om the rrerrrsand then expelled.Having someone
in pelvic inflamrnatorydnease(PID), inlenility and
massage or pressdown on your lowa abdomencan
other complicationsif lefr unrreated.lf these
hclp sdmulateurerinecontractionsarrd induce
rreatmenrsdo nor work for you, be surc to re a
good gynecologtr for mcdicaltrearment.
Alcohol, sugar,nicotine and caffeineall interfere The treatmentssuggesred on the fo owing pagesare
with the body's abiliry to absorbherbs.Try to plancbased:sonc ofthern are natural antibrotrcs
minimize your intale ofthese substances during the
that strcngthcnthe immune systen to combat
courseof thesetreatmenrs. disease or infection. Thn explainsivhy the
Drir k,,' of *rter *helr,ing oy of rhe recipe. rrerrmenr,,.rnlr.rr
lhe' ff- ,.n-,..
and herbslisted abovc. however,is high asthcseplantsclcanserhe body
whiJediminishnrg rhe chancesol:rcinfccrion.Even if
Do not, under any circumstances, exceed dre
you're pretty sureyourve gotten rid ofdre
recommendeddosages.Once again,eventhough
complicationsare very, very rm, ifyou do infection, get a test alier complcting m herbal
, <p,:icn.c ,ny or rhe toliowiaB$ mprom(.tf'er treatment just in ceseyou stitl have un<ictected rlr.e rc.ipc'. go ro " ho.pir:Jimmcdiarcy:
extremelyseverenausea,very high fcvu (103-104 Get a hold ofa speculum.Ask your gynecoJogist; if
dcgree0. hcmorrh.rging ("ak;ng rhroushmore she'sc"ol, sh"'ll gi". you one. Examineyoursclfl\'irh
.l'"n p,a m horrrfor ovtr 4 hou'J. In rhe .sc ol' a mnror md a flshlight. ft's alwaysrvorth ir to vrsrt
an incompletemiscarriage(indicatedby passinglarge a new prt ofyour bodyl Smell,tmte, touch. You'll
blood dom ard/or hemorrhage),a D & C (diladon quickly be al'le to tell rvhrt s nor quire righr. Most
and curettageor scrapingofthe uterine wzll) may be infectiors can be detectedbeforesymptomssuch as
vaginaldischargeand itching appear.Once you
becomefarniliar wirh the normrl, healthystarcoF
Thewne Vonan Ilobalfo theChiAbeanryYtar Ey Susun your vagina,a vaginalcxam using a specuiumallows
S.Veed,AshTrecPubli'hing,woodstockNw York you to detectthe first signsofarr infecrion.You'1l bc
Vhilc desiered for rvomenwlo wantb havea bxby,the ableto spor parts ofthc vaginaor cervixthat are
Lr co c J "irh\"rr: n,r\od lor.vo:dngro redderrhar usual,or notice small red marks on drc
I n:nJ,:ng.- unw"nrcd D1"gr r-cy.Ard .houldv"u srr cewix. You can alsoget togelherwith lrieDdsand
'. dec;dc $ou J ik" ro.on(erve
-n neerour mind rcd "ou checkeachotbcr ouc.This is a good way to comparc
rhr biookis a veryhelpfulguideto a hcalthypregnang' ad
arrd ercharge experiencc.The references provided at
childbnrh. provide
the end ofthis chapter sourcesof
I ate Btk Yatrt tfe:A wnqn Guidto Ahon ' inlormation on sellexaminations.
Hcahh Care,by Nicia nor' Grata,
Collecdve, P.O.8722,Minneapol;s, MIN 55408,USA
(Send$2 Us).
Ifyou decideto taLechemicalantibiotics,you're oil) ca" be rubbed onto the infeaed areas(skin and
bomd to get a yeastinfection. Eat lots ofplain hair) and left on all night. \Cash offwith ,""p.
natural yogurt (the kind with active bacteria) to Repeatas nceded.Ifit's especiallybad, apply 3
restorethe vaginas natural pH balance.Avoid acidic dmes a day or more. Drink thyme inlirsions (p.46).
fruits ad sugr. Vaginal yogun tablets or
acidophilustabletscan alsopr€venty€asrinGctions. S cabies
Or with the help of a specuium you can insen Scabiesare tiny parasitesthat live ard leed tnder tle
yogurr into the v€ina using a small spoon or a large our€rmostlayerofour skin, diggiry long furrows
"baby syringe" (onewhich doesn'thave a needl. where the female lays her eggs.
p.37). Red raspbenyleaftea (p.45) or yatrow (p.47)
can be usedto resroreequilibrium to the genitals Syrnptorns
after taking antibiodcs. Take these lor a month or A-frcrm inc rbarionperiodofse"eralweek, ,, uLe
irchyspo,< appe;rduringrhe nighr.
\\ . "ill
,l':.e:t.n'u*es and^'p'eadsrcd
\flhen consulting a physicianor gynecologisc, it's not t\* \l*, 'he
\ \Y lIn.s. nmd\. berwe.nth€ trnger(.wa,rs,
a bad idea to iind out ifit's absolutclynecessaryro I i dbo*.. armpn', LheeenirJ nea and ankles
rrearyour condition ivith chemicalmedicine are wnerescaDrcstcncrto h3!g our.
(rnforrunarely,sometimesit is).Ask about
alternarives-sympathetic doctorswill understmd V/hat to do
0 Samerreatmentasfor crabs,rub affectedarea.
Most doctors push artibiotics on us for eventhe (;enrtal \i/ arts
n"^, minor 1v.Ll.,n< compui:r '2flK*
make a huge profit from this. 1Wedon't have to Vhile they are often calledvenerealwarrs,you don r
support th€m. Herbal medicinehasproved itselffor nccc*arilygcr Ihem Grough sexuJronr:, r the choiceis yours. V4rether it's on the cervix or on your finger, a wart
is a wart. \7ans calr disappearwithout rreatmenrbut
lfyou havean infectior or STD, it's importaat that it's best ro take action early.Their presenceis said to
both you arrdyour sexualpanne(s) follow *rese reflectsomesort ofdeficiency (vnamin, nutritional,
$earmcntsar STDSare easitypa,ssed back and fonh etc.). \?arts will often appearduring pregr,..y or
this will help you avoid reinfection after completing with vaginJ infecrionrand rendro disrpperr
a rreatment. Men can heal themselveswith these aficrrruds.Cenitalwansofrenrc.cmblcordinaq
rreatmen$by tahing tie herbsin infusion or wartsand somerimesappcarto be shapedlike a
tincture form (referto speciflcnotesin tex$. rooster'scrown with white dps. They cm grow
Keep in mind that practising safesex carr prevent internally and exrernally,in the anat arrdgenital
rhe trusmission ofmost STDS, and reduc€sth€
risk of reinfection after a trearment. 'u?l at to
Crabs Doctors treat wartswith a toxic oeam, Podophyllin,
or by hrr,hcr mcrhods:c[.rrolysi<.liquid nirrogen.
Everyone,even smallchildren caa get crabs.They Iaserrherrpyor \u'8ery.Ask lbr docrrmenrrrion.
r.e riny in.c,r likc crearurcrrh,r Ia1r-heirrgs<in
dorha, sofas,bedding and carpets.Crabs cannot Ahome remedyyou can usebeforeseekingmedical
for more than 24 to 48 hours without a host
ro feedoffol lt's very important to destroy 6eir 0 Treat your immune sysrem:three wc€l$ of
eggsas well. echinaccaroot (p.41) followed by one week of
Syrnptorns goldenseairoot (p.43). Also douchewith arr
infusion ofgoldensealroot once or twice a weeki
They itchl 'Ihe itchinessis concentratedin the
rhis is effectiveagainstitchiness.Do rhe treatment
genirJregionrd ot-herhriry.uea.ofrhe body
for four weels; repeatif necessary after a threeweek
reventhe eyebrow<).They :re small.and rheir eggs
break.You can take tinctr:resinsteadofinfusions,
)ook lile tiny brown dots at the baseofthe hair.
ar they are much more convenientfor long,term
\71'at to do
0 Clorhes,towels,and bed linen should be wxhed in 0 You can alsorub a clove ofgarlic, cur in ha1f,
hor *,ra:nd machinedriedon.r high setring.
Rugsand ..rpets should bc "quaantined" lxepr
out ofcontact) for 10 to 15 days,dependingon the
severiryof the invasion.
0 Thyme. red rhyme (more porenr) or hvendar
es'enri:loi.lsdilured;n oliveoil i2 ro J rexpoon. of
essentialoil for cvery5 ouncesor 142 ml. ofolive
12 ll
0 Freshchickweed(p.40) is very effectivein Diet
dissolving warts over an ertended period of sweral 0 Crapesarerdr i<edlor rieir .vrri-,ir:1properr;c..
months. Eat the fresh pla.rr or make an in6rsion concentratedin their skins.
(p.34). The only way to get fresh cirickveedis to
0 Bre"ers ye^r (rn rablcr').Reminder:this is not
p;ck ir youself-ir g'o-s aJJoucrthe.ig ,"d in rhe
adv;ed ro' re proneLoyeasl
.oLrnrry'ide {p.38t.lfyou car't find the freshplant "omcn "ho
you carr take chicl:weed in tincture form
0 Vitamin C, vitamin A" vitamin E.
Take note: Valts calr be easilyspreadthrough hand-
to-genitalard genital-to-genitalcontact Some 0 Tal<e800 ro I 000 milligram.of lrsinedailylor
t to warts man omerFyou one to nvo weeks-not longer. You car repear this
.houJdrale pre.audons, ,se condomor den,,l treatment after two week'sbreak.
dr- rr you .r your p*n ner r<infected:rry ro wzsh 0 Try to undersmnd what dggers an attack stress,
your hmds beforesexuJ conracr.or (a.ndthis r<I depression. *hich ioods.clorhes.mensrruarron.
rough one) reduce hand-to-geniral conract. etc... and try to avoid what you can.
\7omen who have had warts should ha"c Pap test 0 Avoid cotree,chocolate,nuts, sugararrd alcohol.
0 Take los ofgarlic (freshand in tablersor
) For more information about herpes,consult Ze
FIerpe.SimplexII is very<imilarro SimPld-l kold on rhe mouLhand lip< i. saidro affe.ronly New Our Bodiet Ozralzas, by the Boston l(romen's
on an; pa;rcf
,1,.b..riLaircg;on.bur ir c:l Ce"relop
rhebodv.Tbe mov (ommon m€ansol (ransmrs<ron
i. g"nirJ-ro-genitai, onracr.rhoughhe.pesc:rl also \w Bladder & {Jrinary
be p,scd from one personto ano$er duting mouth
I Infections
o' iand-to genitalcontact.Lesiorlswill app€ar
beveen two to 10 daysafter exposure,or more, Symptorns
accompaniedby a feverand flu'likc symptoms Having to peeall the time, pressurein the bladtlcr,
S"me wome' *ill exoeriencean ourbreakinsteadof feelingthe urge to pec but nothir'g comes(or maybe
the flu, beforeor aftJ. mensrruatins,and when just rwo to threedrops), blood in the urine, dark
under stress.Herpesis a virus, whi& meansthat it urinewir-ha vrong odor. Be c.rreful. rhe<esisnrray
livesin your systemand can reappear.\Zomen who be indicativeofa rnore seriousinfection such as
have herpes mey want to avoid chocolate, nuts, PelvicIn0ammatory Disease(PID). Check wnh a
caffeine,sugarand alcohol in order to prevent doctor ifyou'rc not sure.
outbrealc Geebelow). Causes
rWhat to do Imbalancein the intestinal bactcria,
Infrequent recurence (onceor twice a year) wiping ftom back to front, nylon
T.Le eold..*J roorcaosuJ.s (p.+J)at rheonscrof underwear,chemicalfoms, suess,
rhe orirb*,k and for r*o wtks rfterwards Reperrif cold, analpenctrationfbllowed by
the outbreak.eocctrrs. vaginalpenetrationwithour clemire
rhe fingcrs,pcnis or sextoy in between.
Very frequent recurrence 'N7hat to do
Th. :.,',n;.".ysr.- musrbe treaLed for: longtime
(up ro I year).'fake echinacearoot (p.41) Lrncilthe 0 For thosewho consisrendysuffer from this rype of
oroblem is eone.Use a tincture to facilitate infection, drinking cranberryjuicedaily is a musr.
ab.ororion.-A.orher eood rcmedvfor herpesis DrinI a sirccn oun.e glas'hourlyar rhe firsr.:gn'
g,rlici rale' i" crp"r,icso' r,bleri.TiIe;h;rh dor ofan infection. This wiil usuallystop it in a couple
(rz capsulesl rlie onsetofm outbreak of hous. Continuedrinking 16 oun.cso{
(charaiterized"rby a tingling sensation), and then .ranberryjuiccar lcxr rwicea day for prevenrion.
threecapsulesevcry4 hours for 3 days.It is Ifnothing but water is availabledrink a sixtecn
recommnded tLar vou maintain a dosaeeof4 to 6 ounceglassho"rly, ald make sureyou areCrinking
.ro"o1." d"v fo. to a vear after the i-nitial ar leasr6ight glassesa day after that.
" Kyoli. "p
g".li. tabl.ts suggested asthey
*i"t-e"t. 0 Bearbery (alsocalledUvrusi, p.39) in intusion
are easily digestedand have no or tincure is very good. You'll probably feellike
During the outbreak your bladderis going to burst but it's sureto get rid
Ta-kebaths,walk around naked (freshair driesout ofthe infection.
.ore9. Apply whire Jay aad ler it dry sever:Jrime' a 0 Take yarrow (p.47) in inlirsion or tincture. g*1
d,yr chy liea-lsand hclps relievepain Resr'Rela-x
24 7t
0 Trv a more alLalinedier comprisedoffruits, during sexr.ral intercourse.Ifyou havea yeasr
almonds,leeks,rurnips and bidey. Avoid cotree, infection,penetrationofary sort (penis,sexcoys,
rea.merr. u hite llour. sug:r ald acidgeneraring fingers) is not recommended (even with a conoo'n,
foods. sinceit can aggravarethe iritation.
0 In addition, take goldensealcapsules(p.43) for two Vash your hards ald genitals alier ary sexual
contact with arr inlicted partner as it is very .ay ro
0 In caseofpain, eke ralerian (p.46) capsuJes
or becomereinfectedthrough intercourseor hand to-

ehbmydia ofrenoccur.wiuhoutl mprom, in many
Neruomness, fatigue, pregnancy, heaq a sudden
change in your life, a new sexual panncr, stress,
women. Its presenceis indicated by an infected vitamin B deficiencv,e.:rins
roo much -_b-
. , : . .
cervix widr a yellowish color (checL with a w errrng ti ghr-l rl trng' or s],nrherrcl mdrrue l] - . . .
speculum),a burning sensationwhen urinaring artd Antibiotics will often bring on a yeasr
heary vaginal discharge. Chlamydia can also be infection rs they wipe out many of rhe
asympromatic...You can alsocontact chlamydiain vagina s natural bacteria, allowing candida
your rhroat during oral sex.Ifyou suspectthar you to reproducein high nmbers.
may haveconrractedchlamydia,or ifyoule noc sure @
ofyour symproms,have a tesr done. Ifgone
untreated over a long pciod of tine, dJamydia cu Thick, white discharge wich a sweetishodor.
lead to long-term complications lil-e PID =:ra Itchiness of the v';I...acr in rhc vagina followeo ov
sterility. No joke! irrirarionard ,we|Jingofrhe labir. Ir ses *orse if

V/hat ro do
Take echinacea(p.41) twice a week for 3 weeks.
Takc echinaceain tincture to facilirateabsorption. 0 Plain natural yogtrn is very effective. Insert it with
Douche wnh a decoction ofechinacea,rwice a week a teapoon (usinga specuJum ifnecesaryt.V*r a
for 3 weeks.In addition, eat raw garlic or take garlic prd ;s rhe yoguri will flow out. Mal<e<urero use
capsulescveryday. Duration ofthe treatmenr I to 2 unp,lui,rd yogourrconrainingIivc lactob;"illi.
monrhs, dependingon the severityofthe infection. I ou c:n so usevatLnar),ogourtcapsures.
After the treatment has ended have another res Acidophillus capsuleswork wcn better;but as they
done to rnake sure the infection is really gone. In aresmall,you shoutdinsen sweral capsules(2 or 3)
caseofsevereinfecdon treat with goldcnseal(p.43). into the vagina.They can be taken orally at the
samecime.Durarion ofrhe trearment 5 to l0 dar-s,
T- . : i . . i . , , . i ^ , ,^r- yogurtJ
Waginitis & V';lwitis -.-r--LI.... - ; ^ L . ,,, --.,..,",,..,-.,_,.
- "
to 4 timcs a day. "Baby syringes"will work wel to
- - -

This is a carch'all term for s*eral disorders:ycast inserryogun rnd areavajlable in drug'rores. Yogur
infections(candida),trichomonasand gardnarella. cu alsobe apptied u<ingLho,esadsersu<edfor
Thesecondirions are inflammation ofthe vagina arrd inseningrpcrmicidewnh .r dirphragm rhel,cm
ofthe vulvi; they depend upon many factorsand are sometimesbe bought separately.
nor causedexclusivelyby sexualintercouse
Spermicide,andbiorics,latex and perfurnedsoaps 0 Follow the garlic trearmentsindicatedfor
car induce vaginitis or vLrlvirisin cerrainwomen. trichomonasbelow
Sensitivityto theseand orher irritants varieswith
cachand everywoman. Specificcauses:nd their Yeastinfectionsareoften asymptomaricin men.
Men ca;rgct rid ofyeast by rtbbing yogourt anoior
garlicon the penis everynight for 7 to 10 days.
Yeast Infections r To treating itching
& Ca n d i d a + 0useonerer\poonofb,t .g."a, i""n. \\ r
cup ofwarer.Appryro rhe vurq a ntrd.d. | \*. \
This infection is causedby a yeastJikefungus (called Douchcwirh grlic /p.{2. $n mJy burn if \ Y
candidr)normallyfound in rhe vrgina.-l he vrginr irritarionic <.'e,e)o' goldcn'el tp.zJ1.Trv\ I /
usuallyproteca againstinfection through ctre not to scratch.Acidic vagin3idouchessirh I
production ofbacteria which maintain its natural vinegaror lernon are alsoeffective.Use 2 teaspoons
acidity. en this acidig' is altered,it allows in two cups ofwater. Douche twice a day for 2
b,crer:asurh ascmdidr ro muJriplyin lrrge days, then rxe the yogoun treatmeDt (abovc) For a
numbers,causingthe i"fecdon. few days to rebalance the vaginal flora.
Yeastinfectionsare nor considereda sexually NB: Pregnantwooen should avoid douching.
transmitreddiseasebut they can be transmitted
26 27
Diet V4rat to do
0 Avoid acid-gencraring foods (citrisfruit, romatoes,
0 Echinaceadecoctionor rincture (p.41) for 2 to :t
erc.),sugar,white flour. Iat foods rich in vitmin B months, accompiniedby a vaginaldoucheofrhe
(drk leafi vcgetables).Eat largequantitiesof
decoctionI to 3 times a rveekuntil the vaginai
yogourt and raw gnlic daily. dischargeand irching have disappeared. Do not
douchetoo ofte". Take valerian(p.46) to relicve
lf richornonas discomfortifnced be.
This is a one-cellparasiticorgnism, olien
transmittedduring s*ua1 contactor by humid 0 Echinacea(p.41) fof 3 weeksfoltowedby
'-ndi,;^, F,.qJ.n. r. r.-re'rce.trer rer Ln,ar'on. golderxeal(p.43) for I week.It is recommendeil
that you take theseherbsin tincture form to
faciliratetheir absorption.Tal<ea one-weekureatr
Abundant yellowishdischarge,
and repeatthe sarne'patrern" 2 more times. Do
"i"hy" smell,itching; sm:ll
""pleas,r"t rhis with your parrner.
..d dots on rhe on the
"agi.,1w"1ls -d
cenix (viible with the speculum); di Dou(hewi,h sojdensear a neededir Lhere
rhreadlike secretions,some mes foamy; ,4'f- i' a lo( ofdis.hargcand ir.hine*. \'alcrian
irritation around the vulva and the .hS,)relinr. di\omfon a. needcd.
openingof rhc vagina. 'i , .
0 Douche wirh waccrand clay: put 6
rX4rat to do ablespoonsofwhite clay ilto a pint oflulewarm
0 Garlic clovescan be inserrcdin thc vagina,uy ror water.lrt the day setdeat the boftom ofcontaher-
ni.k the.lo'c wl,cnpcelirrgir. \r('r:pit up in a Do not stir. Use enoughwatcr to dou;he- ith, do
'. this oncea day or as neededfor 5 days.Avoid metal
cheeseclorh or gaure (you car leavea "mil,' which
can rhen be ued for removal, rnuch like a utensilswhen using clay.
rampon),alrd dip n in olive oil or almond oil to Douching with claywater hasprovedto be effective
avoidirritating the mucous membrane.Changethe in healingmost typesofraginids.
clove2 to 3 times a day fbr the frrst two daysmd

rhen onceh rhe morning md once at night for 5 0 In caseofgonorhea or syphillisyou'd
ro 6 days.Men can drink garlic infusionsor take be well advisedto consult a
g:rlic rablcrs. naturopath,herbalistor homeopath,
md ifnecessary,a gynccologist.
0 l-akegoldensealcapsules(p.13) orally. Do dis Remember,though you may want to avoid medical
rreatmentlor two wcckr. Accompmy rhis treatment,many clinics offer testsfor the problems
rrcarmentwith vaginaldouchesofthe infusron, and STDs mentionedin this secrion.Someoftheir
oncc a day (p.37)-this getsrid ofthe itching.
'i-.' " u,l i, . h".' '^ de:eraile
Rcduccthe lrequencyofdouching for the second which STD you havebeforetreatingyourselfwith
herbalremedjes.Cerlain STDs suchas gonorrhea
can resultin pelvic inflammatory disease(PID),
Gardnarella iniertiiny and other compiicationsifieh untreareci.
S)'*Pto'.'" Ifthese trearmentsdo not woi< for 1'ou,be srrreto
Greyishvaginal dnchargewith a seea good gynecologistfor medicalreatmenr.
'What to do fohpe, itc synptom.:nd diagno.j,.inl'ormarion on
Samerrcatncnt aslor trichomoms. using a speculum,consuft Thc New Our Bodies,
ourselrs (Updzted and Expandedfor the 90t) by tne
Bacterial Infections BostonVomen's Health BooL Collecrive.
TabeBach Your L{e: A \u;nnen': Guide to
& GonorrLea Abematiue Heabh Care, by Alicia non Grara.
Theseproblemsindicatc that thc immun€ systemhas Publishedby PrcfaneExistence(addressin
r" rnd builLup. Bcparientthc "InterestingReading"sectionon p.{8).
rr..tments can bc long. Theseproblemscan recur
irequ-rrlyafrelhe fir'r arra"kr.r'. bcrrcrro gcr rid
of them for good.
Vcry lighr grryish.ecrerion..r.rrible.mcll. irir,rjon
or itchinessofthe vulva. Often occurswithour

f 2'
i et 0 For pain: r.aierian(p.46) in tincrure asneeded.
0 lFp.rinper.i*<seer h"meop,r\ or a rarurop

or seekmedic:l amention.
p rrl El"wc
Owarian Pain in the (Jterus
This Lrsuallycomesbetweenthe tOrh and l5th day
Most ofthe dme rheseare benign, but thi:y do have
ofthe cycle,counting from the onsct of
a rendencyto grow largerduring the cycle.Afrer
menstruation.A sharppain on either or both sidesof
menopausethe tumors usuallydiminish alrd
rhelowerabdomermcrn. rh,r rhe eggi. being
disappear.Twenty to rhirty per cent ofwomen ovcr
releaed d.lficulry.Thi. c, r also.:u.e
".rh 'potting. the ageof30 have flbroid tumors. Somerimesa
ile theremay be internal inilammation, rr rs
vigorousexercisingprogram will gct rid ofthern. If
usuallytensionthat causespain.
the fibroids grow fasr,arc large and painful p.cs
on the bladderand rhe colon rhey must be surgically
0 K.ep . hot wate' bottle on thc lower abdomen removed.Aside from exceptionalcases,this docs not
0'iake an infusion ofginger (p.42) or red raspberry mean that a hlsterectomy is neededbut rathera
leaves(p.45) or cdery sced(p.40) or valerian(p 46) myecromy-rhar i'. rhe fibroid rumor Jon. i,
for pain ifneed be.
V4rat to do
0lmproveormodifrlourdtct (ee 'ugg. tronsin 0 Try cleansingyour geniul organs(p.32).
tlie seciio.,s"PiamenstrualSyncirome, p 7 and 0 Stimuiatebloocicircularion by taking cayenoe
"Dysmennorheaor Paintul Periods",p.9). peppercapsules(p.40) and rry rhis dnsdc nrerhod:
sit in a nb ofcold water cverymorning for 2 to 5
Owarian Cysts minutes (or evenlonger ifpossible).
Medical sciencetends to over-dramatizeand 0 A dier rncorporaringlor. ofraw vegerrLle,is
rr) too ofrcn treatscystswith surgery.Cystsare
quite comrnonand in somewomen they
t appearregularlydrroughout the courseof
0 vslefian (p.46) asneededtor pain.
rheir mensrru:l rydes. Tiny at first, they become 0 Be patientl
hrger during *re cycleand then d<rese in size.The
mosr conmon sgns ar€ scverepaln, urme retenuon,
Varicose Veins
discomforraroundthe anuswhen drirting ard on the Cerwix
Visible wirh a speculLrm,thev are thin, purpie,
Ntl: Cyststhar do not go awayna7- requirelong- spindlyvcins which resemblevaricosevejr,soii thc
r..- reatment, and.'.n medicalaacnrion, as they leg<.Thel rcndto bc paintul beforemen rru"rior
cm becomemalignant;thn is especiallytrue of 'What
to do
0 Cayenncpepper (p.40) for thc rholc morrh or rhe
V/hat to do few daysbeicre menstruation.
0 A diet basedon raw vegetables cornbinedwith 0 Vitamin E (nu$, bran, wheat germ) and vrtamrn
daily excrciseencouragesc1'srsto dissolve. C.
0 Red raspberryleaftea(p.45) raken fo.3 to 6' rheoveralls ateof thc o"arie' I{orrnonal Irnbalance
nd reorrce'inllnm,rion o'.ys's rhecau'erhey You may expcriencea;r hormonal imbalancedue to
tste good, rxpberry leavesarc easilytaken for long menopau.e.rakingrhe pill. losinglargeam.o-unrr
periodsof rime). weightandseriou stress.
0 Ifthe cystsare reallybotheringyou, take 3 capsules Hormoneimbalances
of cayennepepper(p.40) ev..y d"y, asweli as
intusionsofyarrow (p.47) for 6 weeks, 0 Mnsedperiods.
acconpaniedbv intusionsor tincturesofred 0 Unusuallyshon or longperiods;
raspb.iry leavei.Do this treatmentas nc.d.d. unusuallylight or hearyflow.
0 Chickweed(p.40) in rincture fonn is very effective
0 An extremelylong or short menstmal cycle(eg.,
for dissolvingcysts,espcciallyova-riarr
gening your period every 10 ro 21 days,or evcry35
rakenover long periodsof time.
to 42 dayO.
0 CheckrhequJ ry ol your dge.rion:in c.riral
oroblcm'r'uch a. ear consripationlre ofren 0 SeverePMS or heary cramping beforeand at rhe
coniuseclwirh pdn rrom-d cysts. onsetof menstruation.

30 3l
t8l l l
rr-B:Someor all of theseslmptoms may be present
in women *'ho go offthe Pill-sometimesfor up ro 6 lAfkro dislar y f f i
V4rat to do @F NJ
are spices.Theywork on the erogenouscennesby
Use a combination oflicorice root, red raspberry
.:'1 rns ,n rnren.eflo r or blood ro'.l
leavesand rosehips:
orsar.. *h ch in,u,n lcrd. ro ,,imulr .o' .
I. lr{ake a regulardecoction(p.35) using 1/2 ounce 'cxurl
Bc,u.cof Lhrir.rrong-rom, :ndrhe in.r.rc i'
licorice (14 sr.) and 1/2 ounce rosehips, in 4 cups cnergrpro'ided.'pi.e<excite,ensorJper'cprior, .
Dc0nitely worth rryingl
2. Make a regularintusion (p.34) usins 1 ounce (28
gr.) ofred raspberryleavesin 2 or 3 cupsofboihrg Cinnarnon (stick or powder forh)
sork 20 gr. otcinnanon in onc liLreofq eerq ir,
:1.Srrainaj1dmix the nvo preparations. for 10 days arrd drink two small glassesevery day.
Dosage:t/4 cup 3 times a day. Do this treatment for
Simmer 20 gr. of cinnmon with a few clovesfor 15-
6 weeks;stop for 3 weeksand smrt againasneeded.
20 minutes in one litre ofgood red wine; sweeten
,Alr easierway is to use all these planm in tinctures,
wnh honey and drink I cup as desired.
availablein healthfood stores.Tale 5 to 10 drops of
eachherb tincture 2 to 3 times a day. Ginger
Other, more elaboratetreatmenrsare availablebut Grate a good quanriry ofthe ftesh roor, add to water
are roo long to list here. and simmer covaed for menty minutes. Drink a
Diet .nr,ll ,:p ri"r mcJ'. lhr< aJ,. rmpr"'- d;g-
Lat seaweedregulaly or take in kelp capsul* c"-y
d"v. Clowes
Mix halfa rerpoon of powderedcloveswirh honey.
Cleansing Your Use it like jan.
Genitals Infuse 2 or 3 clovesin one cup ofboiling water.
The follownrg herbscleanseour genitals Steepwenty minutes. Drink 1 to 2 cupsper day.
rvhcrecysts,adhesions,fibroids, etc. take retuge...
'fhn combination ofherbs w;ll help in casesof
Steep2 to 3 doves in one cup ofgood hot red u.ine
painful, irregular,overly heary or absentperiodsand for a few minutes;add some lemon rind, cinnamon
sometimes,infertility. and a pincb ofnutmeg.
rWhat to do
Preparean iniusion with yarrow, red raspberry
Sreepone hardful in boiling water. Drink 2 to 3
leavcs,and freshgingo root (gratem inch or nvo of
cups everyday.
sinsef). Use 1 ounce(28 gr.) ofred raspberryleaves
,.J1. ^'nrf . f..,.,-.,"17))n,l"inpe, in6ro8 trfuse 50 of ieavesmri brmchcs in I iitre oi
cupsof*n... Dosage:1/2 cup 3 times a day. Also dry white wine for 10 days.Drink 2-3 small glasses
rake 1 capsuleoicayennc pcppcr (p.40) 3 rimesa
Follow rhis treatmentfor 6 weeks.Consideringthe San'ory
facr rhat clrosing is a slow process(it rakesar ieast lnfuse one handful in boiling water; drink 3 cups per
asmuch time co clemseourselvesasit took for the d"v.
systemto clog stop the ueatment for 3 weela
"p), For very efftcientresults,poLrr4 to 5 drops ofsavory
and srarragainlor a 6 week period as needed.
essentialoil on a pieceofsugar. Take everyday or as
llcre againwe can make n easieron ourselvesby
taking rhe herbsin tincrure lorm (5 to l0 drops of
eachplant, 2 ro 3 rimes a dal; cornbinethis with Chinese her bs
iniisions ofginger (p.42) or eat thc fresh grated Ginsengand royrl jelly are also aphrodisiacsard
Avail"bl.irnd lc* expenrrvein t hine.e
0 Drink lots ofwater with all ofthese treatn'..u. herbalstores,ginsengis usedin Chinesemedicine to
strengthenthe elderly and is alwaysusedcarefull)'.
Again, other, more elaboratctreatmmx are available
Seekadvicelrom the salesperson.
but aretoo long to list here.
NB: Ginsengis commonly uscd for men, royal jelly
For further reading
\YxcVonan Hobaffor thcChidbearihgY.dr,by SBM\Xtee,l

32 JJ
Decoction for r oots & bar k s
Hvw To DTPpA.l*1|t
-: I ounce (nedium handful) ofdried root or uart
I 'n l] &u[t
f r hd use ' het.$sry .
Cove! and simme. Glowly) for 20 minutes. Do not
P*p*el*l"r*,r*;;"+*-.-..r"3,F boil. Strain. Can be kept in fridge for 2 to 3 days.
.r rc,, preparirgherbalir'iu-ion'md d.corrion.
for rnedicinalpurposes.Avoid using pots, pans or Roots arrd bark c:n be soai<edin the same amounr or
utensilsmade ofaluminum. Go lor enamelrco, water overnight,beforesimmering; this incrcases
sninlessstcl or glasspots with wood utensils.Use
' w;ter ior moreporenrpotions. Decoction for ber r ies & s eeds
Note rhar rhere are severaldifferent ways to prepare Grindlighdy
infusions,decoctions,tinctures,etc. Opinions on
llhar constirutesan infusion or decoctioncarrrary Use3 teaspoons
for eve.y: ."p' of-"t.. ffi
from one herbal thenpisr or pracritionerro another. Cover and simmer 20 minutes. Do not boil. Srrain
\,'t,r ue h.rvechorento do is to providcrhc erriesr anddrink 3 cupsper day.
mcthodsofpreparation, while ensuringpotent alrd
effecriverreatmenrs.These are good for &ied herbs, Norrnal dosage (adults)
use slighdy more wlen they ue fi*h. for infusiom md decocdons
Ifyou do want to turther exp)orethe subjectofplant For intusions: 1/4 to I cup, 3 to 4 times a day
preparation,consultthe "Herbal Pharmacy"section (unlessspecifiedothevis.); dosagesfor
ofeirher ofSusun S. weed's two t'ooks Gee individual plart are speciied in the chaprer"Herbrl
'lnterestingReading"p.48). They are excellent. P.^-"*i".,.,.t f)^...".

Regr.rlar infrrsion :tf l-ordecoction':.r ounce./l /4 .upr J Lo rime<"

lor most flowers,leavesand stems ES '
day (unlessspecifiedo*rerwise);dosaseslor each
individual plaat are specifiedin rhe chaprer"Herbal
A very basic method
2 cupsofboiiing water per 1 ounce (largehaldfrn)
ofhsbs, leavesor flowers.This is good for &ied It is recommendedto take the herbs 6 daysa week,
hcbs, use slightly more when they ae fresh. for a paiod of 6 weeks.This processcm be repeated
Add plant material to boiling water; removefrom sevcraldmes (unles specifledothemise). Vc haveto
heatmd cover.Infuse (sreep)for at least20 mrnutes keep in mind that everyone'sbody reactsdifferenriy
to herbs (accordingto weight, agc,erc...)To adapt
to our needs,we can slightly decrest or increaserhe
qumtities arrdduration ofthe rreatments.Use your
NB: This method is more effectiveas it extr:crs
more ofthe plant s medicinal propcrties.
Use 2 ounces(2 largehandfuls)ofthe plaot pans for
e"ery4-5 cups ofwatcr used (or I ouncc ofplant per fincturescontainrhe alkJoid prrr' of plan,.
;q alcohoi,aoorc
2-3 cupswater). crrra,rcd rd prcserucd r ici""
.l- u'n.e", o, er;c.,i,.. A. u'.(vrr" ..;;""-.d
Ilring the water ro a boil. Put the plant material in a
I herbalextracts,they remarn porenr tor a iong
n*on (pickling) jar. Pour the boiling water into the
ltime, can be carriedand ingestedeasily,are easy
jar over rhe plant material;try to leaveaslitde air as
- ro p'eprr artdr.r qur,ldy. I heyare,old in
posible. Screwrhe lid on tighdy. Let it steepat
herb storesand health food stores.V/trile tinctues
.oon remPerarure:
may seemexpensiveto buy (their pricesrarge from
0 for flowers:2 hours $9 to $14 per dropper botde), drcy lasra very long
0 for leaves:4 to 6 hotrs time; considerthe fact that antibiotics can cost
0 for llower and leaves:4 hours anyr-r'here from $20 to $60 a bottle, for a 7 day dosel
0 for seedsand beries: 30 minutes
Tinctures re useddiluted in warm water {abour 15
0 for roots and barL: 8 hours or overnight
drop. in r lirrlebir ofr:rcr. J rime' : dayr.
Srrainthe infusionwhen it is rcady.
(NB: roots, bark, berriesarrd seedscan alsobe To rnake your own tinctures
preparedas decoctions;seebelow). Tinctures are surprisinglyeasyto make.
Nevcr boil infusions,evenwhen reheatingthem. 0 Always uselresh plant material: flowers,srems,
Boiling destroysthe potency ofthe plants.
Intusionscall be preservedin the liidge for 2-3 days, 0 Dried roots can be tsed but are not as potent as
in tightly cappedjars. This way you can prepare fresh ones.
them in advance,and reheatthem asneeded.

34 li
I .. dru n^on lp.clJing'irr uir\ " rigl-r- 'S7-ash (also called a soak)
- .le:n.
firring Jid-it's not a bad idea ro boil ir first, ro make L,.,..r ir i.i r . ::r r r ' ' .F.\
surc iis serile (1crit dry out completelybefore ls
". i g.o rr r:rc u.c Donorrv-horin.eoLl
mareriai.Freshroots can be scrubbedor pec{cd.
i f..'l;'t j;j ".'%''
direcdy ln the wash,or dip a clea,rcloth into dre
e ,..-y.l- p 'hc DJ r' o'11,.pl,,rr vo.lx" u<i ng
washmd apply n wherevernecded.
(xnh rhe exceptionof small O"*er"). Fill ch. ja'
righr up ro the top. For dried rooa: use2 ounccs (56 Paste
gr.) in a 500 ml (halflitre) jar. Fill rhe jar wirh grain A pasteis made by miing the powderedhcrb (eg,
il..h.l ("hi.h c"n be hard to find) or use45 % goldensealroo$ with a small anlounr ofivarff. lh€
vodka or alcohol.Voclla dncturestastebetie! but pasteis then applied externallvto the affectedarca.
.rlcoolis rnuch ch*p* (v"u call sharethe costsas
*cll as thc finished tincturc mong friends).
Vaginal douches & "sitz" baths
Usea krife to dnlodge any air bubbles.Makc sure ro #'\ 38,rrldor.h. Li,.r. ,oldin Jr .g, - .
u{fl Dou.hc qr r o inru r"n "r "ons o.,o 1,on
fill rhe jrr to rhe top; rry not to leavelrry air (this can
''l$rabour I.up ' a body 'emperlre. Do r^-
.po;lLl errn.rure)bLrrdonrw.rq it'her', rn'
"'over-usevaginaldouch* as rhn cm disturb rhe
bir ofair left. I h,-,. -i . t --".,., .^ _. hould
r'a( rr . hr,r, .r.righrly,rrpo..ibic.t rbcl rhe i"r not Lrscdouches.fhe doucheswe mention h rllis
d" i,h rhe n.,meol rhe pLrr urd,nd rhe drre. bookler ue medicinal douches;avo;d scenred
I VJe one r inc'u-c ior cr' h plm: y"r r e douchs sold in pharmaciesfthe kind d,at male yor
I r"cq re*d 1.;rver,crhe j,rriru rime..:rore 'smdl bener') astheybavebcenlinkedto Pel'ic
rrom d,rect(unrtnt. lnfhmmatog' Discasc(PID).
e/ I Fe r rr,crur. will Le re .dy ir' 6 wce\,.\trhe,riL .
IMfOR-|ANT: Always douche gendy; douchlng
ready,srrain,squeezeand discardrhe plant parts. lorcetully can worsenalr infection bv forcrngn up
Storeyour tincturesin sterilizedbrown glassbonles, inco your uterus,which carrthen causePID.
awayfrorn lighr and in a cool place.
Brown glassbotdeswith droppersca be bought in For malc genitals,soakthe infectedarea.
somehealth food stores;theseare Lrsedto measure "Baby syr inges "
rh- do.agc U e onll gL* dropper..r. pla.ricone' Theseare reladvelylargesyringes(abouran inch in
can bc casilycontaminated. diameter)with an opcning at thc rip thcy do nor
Uscful rincturesro keep on hand are:valcrian, h.vcancedc. ll-1.,rrb.u'-d lo, i,, ", ;.")oF,,'
cchlnacea,licorice,yarrow... into thc vagnraor lor douching. Thev cur be found
a in manypharmacies.
L a p su le s \)
, i l:. u\cs:Ju:J pJwdered \!rb. /c,. i.iotes
,,.i.nn. p"pp.,, -,
l v., ."r l,y.-y,iy Cenain infusionsand dccoctionsdo not rastev€ry
g . l .r .n.,p'u lr . L iz<rl0 Lobeprcj'e),r herrh ) good,add h^n-v .r l"rnon.Vo r prep,r"r
r " o do r I cr h.,^r ,.,, d nll rh.m up y"ur.elf, I "n.
should be ral<enwrm unles speclfiedoth:o"se For
,hn Lschcrpcrthu buyingthe rerdy'madeones. long'tom umrments, rememberrhat tincture: are
E s s e n ti al o ils
. a , F. cn r ir Jo r lsor;rom:,ic,..en.crarcsubrarrc ' Most ofthe plarrrsmentioned in rhis booklet gro*
49 ^,',c,.d fromcerrainplant by di'rillar i"r .r in Nonh America and are thereforeavailablebotli in
q B' " .'.i .'. r h eesen.e'.lre di*"lvrd in oil. T h . y the city and in the country, aswell asin rnanyherb/
rr ,old in healh f"oJ,nd herL,,rores. healrhfood stores.Keep in mind drat herbsare not
drugs bur foods.They provicienourishmentfor rhe
Poulti ce body to heal nse[. Although someherbsare not to
A poultice
rlticeis essenriallycmshcd plant material, be taLen during pregnancy,there re genoaiiy no
applied externallyto rhc infectedarea(eg. side effects.h is a normal reaction,however,to havc
sores,cuts, burns...). For freshplants, chop or lessofu appetiteand/or lighr diarrheadunng a
grarcrhe pl"nt mar€rialajld apply it direcdy treatment.You may haveto urinareoften. Alrvays
to the :rffecredar.a. Dried plants:pour drink lots ofwater during a trcatm.nt.
boiiingwater ovcr the plant, cover and
sork for halfan hoLrrto 4 hoursGee You should J'o nor Lh"rfre.h herb, -nd Linc r--
infusiond. Stranr,then sque€zethe water out arrd are more potent than drGd herbs,evenwell'
.pply them to the aFcctedareas.You can alsowrap
po"ltices in a thin layer ofgauze beforeapplying Don t hesitateto seekhelp from expcnsin your area
The liquid can be tsed as arr infusion or a soak Gce and remembercenain chronic prol:lens or acure
bclo*l. condnionswili need more elaboratetrcat"-'..

w o
T i( k"n
u y r wh
lrr[ .>
The Englishmd Frenchcommon names(eg,
easilylound growing in the countryside;many of bearbery in Erglish: busserolein French)ofthe
rhem are also commonly found in gardens :rrd plantsare provided,asare their Latin names(eg,
crpry loLsin r\e ciry.Chmomile. A'trostaphvlostva u,l. \e'hen bLryingh.rbs. al$ay.
.xpberry le."es, tansy, wiid carrot seedarrd yarrow ral<enore ofthe Larin nameofrhe plmr you needr
amo"g rhe most arrd easiestto spot. rhis will cnsurethat you get exacdywhat you're
"'. "bundant
Picking your own herbs givesyou the advantageof lookingior. lr al,o hclpfrl for buyingherhs in non.
gening the freshestherbs possible,:rllowingyou to Englishor Frcnch,pealingregion,or counrrin.
prepare your own tinctures arrd dried herbs, a-ndit You shouldknow that consumingcaffeine,mcoune,
cm also saveyou money. alcohol alld sugarinterfereswith the absorptionof
However,if1-ou do mnt to pick youi own herbs, plmr m:reri.l1.rrraminsand mineral..maI;ng rhe
rhereare a f.w thi"gs you shorid know: treatments lesseffecrive. Try to limit your intake of
rhe.e.ubsLrn.clqhcn u'ing hcrbalremedie..
0 Someplants arepoisonousand evendeadly if
Ifyou buy herbs,mal<esureyou buy good qualiry,
ingested(for example,wild carrot seedis easily
well p'esewrdd,;ed he!b\.D-i.d hcrbsremain
confusedwith poisonhcmlock which can be f.tal).
You sirould be i00o/osurethar rtrc piancyou are potent for abour 12 months. Storethem ir brov.'n
plcLing is rhe one you reallywartl Unlessyou've paper bagsor dassj*s, in a cool, dark place besrro goon,'field rrip" Commcrciallysold herbsshould be colorful ard
with someonewho knows their stuff, in addidon to aromatic.Buy herbsthat havenot beensprayedwith
. on. rlrirg a fieJdguidcbool ,o hclp you re.ognire pesticidesor other chemicals.Consult the resources
end idenriff plants.Get to know someofthe secrionfor a list ofreliable herb stora and mail-
different plantswell; take note ofhow they look order disuibutors.
and smcll beforeyou embark on picking anlthing. NB: \Vhen we talk about using the whole plant, we
Ifyou're everunsure,evenslightly, don't ta-ke mean the stems,leavcsand flowers;this doesnot
chmces.Always take a field-guidc book with you.
0 Be respecful. Never pick more than l/3 ofthe Bearberry (uva-uisi)
this ensuresthat thcy'll come ArtostaVhyks uu-ursi 0 t>rss*ole
backthe folJowingyear.
0 lt's 1ir better to pick plants in rhe courtry rarher Bearberryactsspecifically on the genital-uinary
rhan the city. Ifyou must pick'em in the city, get system.lle useit to treat the prosrate,cystiris,thc
rhem from parks or empry lots locat€d far from kidneys,bladdcr inflmmation, uterine and laginal
, .rd. b, *".ring;-- rime-
"J.rn'l*y"" 'nry
plantslocatednear roadwaysare high in lead and
Infrrsion: Make a regularinfusion (p.34); take 1/2
orher contamnunts.
cup, 3 ro 4 rimesdailn
0 Rcadup on the subject.Know when to pick thc Douche: Use an intusion at body tempcrarure,once
plan* and plant parts you need.For example,roots d"y.
arebesthanestedin the fall, flowers right after thcy "
Blu e Co h o sh Ro o t
Cattkphlllun thalntroidts 0 actie bleue
For further reading
ThelVne WonenHzrbal: Healing Wie,
by SusunS. \feed. Blue cohoshis usedto treat amcnorrhea,
dysmenorrhea,mginal inflmmadon, slow or hafted
PetersonField Guilet to Met;cinal Pknts contractions(during childbirth), nervousness,
lHor-rghron M;iflin Company)a'e *ceJJenr exhaustionard spsmodic cough (asthma,
for identifying plar.rts.The one we use here bronchitis,whooping cough).Do not useduring
in Ontario and Qudbec rs t\e Eastcrn/&ntral
3zl1z. Other guides to Nor*r Arnerica and Make a regulardecoction(p.35). Take 1 tealoor !o
even Centrai and South Amedca are also
I rablespoon,3 rc 4 times a day.
For amenorrhea and dysmoothea: 1/4 cup of the
A Citl Herbal, hy Maida Sil.rcrman,1977. Knopf. hot decoction,3 times a day.
Lxcellentfor ciryherbpickingl Spasms:Takc strongerdosesor ingestmore often-
38 J'
C ay enne P e p p e r externally and internally. F'reshchickweed car
Capncun futescen: A poivre de cayenne Ji..olve* u r'; in rinctureFormir i, efferriv. in
pan used:ftuit dissolving rysts, especially ovuiar cysts. The leaves
Cayennepepper(alsoknown ascayennepowder, as can be made into a pouldce (p.36) or wash(p.37) ro
ir most oiien comesin powdercdform) is a treat externalinlectionsand irritations, including
sdmulanc,a tonic, an asringent, a blood-cleanser pinL'eye.
ard an anriseptic.It inducesswearingalld is rnfusion: Make a regularinausion(p.34). Drink l/2
excellentfor blood circulation,to stimularethe cup,3to4timesaday.
herrr, cleanand restoreclasticityto the veins arrd For constipation:Take I cup ofthe intusion every3
arteries,regulateblood pressuredd lelieve
congcsdonin the mucus nembrmes. Cay€nne
Tincture: 15 to 20 drops in a glassofwarm *'arer, 2
soorhesmd healssoresin *'e stomachand intcsrinal to 3 times a day. (Thh carrbe used* a iong-rerft
rissues.It stopsboth internal arrdexternalbleeding treatment for cysts.)
md accelerares coagulation.Cayenneis effectrvern
. ofano.eriaand liverconge.rion. Ir..r,r hclp Freshplant: The more you eat, the better!
y"u . ,y aw-l" l"r longperiod orrime.sirgive.
encrgy.It:1so strengrhensthe immrrne sysrcmand is Cinnarnon
exccllcnrfor coldsmd mrhma. Cinnanonun zefuninn 0 carne e
Male sureto buy medicinalcayennepepper;the pan used:bark
kind that is usedfor cooking hs beenro.itcd, Cinnamon is usetulin caseofmuscular pains,flu,
making it loseirs therapeuticpropefties.Consult and digestivespasms.It is alsom aphrodniac.
your local herb srore. Decoction:Ma.kea normal dccocrion(p.351;take
for colds:l/r to t rea.poonin hor w.rrer.J rimc. l/4 cup 3 to 4 rimesdaily.
Capsules:i/4 to I reaspoonin a capsuletal<enwirh Clowes
a hot beveragc, 3 rimesper day. Eugenia caryopb/lzta Q clou de gnofle
part used:dried flowersarrd buds
C elery Seed clo! e5frcit;,",. . itcul,,ron.rjr bodv Lemperarurc.
Aptun grarnhuA grzinesde cileri stinularcod dninlecrrhe sromr.h.sLn. Lidne)s.
intestines,lungs ald bronchii. Clove oil is ar
Celeryseedis a diuretic. It will loiver high blood analgesicthat stopstoothacheswhen applieddirecdy
pressure,rclieveheadichesand nervousness. to the tooth or cavity.
Infrxion: Grind [ghdy and put 3 teaspoonsin 3 Infirsion: I teaspoonclovesin 2 cupswater.Take
cupsofcold wrter. Cover and simrnerfor 20 m;n. 1/8 ofa cup, 3 times daily.
Srrain.DrinL hor, 3 cupsdai)y.
Echinacea (Purple conenower)
Charnornile Echinaceap p rea t atg6tofol,20 rudbeckie
Mattnarla chanon;lla ot Maticarza rccstu
parr ued: the rooc
0 camornille
A blood purifier, ir stimolatesthe prcducrion of
white blood cellswhich destroybacreriaor vrruses.
Chamomile is a ,cdarivefor rhe nerves.nd a roni.
Echinaceais arrherbalsubstitutefor mdbioucs c r
for the is usedfor ear aches,tooth-
srrengrhcnsthe immune system.It is usedfor blood
aches,lor dow or dificult digcstion,insomnia and
poisoninB, poi,nnou,(Ling,and Lires.chronrcor
rhc flu.
acutebacterialinfecions, vaginalinfectlonsand
Inftrsion: l/2 ounceofflowcrs, in 3 cups ofwarer. hcmorrhoids.A good prostatetonic, it alsofaciliratcs
'I'ake 1/2 to 1 cup, 3 to 4 dmes a day.
the climination offat. Eclinacea is non-toxrcmo
For colds: I/4 teaspoonofcayennepowder in I cup cm be taken ovcr long periodsoftimc.
ofcharnomile intusion;add honey. Drink hot, 4 to 5
Decoction: Make a regulardecoction(p.35).Add
licoriceroot ifthe nste males yor feelnauseous.
Chickvveed Take I to 5 tablespoons,3 to 6 dmesa dan
Stelkria nezlia 0 cera:srcvd,gnre Tincture: 15 to 30 drops in a litle wam warer every
pan used:whole plant I to 6 hours, dependingon rhe severityofthe
ChlcLweedis found in abundanceall over the
countryside and city. lt is an expector.nt, a laxative, Douche: Use a decoctionat room temperature,2 ro
relievcsgasand colic, helpssoothemd protect 3 times a weekfor 2 weeks.
mucuousmembrancs,and promoteshealingboth

G ar lic Go ld e n se a l Ro o t
Allirn satiutm 0 ail Hldrattn canadensn0 hydraste carladier
part use<l:bulb ^--,,.-,1. -^^. " -,.1,L;"^--
G rsa nrrurJ mrnepLi..l' medicinalproperi.' Similar to echinaceaand mynh, goldensealroot rs a
foLrndrn rawgr,li. for be.rre.u|. ry o br1 powerful natural antibiotic. lt is usedfor viral and
ore i. cali,r: ir:' " bloodpurifier;iLreeula',' bacteriaiinfections.Goldensealis a remedylor severe
. i':.1. ;'. o*,"d .igh bloodpre'.u-,-i' i g.oJ inflammationsin the nose,rhroat, stomach,colon,
for veastinfecdons,chlanydia, odrer inlecrionsmd md is alsogood for hemorhoids. Especiallyeffective
nervousdisorders.Gulic is a diuretic,helpsbalmce for Herpes-typevnLrses(cold sores,shinslet, n n
glandulardisorders,md strengthensthc immone also excellent as a douche lor vaginal infections, as an
iysr.m..Al* good for warts,earaches,arrd corns. eyewashfor conjunctiviris,anrisepticmouthwash,
md for skin probiemsand burns.
Rrw garlic:r^hopo, pre* garlicclovc.f:-tc"rrh
.old w"reror mir *irh honey.fton r walt morerhan Intusion: 1/4 teaspoonof the powderedroot in I
5 minutes:fter you cut th. garlic cloveto consum. cup ofboiling water. Mix well. Tale 2 to 5
it. Ear one or more clovesoffresh garlic3 to 4 cimes tablespoons4 times daily. NB: this mstesvery bitter.
Capsuls: Measure 1/4 teaspoonofpowder. Fill 3
capsuleswith this amounr. Take 3 capsulesdaily.
Douche: Boil waterlor I5 minutes.Vhen coorco
down to body temperaturc,add the juice ofone or Tincrure:l s drop. in warm warer,3 timesa d:y.
Paste:Mix a small amount ofporvderwith water to
mahea light paste.Use externallyon skin infections
Ear'achc (ear infectioa): Peelone gadic clore and coverwith a cloth (it stains).
wnhout breal<ingir. Vrap ir with cheeseclothor
qauc. Dip in ol.' e oil a;rdpur in rh. openingof rhr Douche: Use a strong infusion drdng a trcarmenr.It
l,r dor'r'push;r roo r* in. b.f"re goingro bcd. is good ro usegoldensealboth intermlly ud
externally.VARNING: goldensealis toxic when
and ifpossible during the day, for 4 daysor more
Also cat fresh garlic. usedexcessively; do not usefor longer rhan two
wceks.Do not useduring pregnancy.
!J/arts:llub wnh a garlicclove cut in half, as often s
Laoenduk ofi ciul;s Q lavan le
G i n ger part used:flowers
Zingiber fficinah 0 gingembre Lavenderis a sedativearrdarr:,rti-bacterial.Usc the
esential oil externallyon open soresand to soothe
pan used:rhizone and root
insectbites.Vash it offafrcr about 15 to 20
Ginger is a stimula-.t,an anJgesicand m minutes,asit cm burn. lor a reluing bath, prepare is usedlor boils, bronchitis,colic ar infi*ion oflavender arrdadd it to the wa-., o.
pain, d;.-hea, flrr, sorc throats,hemorrhageofthc add a few drops oflavender cssentialoil.
lun3 . prntul nruse;.neurlgir. rd
rheumaisrn. Ginger is prticularly effectivefor Licorice
abdominal can bc talen in capsoles G\qnhim glabta Q reglisse
with a h"t beverageo. .dd.d to y"L,r bath for f."". part used:rhe root whole, broken up inro piecesor
an.i skin irritatiors. It carralsohelp bring on a iate
pcriod. It can be usedin powder form, but the fresh Licoriceis an emollient, an *pecrorant and a gentle
root is much more porent. lxadvc. It also containssubstances similar to
Intusion: Freshginger:Grate a good qumtiry ofthe esrrogen(asdoa sage).In Chinesemedicinerts
roor md infusein boiled water for 30 to 60 mrnures. nicknameis "the reconcilor"sinc. in addilion ro
Porvdoed ginger: t texpoon per cup ofhot water being usedon its own, it can be combinedwirh all
uirh honcyald lem on.Dr ink I cup 3 rime.a d:1 the other herbs.Its presenceincreases rhen medicinal
rvith honey. For colds,add 1/4 teaspooncayenne propcl ic, whrlcma.Lng ofcerra;n
pepperto eachcup. herbs.
Decoction: I ounce or more oflicorice root. Simmcr
Capsules:Fill the capsuleswith gingerpowder, t:*e
for 20 minutes in 2 cups ofwater. Take 1/4 cup 3 to
3 capsulesdaily. 4 times a day. This quantity carrbe addedto other
Freshroor Simply chcw a good quandty ofrhe root decoctionsor infusions.
severaltimes a day with rvater,or grateit and mix Laxative:1 teaspoonofpowder nixed with honey.
Chcwing on the dried root (in sdck forn) helps

Moth e rwo r t Red Raspberry Leaves
t "ono us.a,lia,a 0 E;Lpaune Rubus ;daeut 0 ferl|Ies de fiamboisie,

A rcally good uterineand hean tonic, mothervort Red raspbefy leavesare usedfor di,rrhea,
.rlsorelievescramps.k can be usedin strong doses hemorrhoids,vaginitis,hormonal probicmsand
,nd I r Iors pe ioJ<of';.. p6n61 u.'Juing during rd afterpregnancy.Th€y ire by far onc of
Prcgnmcy. the bestuterinetonics. Thcy stimulate menstrual
flow by toning the ovariesand the uterusand
lntusion: Male a regularinfusion (p.34). Dtink 1/1
improving their functions. Taken during
menstruation,red rmpbery leavesrelicvccrarnps
Lare mcnstruation: Drink w,rm. !(len rhe florv is and regularethe f1ow.They alsohelp wirh digesrion
normal, drink cold asa tonic.
Vaginitis; Douchewith the infusion at body rnfusion: Make a regularinfusion (p.34). Tat<e1
..-p..".".., 1 doucheper day for a wrek (or les). cup, 3 tima daily.
Douche: Once a day with a concentratedinftLsionat
Mugrvort room temperature.Do not usefor morc than one
Atcn ;s;a w lga* 0 armoise
pan used'whole plant
Emmenagogue,anti epilcpcic,anti-spasmodic.Do Ro se h ip s
not rakein caseofutcrinc inllamrnation or during Rosacanina Q iglamier
Make a regularinfusion (p.34). Take 1/4 cup 3 to 4 A tonic lor fatigueand vitamin deficiencicsand a
timesdaily. diuretic, rosehipsconrain a 1ot ofvirmin C. They
arc excellenrlor rhe skin, and help balan- hormonal
Parsley irregularities-goodfor irregularmenstrualcyclesand
Petoselinum satiuun 0 persil heary white vaginaldischarge(lercorrhea).
pan uscd' *hole plant Make a regL ar intuion (p.34); rake the
l'arsleyis rich ir mineralsand containsmore ,ron rccommcnded do.age/p Js, l{orchip,rn infu .o,l
rhr any othcr greenvegetable.ft is rich in utamrns uc excellenr cold wirh Iemo"
rr rnd B ad hasthreetimcs more vitmin C tharr
cirru fruirs. Parsleyis *cellent lor kidneysand Rosernary
bladdo srcns, good for the optical and cen-ica1 Ro,nar;nu! ofrcindlii 0 rcnaril
nenes, the suprarcnalglmds md blood vessds.ft
pr*er,ts rhcumatistr,::ril hdps inflan'.edglards and
often usedfor headaches, colic pains,colds,
mensrruaiproblerns.The roots and seedsarc usedin
newourne. d.pre,.ion.palpnarrons od urerire
decoctlon.Ifyou havea hard rimc eatingenough
.ongcsrion. A ir : r.o hJpful
freshparsley,takc it in infuion instead.In caseof
for arlhoa whcn the steamis inhaled: add a strong
kidney infecdon, rakeginger (which k an antt'
infusion ro your bath.
inflammatory) instead.
M.rJre iniusronrp.J. r: drin . I /r , up. J ,o
. regrrJar
Intusion: Make s normal infusion (p.34). Take 2 to
6 rablcspooru4 rimesa day.

Pennyroyal Sa g e
Mentha Puhg;un 0 poiiot
satu;aofrcinaha suse
part uscd,*hole plant
Usedfor sorethroats,to bring down high feversmd
Itnnyroyal (oftcn refrred to asAmerican
ro srinularecircul.rrion
od digestion. S.rgermprr.
pcnny.oy"l) is an expeccoranrwhich facilitates
l,.ration rdriesup morher''milkr This hob rn.r,r-.
evrcuationofbile and is usedfor bronchni. ,rrd
estrogenand can help wirh certain menstrual
whooping cough.It zlso inducesuterine
conLrr'rion.. Do no, ure duringprrgn.ucy
Pcnnyrolzr in herb form cm be hard to find in Intusion: Make a regularinfirsion (p.34). Take 1 ro
rnany parts of Canada.
To dry up mother's milk 1 cup ofcold infuslon
Essentialoil: Rub die skin, it keepsmosquitoesaway
and ca" g.t latemcnst.uation ro staft.1VARNING:
To garglewith: Make arr infusion using 1/2 cup of
lennyroyal cssentialoil is toxic {ao cause.learh
water and I /2 cup ofapple cider vinegar.

11 4i
Tansy {Bitter Burtons) convulsions);cayenne(for oamps); anise(for
Tanacenn u"lga,e Q tnaGie vulgaire digestirr disorders);gingu (for menstrual
pan usedrleaves,flowersand sceds iuegularitied.

Tans.ris usedfor amcnonheaand dysmenorrhea. In6rsion: I ounce ofroot, 2 cups ofboiling warer.
The seedsc:-r be usedro expelworms. It is an Steepcovcredfor 45 minutcs. Take 1/4 cup, 3 ro 4
emmenagoguewhich can be used ro promote regular
periods.\(arning: Tansy can causehearTbLeedingin Tincture: 10 to 15 drops in a lltrle water, 3 to 4
*omcn who usuallyha"e a heary menstruall1ow.
Do not contuse widr tansy ragwort.
rWrild Carrot Seed
Tahe in small ard repeateddoses.Extralarge doses
car causecongestionand result in discomfort to rhe (Queen Anne's lace)
abdominal organs. Daucus carota Q ca:otte sasvage
Infixion: Prepre a regularintusion (p.34) using 1 parr used:sceds,rooa
ounc. herb to 1 pint (500 ml) watcr. Take I cup, 3 Roorre, i. r diurcri, helpseliminarc
times a day beforemerls. "hich
stonesmd worms-
Tincture: 10 to 15 drops in rvarm water, 3 to 4 The seedscan be Luedas a "morning afterpill, ro
prc"cr,r'hc impl;nrationofa lenilizedegg ee
Thlnu n!sr!: ,r Tbnu: pulzgion!* Q th,y:t \fild carrot seedis easilyfound in the ciry and
country; the seedsshould be picked in rhe nitidle r"
end ofseprember (consuftsomeoncwho ha done
Thvme is usedfor headaches, fever,colds, thn befor€).\|ARNING: be very ereful a'uout
bronchiri, cramps,digestiveproblems,nignrmares, idend$ing this plant. It is easilycontusedwith
whooping cough,wounds, toothaches,scabies,ulcer, poisonhemlock,which can causedeath (no 1o"e7.
sorerhroats,worms, fneumausm,eo as a oeooofanr
and a mouthws:h. Yarrorw
Intusion: 1 reaspoonofthyme in one cup ofwater. Ach;tba nitqoti"n c achilliemi1le,fcuille
I ahe I cup, 3 to 4 rimes a day. part used: flowers and leavs
For coughrMix with honey; take I to 2 teaspoonsas Yarrow is a deallser.rr is urd for cordsand flu,
hemouhagesofthe lungs md rhe inrcsrines,vaginal
and bladderintcctions,menstrualdisordcrs,
For fever:Drink a hot infusion. Vrap yourselfin
hemorrhoids,facigue,and circulaticr problems.
biankersso as to sweat;then take a shower.
lnftsion, Make a resular infusion (p.34). Drink 3 ro
For worms: 1 to 5 drops ofthyme cssentialoil with
4 cups daily
honey and someolive oil, 3 tima daily.
Decoctionr Start with a regularinfuion rhat s been
For skin prohlems,scabies,parasites:Mix 2 ro 3
preparedmd suained.Simmer until the liquio rs
reaspo""' rhyme essentialoii in 5 ounccsolivc oil.
rcducedto halfits original volume. Strain.Driok
Apply 3 or moLetimes everyday to the affected
cold halfa cup, 3 times daily.
areas.Also takerhyme infusions 3 times a day.
For flu md coldsi Drink one to rwo cupsofrhe hot
Valerian infusion. For colds,wnp yoursefnr blanketsaftcr
Valet;ana ofic;naln o vtertne drinkng in order co sweat,then take a barh.
For rbdominatpain or hcarr bteadine:fakc , hoL
V-er.,,r i' u.eJ in crsesofar>.iery.depre*ion. infuion heloremer.rrullion o, a, nc;ed 1.,
digcstiveorcirculation disorders.It is good lor
rrcermgproblemsrelf,teoro worry, sp.rms,

rremblrng. cprlepy. neuralgir.Ir i<al'o
uscd to facilirateslecping,for headachesard for pain
h eeneral.Prepare\alerian x an infusion onln
neie. a decoctio' Geep.34). Do not pre*oak the
roots or steepfor longer than 2 hours Becauseofits
bitcertasteand foul smell, it is suggestcdto add one
ofthe following herbs (vhich alsohavemedicinal rr_h*
propertiet to valerianintusions:cinnamon (for -+F'rrr g{.;-,
\-i'-e, .W
lnlerpl;ilL*s -Wornen's
. eudbec

TheNea Ou Bod;es,Ourtelues.Updmed and Womens Cenrerof Vonudal: i585'ues.tin'

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Natural nelzcinefor chiAr,. ByJulian Scottph.d. \5r4)524'100r
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wise Wonan Herbal for the Childbearingyatt. By Canada/Maritirnes
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Liou Ind;ans ue wild lk* i2'r food, nedzcineand Innu ResourceCentet: Sheshetshit, Nita:sinan,AOP
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L bottineaurherbes: :778 A
Monrr€al,Qc,I{2V 2Mr Caradz:(5\4) 845-1225
Le i,udindetournesols:Mail order.Goodqualiy
organicherbs.22-ALesplatcau,Arse ScJean,Qc,
u0\' U0 Canada; (418)272'3115
Blessed Herbs:Mail order.Rt. 5, Box 1042,rva,
ArenaBotmicals:Mail order.P.O.Box365,\x'cst
Ro&pon,ME, 0'1865USA
H*b Pharrn;Mail order.Box 116,Viltiams,OR,

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